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Canon Character List

--Viewing Only--

Please PM the a moderator which character you would like

Must audition for any character unless stated otherwise.

Audition topic: Character Auditions

Character Requirements

* 6 Days - Damon, Stefan, Katherine, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler, Matt, The Originals, Atticus Shane, members of the five

* 3 Days - Canon character Vampires, Witches, Werewolves

* 1 Day - OC's, MUC's, canon character humans.

If you cannot meet the required participation for the character, the character will be taken from you.

Needed Characters

-Elena Gilbert

-Tyler Lockwood

-Atticus Shane

-Carol Lockwood

-Connor Jordan

-Bill Forbes

Key to Character List

* (V) Vampire

* (H) Human

* (W) Witch/Warlock

* (We) Werewolf (curse triggered)

* (We/H) Werewolf (not triggered)

* (O) Original

* (V/We) Hybrid

* (X) Deceased

Canon Characters

-find information on these characters here.-


(W/V) Silas (Desiccated/In his tomb): (N/A to RP yet)

(V) Stefan Salvatore: Taken by Maria

(V) Damon Salvatore: Taken by Erik

(H) Zach Salvatore:


(V) Katherine Pierce: Taken by Milly (Moderator)

(V) Isobel Flemming:

(H) Elena Gilbert:


(X) Richard Lockwood (X)

(We) Mason Lockwood (Curse triggered): Taken by Ntina

(H) Carol Lockwood:

(V/We) Tyler Lockwood:

(We/H) Spencer Lockwood (Child of Mason/Amelia): (N/A to RP yet)

(We/H) Scarlett Lockwood (Child of Mason/Amelia): (N/A to RP yet)

(V/We) Amelia Lockwood (Wife of Mason): Taken by Milly


(H) John Gilbert: Taken by Rob

(H) Jeremy Gilbert: Taken by Hannah


(H) Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes: Taken by Megan

(V) Caroline Forbes: Taken by Rob

(H) Bill Forbes:


(H) Kelly Donovan:

(V) Matt Donovan: Taken by Hannah

(X) Vicki Donovan (X)

(H) Miranda (Gilbert) Donovan (Daughter of Amber/Jeremy) - Taken by Hannah


(W) Shiela Bennett:

(W) Abby Bennett Wilson:

(W) Bonnie Bennett: Taken by Emily

(W) Lucy Bennett: Taken by Bree

(H) Jamie (Bennett):


(H) Meredith Fell: Taken by Elle

(H) Tina Fell (Audition not needed):

(H) Blair Fell (Audition not needed):

(H) Logan Fell (Audition not needed):


(X) Mikael Mikaelson (X)

(O/W) Esther Mikaelson: Taken by Milly (Moderator)

(O) Finn Mikaelson: Taken by Rob

(O) Elijah Mikaelson: Taken by Marissa (Moderator)

(O/V/We) Niklaus Mikaelson: Taken by Emily (Moderator)

(O) Rebekah Mikaelson: Taken by Maria

(O) Kol Mikaelson: Taken by Marissa (Moderator)


(V) Pearl (Zhen) Zhu (Still in tomb): Taken by Elle

(V) Annabelle Zhu: Taken by Rob


(W) Jonas Martin:

(W) Luka Martin:

(W) Greta Martin:



(X) Rose: (X)

Trevor: Taken by Andrew


Mary Porter:

Frederick (Still in tomb):

Sage: Taken by Maria

Harper (Still in tomb):

(X) Lexi (X)


Atticus Shane:

(X) Jenna Sommers (X)

Alaric Saltzman: Taken by Marissa (Moderator)

(X) William Tanner (X)

Andie Starr: Taken by Erik

Aimee Bradley:


Alice: Taken by Vera

April Young: Taken by Willow

(X) Pastor Young (X)

Connor Jordan (One of the five):

Galen Vaughn (One of the five): Taken by Erik





(X) Jules (X)



Hayley: Taken by Emily (Moderator)

--Founder's Council--

Damon Salvatore

Carol Lockwood

Richard Lockwood

Elizabeth Forbes

Meredith Fell

John Gilbert

Zach Salvatore

Bill Forbes

Logan Fell


Roman/Ali (Vampire X Vampire)

Charlotte/Calix (Vampire X Vampire)

Klaus/Elizabeth (Original X Vampire)

Elijah/Katherine (Original X Vampire)

Jeremy/Bonnie (Human X Witch)

Stefan/Elena (Vampire X Human)

Orlando/Amethyst (Vampire X Vampire) (Engaged!)

Chris/Beatrice (Vampire X Human)

John/Drina (Vampire X Vampire) (Engaged?)

Taylor/Alaric (Witch X Human) (Not sure if this is for sure)


Mason Lockwood/Amelia Robinson Lockwood (Werewolf X Hybrid)

Matt Donovan/Rebekah Mikaelson (Vampire X Original Vampire)

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