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Important News and Plot Developments

--This topic is where importantnews updates will be placed, and also important plot developments will be placed.

--You can placeyour ideas for plot development here.

--Check it often for updates about everything.

--Remember if you have questions regarding any posts in this topic PM a moderator.

5/1/2012 . Edited by theangrymule, 6/20/2012 #1


It has been decided that each person is only allowed ONE major character meaning that if you play one of the main-ish characters then you are allowed to TEMP as another characters but if someone else would like that character then you must give it up.

If you have any questions regarding this, please PM one of the moderators.

(Please ignore this rule if other rules have been posted)

5/1/2012 . Edited 8/2/2012 #2


It has been decided that each person with a large character role needs to be on and roleplaying on the forum at least 6 out of 7 days of the week. People with MUC's and lesser roles 3 out of 7 days. OC's 1 out of 7. If you have not been on the roleplay and have not told a moderator of your absence, you will receive a private message warning you about your absence. If we do not hear back from you a week from the day of the message, you will be removed from the character list. If you are going on vacation or just want to take a break, please tell a moderator, and you will be excused.

If you have any questions regarding this, please PM one of the moderators.

5/6/2012 . Edited 6/20/2012 #3

PLOT UPDATE (5/7/12)

Kol has informed Katherine that Klaus is forcing him to kill Elena and Katherine so that Stefan and Damon would then kill Kol in order to provide a distraction for Klaus. It was not made clear why Klaus needs this distraction, but Kol is only doing as Klaus asks because he is threatening to kill Kol's lover -Danielle.

Katherine has asked Elijah to protect her and he has given her his word, meaning he will die to help her.

Katherine is manipulating Alaric to spy on Elena and Stefan at school, mainly Elena. She has also compelled Jeremyto report back to her all Elena's actions.

Rebekah is in a relationship with Jade who she turned WAY back when she was young and Elijah absolutely hates him.

Jade killed Elijah but he came back to life and then killed Rebekah in order to save Katherine from Elijah.

Rebekah read Elijah's journal and he got worried that there would be information about his feelings for Katherine in there. (This is unclear)

Klaus has been hooking up with Elizabeth - a girl he turned 900 hears ago (more info on MUC sheets)

Elijah has been keeping Katherine's daughter Rosa safe and she is a vampire who looks 15 years old. Katherine met her.

Rebekah & Rosa - Taken by Mel*

Jade & Elijah - Taken by Mabel

Stefan- Temped by JP*

Elena & Danielle- Taken by Hailey*

Damon & Alaric - Taken by Steph

Kol - Taken by Kat

Katherine & Elizabeth - Taken by Milly*

* - Moderators.

5/7/2012 . Edited 7/10/2012 #4


Timelines are fun for everyone else to read and know what that character is up to, and also really good for everyone to just simply see what's happening on the RP.

Please remember to update your timelines more often, even if it is just a few sentences, an insight into what your character is thinking/feeling/doing is very helpful for others who want to roleplay with that character.

6/3/2012 . Edited by theangrymule, 6/20/2012 #5


If you would all please take a look at the changes made in some of the topics, and tell me if there's any mistakes regarding your character.

Also if you would vote in the poll on the character list.

6/20/2012 . Edited 6/20/2012 #6

PLOT UPDATE – this seriously needed to happen and everyone should read thoroughly.

So, basically. Marie (Kat's OC) is The Huntress who back in 1878 killed 100 vampires in 2 hours. This is the side that Marie got from hating herself and it's sort of like multiple personality disease.

When the spirits of the two Hemmingway twins (Charlotte and Charles) are haunting the minds of Marie and Elijah they appear to them and try make Marie/The Huntress choose who to kill out of Elijah and Jade – this ended in Marie staking herself in the heart. The Hemmingway twins are bringing her back though and this will not be played out on the roleplay. Marie will just wake up when Kat next comes on – this is not open for discussion.

Elijah has also killed Jade but Milly is thinking that when you kill and original the dagger has to remain in place, it's now officially the same for the Jade Hark – Golden dagger- situation and as Katherine removed the stake, he will re awaken.

Klaus has compelled Katherine to do exactly as he says and to report back all plans Elijah has regarding the Huntress. Should she disobey him she has also been compelled to stake Rosa. So she won't.


