Smackdown n' Raw Impact roleplay
I know there's a-lot these but I want to make one, so if you're a fan of wrestling RPG's/Roleplay's, then this is the place to be.
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Kitty Navy

If you want your OC to be part of this role-play the fill out this application, for your OC.


Ring name:


Billed from:



Signature move (Up to 2 moves):


Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc):





I'll late start a topic to start off on.

4/15/2012 #1

Can i simply claim CM Punk and John Cena if that's not much trouble.

5/31/2012 #2
Kitty Navy

Not a problem go ahead. :)

6/3/2012 #3

Name: Alexis Lee Toombs

Ring name: "Sexy" Lexi Piper

Age: 24

Billed from: Glasgow, Scotland

Appearance: She has white skin, short blonde hair, bright brown eyes, and a pretty square face with no blemishes. Her body is of average height and she has big b***, a slim waist, and shapely hips. She wears a blue and white dress with blue wrestling shoes

Weight: 130

Signature move (Up to 2 moves): Jawbreaker. "Piper's Tune" (Series of punches to the stomach and chops to the chest to an opponent in the corner).

Finisher: "Paying the Piper" (Spinning sitout sleeper slam)

Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc): Smackdown

Theme: "Daughter of the brave" by Jim Johnston

History:Alexis has been a wrestling fan since she was five years old which makes sense since she's the daughter of a wwe legend. She loved the pomp, circumstance, and overall entertainment that wrestling brought to the masses and the older she grew, the more she loved it. However she didn't get the bug until she was 18 when her father took her a private WWE training center in Tampa, Florida. After proving she could hold her own in training against divas like Trish Stratus, Victoria, and Melina she tried to push her father into giving her a match but he didn't budge. Instead he did provide her with the money for her to enroll in the development territories. After honing her craft there she earned a spot in the WWE.

Personality: Alexis' character is cool, smug, and slicker than oil on an iceberg. She always has something to say and an opinion on her mind, perfectly fitting her role as a manager/wrestler. However Alexis herself is friendly, funny, and has a good sense of humor and fun

Other: Prior to becoming a wrestler herself she was a writer of wrestling-based stories and fanfiction. Her guilty pleasure is comic book reading. She likes punk rock, pop punk, and country music

6/8/2012 #4
Kitty Navy

Thanks for sending in your character for this role-play. :)

6/9/2012 #5

Name: Kayla Sofistique

Ring name: Dynamite

Age: 26

Billed from: Kenya East Africa

Appearance: 5'4", Red hair, Blue eyes, Olive Skin. Ring gear consists of Red and Black tiger striped Cat suit, red and black tiger striped face paint, red and black tiger striped, shin high wrestling boots and red and black tiger striped fingerless gloves.

Weight: 110lbs

Signature move (Up to 2 moves): Bulldog, Face-bom (Own creation of hers)

Finisher: Ka-Kaboom

Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc): Raw

Theme: H.I.M - Passions Killing Floor

History: Kayla used to fight for an illegal wrestling company down in Dallas Texas before she was 'found' by Vince MacMahon and offered a job at the WWE. As she was the only woman in the illegal wrestling company, she finds it easier to fight men than she does women. Though she will fight women, she prefers to fight men.

Personality: Kayla is a very loving person who joined the wrestling company after her mother was killed by her father in Kenya. She doesn't like prejudice, racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind towards anyone who is considered 'different'. Dynamite however is a fiesty woman who is in need of a serious attatude adjustment. Her nickname, before she joined WWE was 'The Devil's Favourite Angel'. She has no qualms about bad-mouthing people she doesn't like and will quite happily take on anyone who wants to fight her. What Dynamite says is what Dynamite means so don't get yourself on the wrong side of this diva, or you might just find yourself facing the Ka-Kaboom.

Other: She has a little crush on Kane.

6/18/2012 #6
Kitty Navy

Accepted :)

6/20/2012 #7
Kitty Navy

Here's mine.

Name: Taylor Murphy.

Ring name: Taylor.

Age: 25.

Billed from: Liverpool, England.

Appearance: Short black hair (sometimes brown) goes up to her shoulders, dark brown eyes, tanned Caucasian, has a light peach lip-stick on, dark eye shadow, tattoo of angel wings on her hip, has red plaid shirt (opened) with a random top, black ripped shorts, and red ankle converse (unlaced).

Weight: 120 ibs.

Signature move (Up to 2 moves:) Standing moon-sault, Cross-face.

Finisher: Tornado DDT, Moon-sault.

Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc): Raw.

