World of Gundam Battle: Golden Age Warfare
This is a structured RP based around the technology and setting of my epic length story series. Primarily for fans, but anyone who can follow the rules is welcome
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Here's the start of the "bestiary" of foes.


List of NPC forces

Defense Turret

Chassis: Mobile Armor

Size: 5 meters tall by 5 meters deep and wide, can be mounted on towers

Mass: 6 tons

Description: A boxy armored turret, usually remotely controlled, sometimes manned, used for defending base perimeters and basic anti-MS support.

Basic Parts:

Mobile Armor slots x10 (10 slots)

Mobile Armor HP x2 (50 HP)

Combat Components:

Heavy Armor (2 slots, 10 DR, 20 vs B/M)

Citadel Shield (2 slots, 20 DS)

AI Firing Support (2 slots, 20 AS)

2 Autocannons (4 slots, 30 ballistic)

Or 2 Beam Cannons (4 slots, 40 energy)

Or 2 Missile Launchers (4 slots, 40 Missile, 30 AS)

Or Hyper Impulse Cannon (3 slots, 70 energy)

15mm Beam CIWS (1 slot, 5 energy, 20 DS vs Missile)

Total HP: 50

AV: 10, 20 vs Ballistic/Missile

AS: 20 (50 for missile turret)

DS: 20 (40 vs missile for hyper turret)

Speed: Immobile


Turret Hub

Chassis: Mobile Armor

Size: 8 cubic meters

Mass: 15 tons

Description: A blocky central hub for a turret network, providing power and firing control to up to a dozen defense turrets simultaneously, which become inactive if the central hub is destroyed.

Basic Parts:

Mobile Armo Slots x18 (18 slots)

Mobile Armor HP x8 (200 HP)

Combat Components:

Heavy Armor x2 (4 slots, 20 DR, 40 vs B/M)

Nuclear Reactor (6 slots)

Citadel Shield (2 slots, 20 DS)

15mm Beam CIWS x4 (4 slots, 20 energy, 80 DS vs missile)

Vari-Cameras (1 slot, pierce Mirage colloid, -10 to AS)

Holoprojector (1 slot, makes hub appear to be part of ground)

Total HP: 200

AV: 20, 40 vs ballistic/missile

AS: -10

DS: 20 (100 vs missile)

Speed: Immobile


Edenite Dervish

Chassis: Assault

Size: 20 meters

Mass: 100 tons

Description: Tall and graceful and made of dark olive colored wood, draped with mirage scarves that break up its outline, these are the mainstays of the Custodian Mobile Suit force, their armor surfaces often carved in fanciful imagry that reflects the animal totem of their parent Legio

Basic Parts:

Advanced Head: 1 slot, 55 HP

Advanced Arms: 6 slots, 58 HP

Advanced Legs: 6 slots, 58 HP

Advanced Torso: 18 slots, 120 HP

Reinforced Construction x5

Extra slot, torso x14

Extra slot, arms x2

Extra Slot, legs x20

Extra Slot, Head x3

Combat Components:

Fusion Pulse Reactor (torso, 10 slots, 12 speed, 45 DS)

Extra Vernier x20 (legs, 20 slots, 20 speed, 40 DS)

NIC/GRS (torso, 3 slots, 12 speed, 10 AS/DS)

Borealite Armor (legs, 3 slots, 30 AV)

Colloid scarves (legs, 3 slots, 25 DS, negated by Vari-Camera)

Beam cannon x2 (torso, 6 slots, 100 energy damage)

QC Claws x2 (arms, 6 slots, 100 ballistic damage each, Penetrate 400, 15% to AS, 15% crit chance, x4 critical)

Ingrained Melee Subroutines (3 slots, 30 Melee AS)

Total HP: 291

AV: 30

AS: 0 Beam Cannons, 163 claws (x2)

DS: 126 (101 if enemy has Vari-Camera's)

Speed: 49

Active Newtype, Unseen Eyes x1, Mind Blast x1, AS bonus x5, Assault Specialist, Slayer


Edenite Widowmaker

Chassis: Mobile Armor

Size: 8 meters long by 4 meters wide by 4 meters tall (six legs suspend hull 5 meters off the ground)

Mass: 30 tons

Description: A spider-tank, with six thin legs and a long barreled cannon slung under its belly. 4 sets of modular hardpoints dot its sides, where secondary weapons can be swapped in and out for various missions. It's hull is the dark olive green-brown color of Borealite. Unlike most Edenite Mobile Suits, Widowmakers are not carved with Legio iconography.

Basic Parts:

Mobile Armor slot x30

Mobile Armor HP x8 (200 HP)

Combat Components:

Borealite Armor (30 AV)

Nuclear Reactor (6 slots, 8 speed, 20 DS)

AI Fire Support (30 ranged AS)

QC Harpoon Launcher (10 slots, 120 ballistic damage, Penetrate 520, 20% crit chance, x3 critical. 240 B, 1040 P when sniping)

4 Beam Cannons (8 slots, 80 energy)

Or 8 VTP missiles (8 slots, 60 AS, 360 missile)

Or 8 20mm CIWS (8 slots, 40 ballistic, 160 DS vs missile)

Or 2 Hyper Impulse Cannons (6 slots, 140 energy)

Total HP: 280

AV: 30

AS: 80 (140 with missiles, for Missile-Widow), 280 AS Spike Driver when Sniping

DS: 35, 50 (210 vs missile for Flak-Widow), 9/12/53 when Sniping

Speed: 13 (0 Sniping)

Support Specialist, Weapon Specialization (QC Harpoon x3), Perfect Sniper, Tough Guy


USN Patriot

Chassis: Regular

Size: 18 meters

Mass: 75 tons

Description: These blocky, ugly suits look like scaled up children's toys. Painted a flat blue and white, they look like toy soldiers just waiting to be smashed by a petulant child.

Basic Parts:

Basic head: 1 slot, 2 HP

Basic torso: 4 slots, 10 HP

Basic arms: 2 slots, 6 HP

Basic legs: 4 slots, 4 HP

Combat Components:

Telepresence Link (head, 1 slot)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (legs, 3 slots, 3 speed, 15 DS)

Standard Armor (torso, 1 slot, 5 DR, -1 speed)

Extra Verniers (leg/torso, 2 slots, 2 speed, 10 DS)

Autocannon (torso, 2 slots, 15 ballistic)

Mono-Sword (R arm, 1 slot, 30 ballistic, Penetrate 10)

Shield (L arm, 1 slot, 10 DS, 2 HP, -1 speed)

Total HP: 22

AV: 5

AS: 0

DS: 25

Speed: 8


USN Vindicator (lv 2-3)

Chassis: Support

Size: 21 Meters

Mass: 120 tons

Description: These suits are designed upon the old Archon frame, giving them an oddly streamlined appearance. Their visored heads, high shoulders, and broad chests give off a strong impression of a Knight in armor, while the spiky wings on their back make them look like fallen angels, their wings turned to ossified bone. Their base coat of paint is white, with black edging and gold highlights. Their camera visor glows faintly blue.

Basic Parts:

Advanced head: 1 slot, 40 HP

Advanced torso: 10 slots, 90 HP

Advanced legs: 6 slots, 43 HP

Advanced arms: 12 slots, 43 HP

Advanced wings: 4 slots, 7 HP

Extra slot, torso x4

Extra slot, arms x8

Reinforced construction x4

Combat Components:

Nuclear Reactor (torso, 6 slots, 8 speed, 20 DS)

Phase Shift Armor x2 (torso, 4 slots, 10 AV, 200 vs B/M, -2 speed)

AI Fire Support (head, 1 slot, 10 AS ranged)

Anti-Beam Coating (legs, 2 slots, reduce E damage and penetration by 40, lasts 6 hits)

Extra Verniers x2 (wings, 2 slots, 2 speed, 4 DS)

HiMat Wings (wings, 2 slots, 10 speed, 20 DS, -40 HP on wings)

Hoverthrusters (legs, 2 slots, plus 20% speed on ground, -30 to melee AS while functioning)

Citadel Bulwark Shield (L arm, 3 slots, 20 DS, -1 speed)

Supercharged Beam Saber (R arm, 2 slots, 50 E, Penetrate 30)

Supercharged Beam Cannon (R arm, 4 slots, 80 E, Penetrate 15)

Or 120mm gatling Autocannon (R arm, 4 slots, 70 B, up to 3 targets per attack, reload 1 or 2 for more than 1 target)

Or 155mm Railgun (R arm, 6 slots, 60 B, Penetrate 80)

Or 350mm Accelerated-Impulse Cannon (R arm, 6 slots, 100 energy, Penetrate 50)

Or 500mm Bazooka (R arm, 6 slots, 135 M)

Or 60mm Rapidfire FRALA (R arm, 6 slots, 175 E, Penetrate 90, Reload 2, -2 speed)

Total HP: 223

AV: 20, 210 vs B/M (-40 E damage and penetration for 6 hits)

AS: 25 (-5 melee if hovering, 38 ranged) (plus 20 to sword or plus 22 to primary ranged weapon)

DS: 71

Speed: 22 (20 with FRALA, 26 or 24 on hoverthrusters)

Sharpshooter, Weapon Guru (Main weapon or Saber), Shield Wall (Gain 15 DS and -5% damage taken per Vindicator within Close range, reduce Speed to 5, gain 10% resistance to Shield Slam and Sonic Boom per Vindicator in wall), AS x2

4/14/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #1

USN Panzerdragoon

Chassis: Quantum-Reinforced, Durable

Size: 40 meters (-16 DS, plus 16% HP)

Mass: 550 tons (-6 Speed, plus 12% HP)

Description: These gigantic machines tower over the battlefield like wrathful titans of mythology, hurling godlike thunderbolts of destruction from the massive Ragnarok Mjolnirs on their shoulders. Piloted exclusively by Extended, the supersoldiers of the USN, a Panzerdragoon is equipped with more firepower than some space warships, and is as thickly armored! They are as much walking battleships as they are Mobile Suits, and their only real weaknesses are their lack of speed compared to models of similar generation, and the volatility of their primary weapons.

Basic Parts:

Elite Head: (8 slots, 684 HP)

Elite Torso: (24 slots, 1505 HP)

Elite Legs: (8 slots, 718 HP)

Elite Arms: (13 slots, 520 HP)

Elite Wings (shoulder weapon mounts): (24 slots, 208 HP)

Extra slot, Torso x16

Extra slot, Wings x16

Extra slot, Arms x7

Extra slot, Armor x4

Extra slot, Head x6

Reinforced Construction x10

Combat Components:

Fusion Pulse Reactor (10 slots, torso, 12 speed, 45 DS)

NIC/GRS (3 slots, torso, 10 DS/AS, 12 speed)

Ablative Armor x10 (torso/extra/legs, 300 AV)

Citadel Shield (L Arm, 2 slots, 20 DS)

Rocket Launcher x2 (torso, 4 slots, 90 M)

20mm CIWS x4 (head, 4 slots, 20 B, 80 DS vs missile)

Positron Cannon (R arm, 5 slots, 600 E, Reload 1, -30 HP to Arms, -2 Speed)

Dual Gatling-Autocannon (L Arm, 6 slots, 110 B, can hit up to 3 targets per attack, reload 1 or 2)

Ragnarok Mjlonir x2 (Wings, 10 slots each, 800 S each, 225 P each, ignore 50% shield DS, 80% chance to kncokdown/pin for 1 round on hit, Reload 3 each, -6 Speed, reduce Wing HP by 80)

Dual Gatling Hyper-Impulse Cannons (Wings, 10 slots, 280 E, can hit up to 3 targets per attack, reload 1 or 2)

AI Fire Support (legs/torso, 2 slots/1slot, 30 AS total)

Defensive Particle Inhibitor (head, 4 slots, no Mirage Colloid or Phase Shift within Close range, -10 HP to all parts)

Total HP: 3625

AV: 640 (-x2 enemy crits)

AS: 95

DS: 114, 194 vs missile

Speed: 11

Tough Guy (Bad to the Bone) x2, Extended Tranquility x2 (Ignore 4 Newtype abilities per battle), Purge the Mutant x10 (50% extra damage vs Edenites), AS x8, DS x8, Combat Fury (Gain 1 point towards pool for every 2 damage taken, distribute pool between AS and Damage of indiviual weapons each round), Bushido Code lv 2 (Gain 20 AS/Damage, 10 DS vs 1 target, stacks per round, cannot attack others, cannot retreat, 75% immunity to Intimidate), Brothers in Arms (Gain 10 AS/DS/Damage, 181 HP, per Panzerwulf or Panzerdragoon on the field)


USN Panzerwulf

Chassis: Quantum-Reinforced

Size: 23 meters

Mass: 130 tons

Description: These bulky Mobile Suits, once the pride of the FNE, have now been regulated to support duties for the Extended battalion, given to junior Extended who haven't earned the right to pilot a massive Panzerdragoon yet. Though still very heavily armed and armored by most standards, they of course pale in comparison to their larger brethren. They can transform into a Tank like Mobile Armor mode for access to a capital class beam weapon turret.

