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Ghost 22 Alpha

Stinking built this place, now Filthy lives here..... hilarious story without last names Isn't it

8/8/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #1
Ghost 22 Alpha

Cheerielee appeared just beyond the main gate to the manor.

8/8/2012 #2

The teacher blinked a few times in surprise before looking around and registering where she was. Joy, Alabaster. You know I'm still not used to that! Then again, at least it got me here in record time . . .

She trotted up to the manor doors and used the large brass knocker to knock several times; the clanging of each knock echoing slightly even from outside.

8/8/2012 #3
Ghost 22 Alpha


"Your on your own miss!!!" A butler gave cheerielee a suite case then sprinted away as fast as he could, out the gate.

8/8/2012 #4

Cheerilee staggered back a few steps in shock at the sudden scene, but before she could even really process what was going on, a pink unicorn with a very elegantly-styled violet mane grabbed the suitcase from her in a whirlwind of irritation. She was strewn with several elaborate necklaces and rings.

"Seriously, the damn butler is going to get his flank reamed if I ever see him again!" she said venomously. She paused for a second and looked at Cheerilee in disgust. "Oh. Joy. The so-called educator is here. If you're so good, my daughter would have actually demonstrated some kind of intellect. Do you have any idea how hard I tried to correct your stupidity?! Now she's just useless! Not even a unicorn, she'll never amount to anything!"

Cheerilee growled as her eyes narrowed. "I'm afraid I have a very different opinion on what 'amounting to something' means, Diamond Necklace."

Diamond Necklace scoffed. "Like your opinions count as anything other than mindless drivel!"

She looked back into the house and shouted, "As for your daughter, Filthy, you can just take her and let her wallow in her own inadequacy! I never should have left Canterlot for the likes of you! Sniveling earth ponies just do nothing but give me a damn headache!"

Without another word, she climbed into a taxi headed by a very nervous earth pony driver. Upon her prompt, he galloped off along with numerous suitcases full of Celestia-knows-what, leaving Cheerilee in a stunned silence.

8/8/2012 #5
Ghost 22 Alpha

Filthy pressed a button and the gates slammed shut. stopping the Taxi.


"Now get your flank upstairs and say good bye to your daughter" he said in a growl as the taxi driver sat down on the ground to wait, playing with the broken door sadly

8/8/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #6

Diamond Necklace's eyes narrowed as she turned bright red with fury. "Tell her yourself, it's about all you're good for!" she seethed.

Using magic, she tossed him hard into the opposing wall square on his back. She then proceeded to bend the gate bars open and glare at the taxi driver. "Drive or I snap your neck."

The stallion's eyes widened with complete fear and quickly looked at Rich. "S-S-S-Sorry, sir!" he stammered before galloping off as fast as his hooves could carry him.

8/8/2012 #7
Ghost 22 Alpha

The Taxi was once again stopped, not by a gate, but by a flash of Unicorn magic, the Taxi had nearly run over Derpy and Kite, upon Impact with Kites shield, the taxi fish tailed and flipped over.

"Ahh Crap" Kite ran to the Taxi Drivers aid

Filthy wasn't moving.

8/8/2012 #8

Cheerilee ran to Rich's side, her face wrought with worry. "Rich, a-are you okay?!"

Diamond Necklace staggered to her hooves and glared at the ponies. "Now look what you've done?! My coat was just washed and now it's ruined!"

With a huff, the unicorn used magic to gather all of her belongings and stormed off down the road, grumbling to herself.

8/8/2012 #9
Ghost 22 Alpha

The taxi driver was ok, Kite used his magic to fix the carriage and the Taxi driver set off "Go home Derpy...please" Kite gave her a breif kiss and she flew off.

Kite ducked into the gate "Whats going on in here ?" he noticed a filly sitting on the steps "Diamond ? "

He looked over at Cheerielee and Rich, then ran over to the filly "Diamond ?" he asked softly, he knew the Filly was nice around Derpy and him, but that was in town with her father.

Rich twitched.

8/9/2012 #10

The young filly narrowed her eyes at her father. "Daddy?" she asked with an irritated huff. "Where's mom going? I could hear you yelling all the way from upstairs!"

8/9/2012 #11
Ghost 22 Alpha

Kite looked at the gate and pieces of Taxi that were left behind, then ran to Lee and Rich.

"Lee is OOOooohhh what the hell did she do ?" Kite started healing Rich "His got a fractured vertebra, I can heal it but it will take me a little while."

8/9/2012 #12

"She slammed him into the wall," Cheerilee explained frantically. "Please, do what you can."

