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Hi y'all. So for all you who love The Mortal Instruments, who love to tell the world which characters they ship, who spend most of their days re-reading TMI this forum is for you! Come rant and meet new people and talk about these amazing books.
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iridescent bookyworm
This is a thread where we write to the TMI characters Here is an example: Dear Sebastion: You are so on the verge of getting a good whipping from moi! Stop torturing Jace and Clary! Just because you're an undead physco killer freak dosent mean you have any right to mess with your sisters love life. Not-so-sincerely ~Booky
4/21/2012 #1
Pure Alethea

Dear Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/Herondale,

I bloody love ya. Clary is a nice l'il gal so I hope you finally have a nice relationship with her that we can all read about and wish it was us. :)

Also if it doesn't work out, theres a forum of gorgeous babes here if you're interested. ;)

Best Wishes,

~Becca ♥

4/22/2012 #2
iridescent bookyworm

Dear Jocelyn,

Look I know you just awoke from a coma but it dosent mean you get to sit on a hammock sipping cocoanut milk while your daughter is SUFFERING


4/22/2012 #3
Pure Alethea

Dear Luke,

Tell Jocelyn you love her already! Be a man! I mean, c'mon! You're a bloom'in werewolf! You not allowed to be scared of this!

Good luck! :)

Best Wishes,

~Becca ♥

4/22/2012 #4
iridescent bookyworm

Dear Clary,

Take care of my angel boy!


4/22/2012 #5
Pure Alethea

Dear Simon,

You did the right thing for which I applaud you on. *claps* Jace and Clary were always going to be together. But you will find love one day. In the eyes of a tall, black-haired girl I reckon. :)


4/22/2012 #6
iridescent bookyworm

Dear Izzy,

You bother me


4/25/2012 #7
Pure Alethea

Dear Booky,

Who does my sister bother you?! I take offence to that!

Yours Unhappily,


4/27/2012 #8
iridescent bookyworm

Dear Alec,

Because she tried to whip me and strangle me with her braid



4/27/2012 #9
Pure Alethea

Dear Booky,

I did NOT! My hair is NATURALLY long, it wasn't supposed to hit you! Don't be so over dramatic *pouts*



4/27/2012 #10
iridescent bookyworm

Dear Izzy,

You so TOTALLY did

4/27/2012 #11
Pure Alethea

Dear Izzy,

Don't turn into the Incredible Sulk on us again.


4/27/2012 #12
iridescent bookyworm

Dear Jace,

I like trains,

~Train Kid

4/27/2012 #13
Pure Alethea

Dear Train Kid,

I do too! Especially sparkly ones!!!

~ Magnus

4/28/2012 #14
iridescent bookyworm

Dear Mangus,

Stop stealing my style!

_Lady Gaga

4/28/2012 #15
Pure Alethea

Dear Lady Gaga,

Go throw yourself at a Idris ward. I was born before you! The style is MINE!!!

~ Magnus

5/2/2012 #16
iridescent bookyworm

Dear Camille,

Camillo, you're annoying me! Leave my beloved Malec ALONE!


5/15/2012 #17
Pure Alethea

Dear sebastion,

You don't even deserve a capitol letter for your name you filthy SCUMBAG!!! Leave Jace and Clary ALONE.

Go die in a hole.

Yours disgustingly,

Becca (You don't get a heart after your name so HAH!)

5/15/2012 #18
dewdrops and crowns

( that is the angriest I have ever seen becca ;) )

Dear Valentine

What happened in your childhood to make you so troubled?

From a therapist named Nona

8/28/2012 #19
Pure Alethea

(Haha, yeah XD)

Dear Valentine,

'know what, you can go die in a hole too.

From Becca

8/28/2012 #20
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