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4/19/2012 #1

Just wanted to check in with everyone on the Flashback RP. A few things:

1. Are we still sure on when we want to go on to it? How long do you think we should give the families to settle in? Any landmarks you'd like it hit?

2. This is special for Grace. Since neither Edward nor Esme are alive yet in this RP, would you like to make an OC(s) to play? I think we got the message that you'd be okay playing Isaac, but he is really only a temp character for the start of the RP even if you do want to play him--a bit on his character, as requested, he is a very "by the rules" kind of southern gentleman who loves his family very much.

3. I'd like to know the ranks/places of everyone there before we start. I guess we can decide individually for all our characters.

For mine, I suppose Charlotte will be a freshly-turned newborn, Christian will still be a farmer who is living with his wife and 8 children and Robyn will be impersonating a man with a regimen of Bostonian northern troops at an encampment. I won't be including any of my other OCs or characters in this RP as of yet.

4/19/2012 #2

Okay here I go:

Luke is the twin brother of Max, his ability to form things with fire and control it. He is a Lieutenant and is in charge of missions when the twins are sent out by Maria.

Max is a soldier in maria's army, his ability to form things out of wind and master its ability caused Maria to have a slight hunger for him as well as Jasper, he is sometimes called into her tent when she can not have Jasper.

Peter is a Captain of Maria's Army and is in charge of working with the Newborns who have gifts, and also torturing delinquent newborns when he is told to.

Maria is the leader of the army. She uses lies and various methods of torture to keep her army under control.

4/20/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #3

Jasper is the Major in Maria's army, essentially second in command to her alone, in charge of all the newborns training and punishments unless Maria wants to carry out a particular punishment on her own. He is one of Maria's treasures, to be used by her to torture or otherwise as she sees fit.

Sarah will start as a human (if Grace wants to play as Isaac) and will be turned by Maria when Jasper brings her to the camp, she will be a soldier in the army, and mostly manages to stay under the radar, however, her three second warning ability will keep her alive past the normal newborn one year limit.

Susan, along with Bobby, are a married couple who will eventually be turned by Maria when Jasper/Luke brings them to her, however neither one are very successful at being newborn vampires and eventually Maria orders Jasper to kill them.

4/20/2012 #4

I guess I could play Isaac. I don't really like OCs that much, but If we are doing the flashback, I guess I could bring Rowan back too, from the other rp for now. But, I'd like to be able to play my other main characters later. I think it'd be fun for Rowan to be newer in the ranks, because she only become more of Maria's second n command person after Jasper left. So we could change that up so Rowan knows Jasper too, and helps him?

4/21/2012 #5

Announcement: As we all know, Miracle went on vacation this morning for the next week and a half, and won't have internet access during that time. Therefore, she won't be on to play any of her characters. Until she returns, we will continue with the current RP. Jasper will be in confinement/taking various forms of torture from Maria, Bobby will be tagging along with Susan just about wherever she goes, and Grace, you can have Sarah go along with Isaac where you'd like if you want to continue play him in her absence. :)

We are all looking forward to her return!!

5/25/2012 #6


5/25/2012 #7

I know right!!?!?!? I'm SOOOOO sad face that she's gone!!!

5/25/2012 #8

As am I man!! I miss her lots!

5/25/2012 #9

As you all know, I'll be leaving for my wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii very soon and I won't be on for about a week for obvious reasons.

I'll be leaving early in the morning on the 22nd and I'll be returning late at night on the 29th.

I should be able to RP on my phone the morning that I leave after clearing security and before getting on the first plane. I'm not sure exactly how long it should take me to get through security but as a rough estimate I should be on from 7:00-9:00 am Pacific time that day.

On the day I return, I might be too tired to get on, so you might not see my return post until the morning or afternoon of the 30th.

While I'm gone, JacksonMiracle and LightWitch12 will share official control of the forum. Anyone who passes an audition or has an OC accepted in my absence will be subject to my approval upon my return. :)

Thank you all for all your good wishes and I'll really miss you all while I'm gone!


7/10/2012 #10


7/23/2012 #11

Haha, Light. :) Have I ever told yo how much I love your sense of humor?

Anyways, I'm officially back! And I'm married! How awesome is that!?

I shouldn't be taking another day off until... Halloween. And that probably won't be a full day. Just the later half of the day.

Yay for uninterrupted time on the RP! :D

7/30/2012 #12

No, I don't believe that you have my dear friend, please... Elaborate!

8/1/2012 #13

We will be starting the Augmented RP just as soon as we finish our current one, the Flashback RP. :)

I hope everyone had a lot of fun with it!

8/15/2012 #14

Officially putting the Lost RP on hold in favor of the Human RP, since we've all taken to it so much. :D

I think it's really wonderful how a simple idea can blossom into something so big, sometimes.

2/9/2013 #15

RP Schedule

Recently, I've found we've been getting into a lot of role play "ruts", and I think I've come up with a good solution. Every three months, we'll be switching between topics. We'll go from new topic to old, then back again, to help keep things fresh, while also allowing us to continue and Reboot topic we've enjoyed in the past. Check out the topic "RP Schedule" for more info! :)

9/13/2014 . Edited 9/13/2014 #16
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