Basic Parts:

Elite Head: (357 HP)

Elite Torso: (670 HP)

Elite Legs: (366 HP)

Elite Arms: (298 HP)

Turret Transformation Mode

Parts dictated by Story

Combat Components:

IMR Reactor x3 (18 Speed, 45 DS, -36 HP, -30% HP)

TPS Armor x6 (60 AV, 600 vs B/M, -6 Speed)

Anti-Beam Coating x10 (-200 E weapon damage/penetration, lasts 30 hits)

AI Fire Support/Ingrained Melee Subroutines (30 AS)

Afterburner x4 (24 Speed, Legs)

Heavy Citadel Shield (60 DS, L Arm)

GP Armature Shield x2 (20 DS, 60 DS vs E/Antimatter, -2 Speed)

20mm CIWS x4 (Head, 20 B, 80 DS vs M)

"Cerberus Combi-Weapon" (HIC x2, 24 slots for 560 E, Mjolnir x1, 6 slots for 400 S, 125 P, ignore 50% shield DS, 40% chance to knockdown/pin for 1 round, reload 0, -3 speed, -40 HP)

Heavy Rocket Launcher x2 (8 slot each, 180 M each)

Beam Sword (90 E, 20 P)

Dual Gottfried Turret (Tank Mode only, 940 E)

Total HP: 1691

AV: 160, 1240 vs B/M

AS: 75

DS: 140, 180 vs E/Antimatter, 220 vs M, 60 Tank mode

Speed: 36 (17 Tank mode)

Tough Guy x2 (80% HP bonus), Extended Tranquility (Ignore 2 Newtype attacks per battle), Moves like Lightning (either the dual HIC's or the Dual Gottfrieds, depending on form), Brothers in Arms (gain 10 AS/DS/Damage and 85 HP per Panzerwulf/Panzerdragoon on the battlefield), AS x8, Provoke lv 1 (take 50% increased damage to force 1 enemy in view to attack you each round)

4/15/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #2

Edenite Spectre

Chassis: Hyper-Balanced, Streamlined

Size: 22 meters

Mass: 120 tons

Description: These machines form the elite of the Edenite military, each one hand carved to display the personal iconography of their Praetorian pilot. As the war rages on, more and more Spectres are being customized into personal varients on the same general frame, but this Spectre is a mass production version, which is optomized for melee combat at high speeds.

Basic Parts:

Elite Arms: 6 slots, 115 HP

Elite Legs: 14 slots, 115 HP

Elite Torso: 22 slots, 230 HP

Elite Head: 2 slots, 110 HP

Reinforced Construction x10

Combat Components:

FPR (torso, 12 speed, 45 DS)

NIC/GRS (Torso 12 speed, 10 AS/DS)

Photo-Refractor Cloak (torso, plus 100 Cloak DS, cannot use ranged weapons other than missiles while cloaked)

Extra Verniers x15 (torso, 15 speed, 30 DS)

Borealite armor x6 (legs, 180 AV, 3% DR vs all)

Extra Verniers x6 (legs, 6 speed, 12 DS)

Afterburner x4 (Legs, 24 Speed)

Extra Verniers x2 (head, 2 speed, 4 DS)

QC Glaive (R arm, 15% AS, 220 B, 700 P, 20% crit chance, x4.8 critical)

Beam-Tipped Mono-Spike Driver (R arm, 270 B/E, 20 P, 30% crit chance, x4 critical)

AI Fire/Support/Ingrained Melee (30 AS)

Ice Gold Joints (30 AS/DS, -1% HP)

Plus ONE of the Following Weapons:

Heavy Positron Blaster (R Arm, 800 E, 2 Reload, -40 HP, -3 Speed)

Beam-Tipped Rocket Suppression System (Torso, 57 M/E, Suppression vs up to AV 225 vs M/E, Crits at 225 M/E)

Heavy Scourge Projector (225 S, 200 P, 75 S, 200 P DoT for 3 rounds, Close range cone, 30 AS bonus, ignore 15% miss chance)

Laser Blade Boomerang (400 E, 250 P, x3.6 critical, 500 meter range, -20% AS outgoing, Plus 20% AS returning vs same target, Normal AS vs secondary target)

Electro-Chain Whip (120 B, 80 P, 75% chance to cause 1 round P stun on hit, Close range, no precision penalty, -10 AS)

Citadel Shield (L arm, 60 DS)

Total HP: 679

AV: 200 (6% DR vs all)

AS: 170, 230 Glaive, 204 Boomerang, 192 Chain, 200 Scourge

DS: 216, 316 Cloaked

Speed: 81

Active Newtype, Telempathic Projection, TK Shield, Unseen Eyes, AS x15, Slayer x2, Reaping Mauler x2 (Ignore 80 Shield DS Melee, plus x0.2 per x1 critical melee)

4/15/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #3

Buellete, Experimental Landship

Chassis: Mobile Armor, Durable

Size: 300 meters long by 45 meters wide by 40 meters tall, shark shaped

Mass: 60,000 tons

Description: A new class of landships being field tested by the USN, filling the role of frontline command and control nodes for large swarms of telepresence machines, as well as assault ships for major infantry forces against hardened enemy land targets, such as bases or cities. Designed for relatively rapid movement for their size, and for taking a beating at close range.

Basic Parts:

Extra Slot x95

Mobile Armor HP x100 (1000 HP)

Combat Components:

FPR (12 Speed, 6 slots)

Phase Shift Armor x4 (8 slots, 20 DR, 400 DR vs B/M, -4 speed)

Redoubt Shields (6 slots, 30 DS, not subject to Penetration effect from weapons, only applies to attacks from front and sides, not top or rear)

Anti-Beam Coating x4 (-20 to P/D from energy, 12 hits, 4 slots)

15mm Beam CIWS x6 (6 slots, 30 E, 120 DS vs missile)

Lobo-Flare Launcher x2 (4 slots)

Nano-Dye Dispensor x2 (2 slots)

Vari-Cameras (-10 AS, no Mirage Colloid/Holoshrouds, 1 slot)

AI Fire Support (30 AS, 3 slots)

Multi-Target Enhancement (Multi-target ranged attacks, 1 slot)

120cm Artillery Cannon (10 slots, 235 B, 5 P, Reload 1, -5 Speed, AoE damage)

Supercharged beam cannon turret x5 (40 E, 20 P, 10 slots)

Dual Missile Launcher turret x4 (16 slots, 50 M, 5 P, 30 AS)

Triple Mono-Spike Driver x3 (18 slots, 50 B, 40 P)

Total HP: 3000 HP

AV: 20, 400 vs B/M

AS: 30 (missile launchers 60, Beam turrets 75)

DS: 0 (120 vs Missile)

Speed: 8

Sharpshooter, LockOn, Weapon Focus x15 (Energy), Purge the Mutant x2 (10 damage to Edenites)


"Naegling" Edenite Base Defense Bunker

Chassis: Mobile Armor, Quantum-Reinforced

Size: 35 meters tall by 50 meters wide and deep

Mass: 15000 tons

Description: A gigantic ziggurat of a bunker, with a commanding view over the surrounding area, its single main cannon looking like a vast, cyclopean evil-eye, ready to cast doom and ruin on anything it gazes upon. While this bunker still stands, there is no way for Patriots alone to threaten Victoria from this sector. There are four of these bunkers spaced around the Victoria defense lines. At least 1 must be taken out to give the attack any chance of success. They are armored with whole tree-trunks worth of Borealite, so very powerful weaponry will be needed... perhaps even orbital strikes, assuming they can be targeted precisely enough. They are powered by buried landlines from FPR facilities deeper within the defense lines, and cannot be fired if those power lines are cut.

Basic Parts:

Extra slot x88

Mobile Armor HP x100 (1000 HP)

Combat Components:

Borealite Armor x10 (300 DR, 30 slots)

Positron Shields (10 slots, 30 DS, 50 DS vs M/B/E)

Beam Cannon x5 (10 slots, 100 E)

Autocannon x5 (10 slots, 75 B)

660cm Radiation Cannon (28 slots, 120 AS, 1440 E, 100 P, Reload 14, -500 HP, AoE damage)

FPR landline connection x2

Total HP: 500

AV: 600

AS: 20 (140 with Rad cannon)

DS: 30, 50 vs M/B/E

Speed: Immobile

BOMB! (deals 1500 damage to all within 500 meters when HP = 0)

Landline connection x2 (AV 90, DS 90, HP 100)


USN Titan Tank

Chassis: Mobile Armor, Quantum Reinforced

Size: 15 meters long by 5.5 wide by 6 tall

Mass: 110 tons

Description: These brutishly large tanks are the heaviest non-warship weapons deployed in the USN's ground army. Requiring a crew of three, they mount better armor and more weapons than most Solar Knight machines, but are much slower and groundbound. They are fully capable of killing multiple Edenite mobile suits in combat however, and are almost unstoppable against infantry.

Basic Parts:

Extra slot x50

Mobile Armor HP x40 (1000 HP)

Combat Components:

Nuclear reactor (6 slots, 8 speed, 20 DS)

Phase shift armor x2 (4 slots, 10 AV, 200 vs M/B, -2 speed)

AI Fire Support (3 slots, 30 AS)

Redoubt Shield (2 slots, 30 DS, negates 1 Penetration effect per round)

Mono-Chainblade brushcutter (2 slots, 40 B, 15 P)

Gatling beam cannon x2 (6 slots, 80 E)

VTP Missile x4 (4 slots, 60 AS, 120 M)

Dual Mjolnir (8 slots, 400 S, 75 P, Reload 1, -4 Speed, -60 HP, Ignore 50% shield DS, 40% chance to Knockdown/pin for 1 round on hit)

Dual Artillery Cannon (10 slots, 200 B, 40 meter radius, ignore 50 Cloak DS, ignore 10% miss chance, Reload 1, -4 Speed)

Extra Vernier x5 (5 slots, 5 Speed, 10 DS)

Total HP: 1316

AV: 20, 400 vs B/M

AS: 80 (140 with VTP, 100 with Dual Mjolnir)

DS: 70

Speed: 8

Weapon Guru (Dual Mjolnir), Tough Guy, AS x8

4/16/2012 . Edited 7/23/2012 #4

USN Excaliber (lv 4-5)

Chassis: Quantum-Reinforced, Durable

Size: 22 meters

Mass: 135 tons

Description: A somewhat larger and more advanced version of a Vindicator, these heavily cutomized and tuned up suits are allocated only to the Solar Knight Paladins, the most elite and experienced pilots amongst the unit. They are designed to be able to stand up against any other 6th generation Mobile Suit and win at either ranged or melee combat. In practice, as usual, it often comes down to pilot skill and chance.

Basic Parts:

Elite Head: 2 slots, 210 HP

Elite Arms: 18 slots, 225 HP

Elite Legs: 8 slots, 225 HP

Elite Torso: 18 slots, 450 HP

Elite Wings: 16 slots, 120 HP

Reinforced Construction x6

Extra slot, torso x10

Extra slot, arms x12

Extra slot, wings x8

Combat Components:

FPR (10 slots, torso, 12 speed, 45 DS)

GRS/NIC (3 slots, torso, 12 speed, 10AS/DS)

HiMat Wings (Wings, 2 slots, 10 speed, 20 DS, -40 HP)

Extra Verniers x4 (Wings, 4 slots, 4 speed, 8 DS)

Phase Shift Armor x2 (torso, 4 slots, 10 AV, 200 vs B/M, -2 speed)

Vari-Camera (1 slot, torso, break Mirage-Colloid/holograms, immune to Blind/Chaff grenades, -50% range while active)

AI Fire Support (legs, 3 slots, 30 AS ranged)

Ingrained Melee Subroutines (legs, 3 slots, 30 AS melee)

Extra Verniers x2 (legs, 2 slots, 2 Speed, 4 DS)

Magnetic Sheathing (Wings, 1 slot, immune to DoT from nanites)


15mm Beam CIWS x2 (head, 2 slots, 12 E, 40 DS vs missile, 10% crit)

Accelerated-Impulse Cannon (Shoulder/Wings, 6 slots, 116 E, 53 P, 10% crit, ignore 20 DS from shields)

Choked Flak Cannon (R arm, 6 slots, 33 B/33 E, 21 P, plus 50% damage Close, plus 100% damage at Melee, 10% crit)

Flamethrower (L arm, 4 slots, 27 E/3 E, 10 P, DoT for 3 rounds, Close range cone, 35 AS, ignore 40 Cloak DS, ignited target at -90% cloak DS, 10% crit)

Grenade Launcher (L arm, 2 slots, MAIDEN grenades, Paint Grenades (30 meter radius, -50% cloak DS), Neutron Grenades (-116 AV, 10% crit), Regular Grenades (33 E/33B, 10% crit), can be used at Distant range)

QC sword (R arm, 3 slots, 100 B, 400 P, 15% AS, x3 critical, 20% crit chance)

Citadel Shield (L arm, 2 slots, 20 DS)

AV: 60, 440 vs B/M

AS: 65 Grenade, 170 with Flamer, 65 Flak Cannon, 135 CIWS, 155 Accelerated Impulse, 80 Sword

DS: 112, 162 vs M

Speed: 48

Total HP: 1230

Red ones go fasta, LockOn x2 (10% D, 6% P all ranged), Mentally Scarred (-50% effects/Duration from newtype powers), Weapon Guru (AIC, 20 AS), Energy Weapon Focus x10 (70 AS), Hit Em Where it Hurts (10% crit), Intimate Touch (Slayer), AS x4

4/24/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #5

Emma "Past the Break Point" Overton, Rogue Morganoete engineer

Chassis: Mobile Armor (Armor, Quantum Reinforced)

Size: 16 meters long by 50 meters wide by 12 meters tall

Mass: 550 tons

Description: A rough ovoid shape, with long fins on the back end, making it look like a dinner plate with fins. A real flying saucer. All its weapons are recessed behind armored shutters when not in use, making it appear to be lightly armed, until it gets within optimum range and you find yourself facing a mini-dreadnaught. The platform is slow, designed for siege work primarily, but it can spin on its axis very quickly. It's armor is multilayered and cross-hatched, making it all but impenetrable to even the heaviest weapons.

