Dusk before the Dawn
A Twilight RP :)
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This RP will be based on the basic premise of the Lost TV show, so, while being inspired by the series, you don't need to watch it to understand what's going on. :) So, to re-interate, this is not actually Lost, it is our own RP, based off of Lost, so different rules apply.

Here's the gist of it: Most of the main characters are survivors of a plane crash that strands the surviving passengers on a deserted tropical island. Native shifters live in the center of the island and manage to fend off the giant Child of the Moon that roams the island. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Of course, they are a few rules.

1. The island is inescapable. Explanation: Because of unusual tides and the unusual magnetic properties of the island, any boat or raft that went off shore would just be sent right back to the beach. Of course, that doesn't have to stop our characters from trying!

2. Your characters must make shelter, find something to eat, keep a good supply of fresh water and sleep to stay alive. Or, if you're a vampire, pretend to do all of those things and hunt your prey when no one is looking. ;)

3. Contact with the outside word is impossible. Period. You can try if you find the black box on the plane, but you'll only get an echo of yourself. Electromagnetic interference once again.

4. The CoM only comes out when the moon is full. It only roams the jungle and tends to feed off the wild boars that inhabit the isle. Although, it is extremely volatile and will attack anything it comes across.

5. The shifters are generally friendly people, although they don't speak our language. They live in the centre of the Island where they survive off a farm, complete with domesticated animals. They have crudely constructed homes and are very intelligent. They are strong enough to fight off the Com, but seem unwilling to kill the beast, or even the vampires among us, as pacifism is one of their base beliefs.

6. The island is vast, and full of resources, so one wouldn't have to worry about cutting down too many trees, eating too many plants, or hunting too much wildlife.

7. The plane was destroyed, so there is no hope in reconstructing it, but there are plenty of supplies you could harvest from the planes stores or luggage that was stored as a carry-on or in the undercarriage of the plane.

I hope all of you have fun :) and I encourage everyone to make a human OC or two (you can be yourself, a version of yourself or someone new!) and a shifter character if you like. I have yet to decide who plays the CoM, but it will most likely be played as a background character or temped when it is needed. Please PM me with any questions/comments/concerns involving this RP. Biv

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(FIRST POST!! :) Will put an actual post after this, I promise!)

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Captain: *over the P.A. system as turbulence rocked the plane alarmingly* Everyone, listen up... I am sorry to tell you that we won't be landing in Volterra, as planned. We will be making an emergency landing in Fiji. Please fasten your seat belts and remain calm. *turns off the P.A. system, sweating bullets* We're not going to make it. Oh, god... All these people... *his heart thundering as he did everything he could to prevent a crash, but to no avail, bracing himself as the plane flew into a death spiral, impacting onto the island, screams filling the air as they did, dying himself upon impact, along with the majority of the crew*

Charlotte: *breaks her seat belt to get out of it, climbing out of the wreckage and ignoring the chaos around her as she searched for Peter*

Robyn: *groans softly, having been knocked unconscious by the force of the crash, blinking her eyes open* What...? What happened...? *puts her hand on her aching head, furrowing her brow when her hand was covered with the blood produced by a small gash near her temple, gasping in panic as she looked from her bloody hand to her surroundings, watching the turbine near her spinning out of control, stumbling to her feet and grabbing the nearest person to her, pulling them both away from it just as it inevitably exploded*

11/9/2012 #3

(Who's all on the island? Of all of our characters?)

11/9/2012 #4

(Pretty much everyone. The idea was all the vampires we play were summoned to Volterra (for reasons unknown) along with a Volturi escort or two (say, Viktor and any other Volturi members we play that I can't think of), and a few humans headed to Italy ended up on the plane that crashed. We can even say Seth and Jake came as extra protection for Renesmee. So, yeah, everyone. :))

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(Mkay. And can I have Rowan there as well? For some reason? I like playing her.)

Esme: *looks around, sitting up and looking a the surroundings, more than a little surprised at what happened*

Seth: Eh.. *his eyes slowly open as he looks around, his right arm with a slight scar that he hadn't noticed before, probably a slight cut already healed*

Edward: *having realized what exactly happened, having been able to tell from the pilot's thoughts that the were going down, but not until they were already headed for the ground below*

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(Well, she is a vampire, no? Let's say they all were summoned! And I forgot about Carlisle! Crap!!)

