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Because every forum must have them. Follow these, and we'll all get along just fine!


1) Watch your POV. You should not be writing in first person unless a character is reading, say, a journal entry or personal letter, and you should not be writing in second person unless it's dialogue. Please stick to third person/third person omniscient/limited omniscient.

1a) Follow the Plot. There will be topics for suggestions/submissions of plot ideas/plot twists/side plots, however, we will only be using one main plot at a time, and, at most, one side plot per involved OC. DO NOT attempt to change the direction of the plot without the approval of the Mod AND your fellow players. Doing so will result in a strike, and deletion of the attmept(s).

2) Audition for Canons. Each audition requires one paragraph (minimum, with no maximum) to show how well you are able to play the character. The paragraph should include some degree of inner monologue, preferably in third person limited omniscient (only omniscient regarding your character). If the Mod asks you to rewrite, don't be discouraged - this is a good sign, and means the Mod thinks you have potential.

2a) All Canon applications must be literate, and show fair understanding of the Canon's personality. This means proper grammar, proper spelling, proper capitalization, etc. If you submit a rambling run on with no capitalization/no or little punctuation/utter disregard for spelling/completely OOC Canon/all of the above , you will not be considered at all.

3) Apply with OCs. These applications are going to be tougher than the Canon auditions, to avoid the conflict and drama of Mary Sue/Marty Stus. Each OC will be required to fill out an application form (which will have minimum requirements, though you get bonus points for doing more), and no OC is allowed to be stronger than the Canons.

This means: no being stronger than Hulk, no being a better shot than Hawkeye/more far-reaching than Fury/better spy than Black Widow/snarkier or smarter than Ironman/etc. To prove you have read these rules, please post "Avengers Assemble" at the bottom of your Canon audition or OC application. This also includes being more 'goody two-shoes' than Captain America. He's Marvel's Superman, in this regard, and one 'boy scout' hero per team is enough.

4) Watch your language. The profanity filter is turned off, and I will warn you all now that I do not mind cursing. In character. DO NOT curse excessively in OOC talk/chat, or through a character who does not have a prior/designed history of using such language. Excessive cursing - with no change after a Mod warning - will get you banned.

5) Respect your fellow Players. I feel this is enough of a common sense rule to not have to be the first listed. Respect your fellow players/fans and their opinions, and everyone will have a more fun experience. Harassing/bashing/flaming/unnecessarily harsh/rude comments toward other members of this forum WILL NOT be tolerated. This rule includes your Mod, and while this should be a given, recent events have required a notification.

6) Three strikes, you're out. If a member breaks a rule, they will receive a warning - a strike. If a member breaks three rules (three strikes), they will be banned from posting on the forum for 24 hours. If that member breaks another rule after this ban, they will be ejected permanently. Their Canons will be opened up, and their OC (if they had one) will be deleted.

I'm a fairly easygoing Mod. Getting on my nerves is very difficult, and I make it known once you do. I'm willing to work through most conflicts, and compromise in some situations - keyword some. Always try talking to me, and you'll most likely not get banned.

7) Connections are Key. Connections between characters make things easier to fit together, but please, have a good explanation. Yes, Thor may have other siblings (Odin is the 'All'-father) but brush up on Norse mythology before you make one. Yes, Tony Stark MAY have a child - but they'd be illigitimate, and they wouldn't be twenty/in their late teens (estimating that movie-Stark is in his late twenties/early thirties, and he started fooling around with female admirers in his early twenties. His kids would Captain America has no children. I'm pretty sure he was a virgin even before he joined the army, and he was too busy fighting HYDRA to 'get busy' with anybody before he was frozen. There is no excuse for having a Cap kid, so don't. To be on the safe side, avoid close familial connections like these.

More distant connections, however, are allowed. OC who works for Stark Industries or SHIELD in some way, or an OC who lived on Asgard with Thor, perhaps a friend or friend of a friend. Or, and OC who's the child of a soldier who fought with Cap. Things like these connect the characters, are easy to work with, and can easily be expanded into something more complex, should the expansion be approved.


These rules are subject to alteration in the future, so check back in every now and then.

5/5/2012 . Edited 10/2/2012 #1


1b) Post wisely. If what you want to post won't progress the story, don't post it. This cuts down on spam posting, filler posts, and general RP uselessness. Effective immediately.

5/10/2012 #2

8) Keep the Mod informed. If you are going to be busy for several days, unable to access the internet, or just generally gone, LET THE MOD KNOW. If you do not, and you are gone for longer than 24 hours without giving notice, you run the risk of being ejected from the RP. We've already done one sweep and lost two people to keep the story moving. Don't instigate the need for another.

5/30/2012 #3
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