Basic Parts:

Extra slots x54

Mobile Armor HP x28

Combat Components :

Nuclear Reactor (6 slots, +6 speed, +20 DS)

Citadel Scales x6 (10 slots, -6 speed, 300 AV)

AI Fire Support (3 slots, +30 ranged AS)

Multi-Target Enhancement (1 slot, Ranged attack vs multiple enemies)

"Krakatoa" Seismic Cannon (8 slots, 360 S, 300 P, +90 AS, Reload 4, Close range only)

Gatling Hyper-Impulse Cannon x4 (24 slots, 140 Energy each)

Linked Missile Launcher (10 slots, +60 AS)

Flanker Missiles (missiles take 1 extra round to strike, +40 AS)

EMP Warheads (apply to missiles, no damage, cause stun for 2 rounds, no action, DS = 0)

Solar Flare Launcher x4 (8 slots, 4 shots of 80% blind, -100 to AS/DS)

Afterburners x2 (+12 speed, part of DRAGOON)

"Vesuvius" Beam DRAGOON system (20 slots, 300 Energy damage, 10 Penetration, +100 AS, Close range only)

Ingrained melee subroutines (+30 AS melee)

AV: 600

Speed: 9

Total HP: 328

Cannot Attack with Vesuvius and Krakatoa in the same round

4/24/2012 #6

USN Storm-Grendel

Chassis: Brawler

Size: 23 Meters

Mass: 190 tons

Description: This scrappy suit is built for close range siege warfare, designed to get in close and knock the crap out of anything that comes close to them. The pilot has been cybernetically modified by FEAR to increase their combat abilities and eliminate any sense of fear or self preservation they might have had that would prevent them leading the charge into the teeth of the enemy defenses. It's built on a massively customized Grendel frame.

Basic Parts (263 HP)

Advanced Legs: 6 slots, 48 HP

Elite Arms: 14 slots, 55 HP

Elite Head: 2 slots, 30 HP

Elite Torso: 15 slots, 80 HP

Extra slot, torso x7

Extra slot, arms x20

Reinforced construction x2

Combat Components:

FPR (10 slots, torso, +12 speed, +45 DS)

NIC/GRS (3 slots, torso, +12 speed, +10 AS/DS)

Heavy Armor (6 slots, torso/head/arms, -9 speed, 30 AV, 60 vs B/M)

Ingrained Melee Subroutines (3 slots, legs, +30 AS melee)

Magnetic Disruption Field (legs, 6 slots, nullifies all Citadel, Positron, GP, Redoubt, and Citadel Scale systems within Close range, ally and enemy both)

Two Handed Graviton-Hammer "Sigmar" (arms, 12 slots, 200 B, if deal more than 1/2 target total HP, they are knocked down and stunned for 1 round. Can hit two targets with one attack or gain +30 AS to hit one target, can make two attacks per round)

110cm Siege Blunderbuss "Khaine" (arms, 9 slots, 100 energy/100 ballistic damage, Close range only, can hit multiple targets, reload 1, -4 speed)

Hellgrape Munitions (Arms, 2 slots, reduce Ballistic weapon range to Close, damage is 1/2 energy, 1/2 ballistic)

AV: 30, 60 vs B/M

AS: +81 (+111 if attacking single target), +40 Blunderbuss

DS: +76

Speed: 16 (cannot retreat)

Total HP: 263

Cybernetic Fear Suppressor, Moves Like Lightning, Weapon's Guru (Hammer)

Tough Guy (+50 HP)

4/25/2012 #7

USN Drake Class refurbished Patrol Craft

Chassis: Frigate

Crew: Natural, Green (10 AS/DS, 5 CP)

Size: 130 meters long by 20 wide by 15 tall (-30 DS, 15% HP bonus)

Mass: 10,000 tons (-4 speed, 20% HP bonus)

Description: This relic of a warship has been mothballed from active military duty, then restored with a semblance of new technology to serve as a system interdiction craft, investigating old junk-colonies for signs of criminal activity or rebellious groups. They usually have a pair of Moebius Sigma class Space Superiority Mobile Armors docked with it to use as support assets in a fight.

Basic Parts:

10 Ranged slots

10 Armor Slots

40 Engine Slots

20 Special Slots

20 Warship Slots

Warship HP x10 (250 HP)

Combat Components:

Phase Shift Armor (4 slots, 10 AV, 200 vs B/M, -2 speed)

Nuclear Reactor (18 slots, 24 speed, 60 DS)

Extra Vernier x12 (12 slots, 12 speed, 24 DS)

Citadel Shield (20 DS, 2 slots)

Vari Cameras (1 slot, no mirage-colloid or holograms, no blind or chaff grenades, -50% Range)

Anti-Beam coating (1 slot, -20 damage/penetrate of E weapons, 3 hits)

20mm CIWS x2 (2 slots, 10 B, 40 DS vs missile)

Missile launcher (8 slots, 50 AS, 80 M)

Paint VTP x4 (60 AS, -150% cloak DS within 90 meter radius)

AI Fire Support (3 slots, 30 ranged AS)

AV: 10, 200 vs B/M (-20 D/P of E for 3 hits)

AS: 40, 125 missiles, 135 VTP's

DS: 84, 124 vs missile

Speed: 30

Total HP: 338

Missile Weapon Focus x5 (35)


USN Moebius Sigma Mobile Armor

Chassis: Mobile Armor, Streamlined

Size: 10 meters long by 4 wide by 4 tall

Mass: 25 tons

Description: Three crewed versions of the new Moebius Mobile Armor, based on the frame of the old Zero Moebius that saw limited use in the First Valentine War. Sigma's have just as much performance as the Zero's, but with less strain on the pilot because he has a pair of gunners to handle the Gun-Barrel pods.

Basic Parts:

Extra slots x28

Mobile Armor HP x6 (150 HP)

Combat Components:

Nuclear reactor (6 slots, 8 speed, 20 DS)

Phase Shift Armor (2 slots, 5 AV, 100 vs B/M, -1 speed)

HiMat wings (2 slots, 10 speed, 20 DS, -40 HP)

20mm CIWS x2 (2 slots, 10 B, 40 DS vs missile)

Beam cannon gun-barrel x3 (6 slots, 60 E, 30 AS bonus)

VTP Missile x2 (2 slots, 60 AS, 360 M)

Heavy Railgun (6 slots, 100 B, 120 P)

AI Fire Support (2 slots, 20 ranged AS)

Total HP: 110

AV: 5, 100 vs B/M

AS: 35 (80 with gun-barrels, 95 with missiles)

DS: 40 (80 vs missile)

Speed: 39

Energy Weapon Focus x5 (15), Red one's go fasta, Firing Line (For every Sigma within Close range, add 20 AS and 10 damage with ranged weapons vs same target)


USN Armstrong class Flak Frigate

Chassis: Battlecruiser Frigate

Crew: Coordinator, Veteran (37 AS/DS, 15 CP, 3% HP bonus)

Size: 200 meters long by 25 wide by 25 tall (boxy, blunt prowed, 50% HP, -100 DS)

Mass: 30000 tons (60% HP, -12 Speed)

Description: These blocky, ungainly looking ships are actually some of the fastest and most maneuverable warships ever made. There's no air resistance in space, so making a vessel aerodynamic is only important if you plan to make them a dual role vessel, like the Archangel. Though small by the standards of the SPF, Armstrongs are large by most other standards, including the standards of the old EA fleets, where they would have been classified as a heavy destroyer, rather than a fleet escort. The Armstrong's armament is optomized for dealing with Mobile Armors and Mobile Suits, their job to protect the bigger and more heavily armed ships from enemy Mobile Forces long enough for the big guns to destroy the enemy carrier vessels and force the Mobile Force to retreat or surrender.

Basic Parts:

Warship HP x40 (1200 HP)

Story Dictated Parts

Combat Components:

Nuclear Reactor x3 (24 speed, 60 DS)

Extra Vernier x22 (22 speed, 44 DS)

Citadel Shield x10 (200 DS)

TransPhase Shift Armor (30 AV, 300 vs B/M)

AI Fire Support (30 ranged AS)

Advanced Bridge (20 AS/DS, 20% resistance vs Physical/Newtype disruption, 3 Speed)

Elite Fire Control (Increase range by 120%, 45 AS, 40 DS vs M)

Multi-Targeter (1 special slot)

Mirrorblade Projectors (Choose 1 side of ship. Any E type attacks except FRALA attacking that side of the ship suffer a 98% miss chance.)

Dual Gottfried Cannon turret (440 E, 5 P)

Triple Linear Cannon turret x3 (110 B, 125 P each)

Quad Beam Cannon turret x4 (90 E, 5 P)

Autocannon Turret x4 (65 B, 5 P, Close range only)

20mm CIWS x10 with Hellgrape (300 DS vs missile)

AV: 30, 315 vs B/M

AS: 158, 278 Taking it Slow (reduce enemy Engine DS by -80, deal x2.4 damage on a ranged crit)

DS: 161, 501 vs Missile (20% miss chance when Taking it Slow)

Speed: 39 (9 when Taking it Slow)

Total HP: 2556

LockOn, Sharpshooter x2 (20% Ranged AS), Eyes of Golgo x2 (reduce enemy Engine DS by 80, gain 20% damage on ranged crits), Bracketing Fire (Every time fire at same target and miss in 1 round, gain stacking 20 AS bonus vs that target, bonus resets at end of round), Take it Slow (reduce Speed to 9 to gain 100 AS and 20% Defensive Miss chance)

4/26/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #8

USN Myrmidon class Heavy Cruiser

Chassis: Fleet Support Cruiser, Durable

Crew: Coordinator, Elite (44 AS/DS, 25 CP, 6% HP bonus)

Size: 400 meters long by 150 wide by 50 tall (cross shaped, 150% HP, -300 DS)

Mass: 150000 tons (300% HP, -60 Speed)

Description: These large cruisers are shaped like very crude swords or christian crosses, with the large boxy wings housing flight decks for a full wing of 144 Moebius Sigma Mobile Armors. Designed to take down any ship smaller than them in direct combat, these are the workhorse vessels of the Solar Protection Fleet. Slow, tough and very heavily armed.

Basic Parts:

Waship HP x200 (5490 HP)

Story dictated parts

Combat Components:

Fusion Pulse Reactor (12 speed, 45 DS)

Nuclear Reactor x2 (16 speed, 40 DS, -30% HP)

Elite Bridge (30 AS/DS, 5 Speed, 40% Physical/Newtype resistance)

Elite Fire Control (Increase range by 120%, 45 Ranged AS, 40 DS vs M)

Internal Reinforcements x4 (20% HP, -x4 enemy crits)

Advanced Support Squadron x15 (room for 144 Meobis Sigma Mobile Armors, repair at rate of 40 HP per round)

Citadel Shields x4 (80 DS)

Ablative Armor x10 (300 AV)

Anti-Beam Coating x10 (-200 Damage/Penetation to Energy weapons, 30 hits)

Nano-Dye Dispensor (10 rounds, -25% cloak DS Melee range)

Reactive Plates x3 (negate 3 crits)

AI Fire Support (30 AS)

Sniper Scope Modification (20 AS Distant, -30 AS Close/Melee, 5% crit)

Multi-Targeter Enhancement

EMP Shielding (50%, -10)

Backup OS x3


220cm triple Gottfried high energy beam cannon turret x4 (588 E damage, 10% crit)

350mm FRALA turret x2 (2415 E, 471 P, -20 Speed, 5 rounds recharge time, 10% crit)

Anti-Ship Torpedo Launcher x8 (100 AS, 672 M damage, cannot target Mobile Suits, 10% crit)

Quad Missile Launcher x4 (50 AS, 112 M, 10% crit)

Dual gatling cannon turret x8 (140 B, 10% crit)

Beam CIWS x8 (112 E, 160 DS vs missile, 10% crit)

750mm "Valiant" Railgun x2 (392 B, 420 P, 10% crit)

Total HP: 96514 HP

AV: 320 (-x5 enemy critical multiplier)

AS: 125, 213 ranged (-50 Close/Melee)

DS: -56, -7 vs Ranged, 193 vs M

Speed: 1

LockOn x4 (40% Damage, 24% Penetrate ranged), Support Specialist, Tough Guy (Bad to the Bone, 40% HP, -x1 enemy crits) x1, DS x1

4/26/2012 . Edited 8/11/2012 #9

Aldo "For The Greater Good" Mayne, Rogue Edenite from BEGET, in the Pax Mortis

Chassis: Infiltrator

Size: 26 meters tall

Mass: 100 tons

Description: This Suit, based loosely off the frame of the infamous Brotherhood but stripped down to almost the skeletal basics, is tall and very slender, giving an appearance of delicacy that its brutal payload belies. It's back is studded with spikes that detach and form an offensive DRAGOON system. This system can be used while the Gundam is cloaked, but is not cloaked itself in so doing.