Carlisle: *his eyes darting around as he dragged himself from some of the wreckage, swallowing heavily at the smell of blood and sounds of terror and fear in the air, darting toward a human in grave need of medical attention, knowing the crash wouldn't hurt and of his family members, taking off his belt and using it as tourniquet as he tried to work out how he would be able to safely remove the metal shrapnel from the explosion of the turbine from the mans leg* It's okay, I'm a doctor... Just try to stay still. *says softly in an attempt to calm the panicking man*

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(I was waiting for you to post for Rowan.... Would you like to temp the human Carlisle's trying to save? Actually, I have to head off for the night now, but I think it would be fun for tomorrow! :))

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(Sorry, Biv! I kinda fell asleep.)

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(It's all good, Grace! :))

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(Introducing Matthew here as one of the shifter natives, and using Rachael for the first REAL time as a human......and may re-introduce Bayleigh and/or Spencer as humans as well :) I'll work on re-posting profiles here as well. :) Oh, and since Robyn is human, does that mean we're going back to cannon where Jasper is mated to Alice or just that he hasn't met Robyn yet?)

Rachael: *groans aloud and leans her head back in the seat at the Captain's announcement* Ugh! You have GOT to be kidding me! This was supposed to be a FUN trip to visit grandpa, not some kind of random stupid side-trip adventure to Fiji of all places!!! Ugh!! *looks out the window just in time to see the tops of trees getting way too close way too quickly, and lets out a slight scream at the sight* AHHHH!!! *the impact causing her to black out, as her seat comes out of the runners and slams her entire body into the seat in front of it, the crunch of bone not audible beneath the screams of other passengers, as one of her legs is shattered, still unconscious and trapped between the seats as chaos ensues around her*

Jacob: *sees the moment of panic written all over Edward's face just in time to throw his body on top of and around the smaller form of Nessie sitting next to him to protect her from the impact* Nessie, get down!! *forcing her into the face between the knees position that he knew to be the safest and most secure way to survive unharmed in a plane crash, the impact jolting him and slamming his shoulder roughly against the side of the plane, although he managed to stay conscious quickly checks Nessie over* Nessie? Ness? Are you ok? Talk to me Sweetie, are you ok, Nessie?

Jasper: *barely even fells a thing as the plane hits the ground, no worse in his mind than being thrown into a tree during a fight, glances over at Alice out of habit to be sure she's ok, then glances around at the rest of his family, and then he smells it.....blood.....fresh blood....sweet fresh blood.... tantalizingly appealing sweet fresh blood, his eyes widen and his mouth pools with venom as he growls and breaks free of his restraints, already starting to move toward the source of the blood, a young boy about five feet away and his mother, both bleeding beyond help already*

Rosalie: *after checking to be sure that Emmett was ok and assuring him that she was also fine herself, turns just in time to see Jasper lunging for the unsuspecting humans, and curses loudly* Jasper, NO!!!!

Matthew: *out doing his morning chores in the jungle when he hears the roar of a plane over heard, his eyes widen and he gives a small cry as the smoke coming out of the plane's engines tell him that it's in obvious trouble, shouts so that the other men with him will be alerted to the plane's distress. It wasn't uncommon for planes to fly overhead, but they had never crashed on the island before, one of the other men calls out to him to go and alert the elders, he gives a short nod and turns to follow the instructions, running back to the village, but looking back behind him as he hears the loud crash and twisting of metal as the plane plummets into the ground and folds up like a tin can, the sight of flame and smoke that follows the loud kaboom, causing him to freeze in fear for a moment before he can continue to run back to the village to alert the elders*

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(Miracle!! :) Awesome, awesome, awesome! And I think I'll be adding a few OCs myself, for humans, and at least one shifter native. :) Probably and elder, to help things out. And as far as Robyn goes, I wasn't sure exactly what you wanted to do, but lets just say they haven't met yet.)

