The Topaz Awards 2013
So we continued the old awards, new awards continue from us. We are no longer running our awards, but please go and check out thecreativevictoriousawards on tumblr if you're interested. Meanwhile, we still have an awesome chat thread filled with amazing people you haven't met yet. *smiles hopefully*
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Best Angst:

the Gloomy Puppet Show - HeartsXshadow

a smile's worth a thousand memories - billiespiper

take these broken wings and learn to fly - billiespiper

Trina, Interrupted - TheScarletOcopus

(Closed) Best Humour/Parody:

Victorious Chat Room - Songbird341

What the Hell Just Happened - I-Am-Not-A-Smiley-Person

That's So Original! – Ailodierap

Victorious Forever - TrulyVictoriousWritersForeve r

Facebook in HA- X.Sassa

To The Writers of Fanfiction- dreamfightdo

(Closed) Best Oneshot:

The Ocean's Comfort - Nature9000

BloodRade - ZenNoMai

Seasons - amberpire

Marigolds – PerfectPerception

Breathe in the pristine crime scene - rockingfreakshow

Always Victorious- Shaken Thunder

Best OC Centric Fic:

Victory Goes to the Victorious! – FireWorkGold

Backstage – Dancing In Pink

Somebody Else – I-Am-Not-A-Smiley-Person

Will The Drama End? - Gothic Guitars and Silver Rose

Standing In The Spotlight - LivvyLovesYou

Best Next Generation Fic:

Never Grow Up - GhostGorlMD

This Thing Of Darkness – I-Am-Not-A-Smiley-Person

Hollywood Arts Junior High – IAmANAnonymousDaughterOfThee ny

Next Generation – AppleFlame12 and Pinkbull115LovesBrina

Always, and Forever - LivvyLovesYou

Best Movie Remake:

Car, Rain, Fire, Danger - LizArianaJadeCat

The Sikowizard of Hollywood Arts - bluecinderella4

Parenthood: Victorious Style- bluecinderella4

Ghostbusting is VicTORIous- bluecinderella4

Ghostbusting is still VicTORIous- bluecinderella4

(Closed) Best AU:

Gender Wars - Thisway

Haven - Knightales

Amethyst Tears - americanhoney139

Somewhere Only I Know - Rue Baldwin

Hunger Games: Victorious Style - BraveAtHeart

Her Brave Knight, His Little Princess - Didigestend Angel and Izzy

Price of Desire- Nature9000

Ghostly World- Nature9000

Best Other (Anything not listed):

Just Go With It - KelsIsVictorious and srslyitxcaroline

A December To Remember - KelsIsVictorious

Survivor - Chee5e55ave5

Trina's Twist by WOWcow

Breathing Room - memorysdaughter

Best Romance:

(Closed) Bade:

Forever and Always - High On Fun

Playing Yesterday- chasingafterstarlight

Flirting with Death - xxJonasIsLifexx

Dancing in the Dark - badefinchelforever

You name like the pope - aloxi

Trip To Canada- WannabeWest


Silent Lyrics- Marked-TIVA

Angel- Marked-TIVA

Fatal Attraction- Marked-TIVA

Wish Upon A Star- a novelist


The Old Treehouse - AmbyrRose

Stay Young Forever - CookieeDough

Maybe I'll Find Myself Again - Didigestend Angel and Izzy

cafe au lait by sincerelyours


The Stuck Series - CCougar42709

Stories for a Cabbie Soul - Curly1221

(Closed) Jori:

No Trivia - WellWishes

Lost Along The Way - Jasmk16

Lake Fic - Medlie Skyth

Streetlights - amberpire

Her Name Was Lola - WellNowWhat

Our Dunes - Jasmk16

Who Knew - MellyHorror-Salvatore-Northman


Rain Bears by demondreaming

Believe Me by dmnchild1029

Wonder Why by WhoaZombie

The Jade Phantom by Husbamf

Bleed Just To Know You're Alive - BiBenji

You Know I'm Coming For You - parisnights


The Art of Falling in Love by And.Your.Point

All Colors and Lights by KimTheAwkwardDork

Undisclosed Desires by And.Your.Point


Keeping Us Close - Multi-Shipper-Girl

Don't be a hero - I-Am-Not-A-Smiley-Person

If Only She Knew – Strawberry Crush

(Closed) Best Minor Pairing (e.g. Candre, Rori, Rade, ):

American Secrets - let' (It's complicated)

