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The Pooka Prince
A huge room full to the brim with books anyone would need from 'Potions and elixirs' to 'Necromancy for beginners' just don't do anything stupid with the information from these old tomes
5/1/2012 #1
The Pooka Prince
Oswald sighed as he picked up a large leather bound tome and slowly began to flick through the pages. There were many different supernatural beings here...And he was having trouble classifying them all. He knew there was a vampire here too...He could smell them...But he just didn't know who it was
2/9/2013 #2
Star The Dog Whisperer

Slowly approaching him in a more adventurous outfit, was Violet, the warrior techniques teacher who'd recently been assigned the job as a librarian. "Can I help you, Mr. Hesling she asked softly, leaning over onto the table across from him, her chest lay atop her arms, making the amount of cleavage increase as she looked at him.

2/9/2013 #3
The Pooka Prince
Oswald looked to her face, not trying to look at her display "Yes...I'm having some trouble identifying what some of the students are exactly...As yesterday I happened across one of them who could Turn into various animals...And then there was Android girl...I think"
2/9/2013 #4
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Anabelle Yeaman is the shapeshifter, tainted by Pantheran blood. Her main form is a introverted panther, though her daughter hasn't shown any sign of having the same power." Violet replied softly, "The other is Aigis, the weaponised anti-demonic android. There's also Leo McCoy, like Belle, with that odd arm of his... he's the father of he and Belle's child." Violet said, recounting what she'd seen in the past about those three students. "They all three hang around a lot, so I call them the three musketeers."

2/9/2013 #5
The Pooka Prince
Oswald nodded "And that Leo....He is tainted with blood and power from the demon king...Albion right?" He questioned
2/9/2013 #6
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Exactly." Violet nodded. "Of course there are a few vampires and such around here." she muttered, sitting down and resting her feet. "Don't tell the headmistress about me doing this." she said softly as she took off the cardigan, sighing in relief "There... not as tight now."

2/9/2013 #7
The Pooka Prince
Oswald closed his eyes for a second before she had bun to pull the cardigan off and breathed in. 'Confirmation that there was vampires here...Thank you Violet' he thought as he opened his eyes again seeing her now with the conserve clothing off "...The headmistress is making you wear that cardigan?" He questioned
2/9/2013 #8
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Uhh... the whole thing is because some of the male students around here complained about me wearing my regular things being 'distracting' so it was either hoodies or a cardigan." Violet said, blush tinting her cheeks a light pink... though with a pair like those, no wonder men could barely focus on their studies... they were more interested in studying her!

2/9/2013 #9
The Pooka Prince
Oswald kept flicking through the book, not looking anywhere other then her face "Well I guess most of them are just horny teenagers with normal backgrounds" He said looking through "Ahh here we go...Lamia's...Snake girls...Ahh ...different from what I was thinking of a gorgon" He muttered
2/9/2013 #10
Star The Dog Whisperer

"I'm supposed to partner up with you, right? So I might as well ask you some things about how you teach others." Violet muttered. "What is your approach with swordsmanship, do you prefer using dummies or doing one on one battle?"

2/9/2013 . Edited 2/9/2013 #11
The Pooka Prince
(Umm she said Hello Mr helsing earlier...So she knows who he is.... xD)
2/9/2013 #12
Star The Dog Whisperer

(Sorry... Oregon was being distracting... he came in singing sexy and I know it... let me edit that xD)

2/9/2013 #13
The Pooka Prince
Oswald thought about that for a few seconds before closing the book "Hmmm....I would use the dummies at first to see who can actually use a blade and then teach them one on one"
2/10/2013 #14
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Hmm, pretty much the same... okay, do you prefer that students pair up or stay seperate?" Violet asked, biting her bottom lip softly... she could tell that he had items that were dangerous for her, yet stayed for the company, usually it was just the students in the library.

2/10/2013 #15
The Pooka Prince
A sliver crucifix was round his neck as he kept thinking. He knew violet was something, definitely not human but he couldn't tell what exactly what as he blinked "I'd see how they do separately before pairing them up with opposing skills...So one who's not so good with a blade but good at spells paired up against one with great swordsmanship but bad spellcasting"
2/10/2013 #16
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Hmm, you seem to have my style of teaching." Violet chuckled, before smoothing her hair from her face. "I hope that works... some of the students here can be pretty bullheaded by thinking that they can slack off around the training grounds." she muttered before putting her cardigan back on as a young girl, probably a student, appeared from behind a bookshelf.

"Ms. Sharpe?" The girl called softly. "I have that stuff you wanted." she said, coming out and handing violet a thermos and a sandwich.

"Thanks, dear. You can go back to sorting the returns now..." Violet replied kindly before opening up the thermos, which contained stored blood.. but she made sure to have the thermos be metal to make what she drank indistinguishable as she gulped down the blood and her eyes slowly became a dark ember.

2/10/2013 #17
The Pooka Prince
Oswald was still looking at Violet before noticing the flickering colour change of her eyes '.......Vampire He thought softly and looked to the table "Hmm...Well that should make our teaching more easier"
2/10/2013 #18
Star The Dog Whisperer

"I suppose so, Mr. Helsing, it's a lot easier to do many things once people cooperate." Violet nodded softly, setting her thermos down carefully and being careful not to show any bit of her fangs.

2/10/2013 #19
The Pooka Prince
Oswald nodded as he opened the book again and took a look through it "Well I'm sure we'll get along just fine...It's surprising how many different supernatural beings there are here...Vampires, werewolves, demons...It's not particularly hidden though..More surprising is how there hasn't been any supernatural hunters come knocking at the academy doors"
2/10/2013 #20
Star The Dog Whisperer

"That's because they can't be tracked here... even if some hunter has a warrant for a supernatural it's like a safe haven." Violet explained softly. "There's been a lot of hunters around here... just that the guards escort them away so nobody gets hurt."

2/10/2013 #21
The Pooka Prince
Oswald nodded "Yes...I think I recall the headmistress saying something similar" He said softly as he slowly closed the book and stood up "Miss Sharpe shall we work on a lesson plan here or would you like to do it elsewhere"
2/10/2013 #22
Star The Dog Whisperer

"I prefer else where so I can wear something more comfortable." Violet replied smoothly, taking another drink from her thermos and pulled her chair out, standing up.

2/10/2013 #23
The Pooka Prince
Oswald slowly nodded "Where would you like to do that then?" He questioned as he held the leather bound encyclopedia on all different supernatural species out to her "And I would like to borrow this so I can know what some of the more obscure students species and abilities are"
2/10/2013 #24
Star The Dog Whisperer

"I prefer we go to one of our rooms. You can choose whichever you like." Violet said softly, grabbing the scanner from the cart behind her and scanning it. "Oh, and this is due in two weeks, unless you renew it."

2/10/2013 #25
The Pooka Prince
"Very well, i'll be sure to return this on time...And say my room at 7?" Oswald questioned

(Guess we should make a teachers room thread for these two? Oh and he is gonna try and kill her before losing heart and then being bogged about her being half human...Gonna make its a big deal that has never happened beforeX3)

2/10/2013 #26
Star The Dog Whisperer

(*High fives* Sounds awesome xD)

Violet nodded, making sure her fangs were gone, before smiling. "Sure. I'll make sure to bring my lesson book."

(once we have that teacher's topic, the first posts will be of Violet arriving at his door)

2/10/2013 #27
The Pooka Prince

(Whoop and of course i'll make it now :P)

Oswald ever so slightly nodded "See you at seven then Miss Sharpe" He softly said before slowly walking to the exit then leaving the library

2/10/2013 #28
Star The Dog Whisperer


2/10/2013 #29
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