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you see a sign posted on a wall, stains of blood and other questionable fluids mar the ink on the page but it is still readable. Its a set of rules!


1. No God modding which means invincible characters and or controling someone elses character without permission your character must have a weakness.

2. Make your OC original no Im not meaning they cant be related in the sense of knowing them from the past or something to the characters of Resident evil but I mean describe them give lots of detail for the character Info bio, looks ( unless your using a link). We just want to know and see your character in our minds.

3. No spamming which mean OOC chatter is not allowed unless you go to the OOC chatter thread or keep the chatter in the same post as your RP reply like this: ( Hey whats up?) Jill acted quickly, without taking another moment to think she threw herself at Wesker sending not only him but herself out of the window and into the darkness outside. --[That is allowed cause its in the same post]

4. Violence, Nudity and that are allowed I mean come on we all know it happens.

5. Respect your fellow Roleplayers

6. If me or a Mod tells you to stop doing something like Trolling or Spamming please do so or if we ask you to tone down the Adult nature please just do it without arguing.

7. Your characters must be approved by me or a mod before you can enter the Role play. ( Don't want any Mary-sues or Stu's sneaking into the game)

8.Have fun

Any Rules broken will be handled by the proper authorities

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