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Name: Joshua

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance: Average build, burns on his right hand from fire.

Clothing: Blue Jeans, black tee shirt, grey sneakers, a Mtn Dew hat, and a wedding ring.

Weapons: Average M9, G18 with an extended mag, and a machete.

Personality: Normally calm and quiet, but now he is easily aggravated when people talk sh*t about anything.

Bio: He was a normal guy trying to live a good life with his love Jenny. The Infection broke out on the day of his wedding, on that same day his fiance Jenny and him were split up. Ever since then he's been on the lookout for her.

Love/crush: Jenny (Missing)

8/7/2012 #31
small punk

Accepted! =]

8/7/2012 #32
Castiel Mk. III

Name: Lucas Jensen

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: 6'2" with dark blue hair and eyes. Scars across his ribs from where a Hunter swiped him.

Clothing: Black shirt with stonewashed jeans that have metal rings threaded into them and which lighten towards the bottom and a pair of light brown Timberland hiking boots. White MMA gloves and two silver bands on his left index and middle finger.

Weapons: MPi-KM, SiG P226 with Blackwater USA markings and a stainless steel knife.

Personality: Prefers simply to kill his way through the zombie apocalypse alone, and doesn't really tend to get along with other survivors but works with them anyway for the sake of practicality. Is willing to do what he must to survive, even if it makes killing other human beings necessary.

Bio: Born in Long Island and moved to Nebraska when he was 18. In his own words, "Not many people, lots of guns. I'm in Heaven already." When the outbreak happened he simply took what he needed and then gunned down all the dead people banging on his door before securing it to the back of his Ducati and then taking off to wherever there was enough of what he needed to survive. He made sure to pull up at his old workplace and give his colleagues and boss some bullets in the head before leaving the state, courtesy of Blackwater, though.

Love/crush: None at the moment.

8/9/2012 #33
small punk

Accepted =]

8/9/2012 #34
Name: (What's your survivor's name?) Winnie Ronald Gender: (Boy or Girl?) Girl Age: (How old are you?) 13 Appearance: (What are your physical features?) relatively short (at about 5'1)and small with big blue eyes and bobbed blonde hair.she is fairly injured at her frist sighting and she has fair skin that burns easily. She is quick but very clumsy. Clothing: (What do you wear?) A ripped dark green jacket that is a few size to big. Blue jeans, red sneakers, and a big blue Green shirt. Weapons: (Kill, kill, kill! Please use real weapons.) a pistol or a throwing knife. Personality: (What are you like?) Really she is just a scared little girl. Winnie comes off as shy and afraid. She takes every second of her life knowing she is probably the youngest still alive and tries to fight hard for her survival but won't go much farther. Before the infection, Winnie was more of a happy athletic pree-teen with big hopes and a couple of friends. Bio: (What's your story? The more bio, the better!) Winnie grew up ( or spent her childhood) with a older brother,Henry 16,and two parents who always told her to work hard and keep up. When the infection hit , her family kept low and hid. A Charger managed to find his way in and take out her family. Winnie managed to escape from the house ,but as he attacked managed to ingure her severally as she got into a safe house and locked the door. She sat in that safe house in the back room for a few days. Love/crush: (Please clear it up with the character's owner.) none really as they all are like 6 years older than her. She is kindof a expiramental character that I will probably kill off soon...
8/25/2012 #35
A Devious Mind
Accepted. Since the survivors are on a boat, she could be a stowaway. Oh, and one more thing, I plan on making this an official announcement: IT IS BARELY THE THIRD DAY OF INFECTION. NO BACKSTORIES ON WHAT HAPPENED AT THE BEGINNING, BECAUSE THEY STILL ARE IN THE BEGINNING.
8/25/2012 #36
Oh sorry...
8/25/2012 #37
A Devious Mind
It's okay. I just expect people to read the first page at least.
8/25/2012 #38
Yea. Sorry again.
8/25/2012 #39

Name: Luke Smith

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Appearance: Stands at a lean five foot ten, silver hair once buzzcut, since grown out somewhat

Clothing: Powered exoskeletal frame reinforced with Styrofoam padding and Kevlar-blanket wrapping, black BMX helmet

Weapons: AR15 with suppressor and holographic sight, .45 caliber Glocks, one with a suppressor

Personality: Fatherly, ruthless to any survivors showing signs of "foolishness"

Bio: Once a computer programmer dabbling with DIY robotics, quickly finalized his pet project upon outbreak. Now intent on keeping as much of humanity alive, will shoot to kill any survivors who appear to be endangering the group or humanity at large.

Love/crush: None, socially awkward enough to be oblivious to any interest

8/28/2012 #40
small punk

This could be the perfect character for the survivor group, currently.

Unless Hunter as any objections, I'd say this character is accepted =]

8/28/2012 #41

Great! Love it when that happens... Now for how to get stuck in.

8/28/2012 . Edited 8/28/2012 #42
A Devious Mind
Um, Paddy, what do you mean by 'perfect'? That seems like a low blow to the others. Yeah, accepted. Just don't take the body armor too far.
8/28/2012 #43

I took that to mean my character would complement the previously posted ones well. Can't really be called armor; Kevlar in fabric form wrapped around styrofoam isn't the strongest of materials.

