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Name: Iris Rodriguez

Age: 15 Years Old Gender: Female Year: Freshman


Personality: Awkward, Weird, Daring, Adventrous, Calm & Quiet, Stays Out Of People's Ways, Nice But Can Get Really Twisted & Mean, Artistic, Etc.

Social Status: Not Popular

Likes: Alternitave Rock Music/Screamo Music, Dubstep, Kittens, Xbox 360, History Books, Hospitals, Tom & Jerry, Hottopic, The Color Green, Scary Movies, Tree Houses, Beaches, Bicycles, Pablo Picasso, Marilyn Manson, Hipsters, Girls, Etc.

Dislikes: Preppy People, Weak People, Her Parents, School, Abercrombie, Holister, Models, Guys, Cars, Etc.

Bio: She Moved From Canada To Forks Washington After Her Little Sister, Maria, Died From Cancer. Her Parents Are Verbally Abusive & Doesn't Support The Fact That She's A Lesbian & It's Gotten Worse Ever Since They Moved. She Has A Past Of Drugs & Alcohol With Her Ex-Boyfriend In Canada, But Tries To Say Away From All That. She's Enrolled At Prescott High School, In Hope Of Finding Someone Or Something To Give Her Life Meaning.

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Pens or Buttons

Name: Elaine Beckon

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Year: Sophomore


Personality: A bit of a loner but can be pretty nice once you crack the shell. Very opinionated and not afraid to speak up.

Social Status: Frankly dear she doesn't give a damn.

Likes: Art, music, writing, dancing, Classic Rock, and old cars.

Dislikes: Conflict, arguing, people who act a certain way just to fit in.

Bio: Some people would consider Elaine to be a redneck because she likes cars, agriculture, and hunting. She dresses nothing like a redneck though. There is no steel toes boots or dip. She keeps herself clean and prefers to use black and white to accent any of the clothing she wears. Her family is religious but she doesn't talk about it too much. It's never asked what she's doing on Sunday because she's always at church. She has two older brothers and doesn't tend to act like most students her age.

She was out of school a lot for her freshman year because she was "sick". The real reason is mixed up in rumors that have something to do with her running away and becoming a stripper. Of course none of that is true. Elaine is anything but a black sheep. Yet you know how high school goes.

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Gir and tacos

Name- Ceil Micheals (See-L)

Age- 16

Gender- Male

Year- 9


Personality- Likes emo / punk music and being random . Is very open and nice. Very funny and wears and likes wrist bands that have words and short quotes such as 'Swag' 'Emo' 'F***' etc.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Has friends but not too much on the popular side

Likes- Rock music , the beach , Being random , Humor.

Dislikes- People with homophobia .

Bio- Grew up in Briton with his father who is now exploring islands and countries around the world. He is sent money for necessaries . Chosen to stay behind to have a life and make friends.Has a British accent . Is also interested in both genders

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Name: Frazzier

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Year- Not In School


Personality: Blunt, Flirty, Not Afraid Of Anything, Sarcastic, Has A Caring Heart But Doesnt Use It A Lot, Pretty Dumb.

Social Status: Popular

Likes: Boxing, Drugs, Alcohol, Boobs, Chicks, Money

Dislikes: Wannabes, Fakes, School, Family

Bio: Grew up around the neighborhood, failed a few times in school due to his drug dealing & skipping school, is in the 11th grade but never goes to school, hates his family because they tried to take his drugs away so he moved out with his girlfriend. His girlfriend broke up with him for beating her up one day when he was drunk, she left the house to him. Frazzier hasn't seen his family or his ex-girlfriend since then.

6/15/2012 #64

Name: Ryder Darren McBaine

Age- 23

Gender- Male

Year- Not in school anymore


Personality- Really outgoing. Total flirt. Loves to have a great time. Not really one to share his own feelings, but is willing to listen to yours if you need someone to listen. Wouldn't hurt a fly, unless you do something to piss him off, or hurt someone he cares about, in which case you'd better run and hide... :O

Social Status- Well he's not in school anymore, but he is very well liked by everyone.

