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Nivek Beldo

For keeping the other Topic as a general one, but having a place to discuss the chapter in Weekly basis, I start this topic, if sucessful, will be continued, if failure.... we going to use the other one.

In general for me the grade of this chapter is... 8.5(the last one for me was 10), the Action was good, the battle was well managed and the battle twist well made, which were the mistakes?, in few words.... the characthers, one expect something better for the final generation but... I feel like the casting come late and was to be put in the final generation, and the less who say thise 'three kids' the better.

The whole chapter was in the hands of the Asunos... and they simple delivered it, Flit support Kio in the hard maneauvre and them Kio 'using the force' was able to score a big victory against his father old nemesis, that was the best of the chapter.

So far the quality is pretty good unlike the other generation, but when the other have the potential to improve.. here Level-5 must be careful how to manage the cast, at least we have the Asuno to help both the Rookie Captain, Discipline the crew, and make magic with the pilots...(that would have been excelent in Generation 2 but well that was past time)

5/6/2012 #1


I loved this episode because it surprised me, I mean, showing us Civies dying by Danazine Vulcan fire? This is reminding me a lot of SEED in some respects, but at the some time I am reminded of Victory. Because if the Pilots who grow close to Kio do end up dying(Gen 2 had only Wolf's death, but had death flags raised the moment we saw him in the OP), this will turn into a Victory homage of Gundam(as 00 was Wing, then Zeta for that disappointment of S2. And SEED to UC 0079), which I like.

As for Kio's LI, I like Shanarua, because we get an older girl for the protag, or the Veigan Princess because of reasons I stated once before. Wendy is just too bland so far, and I stand by my assessment.

Zeheart is being a bit bland in competency. I hope that we could have gotten him older rather than the cold sleep gig. But this maybe due to what he said earlier:

"The power of the X-Rouder is not evolution, but a regression of a man into their more primal state".

His quote has grounds, because out of all the X-Rounders we have seen outside of Flit, Kio, and Yurin, Ezelcant, and Zeheart, every single X-Rounder seen has mental issues and are crazy. The Magicians 8 outside of Frost were cocky and stupid, not to mention bloodthristy, and need I say more about Deshir?

5/7/2012 #2
Nivek Beldo
Well In general Gundam Age have that feeling evoking every other gundam(as the true Anniversary series, even if delayed.. but that was good too), and now we're in a strange mix of both ZZ,With some touch of Seed, but the Atmosphere of Victory(that is a recipe for a good generation or disaster, i hope for the former), in general the start was more good than the other and that keep us hooked. Kio's LI, that would be very different here(with now 'official son' so far, unless the movie rumors are true), and in general with that girl in the Opening alongised Zeheart, who scream both RIVAL and LI as loud as was Zeheart, still we've Wendy(the typical Girl Next door who is stample in the franchise) and with Shanarua who is the 'wingman' in the unofficial 'Gundam Squad' show a good concern with Kio(and with the series being japanese anything is possible), but still keep the romantic hopes low, even when coming from a RPG Titan who become Level-5, the gundam side have never been good in the romantic side. So far waitign for more people, the thing looks bleach for me
5/7/2012 #3

I don't see how ZZ has an influence here. ZZ was more light hearted for it's first half, while Gen 3 so far has more of Victory and SEED going on.

I hope the Veigan girl is a LI to Kio, because if she's just a Quess/Zeheart fangirl I'm gonna rage. Level 5 has had some crap writing in this series(Fardain, FUCKING ROMARY, Ezelcant's whole plan).

We'll get a Gundam AGE game, and I have a feeling this installment will excell in the SRW series.

Also, where is the JAM Project we've been promised.

5/8/2012 #4
Nivek Beldo

The JAM project thing was cancelled , because even when Level-5 want them to make the OST for the series, Their Honoraries and Licensing Fees(mostly for the multimedia nature who manage JAM Project) were 'high' by Sunrise standarts and the whole idea was scrapped, for that some song feel weird something, so bad, but that was the fault of Sunrise.

And yes hopping that the Veigan Loli Goth(Now with her name Confirmed as: Fram Nara, who, she wasn't a Gallete) is as least as interesting as was Zeheart, and the crap wrtting again was Sunrise Meddling(but Romary was full a Level-5 thing, and other thing too, but Surinse doesn't help anyway)

5/8/2012 . Edited 5/8/2012 #5
Nivek Beldo

This Thread was a Failure .Still lack of fans... maybe in the future or for a 'review' of the series.

Moving to the main topic

5/8/2012 . Edited 5/13/2012 #6

You know the crew does have a potential to grow that's the beauty of character development.

5/15/2012 #7
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