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Star The Dog Whisperer


First name:

Last name:












Met your Spouse/Date on? (mm/dd/yyyy):




Skin color:


Eye shape:

Eye color:

Preffered Clothes:







Attracted to:

Unattracted to:



4/27/2012 #1


First name: Kenji

Last name: Minami

Nickname(optional): Ken

Gender: Male


Mother: Reiko Minami

Father: Shirotora Minami

Siblings: none

Children: none

Other: Aunt Jewel

Intimate Relations

Date/Spouse: None

Pregnancies: None

Met your Spouse/Date on? (mm/dd/yyyy): (None yet)


Hairstyle: He has slightly long hair which he wears in a samurai style ponytail. (Yes...this is how I wear my hair right now)

Haircolor: Dark Brown

Skin color: Tan

Nationality: Japanese

Eye shape: Almond

Eye color: Brown

Preffered Clothes: Commonly seen with a variety of colored (Usually Grey though) buttoned up shirts with the sleeves rolled up and Dark blue jeans. However, when in private, he will often switch in a traditional kimono from his native country


History: Sent by his parents to attend the academy. Kenji is quiet and reserved for the most part. He excels in school, getting top marks in all of his classes. Unlike most of the other students, who seem to have powers of some kind, Kenji is rather...ordinary. He makes up for this by being a highly trained swordsman in the Tenshi Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu, one of the oldest sword styles in Japanese. With his ability with the sword, he in on par with most people in fighting but he tries to avoid violence. At the age of 17, he is a bit older than the other students.

Hobbies: Playing the piano, Kendo, taking walks, and meditating

Interests: music, swords, nature, history

Likes: snow, animals in general, solitude, his dog "Iki"

Dislikes: Loud noises, hot days, and onions (I hate onions with a passion)

Attracted to: girls, intelligent, kind, caring

Unattracted to: stupidity, overly outgoing people, arrogant people, cockiness

Pets: A shikoku inu named "Iki"

Transportation: 1994 Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo Type R (Yes, once again, the car I drive) but often prefers to ride his bike or just walk.

And finally, all I have to say is...CHICKWEED! Lol, I refuse to say STAR to get myself approved...wait...I just did.

5/5/2012 #2
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
BASICS First name: Aigis Last name: Arisato Gender: Technically Female (She's an Android though) Age: Looks 18 (Technically about 11 years since she was fully operational) APPEARANCE Appearance: Hairstyle: Short Hair colour: Blonde Skin colour: white Nationality: Japan (was where she was made at least) Eye color: Blue Preffered Clothes: She happily wears the school uniform though she also likes wearing a long blue, simple looking dress which goes all the way down to her shins EXTRA History: She was a robot designed and made in Japan specifically for more spiritual supernatural things such as demons and the likes. A couple of months after her creation she was heavily damaged and was shut down for ten years. She then awoke ten years after her shutdown and escaped from her lab now on a search for a certain person whom she met before her destruction. Hobbies: Making models, testing her weaponry Interests: Engineering, robotics, all the main Sciences Likes: Praise, Compliments, Music and books Dislikes: Being disassembled or rebooted. Scientists trying to do the mentioned Attracted to: She is a robot...But she has been gaining human emotions. For now she unsure of this Unattracted to: She is unsure of this Pets: Koromaru her pet dog ( Due to he being a robot. Aigis has the unique gift of being able to distinguish what he and any other animals are saying by their calls and body language Transportation: Her feet and a modified motorcycle she acquired from a friend.
6/26/2012 #3
Star The Dog Whisperer

I love her! Seems like an interesting character and glad to have you join the family :D

6/26/2012 #4
The Pooka Prince

First name: Oswald

Last name: Helsing

Nickname(optional): The shadow knight

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Family: Mother: Deceased. Adoptive Vampire mother also deceased

