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A place to ask questions about what's going on/with my There Be Dragon's Harry fics. Review responses will now appear in their entirety here and updates as to what's going on and when the next chapter is coming out.
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Ah, a general thread for chat, speculation, suggestions, whatever.

I will usually post here when I am "on" so you might actually have a chance to listen to more of my ramblings, if you like...

At present, I am finishing up review replies for chapter 45.

6/4/2012 #1

And it's 3AM and I'll have to be up to make breakfast for four houseguests. *sigh* So, the rest of the review responses for chapter 45 will be up tomorrow! I'm not skipping anyone, HONEST! I'm just totally knackered right now...Zzzzz -_-

6/5/2012 #2

Well, good Luck! In here is 3:30am and I'm still awake reading another story, but I'm more active during the night. I work as a security guard during the night time, so my sleeping time is reverse.

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #3

Ah. Thank you. I ended up making breakfast sandwiches. It wasn't too complicated. LOL. A security guard? Neat! That would definitely skew a sleep schedule though. Just my student schedule has me feeling like a weird robot, because it changes so much.

I'm off to answer a few more replies, before I have to get going again...

6/5/2012 #4

And I"m off again...arggh.... T_T

6/5/2012 #5

Okay, so I wasn't really sure which thread to post it on, but when I read thru the answers to some of the reviews on the other thread, someone had asked about having a story with bi circles or something.. And I think it would be really cool. I just kind of wanted to give my opinion on that cuz I would love to see who would end up where and get the best of both versions (Straight and Slash) and seeing how the OC's and main characters would interact when mixed with the other set from the other version lol. But I also realize you're already doing two versions plus other writing and you're probably kind of over-worked at the moment. So I just kind of wanted to cast my vote on a possible future project, maybe?... I really enjoy both versions already as well as some of your other stories.

6/5/2012 #6

I'll keep it in mind for a possible future project. LOL. My current line of up updates/ and fics, as per request are quite a few!

I have a bunch of Vampire Knight fics to kickstart at present and a few Teen Titans bits, then I've had a request for a Harry with Vampires story and a dom!Harry creature fic. *faints over keyboard*. Not to mention a Harry/Loki (from the avengers) that's about three chapters through, since I think I've been bitten by that Harry/Loki bug. I don't know when I'll post what. I find it much easier to work on a good portion of the story before I post any chapters, but I'll gladly entertain the idea of a Bi circle for Harry. I can certainly see it with what I have planned out for both fics. :) Glad you found the forums, btw! _

6/5/2012 #7

I know this is random... I'm a hardcore Kyle/Wihkin (sp?) shipper now. I only just realize how completely adorable they are. I don't really care about the logistics of it (mateships and whatnot) but I love them. So adorable.

/"As Long as You're Mine" fueled love feelings

8/9/2012 #8

Oh LOLz. I haven't decided on what I want to do with those two yet, as Kyle has the lady werewolf Emily, but as you said, logistics and mateships aside, yes, they are adorable, aren't they?

*scribbles ficlet as present* (because I obviously do not need sleep... XD

Check your PM's. ;)


8/9/2012 #9

Oh Lord. You spoil us.

And Jesus H Christ. Did the sandman take a break and hand the reins over to Aie? This is the second person I've had to force to bed.

Get some sleep sweetheart. You can't work yourself to death :( Its not healthy and you won't be able to write at your top notch skills if you don't. :( Take a break, read, and sleep. Please, for me? Your health means more to me than a ficlet (as adorable as the pairing is).

Aie 3

8/9/2012 #10

You're an absolute sweetheart! :) I'm going to bed, I swear. Honest. I've actually been up planning my baby bro's bday party tomorrow. (as resident party planner in the fam.), and most of my moving stuff is packed already, so it really wasn't much to just scribble in a few lines. I'll sleep better with my head half-empty anyway. LOL...oh that sounds awful...okay, okay...I'm off to bed.

