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Have you ever wondered if we are living in The Matrix? Have you ever wondered what everyone meant by the metaphors? Have you ever wondered what went wrong. Well here, you can talk about that, all you want. It's here that we can discuss everything.
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Warlord Darnell

I know it's a crazy question, but what if we are. The possibility exists. People seem to go missing all of the time, and without a trace. No one can tell where they went, and there is no possible trace of what happened. To me, that sounds like someone has taken the red pill and left.

I'm wondering if anyone else has some ideas on that. Do you think we're living in The Matrix?

7/3/2012 #1

It's not a crazy question. In my mind, the idea is actually highly likely, same as extra-terrestrials and time travel. Most people believe that all that exists is what they know of, and they are content to continue living that way. I believe that there is an infinate number of possibilities, and probabilities, and that this world actually is the Matrix, is one of the more likely ones.

People do disappear with no trace, all the time. And who handles missing persons cases? Police and government, people who specificly have 'Agent' in their title. Being a conspiracy theorist, I've always believed that there are people who's job it is to make specified 'targets' disappear, and who's to say that those people, aren't just a program, or perhaps people from the real world freeing red pills?

Either which way, it just seems really suspicious to me. So no, you aren't alone in your thinkng, and yes, I have many theories, and theories within those theories, on this.

I believe it is possible that we could be living in the Matrix, and there are times that I fully believe it. The thing is though, we could never trully know, unless we get contacted and offered the red or blue pills, whether this is the Matrix, or perhaps the world that creates the Matrix.

3/9/2014 #2
I think it's highly probable that the Matrix does exist. Although, I don't think that Machines have enslaved us ,yet. There may be higher beings that have evolved above humans. No one knows what happens after death. After death, we may actually wake up from the Matrix. Who knows?... Too many unexplained mysteries do seem to support the fact... I have heard about telekinetics, clairvoyants, unexplained ESP,etc...Although I've been sceptical of most of them, no smoke without fire. They might be the Zion of our universe. The most intriguing thought to me, however unrelated it may be, is this:What happens when we actually fight our own hereditary characteristics, our own genetic code? What will we become? Are we more than the sum of our genes? Nature controls our genetic code, after all.
11/19/2015 #3
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