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Name: Shooting Star of the Midnight

Nickname: Star

Age: Her body is 15(almost 16), but this is her first body as a soul, so she is kind of like a child


Eye Color(execpt with the silver ring around the pupil of course):

Hair color and Style:

Bio: When her body was just five, Star was put into it. It was her first body and since her body was just a child, she automatically took on a very innocent and naive personality. She grew up with her body's parents, who were also taken by Souls. She was always very shy and never spoke much, but actually had a lot of thought. She , wanting to become a Healer herself, was able to watch an operation in which the Healers were placing a soul into a human body. But, during the operation though, the human woke up and she saw the fear in the human's eyes. It was then that she began to realize that maybe it was wrong for the souls to take human's bodies. Not long after that she left home, not wanting to be a Healer anymore. In searching for a new place to stay, she came across a desert. There she runs across a cave.

Other: She has a huskey named Fang.

Star sighed as she drove her mustang along the long road. Really a 15 year old wouldn't normally be driving a car, but with Souls, age didn't matter that much. What mattered to them was what you could do. She didn't really know what she was searchinf for. Anything she supposed. Something to change her life. She wasn't sure wha it was yet, but there had to be something out there to do that.

From the back seat, her pet husky whinned and she sighed, looking at him from her rearview mirror, "Again Fang?" She found a old gas station on the side of the road and pulled over, letting him out to do his business. While he was doing that, she went inside to get some supplies. When checking out, the cashier smiled at her.

"Where you headin' too?"

"I'm going across the desert."


"No driving. I've got my mustand outside."

He frowned, looking at the young girl, " careful. There's talk of disappearing Souls out there. Talk of...humans."

The thought of humans made Star shiver. She was taught all her life to fear those things, that they were evil. That they would do anything to get rid of a Soul if they saw one. She feared them completely. She nodded in thanks to the male, "Thank you. I'll be careful." After going outside and getting gas, as well as getting exta gas in a few containers so she wouldn't run out in the desert, she got back int he car, her dog in the back seat, and began riding. It was a long drive. She wasn't sure what was on the other side of the desert, btu she wanted to find out.

She had been driving for a few hours and was deep in the desert when she stopped to fill up the tank with more gas. getting out she went to the trunk of the car and nearly fell out when she saw that the gas containers had tipped, the gas spilt. She looked around, wide eyed. She was stuck in the desert, all on her own, minus her pet dog. She walked around the front of the car to grab her bag, filling it with water bottles. After putting on a fresh layer of sunblock on her pale white skin, she began walking. Her only real choice would be to keep going in hopes of finding someone.

She continued walking and on the fifth hour, it was night time, she was out of water and was exuasted. She yawned and was about to give up when she saw something up ahead. She blinked in surprise. A cave? She walked to the entrance and thought about a moment, shaking her head. Snakes and other animals lived in caves. She was not going in th--

Just then, Fang dashed forward, into the cave, barking like crazy, seeming to see something. Star moved forward hesitantly, "Fang! Get back here!" The moment she walked into the cave though, she screamed, someone grabbing her. She struggled against the person, flailing.

"Jared, please don't hurt her." She looked over to see a Soul standing there and was almost relaxed, but then she saw, standiing around her, was all humans. She started screaming again, trying to get away as she was dragged further in the cave, her dog, Fang, after growling at the human who had grabbed Star, had a rope tyed around his muzzle so he wouldn't bite anyone.

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