Father: deceased

Siblings: A brother and sister. He doesn't know if they are dead or alive

Children: None

Intimate Relations Date/Spouse: None

Pregnancies: impossible for him xD

Appearance: (

Hairstyle: Slicked back spiked with a widow's peak

Haircolor: Natural is brown but he dyes it red

Skin color: Ever so slight tan

Eye color: Emerald

Nationality: 1/2 English, 1/4 German, 1/4 American

Preffered Clothes: He prefers to wear his long black coat often with the hood up

History: Oswald was the 3rd and last child to be born. Not long after his birth, Vampires attacked and killed all his family and Oswald was left all by himself and would've died too...Had it not been for a young vampire girl who arrived shortly after the others had left hearing Oswald's cries from within a cupboard. Unable to turn him she took him with her and pretended she did so he would be safe. She raised him like her own and Oswald knew something was different about them but he didn't mind as his adoptive Vamperic mother took care of him like he was her own child

However.....Oswald wasn't going to have a happy life as the others eventually found out. His adoptive mother died protecting him from being turned and Oswald ran as fast as he could. After managing to escape he cursed his weakness of being weak and frail and began training his body while scavaging for food before finding somewhere to live. On his 18th birthday his body began writhing in pain and the next minute he saw the forest he had been hunting in at the time was now ash. Learning of the Helsing bloodline after researching the odd occurrence and that it was a curse... in which The Helsing ancestors had traded their souls to the devil in order for power. Angry at this decided to use it as a hunter for all supernatural creatures. and when that was complete....He would sever the bloodline....Forever. Posing as a teacher at the academy he has come to eliminate any threats

Extra Interests: Books, Alcohol (It helps with his nightmares and helps him forget), Training his body and reflexes

Likes: Girls, normal humans. Vampire girls (He hates them....But he also likes them and has a softer for female ones thanks to his adoptive mother)

Dislikes: His cursed bloodline, his power and his foolish ancestors, Vampires (A little more lenient for female ones as explained above) especially of all supernatural creatures

Attracted to: Tomboyish/ Stronger Girls

Unattracted to: guys, Girls that are too girly

Pets: None

Transportation: A motorbike he customized and built that's a cross between a chopper and an Indian chief

2/9/2013 #5
Star The Dog Whisperer

(This oughtta be fun ;D)

First name: Violet

Last name: Sharpe

Nickname(optional): None

Age: 20 (she says that, but is really just over 150 years.)

Gender: Female

Species: Dhamphir (Half vampire Half human.)

Mother: Eelane Cara Sharpe (Deceased)

Father: Isaac Ricardio Sharpe (Deceased)

Siblings: Avery, Nicholas,

Children: None

Other: None

Intimate Relations

Date/Spouse: None yet

Pregnancies: None. (She's a virgin.)


Hairstyle: %20blue%20eyes%20black%20hair%20elena%20romanova%201920x1200%20wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_54.jpg

Skin color: pale

Eye color: blue

Nationality: Italian

Preffered Clothes: Jeans with a baggy t-shirt. At work, she wears a navy blue longsleeved shirt with a black cardigan.

History: She was never turned but was born a half-vampire. Being in the Italian Mafia family, she was able to shoot since the age of six years old and often practices. She is hunted after by most vampire hunters for her feeding habits, but masquerades herself as a human here in the academy... her life wasn't always a bowl of cherries, winding up mortally wounded more than a couple times, she is staying in the academy as sort of a 'safe haven' she teaches warrior techniques and is going to be paired up with the odd 'Mr. Helsing'


Interests: She likes anything a guy would do, guns, football, sports, cars, motorcycles, hair.

Likes: Dirt, getting messy, Shooting targets, hunting

Dislikes: girls who are afraid of everything, smart mouths, vampires, her deeds.

Attracted to: Boys who arent afraid, strong men, humans, black hair, humans

Unattracted to: Slobs, people who act like a stereotypical jerk.

Pets: she owns a guard dog, to protect her from hunters. .

Transportation: Black towncar

2/9/2013 . Edited 2/7/2014 #6
Star The Dog Whisperer

Name: Marina Lavender Willowshine

Age: 17

Gender: female

Species: Half-Demon

Rp they are in: Narrowbridge Academy

Character Appearence:

Magic: Her father was a demon of greed and lust- so naturally with her good looks, she uses those powers to her will

Character History: Marina was born into a wealthy family... her father being a greedy and lustful demon who seduced many women. He left off as soon as he figured out Marina was concieved- And so she grew inside of her mother and when born, her mother died from her being too strong and basically crushing her ribs through her heart. Marina was destined for vengeance, and became a sarcastic smart aleck with a lustful aura about her, geared towards women. When she killed her first victim she was sent out of the wealth with a million dollars to shut her up. With that wealth she has come to the Academy and met her partner/best friend, Charlotte.