Klaus is going to somehow find a way to banish the spirits with the help of Bonnie, who is being manipulated rather nicely by Katherine (this actual way will be discussed… eventually). Stefan is basically doing as Klaus asks as he is ripper at the moment. Marie will come back as the Huntress – how you handle this Kat is fine. Elijah will continue to try and figure out anything and everything he can while keeping Rosa safe and being unaware but perhaps suspicious of Katherine's compulsion. Rosa will learn of Katherine's compulsion – how she reacts is completely up to Mel. Tatia will not allow any harm to come to Elena – or this is an assumption based on what Leni has rp-ed out before – and so the plan cannot involve Elena. Kol will do whatever the hell he wants. Rebekah will help Klaus and try keep Jace out of it. Jace will do what he thinks is best. Elizabeth will be worried about Marie but is staying out of it and trying to keep Matt away too. Matt is fairly oblivious but would probably know that Elizabeth is worried about something. Caroline is completely oblivious as she knows nothing about vampires, as is Tyler. Angel will be trying to protect Katherine any way possible and at the same time trying to stop her own sister torture her which is a completely other matter.Rory will serve Klaus and do whatever is asked of her. Hannah, you can choose what your OC – John – does as I really have NO idea what he would do in this situation. :) And I think that is everyone. If you have any questions on this plan please PM either JP or Milly.


Character deaths MUST be approved by either JP or Milly and NO ONE is to stake themselves IN THE HEART without being approved first! UNLESS their character is – Elijah, Rebekah, Klaus, Kol, Finn or Mikael (this is obviously different as they cannot die by normal stake, they cannot be killed with a dagger however) OKAY!

This is only because it's INCREADIBLY hard to keep everyone's character's alive and well when in the spur of the moment people are dying left – right - and centre. PLEASE do not feel I am having a go, I just have a really sore brain at the moment and would appreciate it if everyone just made it fair on the admins by not putting them in that situation.


Seriously though guys, don't get upset or offendid by this as I love you all, it just needs to be said - xx Milly.

OH! And a gentle reminder to please, PLEASE, update your character timelines!

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #7


The character amount has been raised to you can play 3 characters and temp 2.

Stefan Salvatore is OPEN to anyone who wants to play him, but I (JP) and currently playing him since he is included in the current plan for the ritual.

7/8/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #8


I know you're probably getting sick of me saying this, but I really have to stress that you update your timelines. I'll stop nagging you if you just make a few brief words.

If you've never done it before then just put in the last few weeks, you don't need to go through EVERYTHING that happened, just the last few important things.


As you know, people with "main" characters are requred on for 6 days per week. If you miss a few days that is absolutely fine, but please PLEASE, let us know if you're going to be absent for a while. If you are going to be away for a indefinant amount of time, it is possible that your character will become "temped" by someone else, you will be asked prior to this happening, and no offence is meant by it and the second you get back it's your character again. Please do not take offene to this, it's just because people would like to roleplay with your character. :) This is generally only done when the absence is for a long time. :) And if you oppose, obviously your character will remain un-temped.

MUCH LOVE xxxxxxxx

7/10/2012 . Edited 7/10/2012 #9


Masquerade Ball:

So at the Masquerade Ball, the main idea is that Katherine (Along with the Salvatore brothers and all those who are going to help them, you can make a choice as to what you think your character will do) is going to try get the moonstone from the wolves, (Tyler, Amelia and Sidney).

Basically (this is still sort of people thought out) the wolves are going to try and kill Katherine, just like the Salvatore's did on the show, along with Stefan Salvatore.

Katherine really wants the moonstone so she can stop Klaus from breaking the curse, she'll do anything to make sure that what happened to her doesn't happen to Elena, and also she knows that Damon loves her so she's all like "Oh I suppose I can save her" lol. Damon loves Elena, along with Stefan, so they'd both do anything to save her. Elena right now is just trying to live her life, she hasn't done much regardig the ritual or preventing it. Jenna and Jeremy are dealing with Amber's pregnancy and are not really thinking about Elena's situation, but they'd both be eager to help Stefan kill Katherine and get the moonstone.

Really, I don't want to control what your character does, so think really carefully about what you think they would do, make a decision and post in the Masquerade topic what your character would do (Post it with your outfit).

The Sacrifice:

As we no longer have a Klaus, the position is open and the sacrifice is yet again on hold. However! The sacrifices for the ritual are as follows:

Jenna Gilbert - Vampire.

Jules - Werewolf.

Elena - Um duh.