Likes- Astronomy, football, Sour Peaches, working out, girls

Dislikes- People who cause drama, insensitive people, black jelly beans, guys who treat girls like crap

Bio- Ryder is Sage's older brother. His mother died when he was eight years old. He lived with his father and little sister. Was physically and emotionally abused by his father. He had no idea that Sage was being abused by his father too. Was really close with his sister, but eventually couldn't take the abuse and he ran away from home when he was 11, leaving his five year old sister behind, truly thinking that she'd be safe with his father.

Contacted her seven years later, when he was 18, and found out that she was in foster care. He met with her and learned that she was abused when she was little. He couldn't forgive himself for abandoning her, even though she forgave him. Distanced himself from her again. Enlisted with the Marines when he was 19.

He's back now, for good, and he's trying to mend the fences with his past and with his sister.

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Gir and tacos

Name- Sean Berry

Age- 16

Gender- Male

Year- 9


Personality- Funny , emo . Can be insacure and keeps to himself sometimes

Social Status (Popular or not)- Not popular but has friends

Likes- singing . glee . Emo music

Dislikes- people who popularity means everything to

Bio- ( Intrested in both genders) Sean was born in the Uk then moved to Briton were he met Ceil Micheals , who he began a relashonship with. After ceil moved away Sean convinced his dad to move , by saying his dad could expand his law firm . Seans father never liked Sean being bisexual , which made his father distant at times , but spoiled him at the same time.

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Name- Gwendolyn Azrael Sinclare

Age- 19

Gender- Female

Year- 12



Social Status (Popular or not)- Not





Name- Luke Valentino

Age- 25

Gender- Male

Year- Graduated :P



Social Status (Popular or not)-





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Name- Addison Fringe

Age- 18

Gender- Female

Year- Senior


Personality- She's weird. Quiet. Stands up for herself if needed though.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Ignored mostly.

Likes- Music, singing, band, sports, and pizza!

Dislikes- Assholes, enough said.

Bio- She's been on her own for a while. Her mother died and her father was a junkie who didn't give a damn about her. She ran away at 13 and hasn't looked back since.

6/18/2012 #68
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Name - Bellatrix Simon (A.K.A TRIXI :D)

Age - 16

Gender - Female

Year - 11

Appearance -

Personality - Sweet, sometimes outgoing, shy around boys.

Social Status - Used to be popular, now is unpopular.

Likes - Romantic movies, fashion, flowers, swimming, anything purple, and smiling.

Dislikes - Rumors, backstabbing friends, seagulls, and when people mess with her hair. :P

Bio - Trixi's life was ridiculously easy from the start - she was rich, her parents loved her, beautiful, popular, and either loved or envied by everyone. She made tons of friends anywhere she went. But everything came crashing down when her friends persuaded her to go to a club one night when she was fourteen. There, she was raped by a drunk man older than her. Days later, she learned she was pregnant, and she told her best friend her little secret, thinking that she wouldn't tell anyone. Unfortunately, the girl told everyone she knew, who told everyone they knew, and so on. Then came harassment and name-calling, which made Trixi's life with the baby ten times harder. So, she began homeschooling, and her popularity plummeted quickly to the bottom with the rest of the unpopulars. Nine months later, the baby, Jared, was born, and she decided that the best thing to do was to give the baby up for adoption. She came back to school a few months after the fiasco and was made fun of even more, causing her to move away and attend Prescott High School. She may not have regained her popularity, but she was happy that no one knew about her secret and she plans to keep it that way.

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Name- Clarissa Elizabeth Jamie Collin

Age- 16

Gender- Female

Year- Sophmore


Personality- She's a real bad ass, well a wanna be anyways. She's got an attitude. and is very blunt.

Social Status (Popular or not) - Outcast.

Likes- Partying, smoking, drinking, computer games.

Dislikes- Hates a downer, or someone who doesn't know when to quit while there ahead. She hates fake people.