Y O U - amberpire (Reck)

Of Playstations And Grape Soda - El-Queso (Rade)

Crazy Ride - Didigestend Angel and Izzy (Candre)

My Best Friend - ZenNoMai (Rade)

In The City – VictoriousLove (Reck)

How To Save a life - AODiva1978 (Candre)

Unexpected - WellNowWhat (Rade)

Best Overall Romance Fic (as in, from any ship):

Playing Yesterday- chasingafterstarlight

Streetlights - amberpire

Maybe I'll Find Myself Again - Didigestend Angel and Izzy

Crazy Ride - Didigestend Angel and Izzy

(Closed) Fic Of The Year:

Streetlights - amberpire

Saving Cat Valentine- ParadoxMoonlight

Twelve Sessions With Caterina - Didigestend Angel And Izzy

Price of Desire- Nature9000

Just Go With It- KelsIsVictorious and srslyitzcaroline

Ghostly World- Nature9000

(Closed) Author of the Year:



Medlie Skyth


Vagabond Solace






Didigestend Angel and Izzy (Tell me, do you think these two should be separate??? They're different authors, but they share an account)


4/9/2012 . Edited 1/9/2013 #1

So, I am going to nominate myself, and be tacky. I promise I will not vote in the category I'm nominating myself in. I just want to put my story out there, because I'm kind of really proud of it.

Edited! I found all the authors! Woohoo! :)

Oh, God, do I sound rude? i don't want to sound rude. I'm so sorry if I sound, rude, I swear I'm actually a nice person. I just drank this really weird tea and I'm tried and I have no clue what I'm actually typing right now. It's just sort of coming from my fingers. If I'm being rude, could you PM me and let me know? I'll apologize, I swear, and I'll do something really nice of your choice.

Best parody

That's so Original! - Alodierap

Best Angst

Trina, Interupted - TheScarletOctopus

Best Romance

Lake Fic - Medlie Skyth (Jori)

No Trivia - WellWishes (Jori, Bade)

Her Name Was Lola - WellNowWhat (Jori)

Lost Along The Way - Jasmk16 (Jori)

Stay Young Forever - CookieeDough (Bat)

American Secrets - let' (Jade/Sikowitz (it's a bit complicated))

Best Jori

Her Name Was Lola - WellNowWhat

Our Dunes - Jasmk16

Who Knew - MellyHorror-Salvatore-Northman

Best Next Gen Fic

Never Grow Up - GhostGirlMD

Best AU Fanfic

Haven - Knightales

Amethyst Tears - americanhoney139

Somewhere Only I Know - Rue Baldwin

Best Movie Remake

Car, Rain, Fire, Danger - LizArianaJadeCat

Author of the Year


Medlie Skyth


Best Beck/Robbie

In The City - VictoriousLove

Y O U - amberpire

4/9/2012 . Edited 4/9/2012 #2

Don't worry, it's not rude. The only reason they got skipped off is that we need to notify the authors and at that point, it was too difficult to locate them all. Don't worry, I'm sure you are a very nice person. And I am too!

And at least you use proper grammar.

4/9/2012 #3

I can find the authors if you want.

4/9/2012 #4

That would be awesome, and then I'll definitely put it in the nominations.

4/9/2012 #5

Oh, and WellNowWhat, the categories have changed slightly, so please add what pairing each romance story is.

4/9/2012 #6

Seriously? Oh, man, now I have to edit my post again! Welp, here goes nothing! :)

4/9/2012 #7

I would nominate 'a smile's worth a thousand memories' and 'take these broken wings and learn to fly' by billiespiper for best angst, How To Save a Life by AODiva1978 for best Candre romance, Unexpected by WellNowWhat for best Rade romance, What the Hell Just Happened by I-Am-Not-A-Smiley-Person for best parody, and billiespiper for author of the year. I feel honored that I was nominated for author of the year! This is so cool!!

4/9/2012 #8

Thanks for nominating, and remember to spread the word... Hmm... that's my third nomination... I wonder why?

4/9/2012 #9

Lol maybe you should be nominated for Author of the Year then. You have a lot of good work.

4/9/2012 #10

Maybe I should *wink wink*.

I'm kidding... or am I???? Yeah, I am. Honestly, I think people are sucking up. And I know I'll never win Best Parody, considering how good That's So Original! is.

