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This is a structured RP based around the technology and setting of my epic length story series. Primarily for fans, but anyone who can follow the rules is welcome
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I've been doing some due consideration on the number of players, number of missions and number of GM's. I've come to the conclusion that we have too many characters in play as things currently are. The GM's get swamped, people get their new characters left out of missions because of space and time requirements, and all that sort of thing. Its starting to become unwieldy. Thus I am hereby laying down a stricture on all of us. We have 18 active participants in this forum at the current time:

1. Atrum

2. Asmus

3. Skyfall

4. Revan

5. Orange

6. Brainless

7. Fedora

8. Crosswise

9. Tristraim

10. Shade

11. Rain

12. Kiman

14. Kaleb

15. Fallen

16. Firesword

17. Knightmare

18. Maderfole

In any set of games (Mission, Operations, Engagements, Contracts, Kaleb's Missions) one of us is going to be a GM, so that leaves 15-20 players, spread across 2 to 3 factions (Eddies, USN and Independent). Even disregarding characters too weak to take an advanced mission, thats 5-6 characters available for each faction mission, the way things currently are. That just bogs things down, and leaves us with the potential for a lot of hanging missions when Real Life interrupts and a player can't post or update in a timely fashion, forcing the GM to step in and do even more work moving things along. I guess the forum is now a victim of its own popularity in a manner of speaking.

So here's the rub. I'm not going to limit the number of characters you create. Creating characters is fun and instructional, and helps make sure the system stays vital and closes up any gaping loopholes or broken rules. However, each player can only have 4active characters participating in games at any one time. So Revan could have 80% of Avatar's cast in Prussians sitting in the wings, but only 4 of them could be in use, spread across Missions, Engagements and Operations. That leaves us with a stable of 60-80 active characters at most (not all of us even have 4 active characters anyway), spaced across 10-15 games, which is about 3-5 players per game.

You can switch characters out of your inactive list and onto the active list any time between games, but I'm putting an end to one Player sending a character on all 3 M's, both E's and both O's. It was fine when the forum was smaller and I was the only GM, but we're starting to have hordes of characters here. Obviously I won't enforce this ruling in the M's, but all Players should decide which of their characters are going to be their active 4 for the future, which may end up weeding characters out of the Operations and Engagements. I will create a forum subcategory for the Roster Lists, and a topic called the "Ready Room" where you should post your current three Active Characters in (just their names and factions is enough, but putting in combat quick reference data could be helpful to us GM's too). Only the 4 characters in your Ready Room post can participate in games, though feel free to use any of the others in RP's as much as you like.

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Umm. Maderfole I'm not on the list. I realise I tend towards stealth characters but I didn't think I was so skilled the GM would miss me. :)

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That whole psychic null thing, I guess, right?

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Well we did establish that your an Edenite so assuming your latent the null could keep you from noticing me despite you "seeing" the Ghosts. I supose I should take it as a compliment.

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Combat Initiative

This advanced system is for those who want a more realistic setting for their combat, where the speed of a Mecha and their distance from their enemies makes a difference as to who can attack whom first, resulting in a greater spread of damage posts without one side being completely unable to attack due to the superior firepower or lucky rolls of their attackers. At the most basic level, the order in which Characters act in a round is determined by the Speed of their mecha, according to the following calculation:

Initiative = Speed/5, round down.

So a Mecha with 30-34 speed would have 6 Initiative base. To this number are added the following modifiers:

Distance needed to travel:

For every 1000 meters between you and your target, subtract -1 from your Initiative score when making a Melee or Close attack against them. Ranged attacks are not affected. If you possess the "Ride the Wind" perk, this modifier is changed to -1 per 2000 meters needed to travel.

Environmental Factors:

This is things like asteroid fields, heavy fog, undergrowth and other obstacles that impede the movements of a Mecha, even if it doesn't always reduce it's speed. This is a variable penalty, between -1 and -5, as decided by the GM for the severity of the obstacle, applied to any who must pass through said obstacle on their way to making a Melee/Close range attack on a target.

