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Hi y'all. So for all you who love The Mortal Instruments, who love to tell the world which characters they ship, who spend most of their days re-reading TMI this forum is for you! Come rant and meet new people and talk about these amazing books.
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iridescent bookyworm

Have you ever wanted a label for your favorite couple ever? Were you ever confused if someone called you a peasant? This is the best place to go in these types of situations. All definitions for words in the language of Fangirl will be here. This is also the only place where the most important terms and definitions are given by hard core fangirls!

11/25/2012 #1
iridescent bookyworm

WORDS (feel free to suggest definitions and I or any other mod will make the appropriate changes. You may also suggest any terms you feel are missing from this dictionary)

OTP: One true pairing

Shipping: When you actively root for a pairing.

ajsflsk: When you're so enthusiastic you can't type actual words so you slam your keyboard.




i cant even/ i just-

these sentences shall never be finished



OT3: shipping a threesome

Peasant: A non Tumblr person, basically less awesome person than you

Fluff: romance that makes your heart go aww

Canon: what happens in the book/film

AU: alternative universe

Lemon: kinky sex scene

11/25/2012 . Edited 12/9/2012 #2
Pure Alethea


TMI- The Mortal Instruments

TID- The Infernal Devices

TDA - The Dark Artifices

IWFHS- I will forever hate Sebastian

Clace- the best couple in history along with Twill (according to becca)

Sizzie- Simon/Isabelle

Lucelyn- Luke/Jocelyn

Maidan- Maia/Jordan

MALEC- forever awesome

Twill- Tessa/Will

Henrotte- Henry/Charlotte

Jessa- Jem/Tessa

11/25/2012 . Edited by dewdrops and crowns, 12/20/2012 #3
Dont forget Sopheon and TDA !!
11/25/2012 #4
dewdrops and crowns

omg sebastians amazing :O creys he was just brought up wrong

he could of been good

just because he was bad


I means sure he killed a few people

but hes just misunderstood


sizzie- what I usually see for simon/isabelle

Jimon- omg simon/jace

jessa- jem/tessa

also dirty sexy scenes are important yep

11/26/2012 #5
Pure Alethea

Oh we are OBSESSED! XD

12/1/2012 #6
Pure Alethea


I had to put this because it goes with Nona's last comment.

"You could have been my Father."

"You could have been normal."

Ripped me in two. :'(

12/1/2012 #7
iridescent bookyworm

announcement: Okay, so guys, I'm compiling all the words into one post so it looks like one big list, if any mods (because they have the editing ability) want to help that would be really awesome.

12/13/2012 #8
Pure Alethea

I will do soon!!!!!!! But I have to go do dishes. :?


12/18/2012 #9
Simabelle- Simon/Isabelle

i thought it was sizzy, but this works. :)

Clace- the best couple in history along with Twill

no and no. please do not generalize about the members who don't like those particular couples? XD

12/20/2012 #10
Pure Alethea

Okidoki. XD SOrry ELLA!

Clace- Clary and Jace

Better? ;)

12/21/2012 #11

Very. XD

/cranky!ella is cranky

12/21/2012 #12
Pure Alethea

Oh no! Why? Did something happen? If so let me know on chat. :)

12/22/2012 #13
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