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Hi y'all. So for all you who love The Mortal Instruments, who love to tell the world which characters they ship, who spend most of their days re-reading TMI this forum is for you! Come rant and meet new people and talk about these amazing books.
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iridescent bookyworm

On this thread we write all of the fanfics that we adore!

4/27/2012 #1
Pure Alethea

Awesome new idea Booky. :)

4/27/2012 #2
iridescent bookyworm

Thank you!

I recommend...

The Kids Are All Right by Six

4/27/2012 #3
Pure Alethea

Did Six write a fic?! o.o BRB. GOing to read it.

4/27/2012 #4
iridescent bookyworm

It was amazing

4/27/2012 #5
Pure Alethea

OMG. Just read it. I am reviewing and going to compliment Six.

4/27/2012 #6
iridescent bookyworm

Same here XD

4/27/2012 #7
Pure Alethea


4/27/2012 #8
iridescent bookyworm


4/27/2012 #9
Pure Alethea


4/28/2012 #10
Pure Alethea

I have a story I'd like to reccommend.:) Its a mix-up between Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments and I really enjoyed it.:D

Heres a link:

We are broken, but we are strong


5/19/2012 #11
Would anyone mind taking a few minutes to read and review my stories? Jus wrote one that has been bugging me fof a while and have a couple more on the way :)
10/3/2012 #12
dewdrops and crowns


10/5/2012 #13
Pure Alethea


Nona what is thy avatar of?

10/10/2012 #14
dewdrops and crowns

Karen Gillan from Doctor who, she is flawless ;)

and this is my favourite high school AU ever

10/13/2012 #15
Pure Alethea

Will read it soon. :)

HEY GUYS! Treat your ears with THIS: and

Play them together and you have happiness. 3

10/16/2012 #16
Luuuuuuv James Blunt, I have him, green day, matchbox 20, and areosmith all over my ipod. Fav song in like, ever. its one of my favs to sing
10/17/2012 #17
Pure Alethea

Going now to watch!

10/19/2012 #18
Pure Alethea

Hall of fame 3

Gotta be one of my fav Script songs EVER. :D The clip is amazing also. It shows how you can come from being no one to rising up to your true self. IT HAS SUCH GREAT LYRICS AND ITS MEANING IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

10/19/2012 #19
Its a turn around from Hall of Fame, but... ...and pretty much anything else by green day, oatricularly 'Basket Case' and 'Novacaine'
10/20/2012 #20
Pure Alethea


10/20/2012 #21
dewdrops and crowns

I love Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday

and as for The Script... I love quite a few of their songs. For The First Time and The Man Who Can't Be Moved are some of my favourites.

10/21/2012 #22
Pure Alethea

They are amazing songs. The Man Who Can't be Moved is true music. And For the First Time is amazing. I also love 'Nothing.' The Script=happiness.

10/22/2012 #23
dewdrops and crowns

Ohh I love that one too! Becca do you listen to Fun?

10/28/2012 #24
Love Fun. I actually thought the lead singer was a girl for the longest time and I thought the couple in 'We are Young' was a lesbian couple. Whoops :)
10/28/2012 #25
dewdrops and crowns

haha, but that would of been quite cool actually. I love that song!

10/29/2012 #26
Pure Alethea

I love Fun! Both kinds! ;D

'Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck.

Some nights I call it a draw'


But my fav at the moment is Halo by Beyonce

Oh and 'Terrible Things by Mayday Parade. Watch it, SO amazng

10/31/2012 #27
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