Bio- She was sweet, then she met a guy. He promised her her would take care of her because her mother had died and her father was stupid, but he lied. He took advantage of her, she eventually killed him and drowns out her guilt with everything she does.

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Name- Hailey May

Age- 16

Gender- female

Year- 11


Personality- funny, Bubbly, likes to be known, is good at what she does.

Social Status (Popular or not)- wasn't at first but became popular

Likes- Moderling, hairdressing, dancing, singing, fasion, Make up, clothes, Boys, drinking, Parties

Dislikes- People who know her from her past and remind her about herself, Sluts,

Bio- She was a very quiet girl at her old school at new york, she used to get Bullied for being a nothing she hated it so she asked her parents to move they said yes and they moved her to Prescott High School, her mother is a fashion designer and she got Haliey into Moderling for her she models with clothes, wedding and anything, when she started at Prescott she wasn't best know but Hailey became on Tv on a fashion channel which everyone watched at school, and she became popular and everyone knows who she is at school, nobody knows about her past and she doesn't want anyone to know.

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Name- Fennick Shores

Age- 17

Gender- Male

Year- Junior/ 3rd year

Appearance- Fennick is quite the looker, or at least he likes to think so. Nearly the opposite of his brother, Fennick is a tall, lanky young man with dark black/brown hair, which he cuts to be about 1-2 inches in length. His eyes are hazel, often changing to complement what he wears.

Personality- Fennick is somewhat of a contradiction. At heart, he loves to be with his family and friends, but only a few at a time. However, he more often then not plays the preppy popular guy among the group. He uses his wits and ability to charm his way around things, and can often be seen entertaining a large group of "friends."

Social Status (Popular or not)- Generally Popular

Likes- Running, Writing, Solving problems, Hanging out with siblings, Reading

Dislikes- Being ignored, Ignorant people, Bullies, Being underestimated, Heavy Rain, Needles.

Bio- Life was good for Fennick. His family had a typical success story, netting a hefty fortune for themselves. And his parents stayed typical, up until Fenn's father, after 20 or so years of marriage, decided to announce that he was a long-tim gay. After a nasty divorce, Fenn;s mother turned cold inside, and got even more short-tempered than before. Having no more patience for her children, Fennick was shipped off to another school with his siblings.

Other- Is hypervigilant, so he often gets annoyed by bright lights, loud noises and slow people.


Name- Ren Shores

Age- 18

Gender- Male

Year- Senior/ 4th year

Appearance- At first glance, Ren looks almost nothing like his two siblings. His hair is shaggy and a light brown that has blond-red streaks running through it. He is of average height, and has an athletic build. His eyes are a chocolate brown.

Personality- Ren isn't anything extreme. Although he has his moody shifts often, this young man tends to stay nuetrally charged in most scenes. He is hard to temper, extremely patient and doesn't really seem to feel to strongly about anything.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Not very.

Likes- Painting, Art, Swimming, Golfing, Playing tennis, Watching and making fun of B-movies.

Dislikes- Stuck-up people, Bullies, Trolls, Heights.

Bio- (See Fenn's bio for how he got here.) Unlike his younger siblings, Ren was adopted. He doesn't know it, though.

Other- Has Verdigo (fear of heights)


Name- Rhae Shores

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Year- Junior/ 3rd year

Appearance- Rhae is a small thing, only topping out at about 4 foot 7. Her hair is just below her shoulders, and often is never the same color for more than a few weeks. Her eyes, like her twin brother's, are a bleak hazel. What really defines her, however, is how she dresses. Rhae taste in fashion varries more often than the weather. One day she will dress in bright patterns, while the next she will wear a professional suit of sorts. The only constant with this vibrant, obnoxious dresser is that she will always don some sort of hat.

Personality- Rhae is a very passionate worker. Once assigned a project, she will not sleep till it is done. But what is an even more pressing part of her is that she is always energetic. Like a ball of energy, the young lady never runs out of energy. She is extremely outgoing, and never holds her tongue.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Sort of? A lot of people see her as weird...

Likes- Designing clothes, Talking, Music, Humming, Skipping, Forests, Birds.