Carlisle: *once the man he was working on was stable, rushes back toward the wreckage of the plane, his heart aching with pity as he passed several dying members of the flight, but knowing well enough what their chances of survival were without proper medical equipment, throwing a metal sheet of of Rachel and pulling her out of the wreckage a little, swearing softly when he was the state of her leg, tapping her face lightly and shaking her shoulders as he tried to rouse her*

Robyn: *ducks and cries out as she second turbine exploded, turning to the man she had saved and gasping when he now had a large piece of shrapnel stuck straight through his chest, tears streaming down her face as she watched the life drain from his eyes and him crumble to the ground* Oh, god... *whispers to herself, her eyes looking around at the chaos that surrounded them, then back down at the body beside her* What do I do...? I... I have to do something... *rushing toward a heavily bleeding mother and child, not noticing Jasper stalking over from up the beach, ignoring her own tears and bleeding, looking over the boy as his mother begged her to save him, hurriedly ripping off her sweater and pressing it to the hole that a pole had driven through the boy's leg* I-It'll be okay... *sputters out unconvincingly at the boy's cries of pain, wishing she could do more for him, sobbing softly when he lost consciousness from blood loss*

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Conrad (the youngest elder for natives, which I'm writing up an OC application as we speak): *out working on the farm along with many other members of the tribe before he, too, heard the sounds of the crash, calling for the village bells to be rung and an emergency meeting to be called, dashing into the council hall and taking his seat along with four other members as they waited for everyone to gather*

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Matthew: *running breathlessly into the town hall where the meeting had been called and waits with the other villagers patiently to see what the elders would say of the unnatural occurance, listening to the whispers of some of the women who were already gathered in the tiny church like structure at the center of the town, finally getting his pants for air under control as he takes his position near the front left hand end of the gathering, since he was cousins with Conrad one of the elders, his family line in the town was one of the most respected, although he himself was still considered one of the commoners*

Rachael: *moans as she starts to come into conciousness, and blinks a few times as she stares up into the kind eyes of a man she didn't recognize, letting out another moan of pain, and whimpering and starting to shake from shock* Wha....? What happened? Who are you? *her panic quickly starting to build as she takes in the wreckage and the jungle around her*

Jasper: *approaching the group of three now, his mind already reeling with how best to kill and drain all three of them without risking further witnesses, the one girl who was helping them appeared to be the strongest, he would have to take her first, he would make it quick, snap her neck, then drain her, bares his teeth and growls slightly as he reaches out to roughly grab her and pull her away from the boy and his mother, venom dripping out of his mouth, his eyes wild as he places his hands on her cheek and starts to twist her head to the side, his teeth hovering over her jugular, almost piercing it, almost tasting her sweet, tantalizing blood*

Rosalie: *barrels into Jasper's side knocking him away from the girl he was very obviously about to kill and struggles against him for several moments, unable to determine if he had succeed in actually biting the girl or not, but just knowing that she had to reign her brother in before he killed all the human passengers, especially with Viktor of the Volturi standing watch several yards away, his eyebrow raised in curiosity to see if she would be successful in her efforts*

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Conrad: *quiet as the meeting was called to order by the head Elder, Darius, then nodding slightly as the meeting was turned this meeting* This meeting had been called because of an unusual occurrence... As you all know, this Island was founded when our ancestors crash-landed on it over a century ago in their attempts to escape the persecution and demonization of the Catholic church... We were once strangers in this place. Who shared nothing more than an ability. Now, I know most of you have seen the planes flying overhead from time to time... Now one has crash landed on the far east beach. These strangers need our help– *glares at Darius as he is interrupted*

Darius (another member of the council): *cuts him off quickly* –We have to take into account that these are indeed strangers. How do we know we can trust them?

Carlisle: *shushes her gently as he looked over her vitals* The plane crashed. Try to stay calm. My name is Carlisle Cullen. I'm a doctor. I'm here to help you... *looks down at her leg* Tell me, are you in pain?

Robyn: *gasps in shock when Jasper grabs her, too shocked to respond until she was knocked back onto the sand when Rosalie tackled Jasper down to the ground, watching the two in shock before clumsily getting up on her feet, her heart aching when she looked to the mother and son and saw they had both stopped breathing, a tear falling down her cheek as she knelt down and closed both of their eyes, whispering softly to them as she said a silent prayer* I'm sorry.... *gets up shakily*

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Rachael: *bites her lip to keep from crying out at the pain in her leg and really all over her aching body* Yes! My leg....it's...it's throbbing and....and.....everywhere....just aches.....am I dying? *whimpers and tears in her eyes as she looks trustingly up at the man she now knew to be Dr. Cullen, shaking and trembling from shock still* Can't....can't stop....shaking.