Basic Parts:

Basic Torso: 110 HP

Basic Arms: 31 HP

Basic Legs: 64 HP

Basic Head: 62 HP

Advanced Wings: 70 HP

Reinforced Construction x6

Combat Components:

Fusion Pulse Reactor (Torso/Legs, +12 speed, +45 DS)

Sniper Scope (head, +20 AS at Distant, -30 AS at Close/Melee, +5% crit)

AI Fire Support head, +30 ranged AS)

Photo-Refraction Cloak (torso, invisible, cannot fire AMP)

Ultra Polarized Cameras (torso, immune to blind)

Extra Vernier x6 (wings, +6 speed, +12 DS)

Afterburners x6 (legs, +36 speed)

DRAGOON Supercharged Beam cannon x6 (Wings, 180 E, 15 P, +60 AS, 10% crit)

15mm AMP Cannon (arms, 700 S, Reload 4, -30 HP to arms, 10% crit)

Citadel Scales (Torso, 50 AV, -1 speed)

EMP Shield x2 (100%, -20 to EMP saber damage, torso)

AV: 50

AS: +80 (+160 AMP Distant, +140 DRAGOON Distant, +50 AMP Close/Melee, +110 DRAGOON Close/Melee)

DS: +61 (161 when cloaked)

Speed: 58

Total HP: 337 (120)

Weapon Guru (AMP Cannon), Lucky Photo, Intimate Touch x4 (Sharpshooter)

5/1/2012 #10

Devilfish Mobile Armor

Chassis: Mobile Armor, Streamlined

Size: 6 meters long by 3 wide by 3 deep

Mass: 15 tons

Description: These compact but aging mobile arms are distinguished by their bladed fins on their jet-fighter like fuselages. They are propelled by underwater function rockets, making them literally fly underwater, resulting in higher speed but less maneuverability than Scale system units.

Basic Parts:

Mobile Armor HP x2

Combat Components:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (3 Speed, 10 DS, -6 HP)

Afterburners x3 (18 speed)

Underwater streamlining (full speed underwater, deep diving capability)

AI Fire support (20 ranged)

Heavy standard Armor (-3 speed, 10 AV, 20 vs B/M)


Dual Railgun (40 B, 40 P)

Triple Missile Launcher (60 M, 40 AS)

VTP Missile (100 AS, 120 E damage)

Mono-Fin (30 B, 10 P, melee only)

AV: 10, 20 vs B/M

AS: 5 Fin, 25 Railgun, 65 missile, 125 VTP

DS: 15

Speed: 31

Total HP: 14 HP


Hunter class Gunship

Chassis: Mobile Armor, Gyro-balanced

Size: 10 meters long by 4 wide by 4 tall

Mass: 8 tons

Description: These sleek looking VTOL craft appear like speartips in flight, save for the slightly boxy thrusters mounted near the nose and at the back that provide lift and thrust. They are not the fastest craft, but they are fairly tough and provide a very stable firing platform. They can carry half a squad of Vanguard armored soldiers in addition to their own armaments.

Basic Parts:

Mobile Armor HP x4

Combat Components:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (3 speed, 10 DS)

Extra Vernier x10 (10 speed, 20 DS)

Burst Thurster x2 (24 DS)

Transphase Shift Armor (10 AV, 100 vs B/M, -1 speed)

AI fire Support (10 AS)

Rocket Pod x2 (110 M, 10 P)

Gatling Supercharged Beam cannon (60 E, 15 P, can hit up to 3 targets with one attack)

20mm CIWS x2 (door guns, 5 B, 40 DS vs M)

AV: 10, 100 vs B/M

AS: 35 Beam/CIWS, 50 Rocket

DS: 59, 99 vs missile

Speed: 17

Total HP: 79

Tough Guy, Missile Focus x5, Weapon Specialization (Rockets)


Orb M-7, Dawndrake

Chassis: Gyro-Stabilized, Transforming (Interceptor)

Size: 20 meters

Mass: 95 tons

Description: These machines are distinctive with their large, dragon-like wings and the chain-whips that are attached to their shields

Basic Parts:

Advanced Head: 85

Advanced Torso: 180

Advanced Legs: 88

Advanced Arms: 88

Advanced Wings: 95

Reinforced Construction x8

Advanced Set Bonus

Combat Components:

Nuclear Reactor (torso, 8 Speed, 20 DS)

Burst thrusters x2 (24 DS, wings)

Afterburners x2 (12 Speed, wings)

Extra verniers x6 (6 speed, 12 DS, legs)

HAC armor x2 (10 AV, 300 vs E, -4 Speed, torso)

AI Support/Ingrained (20 AS, head)

Citadel Shield (20 DS, L arm)


Gatling Autocannon x2 (Wings, 100 B)

Hyper-Impulse Rifle (140 E, R Arm)

Railgun attachement (100 B, 120 P, R Arm)

15mm Beam CIWS x2 (10 E, 40 DS vs missile, head)

Beam Saber (120 E, 80 P, R Hand)

Electrified Chain-Whip (30 B, 20 P, 50% chance to stun for 1 round, Close range, -10 AS, L arm)

Gugnir Cannon (torso, Close range cone, 15 AS, EMP Stun for 2 rounds)

AV: 20, 310 vs E

AS: 75 Normal, 65 Chain, 90 Gugnir (120 Normal, 135 Gugnir with Targeting Uplink, 22,000 meter range)

DS: 86, 146 Follower, 106 targeting relay (Raphael)

Speed: 32

Total HP: 590

Red Ones go fasta, AS x10, Natural Follower (60 DS), Shield Wall (gain 15 Shield DS and -5% damage taken per unit in Wall, cannot move more than 5 Speed)


Hellhound PUMA

Chassis: Miniaturized (-50% total HP and AV and melee weapon damage, 40 DS)

Size: 4 meters

Mass: 8 tons

Description: These look like baby sized Mobile Suits, with hound faced heads and slightly barrel-like torsos. They are patterned in urban camouflage colors of black, white, grey and dark blue, but their paint schemes can shift to match the terrain around them as well.

Basic Parts:

Advanced Head: 15

Advanced Legs: 18

Advanced Arms: 18

Advanced Torso: 34

Reinforced construction

Combat Components:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (3 Speed, 10 DS, -6 HP, torso)

NIC/GRS (torso, 12 speed, 10 AS/DS)

Hoverthrusters (legs, 4 speed near ground, -10 melee AS)

Jumpjets (Legs, can move 1200 meters in one round)

Scale System (full movement underwater, down to 500 meters, torso)

DUPE Launcher (counter Missile attack 1/round, torso)

Vari-Cameras (head, -10 AS when operating)

Ablative Armor (15 AV)

Anti-Beam Coating x4 (-20 Damage/Penetration from E, 12 hits)

Armor Shield (10 DS, L arm, -1 speed)


20mm CIWS (15 B, 5 P, 20 DS vs missile)

Grenade x6 (30 E/30 B, Close range or plant only)

Paint Grenade x3 (-50% cloak per hit)

Mono-Blade (25 B, 15 P)

Or Beam Saber (25 E, 15 P)

Macro-Cable launcher (600 meter cable, AV 15, HP 30, can support/hold 200 tons, can be used to lasso/grapple Mobile Suits)

Gatling Cannon (40 B, 5 P, can strike up to 3 targets with one attack)

Or Beam Cannon (30 E, 5 P)

Or Grenade launcher and 12 extra grenades (30 B/30 E, Distant range)

Or Missile Launcher (30 M, 5 P, 20 AS)

Or Hyper Impulse Cannon (80 E, 5 P)

Or Railgun (30 B, 45 P)

AV: 25 (-20 Damage/Penetration to E weapons)

AS: 25 CIWS/Cable launcher/Grenade, 15 Melee, 45 Main weapon (65 if missile)

DS: 55, 80 vs Ranged, 100 vs Missile (155/180/200 effective when in cover by invisibility)

Speed: 19 (23 on hoverthrusters)

Total HP: 42

Nothing to See Here (function as Mirage Colloid when in cover), That all you Got?, Weapon Guru (primary ranged weapon), Defense Focus (Ranged x5), Mentally Scarred, LockOn, Engineering Background, Sixth Sense, Hit Em Where it Hurts (10% crit), Catastrophic Criticals (x4 crits)


ZAFT Primal (Inferno, Storm, Void types)

Chassis: Streamlined

Size: 21 meters

Mass: 90-110 tons

Description: These are ZAFT's most modern variable configuration Mobile Suits. They look somewhat like a ZAKU mixed with the Force Impulse, with a monocular head. Void's are grey and silver and have shields, Inferno's are orange and red with bulked up armor and spindly wings, and Storm's are purple and white, with very large wings.

Basic Parts:

Elite Head: 20 HP

Elite Arms: 25 HP

Elite Legs: 25 HP

Elite Torso: 50 HP

Elite Aspect Gear: 40 HP

Reinforced construction

Combat Components:

Nuclear Reactor (8 Speed, 20 DS)

Phase Shift Armor x2 (10 AV, 200 vs B/M, -2 speed)

Heat Absorbing Mesh x2 (Gain 2 speed whenever take E damage, for 2 rounds, stacks to 10)

Shoulder Shield x2 (20 DS, -2 Speed)

AI Support/Ingrained (head, 10 AS)

Void: Citadel Shield (20 DS)

Storm/Inferno: HiMat wings (10 Speed, 20 DS, -20 HP to wings)


Supercharged Beam Rifle (90 E, 15 P, R arm)

15mm Beam CIWS x2 (10 E, 40 DS vs missile, head)

Hyper-Impulse Cannon (chest, 210 E)

Void: Dual Autocannon (L arm, 30 B)

Void: Supercharged Beam Sword (50 E, 15 P, R arm)

Inferno: Supercharged Beam Saber x2 (50 E, 15 P, R/L arm)

Inferno: Anti-Vehicle Shotcannon (50 E/50 B, close range only, reload 1, -2 speed, L arm)

Inferno: Napalm Rocket Launcher (45 M damage, 5 E damage per round for 3 rounds, head)

Storm: Heavy Railgun (80 B, 40 P, L arm)

Storm: Missile launcher (80 M, 50 AS, shoulders)

Storm: VTP missile x4 (120 M, 80 AS, shoulders)

AV: 10, 200 vs B/M (40, 230 vs B/M for Inferno)

AS: 60 rifle (void), 45 rifle (storm/inferno), 25 other weapons, 40 Hyper (Void), 40 sabers (Inferno), 90/120 missiles/VTP (Storm)

DS: 65

Speed: 22 (32 Inferno/Storm)

Total HP: 160 (140 Storm/Inferno)

Guru: Supercharged Rifle, Melee focus x5 (inferno), Missile focus x5 (Storm), Energy focus x5 (Void), red ones go fasta

5/3/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #11

Another addition, with Maderfole's permission.

Eddies, enjoy.

Name: Panzerbjorn (armored bear)

Chassis: Support (20 RP)

Weight: 190 tons

Size: 25 meters

Description: A sister unit of the Panzerwulf, designed for assaulting heavily fortified positions. Unfortunately the Panzerwulf proved to be a more successful design and became the mainstay of FEAR Mobile Suits in the pre-Eden Disaster era. The two prototype Panzerbjorns were put into storage for eventual disassemble. However, in the events of ED, the plans for scrapping the designs were put on the back shelf. As the RW began the Panzerbjorn received a second chance when USN needed an assault machine, sort of a cheaper version of the massive Panzerdragoons. As a result, the Panzerbjorns were brought out of storage, received a few modernizations and were sent into battle.

The appearance of the Panzerbjorn is very apt for its name. A large Mobile Suit, with thick limbs and body. The stature of the machine resembles a hunched man (Imagine Terminator armor from WH40k), carrying a massive shield in one hand. The other arm takes the form of a massive artillery cannon.

Parts: 132 RP, 77 slots, 741 HP (Set bonus and Magnus penalty included)

Elite Head (5 RP, adds 2 slots, 100HP)

Elite Torso (10 RP, adds 8 slots, 210 HP)

Elite Arms (10 RP, adds 6 slots, 105HP)

Elite Legs (10 RP, adds 6 slots, 105HP)

Elite Wings (shoulder weapons) (15 RP, adds 8 slots, 110HP)

Extra Slots x47 (47 RP)

Reinforced Construction x9 (45 RP)

Combat Components:

Nuclear Reactor (20 RP, 6 slots, torso) (adds 8 speed, 20 DS)

Afterburners (12 RP, 3 slots, legs) (adds 6 speed)

5x Ablative Armor (35 RP, 15 slots, torso) (150 AV vs all)

Barricade Shield, 2x PS coating (20 RP, 6 slots, left arm) (10AV vs all, 200 AV vs Ballistic, Missile, - 4 speed)

or Barricade Shield, 2x HAC coating (20 RP, 6 slots, left arm) (10AV vs all, 300 AV vs Energy, - 8 speed)

"The Hammer" Magnus Artillery cannon (65 RP, 14 slots, right arm) (300 ballistic damage, 1 round reload, multiple shots per round, - 7 speed)

Heavy Rocket launcher (30 RP, 12 slots, wings) (270 damage)

Heavy Rocket launcher (30 RP, 12 slots, wings) (270 damage)

Grenade launcher (5 RP, 2 slots, torso) - 9x grenades (15 RP, 3 slots) (30 energy, 30 ballistic) - 3x Neutron grenades (12 RP, 1 slot) (-100 AV on hit)

3x AI firing support (30 RP, 3 slots, torso)

Polarized Cameras (3 RP, 1 slot, head)

Multi Targeter (8 RP, 1 slot, head)

Armor Value: 170 vs all (adds 10 vs all and 200 vs ballistic/missile from PS Barricade shield) or (adds 10 vs all and 300 vs energy from HAC Barricade shield) (set bonus included)

Attack Skill: 0 (add 40 AS to all ranged attacks (AI and Sharpshooter))

Defensive Skill: 20

Speed: 8 (4 with HAC Barricade shield)

Personal Touch: Sharpshooter Pilot's abilities: Support Specialist (5CP), 75 points to AS (15CP to AS)

Pilot's AS: 150

5/20/2012 #12

The first Edenite Animal MS with permission from Maderfole.