Dislikes- People who touch her hats without asking. Don't. Mess. With. The. Hats.

Bio- Meh...I'm so brain dead right now...sorry!

.Fail bios are failish. Dx

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Name- Jake Cole

Age- New born

Gender- Male

Year- baby


Personality- very cute

Social Status (Popular or not)- none

Likes- Playing with his toys, his twin sister

Dislikes- shouting

Bio- He his Sammy and Cole's twin Son he is a mummy's boy and loves Playing with his toys and his twin sister. Born 20th June 2012


Name- Ashley

Age- Newborn

Gender- Female

Year- none


Personality- Bubbly, cute, funny

Social Status (Popular or not)- none

Likes- Playing with his twin, Playing with Dolls.

Dislikes- Thunder and big noises, shouting.

Bio- bShe is the other Twin of Sammy and Cole's twins and she is a daddy's little girl. was born on the 20th June 2012

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Name-Monica Revels




Appearance-A brown skinned girl, with black eyes, and curly puffy hair.


Social Status (Popular or not)-Known by alot of people, but not popular.

Likes-PARTIES!, Flirting, Mall

Dislikes-Seeing people cry, lame people.

Bio-She lives at her own apartment with her dog named Lala.

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Name: David Marley

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Year: Graduated


Personality Bad Boy

Social Status: Poplular

Likes; Bad boy stuff

Dislikes: Bullshit

Bio: I'll make it up as I go.

6/24/2012 #75
The Demonic Heiress

Name- Laria Morrigan

Age- 17

Gender- F

Year- Senior

Appearance- Long, straight, dark brown hair. brown/ hazel eyes with a silver tint. Fit. Olive colored skin. Wears jeans and t- shirts with slogans or designs, and leather jackets. Has 3 long scars on her stomach/side

Personality- She keeps fighting until the very end. Laria is extremely hard to beat and she is not afraid to take you down if you get in her way. She is determined and is a very driven girl. Just by looking at Laria, you know you are going down. She is loyal, doesn't trust people easily, Strong, Independent, short tempered, brave, courageous, funny, nice to her friends, can kick any ones butt, and knows when to be funny and when to be serious. She is still trying to learn how to control her temper. Sarcastic. A total rebel and BA

Social Status (Popular or not)- rebel

Likes- soccer, dancing, racing around on her Ninja, having fun, music

Dislikes- snobby girls, pink, preps,

Bio- She's had a rough life but she doesn't like to show it

6/28/2012 #76

Name- Ian Stonhedge

Age- 19

Gender- Male

Year- grad

Appearance- Dark hair grey eyes sexy

Personality- Very dark at times protective

Social Status (Popular or not)- He was

Likes- Drugs, mafia, alcohol

Dislikes- STuck ups

Bio- Was born in NYC moved her is a very respected mafia boss

6/29/2012 #77

Name: Anna

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Year: 10th

Appearance-On the petite side with long, wavy auburn hair, eyes that can't seem to decide between green and brown.

Personality: Quiet-would rather be at a bookstore than a party. For this reason, Anna doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does are true-blue. She loves horses and can ride like the wind. Though she's quiet, she is fiercely protective and won't stand for other people talking down her friends, or other good people. She is the one to call if you ever need help out of a sticky situation. To her, grades are very important.

Social Status-not popular

Likes-Strawberry ice cream, horses, books, writing, making jewelry, rodeos

Dislikes-People who think they're better than everyone else just because they're beautiful, rich, or popular, heavy make-up, getting dressed up, loud\crowded places

Bio-Has a tough life, but makes it through. Was born in New York-her mother died in childbirth, and her father managed to pay the rent for one more year before they moved out to Montana to live with her grandparents on a ranch. She has a lot of work to do around the ranch to help out the limited stable hands, and has been to the hospital more times than she can count from breaking in the mustangs. She's never had a boyfriend, although she has her eye on an older stable hand who works for her grandpa.