Stationary Bonus:

Any unit which does not move from a stationary position during their turn gains a plus 25% bonus to their Initiative score to account for their steady hands and prepared mind.

Perk Bonuses:

Some perks grant a bonus to Initiative as well. High Speed Combat Expert grants a 25% bonus to a Mecha's Initiative score. High Speed Combat Master grants a 50% bonus to Initiative, superseding that from HSCE. Movement Master reduces the penalty to Initiative from Environmental Factors by 1 per level of the perk, minimum penalty of 0. Moves Like Lightning grants a plus 3 to Initiative per level of the perk. The Kamikaze Perk increases your Initiative by 50% per level. The Dig In Perk increases the Stationary bonus to Initiative by 10% per level of the perk.

Boost Bonus:

When a character uses a Boost skill (Seed, Sniper Focus, Berserker Fury) they gain a bonus to Initiative as long as that boost is in effect. This bonus is a plus 1 to Initiative for every 20 points of BS the character has. When the boost ends, a character takes a similar penalty of -1 Initiative per 20 BS score unless they have Tireless Boost. In the case of Enhanced Fury/Focus, Ascended Seed and other perks, the total bonus to AS and DS is counted, not the raw BS score.

Experience Bonus (NPC only):

A grunt unit has a 0 bonus to Initiative. Elites have between 2-4 bonus to Initiative. Uniques/bosses have a 5-8 bonus to Initiative.


The unit with the highest Initiative score has their attacks occur first in any result post, followed by the next highest and so forth on down the line. It is recommended that GM's do not use individual Initiative for hordes of grunt units, but rather split them into blocks by squadrons or other groups, to make managing them esier.

6/3/2012 . Edited 6/3/2012 #5

This Update is for GM's only. After seeing the sort of units you guys have been creating and mislabeling grunts, I've come to the conclusion that I made a mistake when I told you to use a 200 RP budget when creating Grunt units. 200 RP after all is exactly as much RP as players have access to starting out. And unlike Players, these grunts we see are using faction tech also. So that means the "simplest" units we face in Operations, Engagements, and Contracts are basically mass produced player machines. Many of them have more HP than lv 1 players. Some of them have better damage and better AS than lv 1 players as well. And they are coming in groups of 20 and more per mission. Against lv 1's. If we set up a PvP fight with 20 players on one side and 5 on the other, I don't think anyone would consider it a "balanced" and "fair" fight, yet that sort of odds is exactly what I see transpiring in most of the battles right now.

So I am taking action to remedy my mistake. This will require work on all our behalfs, but it doesn't have to be done instantly. Just before your next mission (Operation 3, Engagement 2 or Contract 2) starts. I repeat... Mecha CURRENTLY IN USE DO NOT HAVE TO BE CHANGED UNTIL THE CURRENT MISSIONS ARE OVER. They don't have to be changed at all if you don't want to, they just have to have their reward ratio changed to reflect their new level. Though with the re-evaluation of threat levels, I strongly urge all sitting GM's to reconsider what sort of rewards they are planning to offer for their current missions, to reflect the added difficulty. All GM created units will now be created according to the following guidelines. Previously created suits MUST be edited to comply with the new guidelines. No exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation, and again, I apologize for setting you up for such mistakes through my own prior guidelines.


General Terms:

Level: The level of a NPC suit is correspondent to the general degree of challenge a design should present. A lv 1 Grunt should be sent against lv 1 players, with no need for a reward when taking them down. Sending a lv 2 Grunt against lv 1 players would be a good place to put a small RP/CP reward for destroying them. Players should never recieve a reward for killing grunts of their same or lower level.


Grunt Creation Budget:

Level 1 Grunt's are made with 100 RP and 5 CP. For every additional level a Grunt is supposed to be rated/valued at, increase their budget by 50 RP and 2 CP. So a Level 2 Grunt would be 150 RP and 7 CP, a level 3 Grunt would be 200 RP and 9 CP, etc. Grunts of less than lv 3 DO NOT have access to Faction Tech.

Elite Creation Budget:

Elites always start out as Level 2, and Level 2 Elite's are made with 250 RP and 10 CP. For every additional level an Elite is supposed to be rated/valued at, increase its budget by 75 RP and 2 CP. Elites always have access to Faction Tech.