Name: Deathstalker (600 RP)

Chassis Type: Terminator Costs 20 RP, buy all Melee and Ranged components for 1/2 RP cost

Size: 13 meters tall on legs 50 from head to tail tip Shaped like a Deathstalker

Mass: 161 tons

Description: Shaped like a New Eden Deathstalker Chimera. With four pincer claws six legs and a barbed tail. This MS can only be used on New Eden or on the Lunar surface or an Asteroid. Cannot operate in free space.

Basic Parts (167 RP, 78 Slots):

Elite Torso: Contains 8 slots 13 extra, 170 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Legs: A Contains 8 slots, 85 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Legs: B Contains 8 slots, 85 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Legs: C Contains 8 slots, 85 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Arms: A Contains 6 slots 4 extra, 85 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Arms: B Contains 6 slots 6 extra, 85 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Head: Contains 2 slots 6 extra, 80 HP. Costs 5 RP.

Elite Wings: (Stinger Tail) Contains 8 slots 3 extra, 90 HP. Costs 15 RP.

Extra Slots: (32, 32 RP)

Reinforced Construction x7 (35 RP)

Combat Components (375 RP, 52 Slots)

Borealite Armor x2 (6 slots, Torso, 30 RP)

Quantum Crystal Pincer Claw x2 (6 slots, Arms A, 60 RP, 100 B Damage 400 Penetrate each)

Quantum Crystal Pincer Claw x2 (6 slots, Arms B, 60 RP,100 B Damage 400 Penetrate each)

Quantum Crystal Tail Stinger (3 Slots, Tail, 30 RP, 100 B Damage 400 Penetrate)

Thermal Exciter x2 (4 slots, Arms A, 30 RP, 80 E Damage 100 Penetrate each)

Sonic Blaster CUSA-D x2 (6 slots, Arms B, 50 RP, 60 S Damage 300 Penetrate each)

Scourge Nano-Swarm Projector x2 (6 slots, Head, 30 RP, 75 Special Damage 100 Penetrate each 25 Damage for 3 rounds, damage stacks)

Scourge Nano-Swarm Projector (3 slots, Tail, 15 RP, 75 Special Damage 100 Penetrate 25 Damage for 3 rounds damage stacks)

Steady Fusion Reactor (12 slots, Torso, 70 RP)

Special Components (58 RP, 10 Slots)

Neural Interface Control and Gravitic Reduction System (3 slots, Torso, 10 RP)

Magnetic Sheathing (1 slot, Tail, 10 RP)

Scale System Upgrade (4 slots, Tail, 20 RP)

Multi-Targeter Enhancement (1 slot, Head, 8 RP)

Backup OS (1 slot, Head, 10 RP)

HP: 918

Armor Value: 80

Attack Skill: 75 QC 40 Thermal Exciter 30 CUSA-D 30 Maroon Eden 10 to all NIC/GRS

Defense Skill: 10 NIC/GRS 60 SFR

Speed value: 37

Personal Touches:

Safety Override: Once your Mecha has either lost a part or been reduced to half HP or less by battle damage, you gain a 50 percent bonus to Speed, AS and DS for the rest of the battle. All attacks that strike you do an extra 10 damage while these bonuses are in effect.

I Know a Guy (5 CP), Extra Resources (15 CP)

5/21/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #13

Name: Coldhunter (549 RP, 1 Extra)

Chassis Type: Assault Costs 20 RP, buy all Melee and Engine components for 1/2 RP cost

Size: 23 Meters

Mass: 125 Tons

Description: Shaped after New Eden's most deadly predator the Coldhunter. Fast agile and Deadly at Melee and close range. The MS version of this deadly predator mirrors all that and more. Designed to get right up to the enemies front line as quickly as possible, Coldhunters always lead to ground charge in battle.

Basic Parts (145 RP, 88 Slots):

Advanced Torso Contains 6 slots, torso has 220 HP. Costs 6 RP

Advanced Legs Contains 6 slots, each leg has 108 HP. Costs 6 RP.

Advanced Arms Contains 4 slots, each arm has 108 HP. Costs 6 RP.

Advanced Head Contains 1 slot, head has 105 HP. Costs 2 RP.

Advanced Wings (Tail) Contains 6 slots, Wings have 110 HP. Costs 10 RP.

Extra Slots: (65, 65 RP)

18 Torso

30 Legs

2 Arms

10 Tail

5 Head

Reinforced Construction x 10 (50 RP)

Combat Components (334 RP, 75 Slots)

Steady Fusion Reactor (12 Slots, Torso, 35 RP)

Borealite Armor (3 Slots, Torso, 15 RP)

Quantum Crystal Triple Claws x2 (6 Slots, Arms/Hands, 60 RP, 100 B Damage 400 Penetrate each)

Quantum Crystal Sickle Claw x2 (6 Slots, Legs/Feet, 60 RP, 100 B Damage 400 Penetrate each)

Quantum Crystal Teeth (3 Slots, Head/Mouth, 30 RP,100 B Damage 400 Penetrate)

CUSA-D (3 Slots, Head/Mouth, 50 RP, 60 S Damage 300 Penetrate)

Afterburners x8 (24 Slots, Legs, 48 RP)

Afterburners x4 (12 Slots, Tail, 24 RP)

Burst Thrusters x2 (6 Slots, Legs, 12 RP)

Special Components (50 RP, 13 Slots)

NIC/GRS (3 Slots, Torso, 5 RP IKAG)

Magnetic Disruption Field (6 Slots, Torso, 5 RP IKAG)

Magnetic Sheathing (1 Slot, Tail, 10 RP)

Ingrained Melee Subroutines (3 Slots, Tail 30 RP)

HP: 716

Armor Value: 40 vs All

Attack Skill: 10 NIC/GRS, 75 QC, 15 CUSA-D

Defense Skill: 60 SFR, 10 NIC/GRS, 24 Burst Thrusters=94

Speed value: 5 base, 20 SFR, 12 NIC/GRS, 72 Afterburners=109

Personal Touches:

Safety Override: Once your Mecha has either lost a part or been reduced to half HP or less by battle damage, you gain a 50 percent bonus to Speed, AS and DS for the rest of the battle. All attacks that strike you do an extra 10 damage while these bonuses are in effect.

5/23/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #14

Name: Gargantua (807 RP, 3 Extra)

Chassis Type: Support Costs 20 RP, buy all Ranged and Armor components for 1/2 RP cost

Size: 45 Meters tall 60 Meters long

Mass: 735 Tons

Description: Modeled after New Eden's largest land animal the Gargantua this newest MS is at the center of the custodian's siege assaults. With powerful jamming equipment and the ability to break the lines of the Oosen's most powerful defenses and bases the Gargantua is at the center of the custodian's new line of animal MS forces.

Basic Parts (212 RP, 131 Slots):

Elite Torso: Contains 8 slots 290 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Legs: A Contains 8 slots, 145 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Legs: B Contains 8 slots, 145 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Arms: (Tusks) Contains 6 slots 145 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Head: Contains 2 slots 140 HP. Costs 5 RP.

Elite Wings: (Trunk) Contains 8 slots 150 HP. Costs 15 RP.

Extra Slots: (87, 87 RP)

Torso 78 Extra Slots

Head 9 Extra Slots

Reinforced Construction x13 (65 RP)

Combat Components (495 RP, 102 Slots)

Steady Fusion Reactor x2 (24 Slots, Torso, 140 RP)

Borealite Armor x10 (30 Slots, Torso, 75 RP)

Radiation Cannon (11 Slots, Head, 105 RP) (150cm, 2640 E Damage, Penetrate 1700, -410 Shield DS, 3 Round Reload) (Ultra-Mini)

"Odin Hammer" Point Blank Ion Storm Projector (24 Slots, Torso, 100 RP, 400 S Damage 400 Penetrate)

Scourge Nano-Swarm Projector (8 Slots, Trunk, 40 RP, 60 AS 75 Special Damage 100 Penetrate 25 Damage for 3 rounds damage stacks)

"LIHR" Assault Shroud (5 Slots, Torso, 35 RP)

Special Components (80 RP, 8 Slots)

NIC/GRS (3 Slots, Torso, 10 RP)

"Deathtouch" Wireless Energy Leeching system (4 Slots, Tusks, 60 RP)

Magnetic Sheathing (1 Slot, Legs B, 10 RP)

HP: 1,242

Armor Value: 320 vs All

Attack Skill: 60 Maroon EDEN

Defense Skill: 60 SFR, 60 SFR, -50 LIHR -20 Size=50

Speed value: 5 base, 20 SFR, 20 SFR, 12 NIC/GRS, -21 Mass, -11 Rad Cannon, -15 LIHR=10

Personal Touches:

Tough Guy: Gain 50 extra HP, to be divided amongst your mecha's parts as you choose. Give to head to negate -50 HP from Rad Cannon.

I Know a Guy (5 CP), Ultra-Miniaturization Rad Cannon (4 CP), Increased Resources (21 CP)

5/23/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #15

Let's get this started.

Name: Raider

Chassis: Streamlined

Size: 16 meters

Mass: 50 tons

Description: A heavily modified Strike Dagger. Though it shares the basic appearance of the Mobile Suit it was based on, the Raider is slightly slimmer and more streamlined, as it has been tuned for the Brotherhood's speed combat philosophy. Though the suit has been modified, it is still a very weak opponent for a prepared enemy. However, one should not dismiss the dangers these machines pose. Piloted by Brotherhood slaves and other lowlifes, the Raiders are employed in huge numbers as meat shields and battlefield servants for their masters. As such they can overwhelm a much more powerful enemy through sheer numbers.

The Raider is painted in the standard colors of the CLB. Crimson base with golden highlights. In addition, the suit also carries the mark of their owner painted on the body, usually shoulders.

Part Components:

Basic Head: 2HP

Basic Torso: 10HP

Basic Arms: 4HP

Basic Legs: 4HP

Structural Components:

2x Standard Armor (torso, adds 10 AV, 2 speed penalty)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (torso, adds 3 speed, 10 DS, 6HP penalty)

Afterburners (legs, adds 6 speed)

Burst Thrusters (torso, adds 12 DS)

Combat Components:

20mm CIWS (head, 5 ballistic damage, adds 20 DS vs missiles) (10 damage bonus per ally in Close Range)

Electro-lance (left hand, 30 ballistic damage, 15 penetration, 50% chance to stun)

Macro Cable Shock Net Launcher (torso, inflicts a 10 speed, 40 AS, 30 DS penalty for 3 turns, longer if target is unconscious. 50% chance to stun for 2 turns, adds 30 AS when attacking, Close Range only)

3x HE grenades (right thigh, 30 energy and ballistic damage in a small radius) (10 damage bonus per ally in Close Range)

Beam rifle (right arm, 40 energy damage) (10 damage bonus per ally in Close Range)

Or railgun (right arm, 20 ballistic damage, 40 penetration) (10 damage bonus per ally in Close Range)

Or autocannon (30 ballistic damage) (10 damage bonus per ally in Close Range)

Total HP: 15

AV: 10

AS: 10 (40 with Shock Net) (add 20 for every ally in Close Range, ranged weapons only)

DS: 22 (42 vs missiles)

Speed: 22

Pilot: 2x AS, Firing Line (20 AS, 10 damage per ally in Close Range, ranged weapons only)


Name: Buccaneer

Chassis: Skirmisher

Size 20 meters

Mass: 90 tons

Description: Based on the chassis of ZAFT Guaiz, the Buccaneer is the mainstay of the Brotherhood Mobile Suit forces. Though using a severely outdated design as a base, the Buccaneer is far from outdated and is capable of presenting a notable threat to a modern machine, especially in large numbers.