Matthew: *taking a step forward out of the crowd, speaking in their native tongue which was a language spoken no where else on Earth, it had originally started out as Latin, but over time had evolved into their own dialect, a mis-matched language of their own making really, very similar to things that had occurred in the new world when African slaves had been brought over* I volunteer! To go greet them I mean. How can we understand them and derive their intentions unless we actually go to greet them? I volunteer to go speak with them and offer them our aide. We have medicine that may help their injuries, we can ration off a small supply of it to help them, to show them our good will, surely.

Jasper: *throws Rosalie aside and runs after the girl again, determined to get to his prey, ignoring the two dead bodies, his blood-crazed haze telling him to go after the one who had managed to get away, the one his own sister had saved when she originally thwarted his plans, but no more, he would get to her, he would drink her blood, the leaking gash on her forehead the only scent filling his nostrils and mind in that singular moment*

Rosalie: *recovers and shakes herself off, deciding that instead of fighting Jasper, she would simply remove the human who had managed to survive from the situation and give her brother a chance to come to his senses, somehow manages to beat Jasper to Robyn's side and scoops her into her arms and carries her down wind from Jasper so he wouldn't be able to smell her blood in the air any longer* Miss, are you ok? We were all really worried about you, you started to hallucinate, you thought one of the other passengers was coming after you. It must be that head wound, please, will you allow me to help you?

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Carlisle: *sighs shakily* She needs real medical attention... I don't have what I need here... And in this situation... Blood everywhere... We don't even know if there is animal life on this island... How could I change her knowing that? She would hate me... I would hate myself. *takes one of her hands in his* Tell me your name. *gently*

Conrad: *gives Matthew a small, proud smile, letting him know just how proud he was of the younger boy after he had spoken* What say you to that, Darius? *gives his fellow council member another sharp glare* You know that providing and good will for ALL is part of the teachings. And Matthew has come of his own free will to practice that. Would you deny him?

Darius: *huffs indignantly, still not wanting to trust these outsiders, but knowing that Conrad's words were true, he couldn't go against the beliefs of the tribe simply because he feared these people would not have the same beliefs* I would not. I would deny no one that... *nods to Matthew* You have the Council's permission to do as you've asked. Return to us when you can with news of this new people... But, you know you must be back before the full moon. Be careful, Matthew. Not all people share the good will we do.

Robyn: *blinks several times as she finds herself in Rosalie's arms* I... I hallucinated? *swallows as her eyes darted back to the wreckage and chaos around them* If only all on this was a hallucination... *whispers wistfully to herself. one hand going to her still-bleeding wound, wincing when she touched the gash that was just barely covered by her hairline* Ow... I... There are other people we should be helping... I'm not so bad...

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Rachael: *coughs a little dryly from the smoke in the air around the wreckage and squeezes his hand strongly* Ra....Rachael. My name's Rachael. When....when are they coming to get us? They send....send out rescue planes for something like this, don't they? *coughs again and whimpers at the pain in her leg* AH! My....my....purse. I had some....Aleve in there. For....for cramps. But.....but maybe it would help now? Please. I....I know....know you'll have to set my leg eventually.....even I know that's not a natural angle. *whimpers again* I just need something.....take the edge off......be ok.

Matthew: *nods to Darius in satisfaction* Yes, Sir, I understand. I will be careful. I promise. I shall return to the village quickly. Thank you, Sir! *runs off to the medical tent and grabs a very small amount of supplies, not sure exactly what he would be able to do with them with his limited medical knowledge, only the medicine man himself would truly be able to help the people, but perhaps he would be lucky and the people who had crashed would have their own medicine man with them, packs the supplies into a hand woven bag and runs back through the jungle, seeing two or three other shifters following after him, and senses a few more in wolf form who are also running their normal patrols in the jungle*

