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Semper Fi93

Create your survivors!




Former Occupation:




Other info:

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #1
Semper Fi93

Name: Dietrich Kolbinian

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: Carpenter

Appearance: Black hair with streaks of grey in it from age. He has green eyes and some stubble on his face as well. He wears a Black shirt with a brown jacket and dark brown aviators that often rest on his head and he wears black work boots. For an image of his face, he looks pretty much similar to Till Lindemann from Rammstein. He is very large, not fat but he isnt slim either. He is muscular but not buff. As with before, see Till Linemann.

I do not take credit for this:

Personality: Dark and very serious. He can be a very nice person once you get to know him. He is wary of strangers and not very trusting but he eventually comes around. He hates betrayal and lies, a result of his father cheating on his mother when he was young. When she found out he proceeded to beat both of them until his mother fled his native Germany and came to America in 1972. He is a sadist when it comes to walkers, not caring if they suffer or not. (He never would have shot the walker hanging from the tree, but instead laughed.) He is a kind soul at heart though, and will always help anyone who asks.

History: Born in 1963 in Berlin, Germany on the eastern side of the border in Soviet occupied Germany, he was the son of a carpenter. His father, Albert, cheated on his wife many times and as such, beat her constantly after she found out to keep her quiet to all her friends. Eventually Dietrich and his mother fled to Western Germany, daring the escape route of crossing the Berlin wall. Once across, his mother fell in love with a US Army Officer, Bruce Forbes, who took her back to the states in 1972 when he was sent on leave. Dietrich was raised by the man and eventaully served in the Army, fighting in Desert Storm before he was discharged with full honors. He then became a carpenter in an Atlanta based company. He was out of town when the infection hit and never looked back. He never married, figuring that he wouldn't make a good father, and afraid of becoming like his if he were to become a father.

Weapons: An M4A1 a friend gave him while travelling the road. That friend is now dead. (Killed by Walkers) He has three magazines for it, and one already in the gun. His sidearm is a Five-Seven he bought for personal defence a few years back.

Other info: Speaks fluent German and has a light german accent. He drives a Ford 1993 Pickup with lots of supplies in the back. He might be old, but he still has a lot of fight left in him. He carries an ipod around that he got strictly for playing music and has an assortment of German Metal on it. There is also an Ipod Dock in the back of his truck where he is able to play without using head phones.

4/19/2012 #2

((Too lazy to make another charrie XD Plus I just started using her.)

Name: Ashley Troublefield (Prefers just to be called Ash or Ashes)

Age: 13

Race: Survivor

Team: Good. Really just wants to get out of this mess.

Gender: Female

Personality/Traits: Ashley is somewhat shy, and quiet unless spoken to. Cold, most of the time, but not violent unless provoked. She is stubborn, and likes things to go her way; a bit of a control freak. She doesn't like to be in big crowds, so hordes of infected cause her to panic some and she starts beating on everything. She's a bit emotionally unstable, and tends to get lonely but will not show it.

Clothing: She wears a pinkish-red jacket with black stripes (the sleeves come halfway over her hand, and most of the time the jacket is all the way zipped, and when it's not she wears a David Bowie: Labyrinth shirt underneath), black jeans that are baggy around the legs, black square-rimmed glasses, and black, flat-bottomed combat boots.

Weapons: Mostly prefers melee, and has twin Ninja Forearm Machetes [collector's items, but they're as good as weapons as they are on Ebay, She supposes.] which she uses most of the time. But when she doesn't, she has a small frame handgun that she uses as backup.

Appearance: She's curvy, a bit above average weight, but is average height for an early teen. Her hair is light brown and boycut, and her bangs are pretty long and reach just about to her eyes, which are blue. She's somewhat strong and can hold her own in a large horde for a very short period of time.

Background: Ashley was a normal middle-schooler...well, kind of. She was considered a bit of an outcast because of her differences. She liked different things..she dared to cross the line of normality. Because she wasn't a clone, like the rest of the girls who wore off-the shoulder shirts, short shorts and flip-flops, she had no friends and was made fun of. She believed that one day, a Zombie apocalypse WOULD happen, and as a result, only her and a few others were prepared when it hit. She travels on her own, as she was forced to kill her parents before they killed her.