Part Components:

Basic Legs: 24HP

Basic Torso: 50HP

Basic Arms: 24HP

Basic Head: 22HP

Reinforced Construction x2

Structural Components:

Nuclear Reactor (torso, adds 8 speed, 20 DS)

Phase Shift Armor (torso, 5 AV, 100 AV vs ballistic/missiles, 1 speed penalty)

3x Afterburners (legs, adds 18 speed)

3x Burst Thrusters (torso, adds 36 DS) (adds 10% (4) from Supercharged Engines x2)

Combat Components:

2x 20mm CIWS (head, 10 ballistic damage, 40 DS vs missiles)

2x Macro Cable Shock Net Launcher (legs, inflicts a 10 speed, 40 AS, 30 DS penalty for 3 turns, longer iftarget is unconscious. 50% chance to stun for 2 turns, adds 30 AS when attacking, Close Range only)

Electrified Lance (left arm, 30 ballistic damage, 15 penetration, 100% chance to stun)

2x VTP missiles (torso (back), 120 missile damage each, adds a 60 AS bonus)

Or 2x VTP missiles with EMP warhead (adds a 60 AS bonus, stuns for 4 rounds)

Cling-Acid Shotgun (right arm, inflicts a 50% speed and 25% AS/DS penalty per hit. Inflicts Special damage equal to 2x speed penalty, past armor. Lasts 3 rounds. Can hit multiple enemies, adds 30 AS bonus)

Or Railgun with beam tipped shells (right arm, 80 ballistic or energy damage, 40 penetration)

Or Autocannon with beam tipped shells (right arm 90 ballistic or energy damage)

Or beam cannon (right arm, 100 energy damage)

Total HP: 132

AV: 5, 100 vs ballistic/missiles

AS: 15 base, 55 with Shock Net, 75 with VTP, 45 with Cling-Acid Shotgun (adds 20 AS and 10 damage to ranged weapon for each ally in Close Range)

DS: 70 (110 vs missiles)

Speed: 36

Personal Touch: Red Ones Go Fasta'

Pilot: Firing Line, 2x Supercharged Engines (burst thrusters), 3x AS, 2x DS

5/28/2012 . Edited 6/22/2012 #16

Void Knights

Name: Guardian

Chassis: Support, Durable

Size: 21 meter

Mass: 135 tons

Description: What was once a mediocre Vindicator has been heavily upgraded and reinforced in order to allow the Void Knights to hold back the overwhelming odds of the CLB. The basic design is the same as a Vindicator, although bulkier and with more thrusters. The Guardian is designed for one purpose only. To form the anvil upon which the enemies batter themselves senseless as the Guardians take shot after shot without falling. The Guardian Mobile Suits are not painted in the noble white, black and gold colors of the Solar Knights. Instead they are painted matte black and seem to be absorbing all nearby light.


Part Components:

Advanced Head: 75HP

Advanced Torso: 180HP

Advanced Arms: 84HP

Advanced Legs: 84HP

Advanced Wings: 50HP

Reinforced Construction x2


Structural Components:

Nuclear Reactor (torso, adds 8 speed, 20 DS)

Afterburners (torso, adds 6 speed)

Burst Thrusters (legs, adds 12 DS)

Himat Wings (wings, adds 10 speed, 20 DS, 40 HP penalty to wings)

Knightly Armor (torso, 20 AV, 100 AV vs ballistic, missiles, 1 speed penalty)

Insulation (torso, 20% stun resistance, shortens stun period by 2 (minimum to 1))

2x Citadel shields (wings, adds 40 DS)

AI fire support (torso, adds 10 AS to ranged attacks)

Polarized Cameras (head)


Combat Components:

Carnifex Battle Rifle, burst mod (right arm, 2x 70 ballistic, 60 penetration, 1 Neutron grenade or 1 Torcher grenade)

or Heavy Supercharged Flamer (right arm, 115 energy damage, 10 penetration, 23 energy damage for 3 rounds, can hit multiple targets, Close Range, adds a 45 AS bonus)

Phase Shift sword (left hand, 70 ballistic damage, 100 penetration)


Total HP: 710 (set bonus included)

AV: 30, 110 ballistic/missile (set bonus included)

AS: 45 with Carnifex (35 AS with PS blade if Carnifex is equipped), 90 with Heavy Flamer (adds 20 AS and 10 damage for every ally in Close Range)

DS: 107 (adds 15 from character)

Speed: 34

Personal Touch: Red Ones Go Fasta', Tough Guy

Pilot's Skills: 5x ballistic weapons focus (2x ballistic and 3x energy if armed with flamer), Tough Fighter, Firing Line, 3x DS, Weapon Specialization (Carnifex, or Flamer), Natural Follower

5/29/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #17

Name: Cleaver

Chassis Type: Skirmisher (20 RP)

Size: 21 meters

Mass: 150 tons

Description: Looking like a bulky Vindicator, these new USN suits are designed to make the best use of the USN's strength, ranged combat. They boast a powerful integrated FRALA that's designed to slice and dice anything they set their sights on before retaliation can come their way.

Basic Parts: (44 RP, 33 slots, 180 HP) (Part bonus 5% for 189 HP)

Basic Head (1 RP, 5 slot, 32 HP)

Basic Torso (2 RP, 12 slots, 70 HP)

Basic Arms (2 RP, 12 slots, 34 HP)

Basic Legs (2 RP, 4 slots, 34 HP)

Extra slots torso X8 (8 RP)

Extra slots arms X10 (10 RP)

Extra slots head X4 (4 RP)

Reinforced construction X3 (15 RP)

Combat Components (136 RP)

Dual Layer Heat Absorbing Conducive Armor (4 slots, torso, 10 RP*) (-4 speed)

Nuclear Reactor (6 slots, torso, 10 RP*)(8 speed, 20 DS)

Afterburners X2 (6 slots, torso, 12 RP*) (12 speed)

40mm Rapidfire FRALA (10 slots, left arm, 10 RP**) (175E, 70P) (Recharge 0!) (-5 speed) (20 AS)

4X Ultra-accurate VTP Missiles (4 slots, legs, 40 RP*) (120 M) (100 AS)

15mm Beam CIWS (1 slot, head, 8 RP*) (5 E) (20 DS vs M)

High Powered Beam Saber (2 slots, right hand, 16 RP) (30 E, 10 P)

AI firing support: (3 slots, head, 30 RP) (30 Ranged AS)

AS: 5 (30 Ranged) = 5 (35 Ranged) (55 w/ FRALA) (135 w/ VTP)

DS: 5 20 (20 vs M) = 25 (45 against missiles)

AV: 10, 300 E

HP: 189

Speed: 5 8 - 4 -5 12 = 16

Natural Pilots

AS: 5

DS: 5

IKAG (FRALA) (5 CP), Weapons Guru (FRALA)(2 CP), Great Precision (4 CP), Hit 'em Where It Hurts (5 CP), Catastrophic Criticals (4 CP)

5/30/2012 #18

Viking MBT

Chassis: Mobile Armor

Size: 10 meters long by 4 meters wide by 4.5 meters tall

Mass: 65 tons

Description: The USN's main battle tank.

Mobile Armor HP x5 (50 HP) (Effective HP 43)

Combat Components:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell X2 (6 speed, 20 DS -15 % HP)

Heavy Armor (10 AV, 20 B/M AV, -3 speed)

Anti-Beam coating (-20 E and P vs E for 3 shots)

125mm Linear Cannon (40 B, 40 P)

Dual hull mounted Flamethrowers (15 E, 2 HP per round for 3 rounds) (extra 20 AS)

20mm automatic anti-missile shotcannon x2 (grants 60 DS vs missiles)

Anti-Beam dispersal grenade launchers (reduced all beam damage and penetration by -75%, except FRALA, radation cannons, or thermal exciters)

(Optional one of the following)

90mm Dual Supercharged Beam Cannons (80 E, 15 P)

25mm Gatling Cannon (120 B)

12 tube 120mm Rocket Launcher two 24 tube 75mm Rocket Launchers (135 M)

HP: 43

AV: 10, 20 B/M, (-20 E and P vs E for 3 shots)

AS: 10 (30 with flamethrowers) (80 with Linear Cannon or Gatling Cannon)

DS: 25 (85 vs M)

Speed: 8

Perks: Support Specialist, Weapon Focus Ballistic X5

6/1/2012 #19

Arkelian Stiletto (updated with Atrum's permission)

Chassis: Skirmisher (20 RP)

Level and Type: Grunt Level 4 (250 RP, 11 CP)

Size: 18 meters

Mass: 80 tons

Description: Produced by the Arkelian Foundation as a potential replacement for the Vindicator mobile suit currently used by the Solar Knights, the Stiletto is an advanced machine produced for mainline pilots. Built from the same design lineage as the Strike Daggers and Cavaliers of old, the Stiletto features a very humanoid shape with defined limbs and armor plating. In appearance, it actually looks quite similar to a slightly bulkier Strike Dagger, with a somewhat skeletal appearance and low size and mass. The Stiletto features a wide variety of weapons that it can use, though certain types are hard-mounted regardless of hand-held types. The Stiletto was never formally adopted into the USN military; refitting Vindicators was a cheaper proposition than buying thousands of new mobile weapons, so the fifty or so Stilettos that were produced were either salvaged or converted into colony defense mobile suits, protecting the Arkelian Foundation's headquarters of La Vie en Rose. Due to their low cost and minimal sophistication, the Stilettos can be produced at an extremely fast rate with access to Red EDEN vats. Suitable pilots are the difficult part, just like the Brotherhood of Man, so all Stilettos come equipped with an advanced ejection system to preserve the lives of valuable assets.

Though the USN didn't take up the Arkelian Stiletto as a replacement for the Vindicators, the Stiletto has been bought and reproduced by several mercenary and pirate groups, though some groups removed the ejection system in favor of AI programs and telepresence nodes.

Base Parts (26 RP, 10AV, 10% HP bonus)

Advanced Torso (12/12, 88 HP) Extra Slots x6 6 RP)

Advanced Arms (8/8, 42 HP) Extra Slots x4 (4 RP)

Advanced Legs (9/9, 42 HP) Extra Slots x3 (3 RP)

Advanced Head (3/3, 39 HP) Extra Slots x2 (2 RP)

Advanced Wings (6/6, 44 HP)

Reinforced Construction x3 (15 RP)

Combat Components

Nuclear Reactor (10 RP, torso, 8 speed, 20DS, 6 Slots)

Afterburners x4 (6x4 RP, legs, torso, 24 Speed, 12 Slots)

Phase Shift Armor (10 RP, torso, 5AV, 100 v B/M, -1 speed, 2 Slots)

Redoubt Bulwark Shield (45 RP, left arm, 60 DS, -1 Speed, triple arm AV, can deny 1 attack's P per round, 5 Slots)

Beam CIWS (8 RP, head, 10E, 40 DS v M, 2 Slots)

Railgun (23 RP, right arm, 80 B, 100 P, 5 Slots)

Missile Launcher with Beam Tipped Munitions x2 (19x2 RP, wings, 40M, 20 AS, 10 AS per launcher, treated as either E or B type munitions, whichever is stronger, 5 Slots)

AI Fire Support (30 RP, legs, 30 AS Ranged, 6 Slots)

Ultra-Polarized Cameras (3 RP, head, immune to blind, 1 Slot)

May have Telepresence Head OR AI Control Unit (1 Slot, if destroyed, Mecha goes inert immediately)


Total HP: 255

Armor Value: 15, 110 v B/M (45, 330 v B/M on Arms)

Attack Skill: 35 (65 with Missiles)

Defense Skill: 105

Speed: 35

Personal Touch: Lucky Photo, Hard To Hurt

Character Perks: Natural Genotype (5/35/5), Sword and Board, Firing Line, DS x6

6/1/2012 . Edited by Tristraim, 9/11/2012 #20

Name: Rezel (Updated with Atrum's permission by Tristraim, in order to fit new mook rules.)

Chassis: Skirmisher (20 RP), Transformable Interceptor (40 RP)

Level and Type: Elite Level 4 (450 RP and 16 CP)

Size: 18 meters

Mass: 80 tons

Description: The Rezel is the USN's new prototype transformable space-based mobile suit. Capable of switching into a high speed fighter mode, the Rezel is the USN's answer to the roving terror fleets of the Edenites that perpetrated the Week of Terror. With the ability to be almost anywhere in USN space within a few hours, less if attached to a high speed carrier, the Rezel is able to effectively engage and destroy multiple mobile suits and even shoot down warships with its heavy missile payload. Of course, the price of the munitions and transforming mechanism that make the machine so powerful are also the main detractors from its mass production. These machines are only deployed with USN Fast Response Fleets at the moment, and only given to elite pilots, but even a few can very easily change the tide of a battle. (Search Rezel, Gundam Unicorn to find a picture of the inspiration.)