Rosalie: *nods firmly* Yes, the man you thought was after you was my brother, like you he was trying to assist some of the wounded, he leaned over to whisper something to you so you would be able to hear between all the screaming, then you started to act as if he was attacking you, I realized what was happening and pulled him away from you. My brother would honestly never hurt anyone. Our father's a doctor after all. Here. *rips a piece of her shirt away and instructs Robyn to spit on it* It's amazing what our own body does for us. Our own spit is actually a very clean and healing subsistence. *gently presses the cloth to her forehead over the cut and holds it firmly in place hoping that it will work to get the wound to start clotting*

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Carlisle: Rachel.... *shakes his head slowly after looking around them* I'm not sure when they'll be coming... There should be a GPS system in the plane for them to find us with, as far as I know... *releases her hand slowly* I'm going to find your purse, then I'm going to do what I can for your leg... I'm so sorry. Just, tell me what your purse looks like. What color is it?

Conrad: *watches as Matthew goes, clearing his throat a little after he went* Everyone, you're dismissed. The council will be called back when Matthew returns, or the day before the full moon, to pursue this issue further and go about our normal council business. *steps down from the head table, making his way back to the fields to help with the harvest, as he did every year*

Darius: *closes his eyes after the boy left, silently hoping that he would be all right before he left to preform his normal duties as well after the council hall was nearly devoid of people*

Robyn: I'm sorry... If I scared him... I don't know what's wrong with me. Shock, probably. I'm just a little out of my element here... *spits on the scrap of cloth and grimaces as Rosalie pressed the cloth firmly against the wound, her blood finally doing what it was designed to do and using the cloth to coagulate, her eyes glazing over a little as she thought of that little boy and his mother* I've never even seen that much blood before... I didn't know what to do. I don't know first aid... Or anything, really. *her voice lowering as she looked around them* So many people... They're just... Dead.

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Rachael: *nodding and biting her lip, swallowing heavily to keep from crying out* It's.....purple....brown strap, silver jeweled cross on the front. I had it right next to me. Please.... *squeezes her eyes tight and lets out another whimper*

Matthew: *getting close enough to the site now to see small bits and pieces of the torn up fuselage, looking around at all the people and trying to pick out one that could possibly be a leader of some sort before making his presence known, spies Jasper some distance away from the wreckage, but perceives him to be more angry than injured, and definitely not a leader for a leader would be among the people, helping them, not brooding away from where he was truly needed. Then his eyes land on Rosalie and Robyn, a pair of women. That would be a good place to start if all else failed. Women were good for figuring out what kind of society people were from. If they were welcoming and homely, then it was a good sign, but if they were cold and submissive, expecting to be told what to do instead of taking their own lead, then it was a bad sign*

Rosalie: *quietly as she shakes her head* Don't worry about him, he'll be ok. You didn't scare him, if anything he's only frightened and upset for possibly scaring you. And I think we're all a bit out of our element.... *wrinkles her nose a gross smell like wet dog, like the wolves back home, like Jacob or Seth pierces her senses, but looking around, she saw neither of them, and the scent wasn't quite right to be there's anyway, there was more.....earth quality to it, and less....airiness in a way. Like it belonged to someone who truly lived off the land* There are still more of us who survived and our goal now should be to take care of each other until rescue comes for us, or until we find a way out of here on our own. We'll move away from here once everyone is stabilized. We'll have to bury the dead and scavenge the wreckage for what we can salvage, but you don't need to worry about any of that now. Right now, let's just concentrate on saving as many of the others as we can.

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(We don't have to, but I thought it would be really kind of cool with the language barrier and everything... I decided to add in a human, Clara. She can just be an off character, or a friend, but, I'll be making an OC app for her soon. She can be Matthew's imprint if you're into that.)

Carlisle: I won't be gone long... *strokes her hair back very gently in a soothing gesture before he rose to his feet, moving to the pile of scraps she had previously been buried under, searching for the bag she described, mentally going over what he would need for her leg after it was set* Some branches could be used to help make her a splint... But she wouldn't be able to walk. She would have to be carried. Only one of us would be able to do it without jostling the injury... Oh, god... Jasper. *looks up in slight panic after having finally found the bag he'd been looking before, sighing a little when he saw him standing just off the way, deeply relieved he hadn't lost himself to bloodlust before returning to Rachel's side, putting a careful dose into one hand* Can you swallow these dry? We don't have any water.