We do not have someone playing Jules, but as I had Amelia who was destined to be the sacrifice until I got WAY too attatched! I will probably be temping her. UNLESS anyone else wants to temp her?

(I'm writing this because I want everyone to know my happy plan lol)

Once we get a Mason, I'd really like for him to save Amelia from being the sacrifice, because right now she's sort of all... "I'll be the wolf in the sacrifice" and I would really like Mason to come in last minute and be all love "No! Don't do it because I love you!" and all that crap lol.

Anyways, blabber session over!


8/20/2012 #10

Flashback days

Flashback days are now officially every day! This is due to the fact that barely anyone ever gets on there, and they sometimes really would like to do a flashback scene but they can't because it's locked. So please feel free to post in the flashback topic whenever you want.

If you are uncertain about who you play, please look in the topic entitled "Flashback days and it's character list" as it will say which character you are playing. If your name does not appear beside a character, post in that topic for the character you desire and you will be informed if you have recieved the character.

If you wish to create an human OC for the flashback era you are allowed to but these humans are NOT to be used in the modern day roleplay. If you already have three characters in the normal, but not in the flashback you are more than welcome to create an OC specifically for the flashback.

If you play a modern day vampire who's old enough to be in the flashbacks you are automatically them in the flashbacks, no exceptions. :)


Milly xx

8/29/2012 #11


The Sacrifice:

A date for the sacrifice is yet to be decided, but it will probably take place some time next week. This is just a reminder to all those who have characters directly involved with the sacrifice to please begin roleplaying in preperation for it.

EG: Elena really needs to start looking for a way to save her own life. A suggestion could be resulting to vampire blood, or the spell John Gilbert took part in. This however would mean one more person dying, and we don't have a John.

The elixir could also be used, however Elijah is kind of MIA what with Mabel's internet being all... absent lol. The solution to this problem is waiting until next year for doing the sacrifice, Mabel tells me she might have internet back in January, however this really means the forum will lack action until then, and is really not a good thing.

So, please if your characters are somehow related to Elena, Jules or Jenna (Klaus also, if they are helping him) please begin roleplaying things relavent to the sacrifice.

Ignoring/Roleplaying with everyone:

I know no one means for it to happen, but it does. Please just make sure your scrolling up to look for people coming on.

If you're ignored PLEASE, don't take it as a personal insult, repost in bold, state that you've been ignore but BE POLITE! People don't mean to ignore you, generally they're just busy.

Also, never say "I don't think I can roleplay with anyone of your characters". You can roleplay with everyone, that's the point.

Thanks, Milly.

9/12/2012 #12

Hey everyone! This is not really news, or a plot update!

I'd just like to inform everyone, we are now the number 1 Vampire Diaries forum here on fanfiction!

This wouldn't have been possibly without the two moderators, Milly and Mel, or without everyone on the roleplay!

You all deserve a huge thank you for your participation!

-Jordan (JP)

9/23/2012 #13

MUC (Made up Characters)

Hey everyone, so because we've got a lot of people on the roleplay, and we are the number 1 Vampire Diaries forum on fanfiction!!!!!! I think it's about time we make up a lot more MUC characters, anyone is allowed to make an MUC they just need to specify that they are an MUC and not an OC.

Basically, MUC means they are for someone else to play and develope the way they want. If you create an MUC please specify that it is an MUC and please don't make their character completely set in stone, they need to be free enough for someone to enterpret.

If you've made the character for a specific reason and you'd like them to be used right away, pm a moderator and they'll promote that MUC.

This is basically because we're running out of canons and we still have people joining. :) It's still a requirement to have a canon character, even if they are not a main canon (eg: Trevor)

Thank you for being such excellent roleplay-ers!

Love Milly!! :)

10/8/2012 #14

Number of characters has been increased to 4 per person.

Because of the inclusion of MUC characters, you're allowed 4 people now, you'll be encouraged to take an MUC rather than create an OC. So please, have a look through them.

10/17/2012 . Edited 10/17/2012 #15


Just a reminder, do not take on main characters if you do not have the time to play them, get on as much as possible. Even if you have a minor character.

Many people aren't coming on and this needs to be changed, so please come on.

11/10/2012 #16

Some people have had their characters taken away!

Because of people not being on a lot, I've gotten rid of their characters. Please don't be offendid, it's very easy to get your characters back. Just ask and you'll get them.

This isn't me being mean, it's be being fed up that no one is on a lot.