Diamond Tiara gazed in worry at her father lying in pain on the ground, then to the bent gate bars and the left-behind pieces of the taxi. She looked back at her father. "Dad, what the hay happened?!"

Cheerilee looked at the young filly sadly and sighed. She had to know.

"Your mother is leaving, Diamond Tiara," she said slowly. "She's not coming back."

Diamond Tiara sort of stood there in shock. She didn't know what to say, except, "You're lying! You're lying, Miss Cheerilee! You're a dirty liar and I don't believe you!"

8/9/2012 #13
Ghost 22 Alpha

Kite magic spiked and failed "Sorry Lee can you take her inside please, this spell requires 100% focus or I might blow a hole in him."

8/9/2012 #14

Cheerilee blinked a bit in fear, but then stood up on her hooves and made a motion to take Diamond Tiara. But, the filly roughly jerked away from her. "Get away from me, you liar!" she seethed as she stormed back into the house; the teacher silently in tow.

8/9/2012 #15
Ghost 22 Alpha

3 Minutes later Kite and Rich entered the house, "Sit" Kite sat Rich in a chair "I'll get you that Ice water." Kite ran to the Kitchen Rich sighed "That could have gone better."

8/9/2012 #16

Cheerilee came from upstairs. "She's in her room," the teacher sighed. "What do I do? She's not going to believe me."

8/9/2012 #17
Ghost 22 Alpha

rich nodded "Give me a moment I'll talk to her."

8/9/2012 #18

The purple mare nodded sadly. "Let me know if you want me to do anything."

8/9/2012 #19
Ghost 22 Alpha

"Find Maria, the house maid she was scared and hid someplace." Rich said as Kite handed him a huge beer mug filled with Ice water "You my son are a god..." he said downing the water in 3 large gulps.

8/9/2012 #20

Cheerliee nodded again and trotted of into the house to search for the maid.

8/9/2012 #21
Ghost 22 Alpha

Rich sighed as he got up "Miss Lee, come with me instead, Boy can you find the maid ?"

Kite nodded "Sure"

Rich walked up with Cheerielee to his daughters room "She may not show it in School or now, but she likes you....just a little bit anyway." he finished knocking on the door.

8/9/2012 #22

Cheerilee raised an eyebrow. "Somehow I find that hard to believe . . ."

"What do you want?!" came Diamond Tiara's voice. "I told you, Miss Cheerilee, I'm not talking to you!"

8/9/2012 #23
Ghost 22 Alpha

Rich pushed the door open "Diamond, please be quiet and sit down, we have alot to talk about."

8/9/2012 #24

Diamond Tiara whirled around and glared at Cheerliee. "What's there to talk about, dad?! Miss Cheerilee is just being a liar! I don't need to talk about that!"

8/9/2012 #25
Ghost 22 Alpha

"No...no shes not, Mommy was the liar she..." He sighed and sat down on a window bench seat

"Mommy is not coming back dear..."

8/9/2012 #26

"No! You're wrong!" Diamond Tiara shouted as tears started to fill her eyes. "She would never leave! Without so much as a goodbye?! You're crazy!"

Cheerilee sighed. "Diamond Tiara, I witnessed it myself. She packed up her bags and left to go back to Canterlot."

The pink filly growled at her. "What do you know?! You're just a stupid teacher! My mom wouldn't just leave me!"

She looked back at her father. "S-She wouldn't j-just leave me . . ."

8/9/2012 #27
Ghost 22 Alpha

"Look out your window honey, at the gate, she did that with her magic to get away....because I didn't want her to leave without saying goodbye to you..."

8/9/2012 #28

Diamond Tiara's chest started heaving as she tried to process what her father was telling her. Tears started to fall from her face as she looked like she was almost going to start hyperventilating. But, then, she uttered a low growl and then ran over to her father and started to shove him towards the door.

"Get out!" she screamed. "Get out! Out! Out! Out!"

She continued to kick scream and shout until both Rich and Cheerilee was outside her door and promptly slammed it shut and locked it. Several seconds later, her screaming was mixed in with the sounds of wood breaking and furniture being toppled over. At one point, there was the sound of shattering glass, indicating that her large vanity mirror had just been destroyed.

This went on for several good, long minutes before the destruction noise ceased and all that remained was the sounds of her sobbing.

8/9/2012 #29
Ghost 22 Alpha

A unicorn Maid came running up with Kite, Rich looked at him "Boy, door!" Kite nodded and enchanted the lock, they heard the bolt pull back and Rich went inside, closing the door behind him Kite and the maid looked at each other, then back at Lee "What happened ?"

Rich sat down next to his daughter "You didn't cut yourself breaking this did you dear ?" he asked indicating the mirror.

8/9/2012 #30
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