Clara: *pinned underneath a set of seats, with more than a bumps and bruises, but not heavily injured, crying out for help as she regained consciousness, the sound muffled by the screams of the dying and the commotion of the living as well as the items she was being held down by as she yelled* Can anybody hear me?! *tearfully* Please, someone, help!! *hyperventilating as she tried and failed to push the offending objects off of her*

Robyn: *takes a shaky breath, trying not to concentrate on all they had to do as she followed Rosalie's eyes to the tanned man that approached* He... He wasn't on the plane. *decides for a moment after taking in his appearance, his clothes were obviously hand-made and he was carrying a ruck sack of supplies* Maybe there are native to this island... People that can help us. *moves toward him without a second thought, speaking to him without thinking that he might not speak english* Sir? Do you know where we are? Do you have a doctor here that can help us? A lot of people are really hurt...

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(Light is confused on what to put!!!)

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(That sounds ok to me, Biv! :) Oh, and used Haitian Creole for the language, but might change it later if I find one I like better.)

Rachael: *Nodding as she watches the very kind Dr. Cullen leave to go in search of her bag, counting the seconds in her head that he was gone to give her something to concentrate on, blinking in surprise when he was gone a much shorter time than she had anticipated, nodding slightly at his spoken words* Yes, yes.....I should be able to. *taking the medicine from his hand and popping it into her mouth, swallowing it dry, not even noticing the sharp roughness as it passed down her esophagus, the pain in her leg drowning out all the other uncomfortable sensations, sighing in relief, knowing that now it would only be a few minutes until her pain was lessened even just a little* Thank you.

Viktor: *chuckles as he drags one of the dead humans right past Jasper, who was very obviously holding his breath now, among other things* You don't know what you're missing, soldier boy! All these humans spread out like a buffet before. They're already dead, so they won't be missed, best to drink them while they're still warm. *chuckles again as he drags the dead Captain behind some trees to feed on him without anyone seeing, ignoring the scowl that Jasper gave him*

Rosalie: *follows after Robyn to approach the man, carefully staying close enough to intervene if the native decided to attack, if they were like the Quielete wolves in more than just smell, then they should be safe enough, but one could never be too careful*

Matthew: *his eyes still scanning the wreckage when the two women approach him, assessing them for injuries as they walked, the one who spoke to him appeared to have a large gash on her forehead, but otherwise the pair appeared unharmed, wrinkles his brow at her words and shakes his head not understanding them* Mwen isit la ou kapab ede. Mwen gen medikaman. (I'm here to help. I have medicine.) *he indicated the bag in his hand* Tanpri mwen.... (Please, I.....) *frowns when he realizes they don't understand a word that he's speaking, then he decides to use hand gestures and facial expressions to indicate what he was trying to tell them. First he makes an awful pain expression and acts as if he's injured then he points to the bag and himself, and acts as if he's chewing on something then smiles in relief as if to tell them that he has some medicine that could help, but before he can say or do anything further, he hears the strange language again, as a woman's cries echo from the wreckage, he motions for the other two to follow him as he runs back toward where he heard the cries, and spies a young girl, about his age trapped and struggling between two seats, runs over to her side and calls out to her as he prepares to lift the seat off of her* Rete toujou mwen kapab ede ou. (stay still, I can help you)

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(Awww......Light....Hey, and if you want to start with Emmett or Alice checking on Jasper, that would be ok, until you get caught up more)

11/10/2012 #24

(I was reading up on what you both posted, I'll wait till Biv posts to put my own up. :3)

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(Hey, light!! Well, the plane went down, and it's total chaos. Just put your carries wherever. Charlotte is looking for Peter, I'm pretty sure. And that sounds good, Miracle! :) It's not like anyone else is going to speak that anyways. :P)

Carlisle: *nods, giving her a tight smile* I wish there were more I could do for you... *meets her eyes* Tell me the instant the medicine kicks in... There isn't a lot in the bottle and you will be in a lot of pain for a long time after I reset your leg... Until, then, I need you to stay conscious for me. Why don't you tell me about yourself, Rachel? Why were you headed to Volterra?