1/29/2013 #17


Due to lack of organization and not being able to tell whose character is up to what, CHARACTER TIMELINES ARE BACK. Please try to fill a character timeline out at least once a week if you are frequently on!

I have decided to separate canon characters from original characters, so the original characters have their own list now! If you could please check it out and see if your original character(s) are on their that would be great!

It's come to my attention that there are many characters on the forum who have reached "dead ends", in other words, there is nothing more they can do with the character. So I had a thought about resetting the forum (AKA starting over.) I know we have current plots going on right now, so if we were to do it, it of course would be after these plots have finished. If the idea of this completely upsets some of you, just shoot me a PM and we can figure something out! I'm open to suggestions about dead end characters and if you have ideas about it, I'd love to hear them!

Also there will be a dance/ball coming up! Ideas for the theme are welcomed! And if everyone could tell me a time/date that would work for them!

That'll be all!

-Jordan (JP)

6/24/2013 . Edited 6/24/2013 #18

PLOT UPDATE!!!!! Exciting! :)

So guys, as you might have seen there is a Ball going to be held at the Mikaelson place :)

People who are REQUIRED to attend:

Klaus Mikaelson (BEA)

Kol Mikaelson (MARISSA)

Mikael Mikaelson (EMILY)

Mark Danzig (MARISSA)

Calix Heart (EMILY)

Charlotte Granger (MILLY)

Finn Mikaelson (ROB)

Rebekah Mikaelson (MARIA)

Esther Mikaelson (KARE)

Elijah Mikaelson (KARE)

Alison Stewart (NTINA)

Roman Dier (EMILY)

Eric Hambey (MILLY)

--Some of these people are not required in the actualy PLOT but are needed to be there for obvious reasons--

General rundown of events.

Basically, Charlotte is planning on killing Mikael because she's absolutely fed up with him haha. So, at the Ball the plan is to have Mark lure Charlotte away as bait for Klaus to come find her. Mikael will be waiting in a room where Eric will put a spell on the room, only allowing Klaus, Mikael, Charlotte, Mark and Calix in the room. Outside the room, most likely the majority of Mikaelson's will be fighting about what should be happening in the room. Also, Roman and Ali will all be there and trying to find a way into the room to help/protect some of the people in the room. Klaus, Mikael and Charlotte will all be fighting and I assume Mark and Calix will be fighting also, Mark's job will be to fight Klaus, but when he sees Calix I'm assuming it might change. This is up to you guys (Emily and Marissa, also Bea :)). However, Charlotte and Mikael will fight a lot and eventually (after a lot of fun RP scenes) Charlotte will kill Mikael.

Afterwards there'll be a twist, I want it to be a suprise, but hey it's fun for my character hahahaaha. The people who need to know about it, already do.

Everyone else, enjoy the ball. ALL ARE WELCOME! :) I'll make a new topic which will have an invitation on it :)

7/26/2013 #19


The role of Elijah Mikaelson is now open for anyone who wants to audition (so long as u don't already have 5 characters or too many main canons on your plate).

If you feel up to the part, head over to the Character Auditions and post your request.

We need to fill this role ASAP since he needs to be at his family's ball and watch old Papa Original die :)

Thanks for your quick response to this announcement. The role of Elijah Mikaelson has been filled. Congrats Marissa! :P

7/27/2013 . Edited 7/30/2013 #20


If your character is a vampire and he/she gets bitten by a werewolf then I'm sorry dude, but you're dead UNLESS you get the plot approved beforehand by the person playing Klaus (since his blood is the only known cure for werewolf bites so far on the show)

You've been warned, dear roleplayers. Werewolves, keep your fangs to yourselves!

8/22/2013 #21


This weekend (8/31 and 9/1). We're leaving the topic open the whole weekend so everyone has a chance to participate. For details on the plot and needed characters please check the Mikaelson Ball topic. Once all (or at least most) of the needed characters are on, we'll do the main scene which is the Mikael/Klaus showdown with the Originals, Calix, Charlotte and the corresponding witches.

DO NOT START ROLEPLAYING ON THE MIKAELSON BALL TOPIC UNTIL AT LEAST ONE OF THE ORIGINALS IS THERE. After all, it's their house so it would be rude to be "in a ball at their house" without any of them there.

If you have any questions, PM any of the mods.