Base Parts (26 RP for frame, 10AV, 10% HP)


Advanced Torso (13/13, 220 HP, Extra Slots 7 RP)

Advanced Arms (12/12, 108 HP, Extra Slots 8 RP)

Advanced Legs (6/6, 108 HP)

Advanced Head (1/1, 105 HP)

Advanced Wings (6/6, 108 HP)

Reinforced Construction x9 (45 RP)


Ranged: 9/9, Extra Slots 3 RP

Special: 5/5, Extra Slots 3 RP

Engine: 18/18

Combat Components

Nuclear Reactor (10 RP, torso, 8 speed, 20 DS, 6 Slots)

Afterburners x3 (9 RP, legs, wings, 18 Speed, 9 Slots)

HAC Armor x2 (20 RP, torso, 10 AV, 300 v E, -4 speed, 4 Slots)

Citadel Shield x4 (40 RP, left arm, 80 DS, 8 Slots)

Supercharged Beam Cannon x2 (20 RP, right arm, 80 E, 15 P, 4 Slots)

AI Fire Support x3 (30 RP, legs, 30 AS Ranged, 3 Slots)

Ultra-Polarized Cameras (3 RP, head, immune to blind, 1 Slot)

xxx Interceptor Mode xxx

Afterburners x6 (18 RP, IM, 36 Speed, 18 Slots)

VTP Missiles x12 (IM, 6 Slots)

--- Decoy Missiles x2 (2 RP, Imposes 30 DS penalty to target, negates CIWS DS bonuses)

--- Guided QC Flechette Missiles x4 (22 RP, 45B, 400P, 90 degree 100 by 100 meter cone, 120 bonus AS, 10% crit, triple crit)

--- Guided Plasma Submunitions x2 (9 RP, 80E, 30 meter radius, 120 bonus AS)

--- Guided Kinetic Pursuit Missiles x3 (15 RP, 360B, 160P, 120 bonus AS, Pursuit)

--- Guided Volatile Antimatter Custom Pursuit Missile x1 (42 RP, 1780 S, 120 bonus AS, Pursuit, x7 Crit, 40% crit, -50HP)

EMP Missile Launchers x2 (8 RP, EMP Stuns for 2 Rounds, 20 bonus AS, 10 AS Bonus for 1 more launcher, IM, 3 Slots)

Mirage Colloid (40 RP, IM, 100 effective DS when cloaked, 4 Slots)

Multi-Targeter (8 RP, Can target more than 1, IM, 2 Slots)


Total HP: 649 (599 until Antimatter Missile is fired)

Armor Value: 20, 310 versus E

Attack Skill: 45 (65 with SCBR) 200 with VTPs) (110 with EMP Missiles) (can add up to 90 AS bonus for missiles fired)

Defense Skill: 105 in Mobile Suit Mode (225 in Fighter Mode when Cloaked)

Speed: 27 in MS mode, 50 in Fighter mode

Personal Touch: Coullasaur Lives, Lucky Photo

RP Used: 448/450

Character Perks: Natural Genotype (15/5/5, 0 CP), Graham Special (2CP), Weapons Guru (2CP, SCBR), Attack Skill x2 (2 CP), Weapons Focus Missile x5 (5 CP), Master of Illusion (2CP), Rocketeer (3 CP)

6/1/2012 . Edited by Tristraim, 11/28/2012 #21

Name: Arkelian Jegan

Chassis: Skirmisher

Size: 19 meters

Mass: 100 tons

Description: Produced by the Arkelian Foundation as a potential replacement for the Excalibur mobile suit currently used by the Paladins of the USN, the Jegan is a top of the line machine produced for the Foundation's elite pilots only. Built from the same design lineage as the Strike Daggers and Cavaliers of old, the Jegan features a very humanoid shape with defined limbs similar to the less advanced Stiletto. The Jegan's armor is slightly bulkier than its younger brother, but is more effective as well. The Jegan, though a very capable mobile suit, is designed to be used in conjunction with other, less advanced machines. Its highly powerful VTP missile payload allows it to effectively annihilate entire groups of enemy mobile suits, and its heavy grenade launcher allows it to provide tactical support for allies as well. However, the Jegan suffers from low ammunition and is highly susceptible to attrition in sustained engagements. For this reason, the Jegan rarely ventures far from its home base or carrier, lest it be caught in the open with no weapons to use.

Base Parts (10AV, 10% HP)

Advanced Torso (100 HP)

Advanced Arms (48 HP each)

Advanced Legs (48 HP)

Advanced Head (45 HP)

Advanced Wings (48HP, Shoulder Mounts)

Reinforced Construction x4

Combat Components

Nuclear Reactor (torso, 8 speed, 20DS)

Afterburners x4 (legs, torso, 24 Speed)

Ablative Armor x2 (torso, 60AV)

Geischmedig-Panzer Shield x8 (torso, 80DS, 240 v E, double torso AV, -8 Speed)

Redoubt Bulwark Shield x1 (left arm, 30DS, -1 Speed, triple arm AV, no Pen)

Beam CIWS x4 (head, 20E, 80DS v M)

Supercharged Beam Cannon x2 (right arm, 60 E, 15 P)

VTP Missiles x6 (Shoulders)

--- QC Flechette x2 (45B, 400P, 90 degree 100 by 100 meter cone, 120AS, 10% crit, triple crit)

--- Plasma Sub x2 (80E, 30 meter radius, 120AS, Pursuit)

--- Kinetic x2 (120B, 160P, 120AS, Pursuit)

Grenade Launcher x2 (right arm, grenades have distant range)

- Explosive Grenade x12 (arms, 30B/30E, range = distant)

- Anti Matter Grenade x3 (legs, 300 S, range = distant)

- Neutron Grenades x3 (legs, -100 AV to target)

- Gunk Grenades x3 (6RP, legs, -50% Engine Speed and DS)

- Particle Grenades x3 (75S, 150P, 15% chance to not-fire)

AI Fire Support x2 (legs, 20AS Ranged)

Ultra-Polarized Cameras (head, immune to blind)

Multi-Target Enhancer (head)


Total HP: 318

Armor Value: 70, 210 on arms

Attack Skill: 20

Defense Skill: 130, 210 v M, 290 v E

Speed: 28

Personal Touch: Not So Friendly Fire (230AS)

Character Perks: Grenadier (2CP), Firing Line (3CP), I Know A (Busy) Guy (5CP), Shield Other (2CP)

(NOTE: When firing at mobile suits, each missile has a 1 in 3 chance of being fired at a target, meaning that they are not specifically targeted to the mobile suit it is most effective against. For example, the Rezel fires a VTP at the Anubis; it will not necessarily be the Kinetic missile that will be most effective against it; that is determined by a 1d3 roll.)

(NOTE: Editted to have Multi-Target Enhancer and Shield Other since, for some reason, they weren't where they were supposed to be.)

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #22

Gladiator IFV

Chassis: Mobile Armor

Size: 9.5 meters long by 3 meters wide by 2.5 meters tall

Mass: 27 tons

Description: The USN's IFV

Mobile Armor HP x2 (20 HP)

Combat Components:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (3 speed, 10 DS)

Heavy Armor (10 AV, 20 B/M AV, -3 speed)

105mm Linear Cannon (20 B, 40 P)

75mm direct fire anti-armor rocket tubes (45 M)

20mm automatic anti-missile shotcannon (grants 30 DS vs missiles)

(Optional one of the following)

Dual 30mm Linear Autocannon (30 B)

Dual 10mm linear Gatling Guns (60 B)

60mm Supercharged Beam Cannon (40 E, 15 P)

Anti-Beam dispersal grenade launchers (reduced all beam damage and penetration by -75%, except FRALA, radation cannons, or thermal exciters)

HP: 20

AV: 10, 20 B/M

AS: 5

DS: 15 (45 vs M)

Speed: 5

6/1/2012 #23

Name: Direcat (520 RP)

Chassis Type: Terminator Costs 20 RP, buy all Melee and Ranged components for 1/2 RP cost

Size: 15 Meters tall 30 Long

Mass: 130 Tons

Description: Based on New Eden's race of Direcats. Armed with duel Neutron Cannons these Ms are designed for taking down heavily armored targets. Quick and Agile they work very well with Coldhunters and are often paired with them to escort Gargantua into battle.

Basic Parts (102 RP, 55 Slots):

Advanced Torso Contains 6 slots, torso has 180 HP Costs 6 RP

Advanced Legs Contains 6 slots, each leg has 88 HP Costs 6 RP

Advanced Arms Contains 4 slots, each arm has 88 HP Costs 6 RP

Advanced Head Contains 1 slot, head has 85 HP Costs 2 RP

Advanced Wings Contains 6 slots, Wings have 90 HP Costs 10 RP

Extra Slots: (32, 32 RP)

24 Torso

2 Arms

2 Wings

4 Head

Reinforced Construction x 8(40 RP)

Combat Components (310 RP, 42 Slots)

Steady Fusion Reactor (12 Slots, Torso, 70 RP)

Borealite Armor x2 (6 Slots, Legs, 30 RP)

Quantum Crystal Triple Claw x2 (6 Slots, Arms/Paws, 60 RP, 100 B damage 400 Penetrate each)

Opposed Monopole Wing Saber x2 (8 Slots, Wings, 50 RP, 100 S Damage 400 Penetrate)

Thermal Exciter (4 Slots, Head/Mouth, 60 RP, 240 E Damage 100 Penetrate)

Neutron Blaster x2 (6 Slots, Torso/Shoulders, 40 RP, AV -50 each)

Special Components (88 RP, 13 Slots)

NIC/GRS (3 Slots, Torso, 5 RP IKAG)

Magnetic Sheathing (1 Slot, Torso, 10 RP)

Holoprojector x2 (2 Slots, Torso, 10 RP) Note the images are layered over the mecha itself blurring to outline and creating afterimages. 25 DS per Holoprojector when active.

AI firing support (3 Slots, Torso, 30 RP)

Ingrained Melee Subroutines (3 Slots, Torso, 30 RP)

Ultra-Polarized Camera's (1 Slot, Head, 3 RP)

HP: 584

Armor Value: 70

Attack Skill: 30 AI, 30 Melee, 10 NIC/GRS, 30 QC, 40 Thermal Exciter

Defense Skill: 10 NIC/GRS, 50 Holoprojectors, 60 SFR, 10 Hard to Hurt=130

Speed value: 5 base, 20 SFR, 12 NIC/GRS, x2 Ride the Wind=74

Personal Touches:

Hard to Hurt Gain 10 bonus to DS

IKAG (5 CP), Ride the Wind (3 CP), High Speed Combat Expert (5 CP) Increased Resources (7 CP)

6/3/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #24

Name: Wendigo Prototype Mini-Boss (648 RP 2 Extra)

Chassis Type: Brawler Costs 20 RP, buy all Melee and Armor components for 1/2 RP cost.

Size: 25 Meters

Mass: 175 Tons

Description: The prototype for the first generation of MS designed for a non human sentient species the Wendigo. Very human like in shape the suit can easily stand and fight on its legs as well as move though it can increase its speed slightly by running on its knuckles like a gorilla as well. This is not a transformation of the suits like the old Grendel types simply a shift in body stature. Designed for melee like most Edenite machines they are more heavy hitters than precision fighters.

Basic Parts (131 RP, 85 Slots):

Elite Torso Contains 8 slots, torso has 170 HP. Costs 10 RP

Elite Legs Contains 8 slots, each leg has 85 HP. Costs 10 RP.

Elite Arms Contains 6 slots, each arm has 85 HP. Costs 10 RP.

Elite Head Contains 2 slots, head has 80 HP. Costs 5 RP.

Extra Slots: (61, 61 RP)

Torso 28

Arms 32

Head 1

Reinforced Construction x7 (35 RP)

Combat Components (307 RP, 68 Slots)

Steady Fusion Reactor (12 Slots, Torso, 70 RP)

Borealite Armor x5 (15 Slots, Torso, 37 RP)

Gravitation Hammer (32 Slots, Arms, 140 RP, 800 Ballistic Damage)

QC Piercing Spike (6 Slots, Hammer/Arms, 30 RP, 200 Penetrate)

Scourge Nano-Swarm Projector (3 Slots, Legs, 30 RP, 75 special damage 100 Penetrate 25 S Damage for 3 rounds, Damage stacks)

Special Components (190 RP, 12 Slots)

NIC/GRS (3 Slots, Torso, 80 RP)

Magnetic Disruption Field (6 Slots, Torso, 80 RP)

Ingrained Melee Subroutines (3 Slots, Head, 30 RP)

HP: 504

Armor Value: 170

Attack Skill: 10 NIC/GRS, 30 IMS, 10 Slayer

Defense Skill: 10 NIC/GRS, 60 SFR

Speed value: 5 Base, 12 NIC/GRS, 20 SFR

Personal Touches:

Slayer Gain 10 to AS with melee weapons only

Latent Newtype (5 CP) Precog Dodge (1 CP) Precog Strike (1 CP) Luck Field (1 CP) Chronal Acceleration (5 CP) Spatial Awareness (2 CP) Powerful Newtype x5 (10 CP) 3 Strikes 2 Dodges Increased Resources x5 (5 CP)

6/3/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #25

The second Mobile Suit of the Void Knights, the High Guardian. The Mobile Suit is designed to fulfill the role of a specialist, that deals with specific threats on the battlefield. As a result, it has several variations, just like the Primal.

Name: High Guardian

Chassis: Support, Assassin

Size: 21 meters

Mass: 135 tons

Description: Just like the Guardian, the High Guardian is a heavily modified Vindicator. However, it focuses less on survivability and more on the ability to deal with various threats on the battlefield. The High Guardians are usually piloted by veteran Knights and are in charge of a Void Knight Platoon, as a result each High Guardian is accompanied by a squad of Guardians. In some cases, the High Guardians are deployed in groups of four - Veteran Squads, in order to deal with highly dangerous, specific tasks.