Love: None

4/19/2012 #3
Semper Fi93

Well when you put it that way... Accepted

4/19/2012 #4

Name: Zack Evans

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: Worked at Blockbuster


Hair- shaggy black medium length

Body- slightly tanned, far from ripped but he's not scrawny 1-10: 4.5

Eyes- green

Shirt- dirtyed white long sleeve undershirt under a torn red t-shirt

Pants- holed up blue jeans

Shoes- black and white sneakers

Personality: Zack can be flirty a lot of the time, he's sarcastic, kind, and he'd help u in a time of need

Weapons: M16 Machine gun, and a pistol

Other info: He's a zombie expert

4/19/2012 #5
Semper Fi93

Vundabar: ACCEPTED

4/19/2012 #6
small punk

Name: Brandon Clarke

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: Student

Appearance: Wavy dark brown hair that's frizzy when it rains, dark green eyes. He has the lanky build that all teens seem to have, and his skin is fairly pale- unfortunately though, he couldn't escape his teenage acne, which is now splattered across his face. He has some muscle definition, but not much.

Personality: Brandon is quite clever and good with his words, though he can be perverted and rude without realizing. He's witty and quite odd, though he grows on you.

Weapons: Semi automatic shotgun.

Other info: Has a mild case of ADD and ADHD.

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #7
Semper Fi93

Make it a semi auto shot gun like a Benelli M4 and we are good. An Auto shotguns are bavailable to people like, say, the SEALs or the SAS. :P

4/19/2012 #8
small punk

Sure sure lol You know I'm not good with guns xD

4/19/2012 #9
Semper Fi93

Its all good haha. ACCEPTED

4/19/2012 #10
small punk

(Because Brandon's so lonesome without him.)

Name: Trevor Mason

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: Student, though he had a job at the local theater.

Appearance: Thick dirty blond hair, tall lanky build. Smooth skin and sea blue eyes. He has some muscle definition.

Personality: Trevor is often soft spoken and serious in most situations. He tries his best to act wisely, but is not as brave as his bestfriend, Brandon, is. He is a pretty good leader. though will let others take charge.

Weapons: M-16 assault rifle.

Other info: Best buddies with Brandon. No, seriously, they're closer than brothers. Their bromancing.

4/19/2012 #11
Semper Fi93

accepted. Doing hw so no fancy bold itialics and underline. :3

4/19/2012 #12
small punk

Lol 'kay.

4/19/2012 #13
small punk

Name: Ginger 'Gin' Howlett

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Former Occupation: Her parents were rich, so a job wasn't needed.

Appearance: Ginger is, to put it bluntly, gorgeous. She has long, fiery red hair, and chocolate brown eyes. She's about average height, but appears to be taller due to the fact she usually wears heels. Even though her breasts are quite large and her hips wide, its her face that attract most men.

Personality: Ginger is very beautiful, tall with long red hair, dark eyes, and a curvy figure, and as so is vain and narcissistic but still retains some insecurities. She is sensitive about her formidable height and wishes she were shorter and more delicate. Gin has a great sense of style and is very fashion conscious. She is also somewhat promiscuous. She is haughty, but still a warm, loving individual. She also possesses a fiery temper. Despite her mature and refined nature, she has a habit of throwing temper tantrums when things go wrong. Ginger is a fiercely loyal friend but is volatile and prone to mood swings.

Weapons: Anything.

Other info: Her mother was a famous movie star, and her father owned many big name companies. Gin is easily recognizable, having been in the media, as 'Felicia Howlett's beautiful daughter.'

5/3/2012 #14

and now..Zack has found his new Lady interest xD

5/3/2012 #15
small punk

Lol xD

5/3/2012 #16

Zack's jaw fell and eyes popped out xD i swear it! not everyday that you'd meet someone "famous"..so you know he's gonna make a move xD

5/3/2012 #17
small punk

Gin has that effect on people ;) Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for her to be approved before she can enter he RP :(

5/3/2012 #18


5/3/2012 #19
small punk

I second that! ^.^

5/3/2012 #20

Zack can't hold his hormones for long!

5/3/2012 #21
small punk

Be warned! Gin tends to play around when she's bored.

5/3/2012 #22

fiesty! XD

5/3/2012 #23
YAY! Now Ashley can be a miserable drag. XDDD
5/3/2012 #24

ur just jealous Zack's full attention wont be on Ash anymore xD

5/3/2012 #25
Why would I be? XD I actually prefer her to stick to her character and like no one xD
5/3/2012 #26

that's why she seemed so pissed when Zack was "flirting" with her, right? :P

5/3/2012 #27

Yup, cause she's antisocial! Yay! XD

5/3/2012 #28

yaaay xD

5/3/2012 #29
small punk

Yay...? Lol

5/3/2012 #30
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