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Rylee Carter

Hello and welcome to my random forum.

It is an RP, so before we begin I would like to have everyone "apply" and I will accept or deny your entry to the group ( don't worry I'm not mean)

The application would probally go something like this:

Given name (optinal):

Taaken name: Rylee Carter

Age: looks & is 13

Power (if you have one): Necromancer

Apperance: Dark red hair, deep purple eyes, black t-shirt,black hoodie, red skinny jeans, and high top converse

Persinality: despite her apperance, funny, luvs to party, but also a kick-butt fighter.

History(optinal): run away

other: Dating Fletcher's twin brother Greyson

P.s. The other only makes sense if you have read my fanfic

Have fun 3

4/29/2012 #1
singing like blue

Given name: sorry, it's sealed to

Taken name: Summer Watts

Age: 12

Power: don't really have one, I'm not as onto the Skulduggery fandom so much that I make characters on it. Usually I just use my OC.

Appearance: I've got boy cut, brown hair, blue eyes, I usually wear a white shirt, black jeans and a red jacket so I look like Brendon Urie in the I Write Sins Not Tragedies video clip. XD

Personality: CRAZY, funny, yeah.

History: ...stalker... Nah, just kidding. I joined fanfiction back in September 2011 and it's been one of the best decisions I ever made... and one of the worst! Seriously, I hardly get any sleep all because of fanfiction.

Other: I'm addicted to Panic! At The Disco. Oh, and I'm married to Brendon Urie, David Tennant, the Doctor, Josh Hutcherson, Peeta Mellark, Darren Criss, Blaine Anderson, and just recently, so we're newlyweds, Hal from Being Human UK. XD

4/29/2012 #2

given name: sorry i cant


decipline: adept

appearance: short black hair short and thin. brown eyes dm's (knee high) and tanith sword

4/30/2013 #3
Ziggy Starburst

Please let me join here is my application form

Age: i'm 84 but i look however old i want from my life

Name: scarlet arrow

Appearance: blonde hair no fixed eye colour (it changes according to my mood) same build as tanith

Personality: very awkward around other people (i mean seriously i suck at making friends i have made 5 over the course of 84 years i'm a bit of a sociopath i think) other than that protective and hostile

Other: incapable of falling in love tanith's younger sister i carry a bow and arrows occasionly a sword due to tanith insisting i do

Power: shapeshifter

Given name: not telling not because i don't want to but i don't actually have one (my parents were sorcerers)

7/26/2013 #4
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