Construction Components: 920 total HP (860 for Eradicator High Guardian)

Elite Head: 160HP

Elite Arms: 170HP (110HP for Eradicator High Guardian)

Elite Torso: 320HP

Elite Legs: 170HP

Elite Wings: 100HP (minus 40 from HiMAT)

Reinforced Construction x7


Structural Components:

Nuclear Reactor (torso, adds 8 speed, 20 DS)

2x Knightly Armor (torso, 40 AV, 200 vs ballistic/missiles, 2 speed penalty)

2x Citadel Shield (wings, adds 40 DS)

HiMAT Wings (wings, adds 10 speed, 20 DS)

2x Afterburners (legs, torso, adds 12 speed)

2x Burst Thrusters (legs, torso, adds 24 DS)


Insulation (torso, 20% stun resistance, shortens stun period by 2 rounds)

EMP Shielding (torso, 50% EMP resistance, -10 damage from EMP blades, -10HP)

AI Support x3 (torso, adds 30 AS bonus to ranged)

Melee Subroutines (torso, adds 30 AS bonus to melee)

Vari-Cams (head, -10 AS when active)

Polarized Cams (head)

Multi Targeter (torso)

2x Grenade launchers (torso)

- 6x Paint Grenades

- 3x Glitterdust Grenades

- 3x Anti-beam Grenades

- 3x Gunk Grenades



Cross-fire High Guardian (suppression)

2x Heavy Suppression rocket launchers (shoulders, 140 damage (36 suppression damage), can be missile or energy)

Beam tipped ammo (torso)

Carnifex Linear Battle Rifle (right arm, 60 energy/ballistic damage, 50 penetration, 2x HE, 1 Gunk)


Eradicator High Guardian (heavy firepower)

Positron Cannon (right arm, 800 energy damage, 2 rounds reload, 2 speed penalty, -30HP)

2x VTPAP missiles (left arm, 120 missile damage, 100 penetration, 120 AS bonus each)

VTPPS missile (left arm, 80 energy, attacks several targets in 30 meter radius, 120 AS bonus)


Stormer High Guardian (close combat)

Burst Eversor linear shotgun (right arm 2x 90 ballistic and energy damage, 60 penetration, has a 20% chance to deal 19 energy damage per turn for 3 rounds, can hit multiple targets, Close Range only, 50 AS bonus)

Hollow PS blade (left arm, 70 ballistic damage, 100 penetration, -20% enemy DS when defending against the weapon)


Exterminator High Guardian (anti-group unit)

Gatling Supercharged beam cannon (left arm, 160 energy damage, 15 penetration, can hit up to three targets, standard gatling reload rules apply)

Gatling Railgun (right shoulder, 80 ballistic or energy damage, 40 penetration, can hit up to three targets, standard galting reload rules apply)

Beam tipped ammo (torso)

Carnifex Linear Battle Rifle (50 ballistic or energy damage, 50 penetration, 2x HE grenades)


Immolator High Guardian (short range anti group unit)

2x Heavy Supercharged Plasma Flamethrowers (arms, 150 energy damage, 30 energy damage for 3 turns, 60 AS bonus. Close Range, can hit multiple targets.)

3x Torcher Grenades (torso, 60 energy damage, 40 energy damage for 4 rounds)


Total HP: 920 (860 for Eradicator High Guardian)

AV: 60, 220 vs ballistic/missile

AS: 120 (170 with grenades) (240 with Erradicator's VTP missiles) (170 with Stormer's Eversor) (180 with Immolator's Flamethrowers)

DS: 114

Speed: 33 (31 for Erradicator)

Personal Touch:2x Tough Guy 80% HP bonus

Pilot Skills: Tough Fighter, Grenadier, Bad to the Bone, Moves Like Lightning, 12xAS, 2xDS, Natural Leader, Eyes on Target

Special Notes: -1x critical modifier, ignores 10% enemy miss chance.

6/3/2012 . Edited 8/10/2012 #26

Time to give you a glimpse of the most elite warriors among the Void Knights

Name: Vanquisher

Chassis: Assault, Survivor

Size: 25 meters

Mass: 140 tons

Description: Unlike the Guardians and Conquerors, the Vanquisher is not a modified Vindicator or Excalibur. It is a completely original design, built by the Void Knights themselves and is granted to their most elite champions. Warriors who have specialized in the art of close combat. Painted void black, with the exception of a white, right shoulder, the Vanquisher stands tall and proud over the other Void Knight machines. The appearance of a Vanquisher is a mix of bulky armor with streamlined features, indicating great endurance as well as high speed. In combat the Vanquisher pilots wield a large QC Claymore, which is as tall as the Vanquisher itself.

Construction Components: 942HP

Elite Head: 130HP

Elite Torso: 285HP

Elite Arms: 135HP

Elite Legs: 135HP

Elite Wings: 100HP

Reinforced Construction x12


Structural Components:

SFR (torso, adds 20 speed, 60 DS)

NIC system (torso, adds 10 AS and DS, 12 speed)

9x Afterburners (legs, torso, adds 54 speed)

9x Burst Thrusters (legs, torso, adds 108 DS)

HiMAT Wings (wings, adds 10 speed, 20 DS)

10x Ablative Armor (torso, 300 AV vs all)

Positron Shield (wings, adds 30 DS, 50 vs ballistic/missile/energy)


Melee Subroutines (torso, adds 30 AS to melee)

Vari-Cams (head)

Polarized Cams (head)

EMP shielding (torso, 50% EMP resistance, -10 damage from EMP blades, -10HP)

Insulation (torso, 20% stun resistance, -2 to stun duration)

Photon Cloak (torso, adds 100 AV and negates penetration from 1 energy or special attack per round)

2x Reactive Plates (torso, negates 2 critical hits)


Hollow two-handed QC Claymore (right arm, 270 ballistic damage, 460 penetration, adds 15 As bonus when attacking, can hit two enemies at once or one with additional 30 AS bonus, -20% to enemy DS when defending against this weapon)


Total HP: 942

AV: 320 (420 with no penetration against 1 energy or special attack each round)

AS: 151 (181 vs one enemy)

DS: 218 (238 vs ballistic/missile/energy)

Speed: 96

Pilot Skills: High Speed Combat Expert, Fight the Good Fight, Assault Specialist, Weapon Specialization x3, Moves Like Lightning, Weapons Guru, Tough Fighter, 4x Ballistic Weapons Focus, Mentally Scarred

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #27

Name:Militia Hyperion

Chassis Type: Regular

Size: 17 meters

Mass: 70 tons

Description: A Eurasian modification of the Atlantic Federation's classic Dagger design, the Hyperion prefers a back mounted pack weapon system similar to the original Strike for ease of maintence. The revolutionary feature at the time was the inclusion of light wave shielding systems. The Edenite Militia has upgraded the design to meet current tech standards, as well as included basic cloaking capacity. Because the Hyperions were rare to begin with, this is considered a cost effective way to give the militia some tactical flexibility without providing expensive cloaks for all machines.

Basic Parts: (31 RP, 22 slots, 144 HP) (Part bonus 5% for 151 HP)

Basic Head (1 RP, 5 slot, 22 HP)

Basic Torso (2 RP, 5 slots, 44 HP)

Basic Arms (2 RP, 4 slots, 24 HP)

Basic Legs (2 RP, 4 slots, 24 HP)

Basic Wings (3 RP, 6 slots, 24 HP)

Extra slots torso X2 (3 RP)

Extra slots head X4 (4 RP)

Extra slots arms X2 (2 RP)

Extra slots wings X2 (2 RP)

Reinforced Construction X2 (10 RP)

Combat Components (158 RP)

Phase shift (2 slots, torso, 10 RP) (-2 speed) (AV 5, 100 B)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (3 slots, torso, 6 RP)(3 speed, 10 DS. -6 HP to part)

20mm CIWS X2 (2 slot, head, 8 RP) (10 B) (40 DS vs M)

Beam Knife X2 (2 slots, hands, 16 RP) (30 E per knife, 10 P)

Zastava Stigmate Beam Submachine gun (2 slots, right arm, 10 RP) (20 E)

Forfanterie Beam Cannon (4 slots, wings, 20 RP) (40 E)

GAU-8M2 52mm Machine Gun (2 slots, wings, 8 RP) (15 B)

AI firing support: (3 slots, head, 30 RP) (30 Ranged AS)

Citadel Shield (2 slots, torso, 10 RP) (20 DS)

Mirage Colloid (4 slots, legs, 40 RP) (100 DS when cloaked, turns off phase shift)

AS: 25 (30 Ranged AI support) (10% ranged sharpshooter) = 25 (61 Ranged) (39 with beam knives) (75 with Zastava Stigmate Beam Submachine gun and Forfanterie Beam Cannon)

DS: 1510 fuel cell 20 shield(40 vs M CIWS ) = 45 (85 against missiles) (add 100 when cloaked)

AV: 5, 100 B/M (only 5 when cloaked)

HP: 151

Speed: 5 3 fuel cell -2 phase shift = 6

Personal touch: Sharpshooter

Edenite Pilots

AS: 25

DS: 15

Weapon Focus Energy X2 (14 to energy AS)

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #28

Let me introduce you guys to a real Crimson Lance pirate.

Name: Brigand

Size:20 meters

Mass: 80 tons

Chassis: Skirmisher, Assault

Description: Unlike the Raiders and Buccaneers, the Brigands are piloted by true members of the Brotherhood. These pilots, who have established a fierce reputation among their brethren and have amassed plenty of wealth through slave trade and other illegal means of income. As a result, these pilots have access to more advanced technology and are able to afford better Mobile Suits.

The appearance of the Brigand features thin, skeletal limbs and a fragile appearance, keeping in line with the Brotherhood's combat philosophy of favoring speed and agility over raw endurance. The most distinguishing feature of the Brigand are its long, slightly reverse jointed legs. The Brigands are painted in the same colors as any other Brotherhood machine, crimson and gold. However they are the first Mobile Sits to actually display the symbol of the Crimson Lance Brotherhood, apair of lances with a net spread out between them.

Brigands are usually in charge of Packs, large number of Buccaneers and Raiders, piloted by their thugs or owned slaves. Though Brigand pilots are highly individualistic, they do sometimes team up in order to bring down a highly dangerous target.

Part Components:

Advanced Head: 50HP

Advanced Torso: 110HP

Advanced Arms : 53HP

Advanced Legs: 53HP

Advanced Wings: 11HP

Reinforced Construction x4


Structural Components:

Ablative Armor x2 (torso, AV 60)

FPR (torso, adds 12 speed, 45 DS)

7x Aterburners (4xtorso, 3xlegs, adds 42 speed)

6x Burst Thrusters (3xtorso, 3xlegs, adds 72 DS)

Himat Wings (wings, adds 10 speed, 20 DS - 40HP)

Citadel Shield (wings, adds 20 DS)

Polarized Cameras (head, immune to blind)

Vari-Cams (head, negates Mirage Colloid at a 50% Distant range reduction cost)

AI support x3 (torso, 30 AS bonus to ranged attacks)

Melee Subroutines x2 (torso, 20 AS bonus to melee attacks)

Multi-Targeter (torso, multi target capability)

Anti-beam coating x3 (torso, -60 damage and penetration to energy attacks for 9 hits)


Weapon Components:

High Voltage Harpoon Rifle (right hand, 5 ballistic damage 400 penetration, 85% chance to stun, 1 reload)

FRALA Lance (left hand, polearm 280 energy damage 150 penetration, 1 extra attack per round vs enemy entering Melee range for 2x damage, 3x damage auto-hit vs ramming attacks)

Plasma Launcher (left leg (hip), 150 energy damage 30 AS bonus, can hit mutiple nemeis in 30m radius, indirect fire)

3x Neutron Grenades (torso, -100 AV on hit)

3x Cling-Acid Grenades (torso, -50% speed, -25% AS/DS, inflicts special damage past armor equal to 2x inflicted speed penalty for 3 turns)


Total HP: 277

AV: 70 vs all

AS: 105 (135 with Plasma Launcher)

DS: 157

Speed: 110

Personal Touch: Red Ones Go Fasta' x3

Pilot Skills: 10x AS, High Speed Combat Expert, 2x Crimson Lance Pirate

6/9/2012 . Edited 7/23/2012 #29

Name: Belltower Mk 2

Chassis: Quantum Reinforced (10 RP)

Size: 30 meters (3% HP, -6 DS)

Mass: 180 tons

Description: An evolution of the Dagger design. Following the dissolution of the FNE, several private companies bought the rights to old Alliance designs. Upgraded and optimized for "Police Work", the Belltower is the result. The design is literally stretched to the limit to make it appear more intimidating, while modern construction techniques allow only minimal structural support loss from such a change. In fact, with recent advances in engineering, the suit's armor is more effective than ever. Belltowers mark 2 adds a deadly hyper-impulse cannon in addition to the existing weapon system, as well as includes an upgraded version of the OS, and better maneuverability.. Corporations tend to hire only the best when it comes to security, and all pilots are highly trained in the use of these weapons.

Basic Parts: (28 slots, 231 HP, 35 RP) (13% HP bonus, 10 AV bonus)

Advanced head: 4 slot, 35 HP, 2 RP

Advanced torso: 8 slots, 80 HP, 6 RP

Advanced arms: 4 slots, 38 HP, 6 RP

Advanced legs: 6 slots, 38 HP, 6 RP

Advanced Wings: 6 slots, 40 HP, 10 RP

Reinforced Construction X3: 15 RP

Extra slot torso 2: 2 RP

Extra slots head 3: 3 RP

Combat Components: 176 RP

Nuclear Reactor (torso, 6 slots, 20 RP) (8 speed, 20 DS)

Trans-Phase Shift Armor (torso, 2 slot, 15 RP) (10 AV, 100 vs B/M, -1 speed)

20mm CIWS (head, 1 slot, 4 RP) (6 B, 20 DS vs missile)

Beam saber (arms, 1 slots, 8 RP) (30 E, 20 P)

Hyper Impulse Cannon (arms, 3 slots, 30 RP) (77 E)

Five Railgun Battery (wings, 6 slots, 31 RP) (130 B, 140 P)

AI Fire support (head, 3 slot, 30 RP) (30 ranged AS)

Afterbunrers (legs, 3 slots, 12 RP) (6 speed)

Burst Thruster (legs, 3 slots, 12 RP) (12 DS)

Total HP: 261

AV: 20, 110 B/M X2 = 40, 220 B/M

AS: 15 (50 Ranged)

DS: 36 (56 vs M)

Speed: 18

Perks: Lock on X2 (6 CP), Weapon Specialization X2 (Railguns) (3 CP)

Personal Touch: Sharpshooter

6/17/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #30
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