Theme: Rock n' roll queen.

History: She starting out watching wrestling during the 'Golden Era' and training in backyard wrestling she wanted to be like all the wrestling legends being aspired by them, she loved the change to all the female wrestlers in the 'Attitude Era' she also went to wrestling school for training on the basic wrestling moves, she noticed still watching the Divas diversion going down hill so she trained harder to get into WWE she got into FCW and did a tryout for WWE and getting in.

Personality: Bubbly and spicy attitude in her and not afraid to show it off in public.

Other: Trains in MMA to get submission moves into her moveset.

6/20/2012 #8
The Crimson Nutcase

Name: Charlie Brook

Ring name: Ray Cobra

Age: 24

Billed from: U.K. Birmingham

Appearance: brown messy hair, dark brown eyes, goattie, 6 ft 2 in , muscular build, paleish skinStreet gear:white shirt, black trousers, red trainers,Wrestling gear: red and black goggles (takes them off in ring), white shirt with red blot's (takes it off when in ring), Cobra in large black letters on the back, dark blue trousers,fingerless gloves, wresting shoes

Weight: 246 lb

Signature move (Up to 2 moves): running clothesline, eye poke

Finisher: Cobra Cutter (TKO)

Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc): Smackdown

Theme:jeff williams - Can't trust anybody now (/watch?v=HiQSX4yHPeQ)

History:Rasied as the middle child in his family he was often found to be not really ignored but looked over, he started fights at a young age to stand out, he found that he throws quite a few good punches during alots of fights, starting to take boxing lessons at an early age, after watching wresting for the 1st time on TV he deiced that if he was going to fight for a living, he wanted it to be as flashy and as fun looking as wresting.

Personality: sneaky, angry, in your face, rebellious, lair, not trust worthy,



Name: Eve Annebell

Ring name: Eve Arcade

Age: 22

Billed from: Florida palm beach

Appearance: black hair with bright red, blue and green streaks, 5 ft 5, bright green contact lenses, toned body, slightly tanded skinned,Street gear: old kung fu movie t shirts, skin tight jeans, flat kung fu shoe's, Wrestling gear:tube top, fish net gloves that stop at her eblow, black shorts that stop 1/2 way down her leg, kung fu shoes

Weight: 112 lb

Signature move (Up to 2 moves): Springboard moonsault,standing shooting star press

Finisher:Super Kick, Buzzsaw Kick

Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc): Raw

Theme: Daft punk - Superhero's

History:her uncle was a teacher a dojo, she took lessons from quite a young age and slowly got better, taking gymnastics as well she got better at that, she was takken to watch wresting at 12 and she decied she wanted to do thtat for aliving..the large crowds and the cheering she wanted to be up there

Personality: Super excited, positive, friendly, a happy go-lucky kung fu girl, love's a fight, very glass is half full,


8/7/2012 #9
Kitty Navy

Accepted. :D

8/8/2012 #10
The Crimson Nutcase

sweet cakes! :D

8/8/2012 #11
Kitty Navy

(Here is my character who's going to be the GM of this RP)

Name: Lola Jones

Ring name: Lola

Age: 22

Billed from: Houston, Texas

Appearance: Black wavy hair that reaches her mid-back, side fringe, tanned, brown eyes, red lipstick, black eye shadow, eyeliner, wears a business suit (kinda like Stacy Keibler's in WCW)

Weight: 120 ibs

Signature move: DDT

Finisher: Kick to the face

Show: GM of Raw

Theme: Mid life crisis by Faith no more

History: She got into wrestling watching it with her boyfriend, she was a cheerleader/Gymnastics her father trained with her since he had some wrestling background, her father called up WWE and they told her to train and come and show them her style, she showed WWE her style and at the end she got in but the creative team told her they had a good story line for her becoming GM and she accepted

Personality: A stuck up bi**h, over uses her power as GM

8/9/2012 #12
The Crimson Nutcase

Name: Frank South

Ring name: Zed 'The Punk Rockin' Misfit' Murdoc

Age: 23

Billed from: New York, New York

Appearance: red spiked Mohawk, pale skin, black eye's (through contacts), 5 ft 9 in, skinny but muscular build, tattoos up both of his arms (an upside down cross on his left forearm, metal barb wire leading down from his shoulder to his wrist on his right arm), In ring: wears a long, open leather jacket with ZED in blood red letters on the back (takes it off in ring), black trousers with red line's going from the thighs to his knee's, grey lines from his knee's to his feet going around in a circle, elbow pad's, fingerless glove's, black shoe's,each arm sports a dark armband, around his neck he wears a silver Anarchy necklace and spiked collar (both taken off when getting in ring), Out of ring: basicly the same

Weight: 202 lb

Signature move (Up to 2 moves): Spear, Tongan death grip

Finisher: Corkscrew leg drop, spring board corkscrew moonsalut (to the out side of the ring as well)

Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc): Raw


History: A wannabe rock star from a young age, but seeing as he had no talent for musical instruments, he did have a talent for fighting. so soon started to put some work into training to do this. soon standing out for his style of high flying wrestling and lack of concern for him self, he was scouted by the WWE and soon made this debate and mixed in his wannabe rock star style into it.

