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A Devious Mind

Hold all arguments here.

4/18/2012 #1

This topic is all alone; so, here's some debates! Hopefully they are, indeed, debates.

Why do you think the Witch cries?

What do you think decides what Special Infected people become?

I'll add what I think in the next post ...

2/18/2013 #2
small punk

A witch is has managed to hold onto one sliver of emotion- which just do happens to be sadness.

And I believe genes determine what Special Infected become.

2/18/2013 #3
Talon Graveshadow

Personally, i think Witches aren't fully infected; as in their minds are still half-there. They realize what's happening to them, and are in an extremely fragile state. Obviously, their minds are extremely degraded, and slowly failing.

And also, I think a large number of variable determine how Special infected happen. What sort of person is infected, the situation in which they are infected, the environment around them, etc.

2/18/2013 #4

Yes! Now, I'm /horrible/ at explaining things -- so bear with me.

I think the Witch cries because she still has some part of her mind left -- notice how they tend to stay away from the Survivors, and only attack once bothered. I think this is because the feral-Infected part of their mind takes over. If you notice that once they kill someone, they'll run off, head in hands, crying.

Anyways, the reason I think she cries is because she still has part of her human mind intact. She knows what a monster she is, what happened to her, and probably has some memories of her human life.

I'll post the reason I think of how it's decided of who becomes what Special Infected later. Pizzas done.

2/18/2013 #5
small punk

Well the infection also acts as a mutation, so it is the person themselves that determines who they will be infected. Their human aspects are mutated into infected ones.

2/18/2013 #6

Yeah; like with the Hunter, I think the person pre-Infection, would be very athletic/does Parkor.

The Boomer, I think was someone who was more obese or has an eating disorder.

Witch was someone who had Depression, or Anorexia.

And ect ..

2/18/2013 #7
small punk

Yus exactly. The smoker, obviously a smoker.

But what about some of the ones from Left 4 Dead 2? Like the Spitter? And the Charger?

2/18/2013 #8

Charger, I have no idea.

The Spitter though .. I can't remember the name of it; but it's acid something. Slightly like bulimia ..

2/18/2013 #9
small punk

What like acid reflux?

2/18/2013 #10

Yes! I knew it was something like that.

2/18/2013 #11
small punk

I suppose that makes sense.

The charger could be a farmer who, uhm... *cough* plays a lot of tennis.

2/18/2013 #12


The Charger/Farmer thing, yes. He does wear overalls!

2/18/2013 #13
small punk

Yeah! But the whole one armed thing is a bit confusing, besides a serious case of chronic masturbation I can't think of anything.

2/18/2013 #14
Talon Graveshadow


Charger: That must be the feller who masturbates all day!

2/18/2013 . Edited 2/18/2013 #15
A Devious Mind
I've heard about cases where hillbillies who commit incest sometimes have babies with severe birth defects. One of them involves one arm being bigger than the other.
2/18/2013 #16
small punk

That makes sense. The hillbillies I'm forced to sit through class with each day pretty much prove the whole incest theory correct.

2/18/2013 #17
A Devious Mind
The easiest to think about are the Hunter, the Tank, the Boomer, and the Smoker. I think the hardest to explain would be the Jockey, the Spitter, and the Witch.
2/18/2013 #18
small punk

Isn't the jockey just, well, a jockey? You know, the short little guys that ride horses and do crack?

2/18/2013 #19

The Witch; -- Depression/Anorexia.

2/18/2013 #20
A Devious Mind
They were given their name because they resemble their horse-riding counterparts. I don't think they were actual jockeys.
2/18/2013 #21
small punk

But it makes sense for them to have been jockeys. Jockeys are short and light, they ride horses for a living, and they and their horses are usually strung up on drugs.

2/18/2013 #22
Talon Graveshadow
Yeah... I live in Chicago, so I don't see many 'hillbillies' around here.
2/18/2013 #23


Jeep, Pickup Truck, or Hummer, which do you think would best in the zombie apocalypse? :3

... I would pick the Hummer.

3/16/2013 #24
small punk

I know nothing of vehicles. Pickup truck, because there's one in my garage and (I think) it can hold more people)

3/16/2013 #25

Omgz, you're alive.

3/16/2013 #26
small punk

I spent yesterday and today at my cousins' house, soz =[

3/16/2013 #27
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