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Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte looked at her with wide eyes "I...I will?!" She exclaimed looking at her extremely happy and cute at the same time
2/15/2013 #31
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Why yes, you're the best I've been with so far... submissive, a bit condecending, but all around you are just... so... perfect for me." Marina replied coolly, tossing her hair back and setting her hands on her own hips.

2/15/2013 #32
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte giggled with excitement as she looked at her "I won't let you down Marina!" She giggled grabbing on if her hands and dragging her to the pool
2/15/2013 #33
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Okay, Okay, sugartits... jeez, calm yourself." Marina muttered, following Charlotte swiftly before breaking from her grasp and eagerly stepping onto the diving board. "Watch this, Charlotte!" Marina called.

2/15/2013 #34
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte giggled and gently fluttered into the air with her wings "C'mon then...I bet you'll be crummy" She teasingly giggled
2/15/2013 #35
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Oh, really? You think these calves are just for show, huh?" Marina giggled, bouncing once on the board... twice... three times, and then she sailed about three feet into the air, her wings instinctively fluttering a bit before stopping and sending her into the water with a large splash.

2/15/2013 #36
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte clapped as she floated their in the air "Oh wow...That was good Marina!" She exclaimed
2/15/2013 #37
Star The Dog Whisperer

Marina popped out of the water, gritting her teeth. "Says the one who didn't just bellyflop on her chest." She mumbled, placing a hand on her slightly red stomach that was underwater and cringing as it still hurt to touch.

2/15/2013 #38
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte fluttered over the pool before slowly lowering down til about 2ft or so above the water and then stopped flapping her wings grabbing her legs as she cannonballed into the water
2/15/2013 #39
Star The Dog Whisperer

Marina ducked, though it was pointless, to avoid the water that Charlotte had sent through the air. "Good one, Charlotte!" she enthused, wolf whistling to show her approval a bit gaudily.

2/15/2013 #40
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte swam back to the surface with a smile "I've never done that before..Chap that was scary"
2/15/2013 #41
Star The Dog Whisperer

Marina smirked in response. "Yeah, it makes your heart jittery... but once you get used to it, it's nothing."

2/15/2013 #42
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte swam closer to Marina "J-Jeez...It's not exactly warm water either is it?"
2/15/2013 #43
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Well... if you've not got a problem with it... we can go to the hot tub instead?" Marina suggested softly.

2/15/2013 #44
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
"There's a hot tub?" Charlotte questioned in surprise "...Narrowbridge didn't have one of those...."
2/15/2013 #45
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Yeah, it's somewhere around here." Marina said enthusiastically. "Maybe this place isn't so bad after all, hm?"

2/15/2013 #46
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte nodded "Yeah...And we have yet to actually meet someone so...Maybe we will be good friends with others...And mess with their heads a little" She giggled as she swam to the ladder and and got out the pool
2/15/2013 #47
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Sounds... fun." Marina chuckled, smoothing back her own hair and climbing out using the ladder, "Do you see the hot tub anywhere?" Marina asked Charlotte softly.

2/15/2013 #48
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte around before noticing the sign "Yeah should be just around the corner!" She exclaimed

In the hot tub area was Aigis with her adopted daughter Cassandra "This is a hot tub...It's used for many different things Cassandra-Chan...Mainly to relax" She said robotically and playfully poked her nose in which the 12 or so year old let out a soft giggle "Yes mom"

(Had to get them in xD)

2/15/2013 #49
Star The Dog Whisperer

(*super mega high fives you* Gotta love Cassandra and Aigis!)

Marina slowly followed the sign's instruction, beckoning Charlotte to follow as she rounded the corner to find a robotic-ish girl, and a younger human in the hot tub. "Hello." Marina called, letting her presence be known so she didn't startle either of the two.

2/15/2013 #50
Foxy Goddess Scotchy

(Of course you do...Aigis is awesome! xD)

Aigis looked at them. She was actually kneeling next to hot tub while Cassandra was in the tub "...So you are the new recruits...Welcome...I am Aigis" Aigis replied in her usual robo tone "And I'm Cassandra!" The thirteen year old piped up pulling a peace sign at them as Charlotte walked in and hid begin Marina "H-Hi" she muttered....She would've been more if her usual flirt...If it wasn't for the kid there

2/16/2013 #51
Star The Dog Whisperer

(LOL she truly is ;))

Marina, though, wasn't quite as deterred to not be A: Flirty or B: Charismatic... it was her true nature anyway. "Yeah, we got transferred from Narrowbridge yesterday... I'm Marina, and the lady behind me is..." Marina slowly, stepped away, forcing Charlotte into the spotlight. "Charlotte."

2/16/2013 #52
Foxy Goddess Scotchy
Charlotte blushed fiercely "H-Hello" She stuttered waving and looking at the floor as Aigis stood up looking at the two "It is very nice to meet you both...There is enough room for you both to enter the hot tub as you clothing suggests...Cassandra is still only little...I assume her growth spurt is taking it's time" Aigis replied smiling at the new pair
2/16/2013 #53
Star The Dog Whisperer

(Shouldn't Aigis notice by now that somethings up with Marina?)

Marina smiled warmly, spreading out her wings and slowly entering the hot tub so as to not splash either of them. "How long have you two been here, Aigis, and Cassandra? ...If it's not too much of a problem that I ask." Marina asked softly, guestering for Charlotte to follow her.

2/16/2013 #54
Foxy Goddess Scotchy

(...Marina has wings? xD And both Aigis and Charlotte have had prejudices against demons...Weird xD)

Aigis looked at Marina, her eyes squinting at her "You" She muttered as she pulled Cassandra out the tub "...Cassandra...Please go and dry off...I'll be with you shortly" Aigis whispered

Cassandra looked at her oddly but decided not to question her and ran off to the lockers as Aigis pointed her fingers at Marina. All of them now turning into barrels of a gun "Where is he" Aigis questioned harshly as Charlotte few over to Aigis "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

2/16/2013 #55
Star The Dog Whisperer

(yes... I could've sworn she had them in her picture... if not: IDGAF! And that is bizarre! Though all the more fun. :D)

Marina squeaked, backing against the bubble jets. "He? W-who's he?" she asked, not knowing this was about the demonic wings that protruded from her shoulderblades. Then seeing that Charlotte flew in line of danger, her dominance shone through. "Charlotte. Get. BACK." Marina ordered to the side, though her tough tone suggested otherwise, she was just being protective.

2/16/2013 #56
Foxy Goddess Scotchy

(Ah ha fair enough! XD And yeah...Charlotte with her very devout Christian upbringing... And Aigis being programmed to destroy demons xD)

Charlotte looked back at Marina and immediately flew back out of the way bot wanting to displease her

"Where is he...Spawn of Asmodeus" Aigis questioned as her fingers clicked and locked as underneath her wrists two cylindrical magzines of bullets came out "Tell"

2/17/2013 #57
Star The Dog Whisperer

"A-aigis, I have never met my dad before... I truly don't know where he is. And I know about those two demon spawns you already hang out with- don't assume that I'm bad right off the bat." Marina said back. "Otherwise, I'd gladly let you kill the bastard for leaving my mother and me."

2/17/2013 #58
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