Robyn: *furrows her brow at Matthews words, shaking her head when he first spoke, not understanding a word he'd said, belatedly wishing they'd crash landed in Peru or Brazil or Spain, or somewhere else where the Spanish she learned throughout grade school would be useful with the natives they'd encountered, watching his facial expressions and movements carefully, trying to interpret from them alone* I think he's trying to tell us he has medicine–*says softly to herself, stopping when he dashed over to one direction and motioned for them to follow, hesitating only slightly before she did follow, watching as he lifted the seat off of the girl by himself*

Clara: *hears a foreign voice speaking and calms a little as the seat that had been crushing her was lifted off, breathing in the free air that was offered when he pulled it off of her deeply as she met her rescuer's eyes* Thank you... Thank you so much... *moves to sit up, groaning in pain from the deep soreness in her body as she did* Oh... What happened...? Did we... Crash?

11/10/2012 #26

Justin: *stumbles out of the plane, looking over his body for any scratches or cuts, has only a few since he seems to be one of the lucky ones* *looks around at the others, his vision a little blurry, wiping at his eyes* Holy... What happened...? *walking out of the wreckage, sitting on the ground. Hears people talking but can't make his body to move now, feels too weak and in shock*

Emmett: *looking around for Alice, looking up in a few tree's* Alice!

Alice: *walks out of the bushes, bumping into Emmett* Oww. Em! *sighs* I'm right here, I'm fine. *rubs her head, walking back to where everyone is at with him* Well, I didn't see this coming at all.

Peter: *his shirt burned, ripping it off as he looks for Charlotte, comes out from forest part of the area* Cullen's... Where, is Charlotte? *asking himself, looking around for her*

(I feel so clueless since I haven't seen the show.)

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(I haven't seen the show either Light, I'm just going with it and making things up where needed)

Rachael: *nods at his words* I understand. I was going to visit my grandfather. He.....he moved to Volterra a few years ago, after my grandma died. Wanted to retire somewhere beautiful. I.....I'm a college student, and it's spring break, so now was the perfect time. I....I don't really know what else to talk about. I....I live on campus most of the year, nothing too exciting.....I work on campus....work study in the library......I'm also the President of the CCC.....the Campus Coalition for Christ. So....tired....thing medicine is starting to work now.

Matthew: *checking her over for visible injuries, not certain of her words, finding nothing more than a few bruises, and minor cuts and scrapes, but nothing too serious, furrows his brow at her and makes his awful pain expression again, then holds his arms out wide, pauses, then brings them in close to each other again, as if to ask her how much pain she was in, if it was a lot of pain, or just a little bit, feeling a rush of emotions overcoming him as he meets her eyes and takes in her absolute beauty, and his mouth opens slightly in awe of her, the rest of the world around him fading out to nothingness, his full concentration on her alone and her well being*

Rosalie: *gently to the girl* Yes, we crashed. I'm Rosalie.....and this is.... *glances over at Robyn* I'm sorry, I don't think I ever asked your name. Anyway, this young man appears to be a native of some sort, we think he's trying to help, but we're not entirely certain yet. Are you injured anywhere?

Jasper: *sees Emmett and Alice, but can't make himself move over to where they are, too afraid to even move without losing control again*

Bayleigh: *huddled together with her best friend Spencer, crying on his shoulder and allowing him to comfort her, rocking her back and forth, careful of his injured, bloody arm that was more or less hanging uselessly at his side*

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(Forget the show! :3 As stated in the post description thingy, it's just based off of it. Think plane crash. That's basically what's going on.)

Charlotte: *sighs in relief when she sees Peter coming out of the trees, wondering to herself if parts of the plane landed there as well as on the beach as she dashed over to him and wrapped her arms tightly around him* Oh, god, Peter... There was fire... And I was so scared.... That something had happened to you.

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Alice: *notices Jasper standing stiff, jogging over to him with Emmett right behind her* Jazz, there's way too much blood over here. Do you want to get away? *places a hand on his arm, rubbing it with a small smile* *not breathing with all the blood everywhere*

Emmett: *glances over at Rosalie, grinning and turns his attention back to Jasper, watching him closely* Don't worry, I can move you if ya want. *smirks, holding his breath*

Peter: *hugs her back tightly, pulling back to look her over, cupping her cheek* I thought I lost you, I was worried as well. *pulls her back into his arms, stroking her hair* I love you, Charlotte. *kisses the side of her head*

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