Thanks! :)

8/9/2012 #11


Just in case anyone was wondering why I didn't post the promised weekend chapter---I haven't exactly been home/at my apartment or anywhere near a computer until this afternoon. :) I'll probably try to post something during the week. It was a busy holiday weekend, lots of family visiting and me playing tour guide. *sigh* Fun times. Right. anyway, I have a full school day tomorrow, but thanks for the PM's. I'm alright. Really tired, a little ticked off (family can wear on your nerves, no matter how much you do care about them...), but otherwise alright.



9/3/2012 #12

I think that with the next update you might finally surpass the 1000 review mark.

9/11/2012 #13

Oooh, you're right! I will! :) Hmm. I might do a mini ficlet to celebrate. LOL. :)

9/11/2012 #14

Status: Currently online. LOL.

Working on review replies, the next chapter and the 1000 review happy ficlet--all at the same time. Yay for multitasking. :P

9/29/2012 #15

Status: Currently drowning in homework/occupied with weekend houseguests....

Working on : Homework, 3 projects, two papers, five poems, 4 revisions, lasagna in the oven, ....yeah...senior year sucks....

10/28/2012 #16

Status : Pretty stressed and feeling like an emotional octopus right now....

UPDATE: I've got the chapter halfway done, unfortunately, a lot of RL things are going on at the moment and I'm really spread thin over all kinds of things. Aunty's been moved to a third hospital and put right into ICU. She couldn't breathe. I"m still waiting to hear from Uncle as I couldn't go visit her today and still make it back to Uni for classes tomorrow. My best friend's mother died yesterday morning. I can't go visit her either (she's out of state and I can't leave in the middle of the semester) or attend the funeral, as I am currently playing hostess to family I haven't seen in several years. It's seven shades of crazy, but I'm alright and I'm managing. I haven't been able to do much the past two weeks, but I'm finally able to breathe, write, eat and sleep again this past weekend, so I'll be "back" in a bit. Sorry if I've worried anyone, I'm okay. Just a lot of other stuff that hasn't been "okay".

11/4/2012 #17
Sorry to hear that. I wish you everthing better and that your aunt start getting better again. NY is still a mess from hurricane sandy, but I am thankfull to G-d for sparing us the dangers. The worst we got was some fallen trees because of the strong wind.
11/5/2012 #18

Don't worry,we know you have a life. I'm sorry about your mother.Please don't over-stress yourself.Wish you all the best:)

11/8/2012 #19

Thank you, Agge. Things are slowly improving and I'm currently handling it a lot better now. :) Yikes! I'm glad the storm didn't do any major damage. I have family up there that didn't get power on until last week. :( I'm alright from the storm damage as well, we were far enough out here down south that there's nothing but just some really heavy storms and that's more than manageable compared to some folks who have lost everything.

11/11/2012 #20

Thank you, gojyo-lover20, I am finally able to destress just a little bit and I have a holiday coming up from Uni (Thanksgiving Day!), so I'm really glad for that. Thank you for the well wishes. :)

11/11/2012 #21

Status : Mildly Stressed and doing homework

UPDATE: Chapter coming! I'm going to start on the reviews and then post the chapter. :) Thank you all for your incredible patience and kindness during these past weeks.

Aunty is still in the hospital, but she is doing better. She doesn't need a tube or anything to breathe right now. I haven't seen her since they've moved her to a new room, I hope to do so this coming week as the hospital is in the opposite direction of Uni and I have to make special arrangements if I"m traveling down that way. :( Company is about gone, so I'm really happy for that. Thank you all for the well wishes! Writing is my therapy right now, so I apologize if any of the chapters seem slightly more angsty than usual...I'm trying to get to the happy parts. :)

11/11/2012 #22

Status : Working on homework. Presentations due tomorrow. :) Then Holiday break.

UPDATE: Chapter 69 will be the, 6 and 9....imagine that. Ahem. Right. Never mind.