Personality: Greedy, lustful... she is intelligent yet cruelly and brutally sarcastic and witty. She is really soft for babies and loves to cuddle puppies and kittens- oddly enough.

In a relationship?: No. (Or... at least, she says that she and Charlotte aren't together, when her heart says otherwise.)

Sexual Orientation: She is bisexual- but geared towards women

Any other info: Owns a rottweiler puppy named Peccatrice Amor (Sinful Love in Latin), who is enchanted with extreme intelligence and powers, sent to protect her as a gift from her father. Also owns a Siberian Husky, brother of Sapphire.

2/15/2013 . Edited 2/15/2013 #7
Foxy Goddess Scotchy

Name: Charlotte Flowers

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: When Charlotte was just an angel was quite religious, taking her actions very seriously along with the good book and didn't think kindly of people who don't accept the scriptures seriously

She was honest, kind and very warm and friendly...However she didn't trust demons...Being the spawn of the fallen angel. She is quite the bit of a book worm and a nerd

Then she met Marina. A half demon half angel and slowly got wooed by the demon girl. Questioning her very upbringing til she decided to change her side completely

Now since she has fallen she has become much more flirty, confident, playful and teasing. The only person she is shy around is Marina when they are all alone

Species: Half fallen Angel, Half human

Character Appearence: ( When she becomes a fallen angel her wings will become jet black and her hair will get back streaks amidst the red locks

Magic: She can heal wounds, and fly using her wings

Character History: Charlotte is a only child and has been raised by a single mother being an angel. Her human dad died shortly after Charlotte was born. She was tought by her mother all she knows and to be a perfect little girl in the eyes of the almighty one. She was then sent to the Academy to increase her powers to then help the angels fight against demons and the dark one's army

Though this has long since changed as said in her personality. She thanks and reveers Marina for her liberation and unshackling of a chained destiny being able to do as she pleases

In a relationship?: She's with Marina. It's complicated xD

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian mostly! Though guys don't creep her out

Pets: Owns a small Husky puppy that Marina got for her called Sapphire

2/15/2013 #8
The Pooka Prince

First name: Albion

Last name: He has no last name

Nickname (optional): Albion to Panthera, Daddy to his triplets and King Albion to all you vermin

Gender: Male


Mother: Not bloody likely

Father: Perhaps...Though he may of just spawned out the ground

Siblings: They would of all perished so he would be king...If he had any

Children: Aquis Tundra and Terra

Other: He knows nothing of his origins....Not that It matters to him in the slightest

Intimate Relations:

Spouse: Queen Panthera

Pregnancies: that's like asking a rock to manage your bank account...Not happening

Met your Spouse/Date on? (mm/dd/ yyyy): Demon calanders run differently and demons age differently...He knew Panthera only of word and mouth for at least 20 years as the queen of the Pantheran race...Til they met at a peace treaty. He has been married to her for about a year

Appearance: ( His actual looks

(, Purely just for the close up on clawed gauntlet which is Albion's right hand

( His battle armour. Though the right right arm like his normal clawed hand

( His demon form

Hairstyle: As shown the pictures above

Hair colour: '' '' ''

Skin colour: '' '' ''

Nationality: Demon/Demonish

Eye shape: as in picture

Eye color: Red and gold

Preffered Clothes: Something showing off his regal or royal stature so fine kingly robes...or his battle armour


History: The high king of Hell. Dominion over all things evil....Do you really need much else then to know you should run for your life if he pops up?

Hobbies: Inflicting pain on others, killing, torturing, watching people suffer...The simple pleasures of life really

Interests: Science and his genetic experiments with his subjects to make them stronger. Panthera's pantings.

Likes: Panthera, his children

Dislikes: Everything else...Especially "Nice" things. Flowers, fluffy bunny's....They meet his sword, magic, hands, claws etc....

Loathes to all eternity and plots his demise whenever possible: Leo Mccoy

Attracted to: Panthera

Unattracted to: everyone other than Panthera

Pets: Has no use for the things...Unless you mean his subjects

Transportation: Why have transportation when you can make portals to anywhere?

