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This is the topic where players are required to post notices about any disappearance/predicted disappearance/possible disappearance longer than 24 hours. The first two notices shall be made by the Mod (me), but from this post out, all players are responsible for posting their own absence notices. If you do not post a notice and are gone for more than 24 hours, you run the risk of being ejected from this RP.


JuliaOdom: Absent due to Life Fri-Sun (1st-3rd) morning.

blue sea glass : Absent due to a 10 day trip, June 11th-21st.

5/30/2012 . Edited 5/30/2012 #1

Oh, wait, no, it's from June 11th - 21st! Sorry D:

5/30/2012 . Edited 5/30/2012 #2

Got it. I'll fix it.

5/30/2012 #3
Mystique Fox

Okay, I might as well post this now before I forget. I will be gone June 17-24 for a trip to Orlando, I have some competition XD It's not for awhile, but I just wanted to get it out there.

5/30/2012 #4

After the 15th, I won't be on a lot, I'll be in a tiny town of Texas and my grandma has no wifi. But I will try to post as much as possible!

5/30/2012 #5
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

21-23 of June I will try to be on but no promises.

he 24-27 of June I will not be on at all.

5/30/2012 #6

Tomorrow, 6-7-2012, I have some things I need to tend to. I will not be online much at all until at least past 10 PM EST. I may fit in a post or two inbetween, but my engagements are rather significant and unavoidable.

I apologize for the inconvinience. I may have an hour in the midafternoon as well, if I time things right.

6/6/2012 #7
Ill be gone from 6/7 - 6/15 or 6/18 by the latest. I wont have any internet access during intensive week but once im in europe ill try to find an internet connection
6/7/2012 #8

Alright. We'll temp Barton and Hill until you get back.

6/7/2012 #9

Thanks. Sorry for such the late notice its just that I didn't know when I would be getting internet access again. If I'm lucky I may be able to get on in the airport while waiting for 5 hours or use WiFi on the plane.

6/7/2012 #10
Falling into hopelessness

I'm going to be gone from monday to Wensday (horrible spelling) Due to three day school trip!

6/10/2012 #11
Falling into hopelessness

(Btw this is NotAloneIWillNotBow... My friend let me borrow her phone...)

6/10/2012 #12

I will not be here from Wednesday afternoon until later Friday night. I apologize.

6/12/2012 #13

I will not be present from today until monday, as I am jetting off to visit my brother at the other end of the country

6/15/2012 #14
Mystique Fox
Hey! I've been vultering around for the past week waiting for some new posts... Well, now I have to leave for a competition in Florida. So, I'll be gone from today until Sunday. My resort does have wifi so I'll be able to biz in ever do often :)
6/18/2012 #15

To start, I apologize for breaking my own rule and not announcing my disappearance. My travel plans got shifted around on me right as a project ended, so I didn't have much time to post before take-off, and the internet up here on an island is restricted. JOd is returning for a second chance, and still has control of Ironman.

The only characters I now have control of in this scene are my own OC, Jason, and I hadn't planned on him doing anything unless someone directly threatens him, his daughter, or Loki (he won't be free of the hypnotism until the magical energy-burst wears off, and he's primarily self-preservation now, which is why he didn't leap out of the jet).

I will try to be on at least once a day for the remainder of this vacation (only one week), though I can't guaruntee any specific or consistent time.

7/2/2012 #16
I'm soooooooooo sorry! Itoldyou guys that I was back like four weeks ago but then the internet fell and I haventbeen able to get on Until now! Please don't takemy characters away. It was really unexpected (whenthe Internet stopped working).
7/12/2012 #17

I'm soo sorry!!!!! I've been busy with summer school and trying to find a job!!

Please forgive me!!! DX

7/27/2012 #18

I'm off for 20 days, starting from today.

8/3/2012 #19

Thank you for the warning.

8/3/2012 #20
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

On saturday the 18th I will try my hardest to be on but it will be short little pop ins if at all but just so you know that I may not be on for 5 days. If any of that made sense.

8/13/2012 #21
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