7/6/2012 #78

Name- Scarlet Lia Anderson

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Year- Junior

Appearance- Short ginger hair that goes down to her shoulders. She has grey eyes and pale skin with a couple of freckles. She's a bit short, but looks old enough to be a junior.

Personality- Smart. Like she has facts for everything because she reads so much. A bit shy too, because she gets picked on for being such a nerd.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Not popular at all

Likes- Reading, Dancing, Writing

Dislikes- Bullies, Getting humiliated, Shopping

Bio- She's lived with two parents all her life, but her little sister died when she was six. Scarlet also has an older brother who is overprotective of her. Her dad wants her to study all the time but her mom wants her to have fun. And ever since she was little she's been bullied for being smart.

7/6/2012 #79

Name- Sierra Hale

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Year- 12


Personality- Cheerful, stubborn, can be annoying and gets annoyed easily, over-protective, short tempered.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Popular.

Likes- Shopping, and writing.

Dislikes- Bossy people, nosy people.

Bio- She has two wealthy parents and three brothers and a sister who are protective of her. The youngest of five.

7/8/2012 #80

Name- Jade Greaves

Age- 16

Year- 11

Appearance- Her eyes are more Jade than green, hence her name. She also tends to wear boyish clothes rather than dresses and skirts and wears a silver cross that her boyfriend gave to her before he died. She's also tall and smells of wild violets and pomegranates (Herbal essences :D)

Personality- Jade is described to have a strong consistent personality, her friends' safety causes her to have a protective streak inside her and is conscious of other's actions but is oblivious to the fact that most admire her. She has a hot temper if her opinions or her personality are disrespected. Ever since her boyfriend's death, she hides away from most people and doesn't share her history or anything about herself.

Social Status- Popular, but she is very quiet and tends not to hang round people. Is shy around boys and doesnt like bitchy girls but is still likeable

Likes- Reading, ,music, forests, history, math, the colour green, the sunset and rain

Dislikes- Bitchy girls, Science, loud noise, sneering comments

Bio- After being placed in care when her family died in a tragic fire when she was eleven, she was kept in care for seven years, meeting Diego Emerson, her boyfriend when she was fifteen. After being with him for a year, he then announced that he was moving to Romania for a greater education. They both lost their virginities and Jade awoke the next morning to a phone call explaining that he was killed in a terrible car crash and has kept the silver cross necklace that he used to wear ever since.

Months later after regaining her sanity, she claimed the small wealth that her family had left her and left for to live with her aunt where she has just enrolled in Prescott High

7/10/2012 #81

Name-Jayce Damon

Age- 18

Gender- male

Year- last

Appearance- Tall(6"2), muscular, slender, handsome, brown hair in dissarays, green eyes, pale skin, breathtaking smile.


Personality- Jayce is a smart and cool guy. He can be rude if he wants to and he hates nerds, geeks and jerks. he is very popular and is the literal "bad boy". He is very sarcastic, but cares for people he likes. He changes girlfriends every 3 days.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Very Popular

Likes-Girls, parties, football, vampires, mobiles, rap, cool cars,attention.

Dislikes- geeks, nerds, studious people, teachers, rules, quietness, books.

Bio- Jayce damon is the son of a stinking rich businessman named Spiros damon. His father is greek and his mother is american. He throws away money like water and doesn't care for anyone.

7/11/2012 . Edited 7/11/2012 #82

Name- Maeghan Amberlee Tinsley.

Age- 17.

Gender- Female.

Year- Twelve.


personality- She's the bad-girl of prescott. Known for throwing eggs at teachers, punching them in the face and destroying their cars, she's very popular. If you give her respect she'll return it. She's kind until you get on her bad side, which not many people do, cause if you do you'll suffer.

Social Status- popularrr.

Likes- parties, drinking, boys, the occasional joint of weed and clothes, preferably OBEY clothing.

Dislikes- Bitches, jerks, stuck-up people and geeks.

Bio- She's had a good life, her father is a HUGE business man in Japan, and her mother is a Fashion Designer in America. She's very rich and she enjoys life to the fullest.