2/20/2013 #9
The Pooka Prince

(Cus he really needed an update :3)

First name: Leo

Last name: Mccoy

Nickname: Hell spawn Half breed Nothing nice really due to his heritage

Gender: Male

Age: 18 in present day academy


Mother: Too young to remember her name

Father: Unknown.

Siblings: Unknown

Children: Lisa (In the present day academy others) Phoenix, Christian, Bradley the unamed twin girls (Future Topic only)

Other: Leo is quite the troubled soul. He's not exactly likable at first but thats due to the fact he doesn't want anyone to get close to him due to his past. He's prone to night terrors and nightmares about that event when he was 5 and as a result does get a bit unstable when he could hurt a friend or loved one. Heightened emotions of anger, stress and the sorts can unwillingly cause him to change into his demon form

Intimate Relations:

Date/Spouse: Belle Yeaman

Pregnancies: NA

Appearance: He's 5'9 and looks relatively average with a slim build

Hairstyle: It's fairly average except from the "Emo" fringe that is beginning to grow over his right eye

Hair colour: He has pitch black hair with a blonde streak underneath

Skin colour: White. Fairly pale looking except his right arm. Which is a dark metallic grey/Black

Nationality: English/ British

Eye shape: Fairly average oval shapes

Eye color: His left eye is a deep emerald green. His right eye however is a deep blood red colour. Hence the Emo fringe to cover it

Preffered Clothes: He wears jeans mostly with a black shirt and either a denim, leather or long tailed jacket. He wears either trainers or doc marten boots.

Demon form: ( His teeth are copper coloured, his claws are platinum coloured and the fur is is metallic


History: Leo was born under dire circumstances, The head of a demonic cult summoned Albion as his mother gave birth to Leo. Albion in more of reckless mindset decided to curse Leo, giving him a right hand like his own (Which Albion has regretted since). The curse backlashed as at the age of five Leo lost control of his demonic power and slaughtered everyone...Even his own nother as he was lost in a bloodlust caused by Albion triggering the demon side within Leo. Leo tended for himself for all those years alone til he was about 15 when he was brought to the academy. he stayed to himself mostly til he met Belle.

He has currently been kidnapped by the seven princes of hell who want to take on Albion for control of Hell. He is unaware that he is Albion's champion and will have to defend the being that has tried killing him so many times

Hobbies: Guitar, writing lyrics and stories, making potions

Interests: Same as his hobbies really.

Likes: Rock/heavy metal music. His guitar, rainy days and forests. Belle and all his children

Dislikes: People staring at his metal demonic arm. People who think they're better due to him being part demon

Attracted to: Girls

Unattracted to: guys

Pets: NA

Transportation: Walking, Belle's car, the occasional portal when he is able

2/20/2013 #10
Star The Dog Whisperer


First name: Arianne

Last name: Panthera

Age: 68 (she looks only 20 or so because of reduced aging that all of her people have... more about that later.)

Nickname(optional): Not being quite as powerthirsty, she prefers just the title: Panthera or Mother by her daughters

Gender: Female


Mother: Isophene Panthera IV

Father: Gabriell Panthera

Siblings: None.

Children: Aquis, Tundra, Terra

Other: She comes from a looooong line of demons, possibly dating back before what of Albion's ancestors were discovered

Intimate Relations

Date/Spouse: King Albion

Pregnancies: 1

Met your Spouse/Date on? (mm/dd/yyyy): For you twits she calls humans, August, 6


(Her demon form... hence the name Panthera)

Hairstyle: Panthera keeps her hair long and if she wants to, slightly curled... otherwise it's rarely seen done up.

Haircolor: coal black with an occasional dye job of red or green.

Skin color: pale white.

Nationality:Pantheran (Her family being monarchs of a whole race like her.

Eye shape: almond.

Eye color: Deep green with flecks of blue

Preffered Clothes: She is always outfitted in Pantheran silk, something that conforms to any size or shape perfectly. Usually it's a deep red dress or for right now... the best human clothes that are comfortable.


