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Star The Dog Whisperer

Belle proceeded with caution, since she didn't want Leo to get injured. "Are you good?" She asked, once they were both up all of the stairs. "Is the feeling in your limbs coming back?"

2/9/2014 #1,531
The Pooka Prince
Leo nodded "Slightly...Still a little hard to walk" He muttered but managed to get in the bedroom by himself, only to fall on the Ned
2/9/2014 #1,532
Star The Dog Whisperer

(The ned? Hmm threesomes, mage? xD)

Belle went to the dresser and picked out some boxers, a shirt, and a pair of black jeans from the drawer. "You're usually so good at dealing with potions and magic.. what she used must have been very potent." Belle mused as she began dressing Leo, having a bit of difficulty.

2/9/2014 #1,533
The Pooka Prince


Leo tried as best he could to help Belle along to dressing him "I know...I'm sorry"

2/9/2014 #1,534
Star The Dog Whisperer

"I'm just talking, baby. It's not your fault... The bitch is vindictive." Belle murmured, finally getting Leo fully dressed. "There, much better."

2/9/2014 #1,535
The Pooka Prince
Leo smiled softly and kissed Belle "Thank you"
2/9/2014 #1,536
Star The Dog Whisperer

"I don't mind." Belle murmured and hugged Leo tightly. "I'm just glad she didn't kill you..."

2/9/2014 #1,537
The Pooka Prince
Leo tried to hug back but his send were still rather limp "Thank you love...I'm still confused about why she was so desperate to become pregnant though...She said if she wasn't she'd be coming back"
2/9/2014 #1,538
Star The Dog Whisperer

"I'm not sure, either, but we need to be on guard for the next few weeks, until it is possible for her to see if she is pregnant or not. And if she comes back, she will be met with a warm welcome... from a blowtorch in her face." Belle growled

2/9/2014 #1,539
The Pooka Prince
Leo nodded looking at his wife "Yeah...I definitely need to keep an eye out...I don't want to do something stupid"
2/9/2014 #1,540
Star The Dog Whisperer

"So how did she capture you anyways?" Belle asked gently.

2/9/2014 #1,541
The Pooka Prince
Leo blushed deeply "Well I came down to get myself something to drink...And a little midnight snack. And I heard soft singing...I thought it was Lisa as rainbow was gently purring with it...And then she jumped me and shoved two bottle in my mouth...One stopping all my motor functions so I couldn't move, the second to temporarily freeze my vocal cords"
2/10/2014 #1,542
Star The Dog Whisperer

"So it was an ambush..." Belle murmured. "Hmm... we'll need to up our security around here... I don't know how she got in!"

2/10/2014 #1,543
The Pooka Prince
Leo shrugged "Neither do I...She said if she wasn't pregnant that next time she'll give me a choice to co-operate or just rape me again..."
2/10/2014 #1,544
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Well, either way.. fight it. Keep your mouth closed so she can't pour anything in." Belle murmured. "I don't care if she's pregnant... I'll kill her and burn her at the stake for the witch she is."

2/10/2014 #1,545
The Pooka Prince
Leo nodded, as it was all he could particularly do without concentrating considerably "Ok love....We should turn in now and get some rest yes?"
2/14/2014 #1,546
Star The Dog Whisperer

"Yeah... let's just go to sleep." Belle murmured gently and helped Leo into bed, getting into bed herself, snuggling up to him. "We can start searching for how to get rid of her in the morning."

2/14/2014 #1,547
The Pooka Prince
Leo smiled. He kissed her cheek before he fell asleep quite quickly


2/15/2014 #1,548
Star The Dog Whisperer

Belle awakened, her eyes drowsily opening up and looking at Leo through a transparent curtain of red hair. "Leooo." She cooed gently, poking his face sleepily, her green eyes narrowly opened since the sun was shining right on her face.

2/15/2014 #1,549
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