Transformers: Human Alliances
Take your oc through the Transformers movie s or play as a canon and interact with the oc s . Canon players needed! I'll pick up whoever is left last. STARTING THE SECOND MOVIE LINE! OPROTUNE TIME TO JOIN!
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So here you can claim the canon character(s) that you want to be in the RP. You have to pick at least one before you can join the RP. Here are the character choices:

NOTE: If you see a character you would like to play is being role played by myself, I will gladly swap out characters.

Optimus Prime - Violetdawn00

Bumblebee -Blitz Gear

Sideswipe/Sunstreaker -sideslilsquishy24

Ratchet -Blitz Gear

Ironhide -Blitz Gear

Skids/Mudflap - OPEN

Arcee Sisters - OPEN

Jolt - OPEN

Any Decepticon - OPEN

Sam Witwicky -Violetdawn00

Leo whats-his-name - OPEN

Mikeala Banes -Violetdawn-00

William Lennox - OPEN

Robert Epps - OPEN

I believe these are the characters we need, going into the second movie. If I've missed anyone let me know.

5/6/2012 . Edited 12/15/2013 #1
The Other Sara

Do we need to post a sample of our skills with the canon(s)? 'Cause I am veeeery interested in taking Ironhide.

5/6/2012 #2
No thats ok. You can definitely be Ironhide, we just need to wait for some more people before we start rping. :)
5/6/2012 #3
The Other Sara

Yesssssssss... I'll also make an OC if that's cool with you! ^ ^

5/6/2012 #4
That's great :) I recommend that for knowledge sake you read other oc profiles as well although mine is the only one up so far.
5/6/2012 #5

And for general knowledge. I will infact play one or more canon characters, but I'll just pick up the leftovers.

5/20/2012 #6
Mey-Rin Phantomhive

Hi there my name is blitz gear i was hoping i could join in on this RP if you dont mind, I would be very interested in taking up Bumblebee if you dont mind

6/22/2012 #7

Sure thing, you can play as Bumblebee. :) If you know anyone else you likes Transformers rp could you direct 'em here? It'll help cause i find it's taking awhile to get people to join...

6/22/2012 #8
Mey-Rin Phantomhive

Im going to make me a OC for this RP too if thats ok, quick question if you create your OC dose the cannon bots that you play become their guardians or something

6/24/2012 #9

Great to be having another oc on board. Mine won't be so lonely :p And they would only have the bot you're playing as a guardian if you really want and we can find a way to work around it which would be difficult since you're playing Bee.

6/24/2012 #10
Mey-Rin Phantomhive

Ok then, i will post up my OC

6/25/2012 #11
Mey-Rin Phantomhive

will happily take on ratchet

6/25/2012 #12
Cool :) guess i will grab jazz and Sam for now
6/25/2012 #13
Mey-Rin Phantomhive

cool should we start RPing

6/25/2012 #14

yeah, do you want to start or should I?

6/25/2012 #15
Mey-Rin Phantomhive

You can start Vi :)

6/25/2012 #16
Elex Black

Okay, so I decided that I would try out Mikaela if that's okay. As well as an OC.

6/27/2012 #17

Yeah, thats fine.

**Note: (because i forgot to put this up) If anyone wants to play a character I currently have, they can have them. I'm just playing leftovers as mentioned before.**

6/27/2012 #18

I would love if I could play sideswipe/sunstreaker? if that is ohk of course! they are my favorite characters!

12/3/2013 #19

of course :) I think I may restart the rp anyway since it has been unactive for some time. That's good for you so you won't have to catch up on anything.

12/15/2013 #20
Knight of the Jedi Order

Is this dead? I'd like Megatron if possible. I would choose Prime, but you have him.

4/23/2015 #21
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