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"You mean hear don't you? These ears arnt just to make me look cuter. I could hear you talking." I said to Kiki

Jinenji was happly cooking with hiw mother

6/28/2012 #211

(srrry had to do something for my dad)

"fine i listen it was cute" i said to kevin as i laughed

6/28/2012 #212

(Its ok.)

"There was always two things I wanted to do when I grew up. You wanna know what they are?" I asked Kiki

6/28/2012 #213

"no tell me" i said to kevin as i smiled

6/28/2012 #214

"A Yoga instructor or a psychologist (Where you talk to people about there problem). I love yoga and I like helping people with there problems like Jinenji." I said smiling

6/28/2012 #215

"thats nice you will make a good psychologist" i said to kevin as i saw a villager on the farm

6/28/2012 #216

"theres a villager on the farm" i said to the women wondering why there a villager is there

6/28/2012 #217

"Thanks and you havnt even seen me do Yoga yet." I said as I heard foot steps of the villager

"Hm. So it seems. I usually just let them be. They never come in here." The woman said

(Do you have a plan with this Villager?)

6/28/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #218

"ill go check it out" i said as i put on my shoes and went to the door

6/28/2012 #219

"Want me to come with you?" I asked Kiki

6/28/2012 #220

"na its just one villager ok be right back" i said to kevin as i ran to the farm

6/28/2012 #221

"Ok." I said unsure but stayed where I was and practice turning leafs into roses


6/28/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #222

"hi,what are you doing here" i asked the villager

"stay away" the villager said

"please leave" i said

"come on guys" more villagers came out and one hit me with a rock


6/28/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #223

"Kiki!" me and Jinenji said as we all rushed outside


6/28/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #224


"ow" i said when the villager held a knife on my neck

6/28/2012 #225

"Please let her go. She hasnt done anything." I said

"Yes please let her go." Jinenji said quitly

"Leave that girl alone." The woman said

6/28/2012 #226

"not untill you move out of this village you monster" the villagers said as they through rocks at jinenji

"jinenji" i yelled

6/28/2012 #227

Jinenji covered his face

"Why are you people so ignorant? Us Human arnt different from Jinenji here." I said

6/28/2012 #228

"hes evil thats what he is" one of the villagers yelled

"ow" the villagers said as i steped on his foot so i could get away

"you ok jinenji" i asked

6/28/2012 #229

"Im alright." Jinenji said quitly

"Humans are evil. Look at what your doing. Would you throw rocks at a dog just because it wasnt human?" I asked

6/28/2012 #230

"charge!" the villagers then through fire at the hut

"hey stop that" i yelled as i through a rock at them

6/28/2012 #231

"Please stop." Jinenji said as he try to catch the fires before they hit the hut

"I tryed to be cival." I said as I snaped my finger and a wall of fire flashed in front of the villagers but then it quickly went away leaving me out of breath

6/28/2012 #232

"DEMON" one of the villager yelled and through a knife at kevin

"stop it" i yelled as i through more rocks

6/28/2012 #233

I just held out my hand causing the knife to go through my hand "So what if I am. At least me, Kiki, and Jinenji have a heart!" I said as I felt pain in my left hand where the knife went through

6/28/2012 #234

"kevin" i said as i saw the knife

6/28/2012 #235

"thats it get out of here" i said as pointed my hand north

6/28/2012 #236

Jinenji started to pick some food from the farm and then went over to the villagers cautiously as I took out the knife in my hand

6/28/2012 #237

"jinenji" i asked as i saw him with tthe fruit

6/28/2012 #238

Jinenji stoped in front of the villager and softly droped all the food in front of them "Please stop hurting me and my mother. Were not causing trouble." Jinenji said to the villagers quitly

"Good boy Jinenji." The woman said

6/28/2012 #239

"way to go jinenji" i said as smiled

6/28/2012 #240
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