4/9/2012 #11

First I wanna say that I smiled like an idiot on being nominated for this :) thankyou :)

And I was totally gonna come back and add the ones I missed. So here you go :)

Best AU: Gender Wars (Thisway)

I guess this could go under Humor: Victorious Chat Room (Songbird341)

Probably Other: Breathing Room (memorysdaughter)

idontknowwheretoputthis... Bade?: Forever and Always (High On Fun)

Does something published last August count? If so:

Bat: The Old Treehouse (AmbyrRose)

And just AmbyrRose in general.

4/9/2012 #12

I've read That's So Original! and it was alright. It takes a lot to make me laugh and your story just shocked me, which ultimately made me go "Oh shit," pardon my language. That's So Original! is unoriginal because it takes the standard of mocking every possible way by using too much OOC to get a laugh but yours used very little OOC and again made me go "oh shit." I laughed for a good moment after I read your story and I barely laughed while reading That's So Original! While both stories are very well written, What the Hell Just Happened? tops the vote and that's why I nominated that story.

4/9/2012 #13

Welcome Livvy... (I know about the smiling, I felt the exact same way. Not too thrilled that we're competiting though.) Welcome to the forum. Feel free to introduce yourself on the introduction thread (for the few of us that don't already know you) and join the Chat.

Oh and same goes for SkyeVenomatic.

Edit to avoid double posting: And Skye, all I can say is YAY!

4/9/2012 . Edited 4/9/2012 #14
this is london calling

Oh my goodness....I'M NOMINATED!!!!!! Thank you so much! (: I don't think I'll win though many talented writers. (:

4/9/2012 #15

Yes... You're up against a moderator and the admin of this wiki! You're screwed. I'm kidding! It's all done by voting anyway, and I promise I won't rig it.

4/9/2012 #16

I can't believe a story I wrote got nominated without me nominating myself. I'm not sure what to do about that. I feel kind of dumb for nominating myself now. How is the voting done, anyway? Is it anonymous, or is it like this, with everyone just posting their votes in forum form? (hehe forum form...alliteration FTW!)

4/9/2012 #17

Yep. You're an idiot. But you visited the forum in the first place, so you're a clever idiot. No, that didn't make sense, get over it. And I think what happens is I embed a blind poll in a thread and it's completely anonymous. (So yes, you can vote for yourself)

4/9/2012 #18

This is truly an amazing system going on here and I think it's great for all the writers in the fandom (I know I say amazing a lot apparently, lol). You're totally welcome Smiley (can I call you that?). I can't wait to see who wins what. The authors that I've read from are exceptionally talented!

4/9/2012 #19

No, that totally made sense. And hey, even a clever idiot knows not to vote for herself. Except for school elections, but I always lose those, so they don't count.

4/9/2012 #20

Thank you, thank you very much.

But actually this system came from the old Victorious Awards when this was still a titchy fandom. And yes, you can call me Smiley (don't even bother trying to write my full name), but remember that there is another mod called Smiley Face Nisacio, which leads to problems because we don't know how you're talking to. But, you can call me SmileyP

4/9/2012 #21

Alrighty then. I was thinking if I talked to Smiley Face Nisacio I'd refer to (her?) as Nisacio (if that's alright with him/her!). I don't want to sound vainglorious or anything of the sort, but how does the prize system work? Like, does someone get a badge on his/her profile if s/he wins a category?

4/9/2012 #22

Well, I'm making banners that you could probably Photoshop onto your avatar, but other than that, you get bragging rights on your profile and you get the honour of it all. Plus, I'm planning on putting the winner and the first place runners up into a community, so you get more views as well. But I think it's an amazing honour.

Okay then, it's midnight. I'm going to sleep, see you tomorrow.

4/9/2012 #23

Cool beans. Sleep well!

4/9/2012 #24
We're def having problems with our names... But everybody on this calls me 'Nicasio'.
4/9/2012 #25

I can't believe you said cool beans and vainglorious. So, Internet BFFs? Please? Lawls.

4/9/2012 #26

Lol totally

4/9/2012 #27
Swear I was doing a happy dance when I saw my story was nominated. And for best author of the year, I want to nominate my partner in crime: PinkBull115LovesBrina
4/9/2012 #28

Great! Thanks for nominating!

4/9/2012 #29

I feel very honored to be nominated. But, what exactly is this for? What happens for the winner? And, how exactly should people vote?

Thanks again for nominating me for In The City. I'm so proud of that [ unfinished ] story. :)

4/9/2012 #30
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