I am doing much better. I got to visit Aunty this past weekend and while they have put her back on a mask and a tube, her vitals are holding steady and this is good news, sort of. The drs are still unsure about how things will go. But I'm really hoping it's towards improvement. Thank you for the well wishes, prayers, karma, virtual hugs. You have no idea how much they mean to me. I truly appreciate them! I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving to those of my USA readers prepping for the holiday weekend.

I also have a few more review replies to get to and the PM's. Thanks for your patience!

11/19/2012 . Edited 11/19/2012 #23

Status : Working on dead week homework. Second to last presentation due tomorrow. :) Then Finals and Holiday break. Whew...cannot wait for it!

UPDATE: Chapter 69 will be posted sometime this week, if I can manage it or else y'all will have to wait until the weekend. It's probably going to be a whopper of a chapter.

Aunty has been moved back out of ICU (again!), but she's lost a lot of muscle mass. She is able to speak now though and they are trying to give her some soft foods. This is the best improvement she has had since she's been admitted to the hospital in October. I'm SO glad for it. It's officially dead week at university (meaning I am virtually dead from writing/presenting/staying awake to keep up with classwork, etc.) and next week is Finals. Posting will depend on how much coherence and energy I can spare at the moment, afterwards though, it should be fun.

I have NOT answered any PM's as yet. I WILL get to them sometime. Just not right now. I'm really sorry for the delay in replies and I promise I am not ignoring you, it's just a lot of things I have going right now. Thank you all for your patience, kind words and encouragement. Writing this fic feels like a community effort. ;)

12/4/2012 #24
Good luck with dead week and finals. Glad your aunt is doing somewhat better. Hope everything else will settle down soon.
12/5/2012 #25

Thank you kindly, agge!

One final down, three more to go. *flumps over keyboard* so close to the end...just have to keep it together until then!

Thank you for the well-wishes for Aunty. I hope to visit her this coming weekend again. :)

12/6/2012 #26

I hope your finals are going well! Just remember, you're almost there! Are you about to start your long break? I'm Australian, so I'm not sure how uni holidays work where you are. Currently, we're on our long summer break (3 months).

Also, best wishes for your aunt! I hope she's still continuing to improve.

12/11/2012 #27


My finals finished this past Wednesday. I only get about three weeks of break until the Spring semester starts, but any time off is wonderful, so I'll take it all. Our long summer break comes after Spring, from Mid may until August. Otherwise, the Fall/Spring semesters are virtually back to back. Lucky you for the long summer break--enjoy every second of it!

Aunty is not doing very well, unfortunately, I'll be making an update in a moment.

12/17/2012 #28

STATUS: Halfway-coherent, running on very little sleep and a lot of stress.

UPDATE: Chapter 70 is probably about 1/2 way done. Not sure when I'll finish it, at the rate things are going. I might do a Christmas cameo for the TBDH cast--it will likely show up as a new, oneshot story, depending. It was supposed to feature Quinn and the Twins and Harry and the boys, in a Christmas snippet that doesn't/wouldn't fit with the current timeline for TBDH. I'm sure I'm making a muddle of explaining it, but you'll figure it out if I post it.

Aunty is not doing very well at all. They nearly lost her yesterday morning, she couldn't breathe and blacked out for a few hours. She is back on all sorts of breathing tubes, feeding tubes, IV's and whatnot. It's hard to get a straight answer out of any of the drs as to what as happened or why. There is a family meeting happening this afternoon, I am not attending as I have no way of reaching there at the moment--but I am waiting to hear the news--the meeting started at 2PM. I've been asked to fill in some positions and duties in the family, which will significantly cut into my writing time, so my updates for the holidays may not be as frequent as liked.

Thank you all for the well-wishes, encouragement and prayers. I truly appreciate all of them. I wish I had better news to share.


12/17/2012 #29

Oh no! *hugs* I'm so sorry to hear that your aunt isn't doing well. You take whatever "you-time" you need, and don't worry about the chapter. Look after yourself, and know that when things calm down, we'll all still be here. *hugs*

Wishing you a Christmas miracle, and a happier and safe holidays.


12/18/2012 #30
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