The Inceritance Cycle Roleplay!
This is where you roleplay in the general theme of The Inheritance Cycle-duh. I created this mainly to satisfy my unsatisfaction at how Christopher Paolini concluded The Inheritance Cycle. What I mean is: What happened to Roran and Katrina? Where did Era
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Silena River

Hello there! I'm Silena River, the forum admin--duh. As you see, this forum is very new; I only made it yesterday ((May 5, 2012)), so nothing's really established yet. Well, we'll fix that, but all in due time.

So, to introduce me! I'm Silena River, as I said before, but feel free to call me "River" or "Riv." Most people do. I'm a Californian that plays guitar/bass and soccer/softball. I'm generally pretty nice--and random--, but please don't get on my bad side. I really hate getting mad at people, but will if I need to. Oh, and I'm very sarcastic. might get to the point that you're fed up with it, but whatever. You'll just have to deal with me.(;

If you'd like to introduce yourself, go ahead!(:

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talia payton
Thnx Riv!

Hiya! I'm Talia Payton. Riv is pretty much my neighbor. I play softball and fail atempt to play piano. You'll find that I use '(sp?)' a lot. So besides my spelling fail, im a lot like Riv(but soooo diferant!). Im sarcastic, am usually nice, i can be random. Whoa, i never acctually realized just how much alike we are(hold the fact u and i are, like, third on buddy quiz on that one game on my wii)! Scarry. Anyway! So, yeah.

5/6/2012 #2
Silena River

Why thank you, Talia.(:

((Yeah, you do fail at spelling. But I still love you, sis!))

5/7/2012 #3
talia payton
5/7/2012 #4
Hey, I'm Okami-G, or Gage McCarty. I'm am avid fanfiction writer and RP-er. I'm a pure blooded Texan who loves manga, swimming, and the Inheritance Cycle.
5/23/2012 #5
This is open to other people, right?
5/23/2012 #6
Silena River

Welcome! ((I was beginning to worry that Talia and I would be the only ones here.)) Well, nice to meet you, Okami!

I'm River, resident of California and lover of books. I've got about eight RP forums that I'm participating in right now, so I consider myself a mildly experienced RPer--in addition to my acting stuff I occasionally do. I'm the forum admin, so feel free to ask me any question.

Talia's my partner-in-crime and fellow Californian. She's not gotten to Inheritance, but is getting there--after she re-reads the rest of the awesome books. She's a bit new to the whole RP thing, so I've been helping her. {(Talia, feel free to add anything I missed in another post)}

So yeah. Just go ahead and agree to the rules, create a character, and I'll accept it when I can. ((I've got school until next Friday, but then I'm done and my summer begins.))

5/23/2012 #7
talia payton
*happy dance* we are not alone in the world!
5/23/2012 #8
Silena River

Duh, Talia. *rolls eyes*

Hah, jay-kay, sis!

5/24/2012 #9
talia payton
5/24/2012 #10
Silena River


5/26/2012 #11
talia payton
Hey, im more-than-half-way through brisinger. I like the way sephira thinks. Do not correct my spelling!
5/31/2012 #12
Silena River

Sorry, but the urge is too strong!! Must...resist....


Sorry! :p

6/1/2012 #13
talia payton
Smh. Wow
6/1/2012 #14
Silena River

Heh heh

6/5/2012 #15

I am Restrained Freedom... often called "RF" for some unfathomable reason... XD

I write a little, and read a lot, and like RP... though this time of year is when I work a bunch of overtime. Still, this place moves slowly enough at the moment, my pauses will likely go unnoticed.

12/8/2012 #16
Silena River


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