8/28/2013 #22


This is a post I wish I didn't have to write but... due to work, college & other life situations I won't be able to be on the forum as often as I'd like which means both of my canon boys have to be placed under someone else's care *cries* I know whoever gets them will do a terrific job. How do I know this? Because I'll be the one holding the auditions, that's how!


The new roleplayers will be announced as soon as they are chosen BUT I will be playing both Damon and Klaus at least until the Mikaelson Ball. Then, I'll continue to play them until we find a suitable replacement.

I'm really sorry for the inconvinience this may cause to anyone's characters. I'll make sure whoever gets my boys is thoroughly filled in on everything they need to know about Damon & Klaus' current relationships with everyone. HOWEVER, it'll be entirely up to the new roleplayer what to do about those relationships from now on. Just because I used to play them doesn't mean I'll have any say on what they do after I give them up.

If you have any questions, please PM me. Sorry! This sucks for me too :(

8/28/2013 #23


I'm happy to annouce that my boy Klaus will be now played by the awesome Emily *claps* For any and all further plot planning, please PM her :)

Thanks to everyone who auditioned. The role of Damon is still open (but not for long) If you wish to audition, the moment is NOW.

9/3/2013 #24


Auditions are finally closed :) Damon has been put into the caring hands of young Eric :P For any plot planning or questions regarding Damon's dealings with everyone, please contact him :) Have fun!!

(oh gawd, this is so sad... *cries in corner*)

9/5/2013 #25


I'm sorry to say that I have recieved a few small mentions of some people not feeling welcome on the roleplay, so please please guys, make people feel more welcome by saying hello when they come on and offering to roleplay with them. If they do something that you're not okay with then tell a moderator, don't just ignore them for it. Be polite and say hello, when they reply keep the conversation going. You wouldn't ignore someone in person so doing it on the forum is not okay. If I notice anyone ignoring anyone, I will be sending a pm to them.

And, people shouldn't lurk until someone they want to come on does, because that's really rude and selfish and makes everyone else feel like you don't like them. I've seen this happening with a few people.

Sorry to have to rant, but ALSO:

If you don't feel welcome on the roleplay and people don't say hello to you, don't just post your characters somewhere. Say hello to people even if they haven't said hello to you, if people see their name they will respond. You can't just expect everyone else to make the effort, okay guys?

Another thing: Sorry for being in such a bad mood towards everyone as of late, there's a few things going on in my life at the moment but I shouldn't be taking it out on you guys.

Love Milly xx

9/19/2013 . Edited 9/19/2013 #26


There have been some modifications made to the rules, please read them. If you don't read these rules and you break them serious consequences will be given.

Just read the rules.

Milly and other moderators.

10/31/2013 #27

Hey everyone!

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been on the forum in probably months. I apologize, I broke my laptop and haven't been able to replace it. Hopefully I'm getting another laptop for Christmas, and I'll be on frequently again. So... yeah sorry about any inconveniences I may have caused. I'm hoping I'll be able to get on more and talk to you all!

12/1/2013 #28


Hi guys, just letting you know that I have added a new rule and this rule must be taken very VERY seriously. Here it is:

No person should make their character act in a way that would provoke them to be killed as it is unfair on every other member of the roleplay.


If a canon is out of character then serious action will be taken and you may lose your character.

Please remember guys that everything that involves major plot changes MUST go through a moderator - and I know that's hard when the mod's leave for a little but seriously, if it's something major like rape then it NEEDS to be ran through a mod.

Another important announcement!

I have made Emily a moderator, while I am gone she is in charge. Although she hasn't actually been added as a moderator because JP needs to do that, she is a moderator and everyone is to treat her as such. If she says something it goes, just like it does with me.

3/18/2014 #29


Hey guys, as you've all probably noticed, I haven't been on very often. Due to school, extracurriculars, family problems, and such. I probably won't have much time to be on anymore so I'm going to be leaving the forum in the capable hands of the other moderators. I'm not sure when I'll be back, hopefully over the summer, but I can't make any promises. I might be on to check up on the forum every once in awhile, but probably not to actually roleplay.

In addition to, and because of this, I will be giving my cannon characters up. I'm counting on you moderators to find good people to play them! (Through audition of course)

If I happen to not come back to the forum, which I hope doesn't happen, it's been a pleasure roleplaying with you all and making friends throughout it.

Love you all, I'll miss you!


PS: I will be available for PMs if any of you ever need anything, or want to talk :)

3/27/2014 . Edited 3/27/2014 #30
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