EDIT for clarification: It won't be god-mode. This ain't my first rodeo. He just happens to be more resilient to bullets than other survivors. Damage by infected wouldn't really change. And a Tank hit would cause some SERIOUS mechanical problems in addition to bent struts in the frame.

8/28/2012 . Edited 8/28/2012 #44
A Devious Mind
Dunno how we could introduce him, though. He survivors are on a boat.
8/28/2012 #45

Depends on the answer to my question in the chat. Worse comes to worse, three shots from shore after the current combat's over.

8/28/2012 #46
A Devious Mind
Ah, the three-shot method. Nice.
8/28/2012 #47

It's classic for a reason.

8/28/2012 #48
small punk

What I meant is that in every apocolyptic movie there's always the tough old guy in the group.

Bill from l4d, Coach from l4d 2, Dale, then Hershel, from The Walking Dead, the father who got blood in his eye in 28 Days Later, so on and so forth.

Sheesh, you're worse than my elementary school teacher. She caught me giving gum to my bff and made me give everyone a piece -.-

8/28/2012 #49
A Devious Mind
Sorry Bon-Bon :3 I have to be. Forums run on rules, and I have to enforce them.
8/28/2012 #50
small punk

Dun' call me that ):O

And yes, yes, forum rules, I get it. But they don't have to be so... censoring.

8/28/2012 #51
A Devious Mind
Sorry. And I'm not trying to censor - quite the opposite in fact - I just feel that as the admin, I need to make sure no one tries to take over the forum. We are a democracy, but ultimately, I decide most decisions.
8/28/2012 #52
small punk

Yeah yeah, I guess that makes sense.

8/28/2012 #53
The Raider

(I copied my old guy, is that alright?)

Name: Danny Wolffolk "Wolf"

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Personality/Traits: He's calm, loves to listen to anyone's problem. Easily swayed by flirting from a girl he thinks is attractive.

Clothing: Black zip up hoodie that fits close to his torso, a black button down shirt that stays open with a black shirt with KoRn on the front, dark blue jeans, black checkered VANS, a Durag, and a hand made cloth face mask with red teeth and multiple Monster tabs sewn into it and a pair of black sunglasses.

Weapons: Stolen M14 and a Hunting scope, twin silver slide Glock 17's, custom hammer and a machete

Appearance: Tall, athletic build, braided black hair, tanned skin.

Background: Danny was in the 12th Grade when the green flu hit, impacting his school. Being one of the lucky ones, he and a few others broke into the Wal Mart nearby and took weapons they liked. Later on, he and the ten others were surrounded, only he and another survived, both parting ways.

Love:n/a currently(falls easily, hides it well though.)

8/30/2012 . Edited by A Devious Mind, 8/31/2012 #54
A Devious Mind

Gah, hate it when FFNet fucks up formatting like that. You just gave me an idea, too. There are WAY to many fucking people using "Left 2 Die", the main RP, so I'm going to create one for people with teenage characters. "Left 4 School."

8/31/2012 #55
Name: Tony Frost Gender: Male Age: 13 Physical features: 5' 9 1/2", dark brown hair, pale blue eyes, slightly muscled Weapons: katana, a M16, and a magnum pistol Personality: shy, intimidated, goes into his split personality Toxic if annoyed enough with constant nagging, loses concentration slightly for a certain point in time Bio: Tony is a loner and won't talk unless spoken to. He just wanders his neighborhood and would pick up what interests him. Toxic is what his mother and father call him because he's always bitter around them and he will have a threatening tone to his voice. The only friend he has is Jay Hunter(not me, another Oc of mine) and would go to a shooting range and do target practice with him.
9/14/2012 #56
Stupid me, clothes, he needs CLOTHES! Clothes: a red hoodie with a gold colored Biohazard sign, dark blue jeans, black and white converse shoes, a black shirt under his hoodie.
9/14/2012 #57
Talon Graveshadow

Name: Lament Miles

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Appearance: Dark green eyes short light brown hair, and a medium-complexion. He is lean and muscled, made for running and jumping, but he can pull of some powerful punches or kicks in a pinch. He's about 6'5.

Clothing:Black long sleeved shirt, jeans, black, steel-toed combat boots, and a simple, forest green jacket.

Weapons: M16A2, M1911, and his cousin's favorite wodoen baseball bat.

Personality: Very quiet, and serious. When he does speak, he gets right to the point, no beating around the bush. He has a strong sense of Justice and responsibility.

Bio: He was born into a police family, learning proper procedures and ect. from his dad, and mother, and older brother, who was eighteen by the time Lament was 8. He fired a handgun for the first time at 12, and has been steadily progressing since. He became a Police Officer at 19. He very much enjoys his job, and has a strong sense of Justice because of it. Lament also likes Horror movies.

When the infection hit, he was at the family reunion. His whole family was infected, except for his brother, who shoved some guns taht were stored in the house into Lament's hands, and told him to run. His brother held off the huge group of undead (They were a large family) and Lament was forced to run when Aunt Betty treid to take a bite out of his leg.

Love/Crush: None. He doesn't believe it belongs when there are Zombies running around.

9/14/2012 . Edited 9/18/2012 #58
Talon Graveshadow
Also, I forgot to mention, he IS a cop, has been one for Eight years.
9/14/2012 #59
Talon Graveshadow
Hold oj, I need to make a few edits, mostly to his Bio.
9/15/2012 #60
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