Boss/Unique Creation Budget:

Boss/Uniques always start out as Level 3, and Level 3 Bosses are made with 500 RP and 20 CP. For every additional level, a Boss increase its budget by 150 RP and 5 CP. Bosses always have action to Faction tech, and can acquire Faction tech from up to one additional faction at 150% of normal cost.

PvP Boss Creation Budget:

PvP Bosses start out as 1 level in advance of the Players they are set to confront, and have and RP and CP budget equal to the average of the players they are meant to fight, increased by 20%. PvP bosses of lv 3 or higher have action to two Faction tech trees. PvP bosses cannot kill players, merely reduce them to 1 HP and "defeat" them, or possibly capture them for a Rescue mission.

Storyline Characters:

When dealing with creating a character from out of the TGA cast, or who is central to the plotline of your particular RP story, there is no limit on RP and CP available to create the character. But they should be rated as one level for every 200 RP and 10 CP that goes into them, in terms of challenege. Storyline characters may use Faction tech from multiple factions, as appropriate for their standing in the Story.


Infantry Enemies:

These are GUIDELINES ONLY. CP Allocations are for extra abilities, NPC Infantry specialists naturally grow in AS/DS as they get to higher levels, so they don't have to spend as much CP on those abilities. You can of course spend CP on additional AS/DS for your specific soldier units.

Civilian Enemy (Scientists, Technicians, any random personnel that may be in the Mission): 5 HP, 5 AS, 5 DS, 5 Speed, 4 CP worth of abilities (this applies regardless of genetics, civilians don't have full combat skills for genotypes). 5 EP worth of gear, mostly Special equipment if any, or 1 slot Ranged or Melee weapons costing 2 EP or less, no Grenades.

Security Trooper/Green Soldier (lv 1-2 enemy): 10-15 HP, 10-15 AS/DS, Speed per Genotype, 5-8 CP, 10-15 EP worth of gear.

Front Line Soldier (lv 3-4 enemy), 25-35 HP, 25-35 AS/DS, Speed per Genotype, 11-14 CP, 20-25 EP worth of Gear, access to Faction tech.

Stormtrooper/Veteran Soldier (lv 5-7 enemy), 60-80 HP, 60-80 AS/DS, Speed per Genotype, 17-23 CP, 30-40 EP worth of Gear, Faction Tech.

Miniboss (lv 3-10 enemy), 40-150 HP, 40-150 AS/DS, Speed per Genotype plus 1, 15-40 CP, 20-60 EP worth of Gear, Faction Tech.

Boss (lv 5-15 enemy), 80-500 HP, 80-500 AS/DS, Speed per Genotype plus 3, 30-120 CP, 40-150 EP worth of Gear, Faction Tech.

As ever, when creating units, its important for GM's to KNOW YOUR PLAYERS. Don't go tossing in lv 7 grunts into the mission just because thats what you needed to make your cool infantry dudes, when all your players are barely lv 2 or 3, comparatively. Scale the challenge to the group at hand. Just a word of advice.

6/23/2012 . Edited 9/8/2012 #6

I'm setting this down as the new Level criteria for players, since its confusing. If your Mecha level is higher than that of a mission, you recieve less RP reward. If your Pilot level is higher than that of a mission, you get less CP reward. If both are higher, then less of both rewards.

Lv 1: 200 RP and 20 CP

Lv 2: 250-350 RP and 25-35 CP

Lv 3: 351-500 RP and 36-50 CP

Lv 4: 501-700 RP and 51-70 CP

Lv 5: 701-900 RP and 71-90 CP

Lv 6: 901-1100 RP and 91-110 CP

Lv 7: 1101-1200 RP and 111-130 CP.

Mecha gain 1 "level" for every 100 RP over 1200, but players don't get RP from missions once they reach 1200 RP.

Lv 8: 131-150 CP

Lv 9: 151-170 CP

Lv 10: 171-190 CP

Every level is simply 20 CP higher than the one before it from this point.

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