Clash of the Pantheons RP
All the various mythologies meet here! RP as gods, mortals, demigods, hosts, and many other things. Join in the mayhem!
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Silver Uranium

Okay, characters are the essence of this RP, so I've got ten flavors of them, so to speak.

Gods: exactly what you think they are. Their attributes will depend on the pantheon they come from, so please remember to be accurate.

Mortals: regular humans.

Clear-Eyes: a special case of the mortals. Clear-Eyes are those who can see the supernatural for what it is (PJatO fans will remember this as those people who can see through the Mist).

Demigods: this applies only to the Greco-Romans. Half-mortal, half god. By nature, they're clear-eyed as well.

Monsters: again, is what it is. Specify what mythology they're from, por favor.

Shades/Souls: dead mortals, clear-eyes, and demigods. Reserve these guys for the Afterlife (which will depend on the mythology).


Saints: souls who enjoy the bliss of Paradise. These guys have powers ranging from healing the sick, mending the broken, casting out spirits, occasionally raising the dead, and in rare cases, levitation, mind-reading, and bilocation. Quite Mary-Sueish, so avoid if possible.

Angels: spirits who serve the Christian God. Led by Michael.

Demons: angels who rebelled against their Maker and were cast down into the depths. Led by Lucifer/Satan.

So, now that that's done with, here's how to start off. In this topic, post your character's name, age (if one of the italicized), sex (optional in some cases), appearance, and personality. Powers, strengths, weaknesses, and backstory are optional. Remember, 12 living max, 12 dead max.

4/12/2012 #1

(FIRST CHARACTER? Wheeee! This is the daughter of Bubona, the cow goddess!)

Name: Buxoma (Buxom means b***...) "Rose" Ricardo

Age: 16

Sex: Female.

Appearance: Latina, long black hair, pale skin, big, dark brown eyes with long lashes (think cow eyes), 5'5, and, yes... Huge knockers. Big jugs. Two good-looking friends that reside on her chest. Whatever you want to call them...

Personality: She's... weird. Often scares people off. She's very upfront about things and doesn't hide who she is, unfortunately. Also a bit of a slob... She's pretty judgemental, even though she's one of the easiest people to judge. She rambles, a lot, but is fairly friendly and outgoing. Rose also tends to be just a bit whoorish, but hey, she can't help it because of the way she looks.

Powers: Creates delicious milk with- you guessed it- her jugs. She has a remarkable talent to moo exactly like a cow, and can telepathically communicate with the creatures. Comepletely useless powers? Yes, yes they are.

4/12/2012 . Edited 4/12/2012 #2
Rainbow Zebras

(*Dies laughing* Oh, Maddie...


-Daughter of the Christian God, half Angel-

Name: Maria Sagittaris "Sagi" DiChristus

Age: Not a defined age, since she's an angel, but goes for 16

Appearance: Long, curly light brown hair, pale skin, cute big brown eyes with a singular light that makes you think of every good thing in the world. Looks very fragile, like a petite porcelain doll. Her skin is extremely soft and she smells like honey and wildflowers. It's a nice smell ^-^ Thin and has a pair of long, elegant white wings (Angel part) that fade into a very paleish pink color. They remain neatly folded on her back, hidden. But she can fly! Yay!

(I know she's Sue-ish, but it's God's daughter peoples, don't hate on me! And if God's perfect, he'll want his baby girl to be very beautiful, right?)

Personality: You know how girls can be spoiled, stupid b*tchy sl*tty brats? Well, she's the opposite. Usually shy and quiet, sweet to everyone even if they punch her for an answer. Honest, selfless, sweet and smart. Can do things without thinking. Won't judge and you'd think she's never sad, or mad, or upset, but she just hides her negative feelings. Like me, she doesn't want to make things worse for the others. If she ever met someone like Hades's son, or gets VEEEEERY p*ssed (Very hard to do, though)...You have been warned.

Powers: She can fly with her epic wings, control light and temperature, have a nice conversation with living things such as plants or animals, COMPLETELY AMAZING EPICNESS with a bow and arrows (Duh, her name means "Archery") and create apocalyptic chaos when p*ssed. A bit more useful than Buxoma's XD

4/12/2012 . Edited 4/12/2012 #3
Silver Uranium

Name: Saint Apollonia

Age: *unknown, presumably late teens to early twenties*

Appearance: Young woman, long flowing black hair, holding pincers with a tooth held in them

Personality: Devoted to her God. VERY. She actually was martyred for it. (Her teeth were extracted and then she was burned, but the fire did not harm her, so she was decapitated instead. Of course, since she's a saint now, her head is reattached.) As a saint, she is sympathetic to those who have problems with teeth or who work with teeth.

Powers: None except that given her by God. Her miracles usually involve healing teeth, whether broken, chipped, decayed, or missing.

Patron Saint of: Dentists and people with dental problems.

4/16/2012 #4

Name: Rosalye Matthews

Age: 18

Appearance: She has short-medium length dark brown hair that frames her pale face. Ever changing blue eyes and rose pink lips are normally accented with a natural blush. Standing at 5'6" she doesn't wear heels normally. She has a nice figure that's more on the slim side, but she has a nice B-cup. She normally wears black jeans, a graphic shirt, black boots, a hoody, and a black jacket. On her hand she always wears a a ring with a big ruby in the middle.

Personality: she's nice once you get to know her. While her temper can be bad, it's nothing like her mother's. She is also extremely loyal, and she can't stand it when people betray anyone else. Once in a while she'll be really silly. Though if she hates you she will make it known.

Parents: daughter of Hera and a mortal (I'm aware that Hera doesn't normally cheat on Zeus, but I'm saying she did this to get back at him finally)

Powers: well she can command peacocks......, She can officiate a wedding (kidding). She doesn't really have powers.

Other: while she doesn't really have powers she doesn't pack a mean punch. Hera didn't really want her daughter to be defenceless so she had Rose's mortal father put her boxing and weapons training. She can currently use a wooden katana and knows how to shoot a bow and arrow.

1/22/2015 #5
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