Personality: very abrasive, loud and violent personality, angry, in your face, loves to brawl, annoying, crazy, lack of personal personal safety.


8/9/2012 #13
Kitty Navy

Accepted! (:

8/9/2012 #14
The Hardy Brother's Fan

Name:kernita harris


Billed from:Pensacola florida

Appearance:dark skined,short but fat but not that fat,small waisted, big hips and b***, chocolate brown eyes.

Weight:over 200 pounds,

Signature move:Phoenix splash, bird drop.

Finisher:the famous phoenix striker (this one still being in the making progress.)


Theme:No More Words

History:living with HBK and his Family since she having Problems with her family. she and him is close, as a friend, daughter/father. triple H and her are close friends too, but in as a sister brother relationship, anyway she have a crush on jeff hardy. who in return secretly likes her, he not sure of his feelings toward her yet, she a friend to him, shawn aware of this and try to keep him in bay,but who can blame him? jeff is a few of years older then her! her cousin used to be a famous wrestler, so she following his footsteps,

Personalty:friendly, carefree, kind, soft hearted, short temper, studbort, hardheaded,

other:matt have a big crush on kernita,

8/11/2012 #15
Kitty Navy


8/13/2012 #16
the true Deity of Insanity
(This'll be jumbled.) REAL NAME: Zerot Steen. WRESTLING NAME: "The Nightmare" Zegot Rune. AGE: 25. BILLED FROM: Darkest recesses of the mind. APPEARANCE: 6'0. White spiked mohawk. Black lensed contacts. Not muscly but fit. Lanky. Black makeup all over face and body creates rune shaped designs. Going to the ring he wears a skull mask, black trenchcoat, buttoned to hide top half of body, black fingerless gloves, black combat pants with blades (fake) jutting out, black boots. In ring wears black tights black boots, and black gloves. WEIGHT: 196 lbs. SIGNATURE MOVES: None. FINISHER: Cloverleaf. SHOW: Raw. THEME: Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold. HISTORY: real life: A guy who grew up loving wresting. in ring: A sadist who loves finding different ways to hurt an opponents. Became a submission specialist for that reason. PERSONALITY: Real life: A nice guy who likes to have fun. In ring: A dark twisted person who only wants to hurt people. OTHER: Doesn't like to win by anything other then submission.
8/15/2012 #17
Kitty Navy

Accepted! :D

8/15/2012 #18
the true Deity of Insanity
8/15/2012 #19
The Crimson Nutcase

Name: Lucy Francis

Ring name: Lucia Deila

Age: 28

Billed from: France, Paris

Appearance: Long brown hair, blue eye's, slender build,5 ft 8,is African american green eye's, sliver framed glasses, white button up shirt , black glove's, white knee length skirt, black leggings, black high heel's, green fur coat with black lines along the back


Signature move (Up to 2 moves): Slap to the face, kick the knee then kick the head

Finisher:Kick to the groin

Show (Raw, Smackdown, ): Smackdown GM


History: A girl from Qubec she started an interest wrestling coming from her older sister...who would tease and beat her up so she wanted to be able to. having very little talent for wresling but she did have mic skill as shefound out she was good at talking and talking. She soon ended up a GM and was much more then happy to have this job

Personality: easily get's jealous, dose her best to try to act clam and fair, dose her best to no abuse her power as GM, can seem quite childish when her jealous gets the best of her

