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Hi y'all. So for all you who love The Mortal Instruments, who love to tell the world which characters they ship, who spend most of their days re-reading TMI this forum is for you! Come rant and meet new people and talk about these amazing books.
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Pure Alethea

'K guys. This is the thread where you can be anyone you wanna be out of the Mortal Instruments! Depending on the success on this thread I will decide whether to make one for the Infernal Devices. Everyone can pick their character on the thread 'The Mortal Instruments RP'. So talk away my fellow Shadohuinters/Downorlders/Other!

I love you all!


8/10/2012 #1
Pure Alethea


OK, This will be the last time ANYONE will post as themselves on this thread. So introduce yourself below and Hail and Fare thee well my brothers and sisters! :D

8/10/2012 #2
Pure Alethea

Hi everyone I'm Clary.

Ummm, so stuff about myself, Uhhhhh I like art, hanging out at Taki's with my friends and training to be an awesome Shadohunter.

I dislike my father, demons and people I love getting hurt.

I really have no idea what I'm supposed to be typing soooo yer. Anyone else here?

8/10/2012 #3
dewdrops and crowns

*strides in looking cool ofc*

Hey I'm Magnus Bane. I love sparkly head bands and Alec! Except not any more because my boyfriend tried to turn me mortal, but as a the free wheeling bisexual I am, life shall go on.

Hey Clary *raises eyebrow* So it's just us huh? ... Would you like a sparkly head band?

8/11/2012 #4
Pure Alethea

*looks scared* I'll pass thanks Magnus. Hurry up and make up with Alec, k? You two belong togther. Like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and cream, RAIN AND RAINBOWS!!! So yeah, just do it. k? I mean seriously, if I can deal with MY boyfriend turning EVIL you can surely make up with Alec.

8/11/2012 #5
Pure Alethea

And Magnus, stop raising your eyebrows at me. 1, it freaks me out and makes me insanely jealous cause I can't do that and 2, its really just creepy.

8/11/2012 . Edited 8/11/2012 #6
dewdrops and crowns

*shakes head and looks serious* No i can not forgive him for what he has done, our relationship can not work if we're not honest with each other. he's been slipping away from me for a long time and he's right if I'm immortal and he's not what will happen eventually...

On the bright side look what Alec left behind when he moved out *holds up a t shirt* It still smells of Alec :)

Ohhoho why does everyone have a fear of the raised eyebrow? And what do you mean you can't do it! What's wrong with you child?

8/13/2012 #7
Pure Alethea

I disagree. I mean, seriously Magnus, you even still have his SHIRT. *taps foot nervously*

I need to find Sebastian. He has hurt us all enough. And how he hurt Jace...........

I just CAN'T ok?! Why do people not get that?!!!??!?!?!!

8/16/2012 #8
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