History: Born into a demon realm that was lush and jungle-like, unlike Albion, she was raised to serve as daughter of Gabriell, the king. Which meant she was scrubbing floors and cleaning dishes until her seventeenth birthday- where her father started to become mentally weak when her beautiful mother had become ill. This gave her the oppurtunity to train like hell in her spare time, causing a lot of tone to her body and giving her that famous Pantheran physique. Good for looks and fighting, which was shown at age 18 when she dueled her father and made a 360 degree turnaround for her realm, making women dominant over men. Many years later, at age 50, she went hostile towards albion until about five years prior to the present, when she met him for a peace treaty and they courted from then on. Four years of courting, Albion asked her hand in marriage whilst in one of his schemes to kill Leo. Happily accepting, she and Albion wed not long after and concieved their triplets Aquis, Terra, and Tundra on the honeymoon.

Hobbies: Caring for her family (while ruthless to others, pantherans are extremely affectionate to close friends and family), Being with Albion, Reading, Painting, learning new skills, excercise.

Interests: Her family, Albion, knowledge of science, Painting, her prodigy Belle (though they have bad blood, Panthera enjoys toying around with her)

Likes: Albion, her daughters (not much else), she's a real sucker for felines, enjoys being the center or attention, hosting large events.

Dislikes: Being told what to do, not getting her way, others challenging whether she is right, not being in charge, inequality to women

Attracted to: Albion, secretly likes men with a lot to 'give'

Unattracted to: Pretty much anyone who isn't perfect for her... which the only one she finds perfect is Albion

Pets: None yet... but she intends to spoil her daughters should they ever want one.

Transportation: Her feet, portals, automobiles.

2/20/2013 . Edited 3/11/2013 #11
The Pooka Prince
Approved XD
2/20/2013 #12
Star The Dog Whisperer

(DEFINITELY needed a revamp)


First name:Anabelle (Belle)

Last name: Yeaman (sounds like Yeah Man)

Nickname(optional): Belle

Gender: female


Mother: Aurora May Yeaman

Father: Orion Joshua Yeaman

Siblings: Lillisamira (Lily)

Children: Lisa Belle McCoy

Other: Aunt Jewel (barely known Pantheran relative.)

Intimate Relations

Date/Spouse: Leo McCoy

Pregnancies: 1 (though in the future she has had 4 pregnancies.)

Met your Spouse/Date on? (mm/dd/yyyy): Not quite sure, because she was drunk when meeting Leo.



Hairstyle: Belle likes her hair to be just past her shoulders and slightly curly, at one point had it halfway down he back but regrets it deeply.

Haircolor: Deep red

Skin color: pale, rosy cheeks

Nationality: american/pantheran

Eye shape: normal, very flirty

Eye color: Green (But when changing into her demon form, they become flourescent)

Preffered Clothes: A small t-shirt with skinny jeans to show off her nicely toned body.

Extra: LOVES piercings and is debating whether or not to get a lip piercing.

History: She is the first person to ever be recommended here by letter and is in the dark about it mainly. Belle has sky high grades and trains hard to please her coaches and teachers. She takes herboligy, transformation, and music... she is a musical woman who has always loved the violin or "Fiddle" At birth she was blessed with the power to transform to any animal she thought of, mainly the Pantheran's trademark- a panther. At age three, she turned into a cheetah when playing 'jungle' and was confined to her home so the world would not know, of her talents. At age 6, she was beckoned to come to this place and fled her confinement. Soon after coming to the Academy, she became quite the popular girl and was revered for her talents... both in bed and in the classroom. Many years passed and she found Leo, fell in love and accidentally concieved Lisa who she and Leo know dote on a lot.

Hobbies: singing, fiddle-playing, tomboyish things, caring for Leo or Lisa.

Interests: boys, music, the arts, science, biology.

Likes: rain, sunny days, animals.

Dislikes: people ignoring her, dead flowers, posers, the thought of death.

Attracted to: boys, athletes, dark hair, humor, wit.

Unattracted to: stupidity, smart alecks, annoying people, girls, those who study 24/7

Pets: None

Transportation: a black corvette bought for her by her father.