Other: Speaks in a french accent


(sleepy but will finish laters

8/21/2012 . Edited 8/22/2012 #20
Kitty Navy


8/21/2012 #21
the true Deity of Insanity
NAME: Seamus Hannigan. RING NAME: Shannon O'Hannigan. AGE: 25. BILLED FROM: Dublin, Ireland. APPEARANCE: Short cut red hair, red goatee, crooked nose, very buff upper body, pale skin, stands 6'5. Tatoo of 4-leaf clover on back. To the ring and in it wears orange, white, and green boxing trunks, chain with golden boxing gloves, green boots, green boxing training gloves (still able to use fingers but are protected during punches.) Outside of that still the boots and chain but with a green opened jacket and green sweats. WEIGHT: 259 lbs. SIGNATURE MOVES: Emerald fusion, body press. FINISHER: Dublin KO (bunch of punches ending in a right uppercut.) SHOW: Smackdown. THEME: The Irish Patriot theme from WWE '12 (to change at a later date when I remember I wanted). HISTORY: Grew up on the streets of Ireland where he had to constantly fight. That brought him to a boxing hall where he trained and became an amatuer boxer. Had a couple pro fights but due to the cheating by promoters he quit and was picked up by WWE.
8/22/2012 #22
the true Deity of Insanity
PERSONALITY: A fighter through and through. Doesn't care about talking. Wants to earn oppurtunities. OTHER: Held the amatuer world heavyweight boxing title.
8/22/2012 #23
Anarchy The Mad Drifter

Name: Tristan Worth

Ring name: Anarchy

Age: 23

Billed from: Seattle, Washington

Appearance: Medium Build, wears a loose red hoody with black pads and gloves, he wears a black mask with a red smile painted on.

Weight: 263

Signature move (Up to 2 moves):

Laughing Guilotine: When his opponent's in a corner, Anarchy will preform a running clothesline before swinging onto the arpon and preforming a chokehold.

Fall of Order:When his opponent is sitting on a corner, Anarchy will preform a stone cold stunner from the top rope.


Gunpowder Treason: An Elevated powerbomb followed by an adjustment piledriver.

Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc): Raw

Theme: (Heel) First of the year by Skrillex (Face) Becoming insane by Infected Mushroom

History: An Ex-member of ECW and other h*** wrestling, Anarchy specializes in two types of matches: Barbed Wire and Extreme rules, He is the Jack of Pain, as his matches are brutal, bloody and often sickening. If you don't want to be hit in the head with a baseball bat studded with thumb tacks, don't step in the ring.

Personality: Outside, Trent is often a funny, sarcastic guy who is quite friendly. Inside, he is a raving psychopath who's funny antics bely one thing, this is the man responsible for some of the bloodiest brawls.

Other: If in an Extreme Rules Match, Anarchy will bring his weapon, a Baseball bat wrapped in duct tape which is studded with tumbtacks

9/13/2012 . Edited 9/13/2012 #24
Kitty Navy

Both accepted! :)

9/15/2012 #25
The Hardy Brother's Fan

Name: Jason Michaels


Signature:Cross arm breaker, Four star leg drop.

Finisher:Sweet chin music,


Theme Song:N/A

History: He is the cousin Of HBK. He always wanted to like him while growing up so he started training when he got older and Then Went To smaller companies and then made it to TNA wrestling as he watch his cousin wrestle for years.

12/10/2012 #26
The Hardy Brother's Fan


Other:He Always admire cousin while growing up and have light blue eyes.

12/10/2012 #27
Name: Brandon moats Ring name: black jack Age: 24 Billed from: Miami Florida Appearance: African American, black hair, black eyes, muscular, 7'2", in ring wears dark jeans, while entering as a shark tooth necklace. Weight: 450lb Signature move: choke slam, power bomb Finisher: black night (he gets them in a DDT position, swings his arm under them and carries them above his head slamming them down on the other side. Show: raw Theme: bodies- drowning pool History: not much is known about him before wrestling, but during his wrestling carter he as always been a dominating competitor, and a destructive one as well. Personality: people say don't get on his bad side, but that's probably his only side. Other: N/A
1/18/2013 #28
Kitty Navy

All accepted.

3/9/2013 #29

Name: Max Landon

Ring name: Max Dread

Age: 24

Billed from: Fort Worth Texas

Appearance: Short dark brown hair, average height. soul patch with 5 o'clock shadow wears black full legged tights with flames down the side.

Weight: 245lbs

Signature move (Up to 2 moves): German suplexes and a reverse sto

Finisher: Devil's whisper and overarmed reverse neckbrecker

Show (Raw, Smackdown, Etc): Raw

Theme: (face) King of the Stereo by saliva (Heel): Yet to be determined.

History: Grew up watching the late attiude era. He decided he wanted to be a wrestler. He started first looking for ovw trainers. after years he was picked up by former wwe superstar Edge who decided to help the company with scouting new talent.

Personality: Friendly to people he likes. he is also rather cocky and loves making verbal jabs at his opponents.

3/9/2013 . Edited 3/24/2013 #30
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