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Robin the Tactician

A roleplay between Nightmare-Anise and I (RichGrl20).

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6/1/2012 #1
InSaNe Amy Rose

Hello! =w=

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #2
Robin the Tactician

Hello! Shall we start? (I honestly have no clue how to start this off though. ')

6/1/2012 #3
InSaNe Amy Rose

Sure Let's start this off! *cough*

So far, it was Storm's first winter in years after he found a clan to stay with till the cold season would be over. The white field covering lands of endless ground and tall Mountians. Seeing as the clan had little amount of food, Storm told Clay to stay with the clan as he gone off to hunting...

The winds howling, snow blowing through the night air. The Male wolf of the same color of these falling snowflakes kept walking as he search for food. His blue eyes narrow so to try and see pass the hazing sight of snow. "This is a pretty bad year of snow..." He lift his nose to the air and sniff. "I need to find something to rest offthe night..." He kept tracking his way through the snow. With no sheather in sight, he land on the cold ground and started to blend in with the surronding. Only thing that stood out from the snow white firelds and Storm's fur was the collar he wore... That sickening human collar he couldn't take off. There was a harsh blow suddenly and storm made his whole body pressed down to the ground as to keep it from blowing him away or making him even more cold...

As the sun slowly rises, Storm's white fur blended well with his surronding as he slept, his collar cover up by snow as well since of last night. He slept for about another hour and half before his eyes started to open, blinking them a bit before scanning the lands before him... Still White, endless white with gray mountains. He groan slightly in annoyance, trying to stand up but he felt his bones under his flesh and fur shiver with chills. Before he could fully get up, he fallen back onto the ground. "ugh..." He couldn't believe this, not one bit! He was hungry and cold. The reason why he was even out here was simple, to gain more food for the clan he had left behind... He try to get up once more. After he finally could stand on his own four paws,he kept walking. His bright blue eyes widen at the sight of something hopping... A Rabbit! He grins at thisw sight and started to sneak up behind the rabbit, only to have it jet off. He snarled and ran right after it, trying to get ahead of it and attack it. Unaware to him he could be chasing someone elses food in the cold. Storm whimper after his legs suddenly gave out from under him. He shook the slight snow that got on him off. He glared at the rabbit that was a couple of snow pacthes away from him. He got up quietly before running after the Rabbit once more.

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/2/2012 #4
Robin the Tactician

That rabbit was NOT ONLY someone else's food, that certain "someone else" was a rather... short-tempered someone else... To be exact, this wolf's name was Tarik... And he had no patience for thieves. Thieves other than himself of course. Just as the white wolf [Storm] was about to strike the rabbit down, Tarik snatched it and threw it against a rock in the snow--paralyzing it. He turned to the white wolf [Storm] and snarled.

"Who the hell do you think you are!?" Tarik's attention returned to his paralyzed prey before he sunk his teeth into it with his sharp, canine teeth. The blood rushed quickly from his meal, killing it before he finished feasting on it.

6/2/2012 #5
InSaNe Amy Rose
Storm's ears flatten as the rabbit was no longer his food. This brown wolf had some nerves! "I'm a Clan wolf! That's who I am, out on a hunt for some food!" He snarled, glaring. "But, I guess I have to take my cold and hungry a** somewhere else..." He turn his back to the strange wolf before he try walking away.
6/2/2012 #6
Robin the Tactician

Tarik licked the blood from his lips and turned to the white wolf. "I'm not done with you yet... You... You thieving b***d!" He went to lunge at the other wolf.

6/2/2012 #7
InSaNe Amy Rose
The White wolf snarled as he turn around."Me, a Theif!? I was trying to get food into my stomach!" Storm ran at Tarik in quick speeds. Baring his fangs, he leap so he could aim for his name. Tarik could see the collar on Storm's neck.
6/2/2012 #8
Robin the Tactician

Tarik did the same, making a large gash in the other's neck... but still not removing that collar.

6/2/2012 #9
InSaNe Amy Rose

Storm gave a slight whimper, his blood spill onto the snow. he snarl as he spin around quickly. He wasn't going to loose! He charged at Tarik, faster speed than normal, he lower himself to grab at one of Tarik's Front legs.

6/2/2012 . Edited 6/3/2012 #10
Robin the Tactician

As Storm made contact, Tarik aimed for the other wolf's already-injured neck... This time, aiming for the throat... However, that collar was there. As his teeth collided with the collar, it was broken from the other's neck. Tarik's legs then gave out as he slid back because of the white wolf's blow.

6/4/2012 #11
InSaNe Amy Rose

Storm wasn't really expecting two things. His collar to be suddenly tore off... and the secound one was the wolf suddenly slid back, it cause Storm to land hard into the snow. Finally, his body was far to hungry and cold to the bones to help him back up. He lift his head in shock to only look at the manmade collar... it was off. Yet, there was a disavadanged on his case of the collar being off... His neck wasn't protected, yet there was pure white fur that was stain of blood. His ears flatten as he tighten his eyes close. He forced himself off the snow, leaping at Tarik in hopes to make impact. His mouth open as if to attack... Yet, the leap was weak, and if it did hit it be more like he was trying to pushed the other wolf to the ground with his weak, smaller figure... He was truly unaware of the other's size compare to his. But, if it missed, he would have a mouthful of snow and facefull of ground...

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/6/2012 #12
Robin the Tactician
Tarik would have dodged if he hadn't already been injured. He had collided with a large stone as he had slid back, making another gash in his back. Storm's attack - although weak - made contact.
6/22/2012 #13
InSaNe Amy Rose

With that. Storm gave a sly grin before falling weakly into the snow. The white snow slowly stain red from Storm's words. His bones ache, his sight was blurry and unclear. His stomach groan to a whine as he just lay on the ground weakly. He was done for... His breathing was heavy, but he spoke in a slight whisper. "You... win..." He was in lots of pain, and seeing the wounds, AND adding to him being cold to the bone addition to that, he was hungry... Very hungry, it could mean his death. He then mutter something strange. "Abas... Please guide me under your wings..." He couldn't really finish the rest... His eyes were about to close to the point he would sleep...

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/24/2012 #14

Then, a pure scarlet wolf appeared within the scene. Maya growled at the sight of the brown wolf with the bloodied lips. She bared her sharp teeth before lunging at Tarik and sinking her teeth at one of the wolf's shoulders.

9/23/2013 #15

A lone wolf with dark fur stumbles through a forrest half dead from the last fight with his leader. He finds a stream and drinks from it as he lies down checking his injuries. No broken bones, but tore up pretty badly. He had already fed up from an earlier hunt and now just needed time to recover. He would move again in the morning. for now, he rests.

10/28/2013 #16
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