7/11/2012 #83

Name- Analeise Crawford

Age- 15

Gender- Female

Year- 9

Appearance- Analeise has very curly blonde hair and green eyes. She is short for her age (5'3) and has pale skin. She wears glasses, but gets teased about them all the time. It has been her dream since she was 8 to get contacts, but her parents say not until she is eighteen.

Personality- Painfully shy, and doesn't really have any friends. She is pretty smart, and gets teased a lot for being a nerd. She is always reading or re-reading a book (Currently re-reading 'Pride and Prejudice' for the twentieth time). She has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, when she eats them or anything with peanuts in it her tongue and throat swell up and she can't breathe.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Not Popular at all.

Likes- Books, Writing, School, Her family, Skittles, Watermelon, little kids, dogs, the color blue

Dislikes- Cars honking, bullies, shopping, green beans, her glasses, peanuts

Bio- She was born prematurely, and only weighed 4 pounds and 10 ounces, and had many problems. She barely survived, and she now has severe allergies and athsma. Her parents keep her very sheltered, and baby her, and she's tired of it. She just wants to get out in the world, and break out of her shell.

Also, she has a little brother named James (Age 11) and her little sister Caroline died from Leukemia when she was 8, Analeise was 14, and James was 10.

7/11/2012 #84

Name-Damon Jackson





Personality-he is flirty,protective to his friends,loyal with a good humour sense

Social Status (Popular or not)-popular

Likes-girls,cars,his leather jacket

Dislikes-snobs,sluts and maths

Bio-He lived in New York but his parents made him come here.He is also a model.

7/12/2012 #85

Name- Josh Ryan.

Age- 17

Gender- male

Year- 11


Personality- Funny, cute , Bubbly

Social Status (Popular or not)- Popular

Likes- Girls, Parties, Children

Dislikes- Boys who treat girls like rubbish.

Bio- Jake used to get bullied at his old school so his parent took him out of school and they home schooled him until they moved to a place in America and now he is going to start school again at Prescott high school.

7/12/2012 . Edited 7/20/2012 #86

Name-Miley Jackson




Personality-flirty,loyal,polite,good humour sense

Social Status-Popular

Likes-Boys,Parties,nice cars,modeling

Dislikes-drugs,bad parties,

Bio-She is a Victoria Secret Angel.She is also the little sister of Damon.

7/12/2012 #87
fleur hazel

Name- Rose Marilyn Sinclair

Age- 16

Gender- Female

Year- Junior


Personality- Flirty, a really nice girl but gets around a lot. She's friendly to most people but some get on her nerves. Bubbly, strong, good sense of humour.

Social Status (Popular or not)- Semi-Popular

Likes- sunsets, Italian food, boys, parties, booze, fashion, modeling

Dislikes- rude guys, kids, rumors, singing, bullies, being an outcast.

Bio- Grew up with a generally good life. She wasn't that popular in grades 5 through 8, but that turned around in highschool. Her parents are rich and she gets pretty much everything she wants.

7/14/2012 #88

Name- Chikyƫ Yumi




Appearance- pale skin but kinda tanned, blue/grayish eyes, long, curly black hair, around 5ft and 11in., cute looking

Personality- nice, shy, smart and hyper when eating sweets

Social Status (Popular or not)- not really

Likes- anime, cats, reading, lollipops, lemon cakes, and nice people

Dislikes- dogs, sour foods, mean people

Bio- moved from Japan and lives with her grandparents now. Speaks Japenese, English, and Russian.

7/16/2012 . Edited by LoushaLaLaaaaa, 7/18/2012 #89

Name- Mei Lin

Age- 16

Gender- Female

Year- 11


Personality- She's nice but she can be mean when she wants to. She can act very innocent and can even seem cute.

Social Status (Popular or not)-Semi-Popular

Likes- Anime, cats, drawing, and Chinese food.

Dislikes- Fast food, sour candy, and bad hair days.

Bio- She moved here from China. Her English can come out shaky or broken. She can speak fluent Chinese

7/18/2012 #90
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