2/20/2013 #13
The Pooka Prince

First name: Hinata

Last name: Yamagishi

Nickname: NA

Gender: Female Age: 17


Mother: Fuuka Yamagishi

Father: NA

Siblings: NA

Children: NA


Intimate Relations: NA

Date/Spouse: NA

Pregnancies: NA


Hairstyle: As in picture

Hair colour: " " "

Skin colour: Very slightly naturally tanned or caramel complexion

Nationality: Japanese

Eye shape: Fairly average oval shapes

Eye color: White

Preffered Clothes: She wears the school uniform... Which most others don't even know there is. It consists of black pumps and white socks, black tights, a grey plaid skirt to knee height, a white shirt and a blue cardigan or sweater. She wears a cardigan the one day, sweater the next and keeps switching. When she wears her own clothes It's either a red turtleneck and some black trousers or a Black T shirt which features all the super Mario mushrooms on and blue jeans. Or sometimes what she has on in the picture


History: Hinata has never met her father. She grew up with her mom who raised Hinata all by herself. Hinata later found out that she had a gift for healing injuries and bones involving an accident with her mother. Her gifts later developed or rather revealed so that she could not only emit life but also detect life.

Hobbies: Studying, reading

Interests: Studying, getting along with others, helping others, reading and writing her stories, white magic.

Likes: Studying, Good grades, helping others.

Dislikes: Bad grades, not being able to help. People who judge not knowing the full story.

Attracted to: Any gender as long as they're nice and love her back

Unattracted to: Mean people

Pets: A male ginger Cat named Izanagi and a female "tortoise shell" cat named Izanami

Transportation: Feet

2/22/2013 #14

First name: Zhan

Last name: Loch

Age: Appears to be 19

Gender: Male

Species: Drow/Dark elf


Mother: Drusilia Galaodel (Deceased)

Father: Enialis Amakiir

Siblings: Aust

Children: none


IntimateRelations: N/a

Date/Spouse: N/a

Met your spouse/date on:

Hair style:in pic

Hair color: Stark white

Skin color: Coal black

Eye color: Vivid red

Prefered clothes in the pic


History: Born the bastard son between a drow and an elven slave, Zhan and his mother were cast out of his fathers house. Needless to say Zhan's mother the frail elven flower that she was died early in Zhan's childhood leaving him defenceless in the dark cruel world of the drows. He would have died if he hadn't learned of his father and inheriting some his innate arcane prowness. eventually the young drow fled to the surface. The drow having lived in darkness his entire life was blinded after seeing the sun for the first time in his life at sixty years of age (16) living the dazed dark elf wandering blindly through the city. Unaware of his surrounding Zhan wandered into a a busy street nearly being ran over if a academy official hadn't grabbed him.

2/14/2014 . Edited 2/14/2014 #15
The Pooka Prince
Nothing wrong here vin...I approve but we'll have to wait for Star's opinion
2/14/2014 #16
Star The Dog Whisperer

I'm totally fine, y'all. I think we have had drows/elves before, actually :P

2/15/2014 #17
angel capella
Name(full): Morticia adams Gender:female Family: Died when she was young (true story) Intimate relationships:none Date:single
3/12/2015 #18
angel capella
Pregnancies:none Appearance: Tall and skinny wears a long black dress,has black hair which is worn shortly,looks very gothic. Nationality:born in paris,france Skin color: Pale,very pale Eye shape: Human eyes Eye color:pitch black Preferred clothes: Dark and gothic but still petite Extra:was very young when her family had died in the fire,she had been told she had a older sister who died in the fire. History:is the daughter of a very rich family that sadly died in a fire that had simultaneously came from nowhere.she doesn't talk about her past. Hobbies:going to the morgue,training her pet tarantulas,and talking to her plants. Interests:becoming a witch,or becoming a demon. Likes:morgues,tarantulas,death in general,and pain. Dislikes:rainbows,kittens,the colors pink and purple and light blue. Attracted to:screaming,pain,inner beauty,and intellectuals. Unattracted to:squealing,sounds of joy,and happy things. Pets:three turantulas,one raven,and a black cat. Transportation:a black hearse.
3/12/2015 #19
angel capella
Age:14 Her mother was a witch her father wasnt so thier is a chance she is a eitch
3/12/2015 #20
angel capella
Am i in?
3/12/2015 #21
angel capella
3/12/2015 #22
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