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yeah, couldn't think of a better title =P

ANYWHO, this is an Avengers/Man of Steel crossover (duh). Loki has learned of Krypton and the power the Kryptonians once possessed, having been one of the most powerful races in the universe before their demise. thinking he could use them to his advantage, he plans to hunt down a certain red caped superhero in order to extract the codex from him and recreate Krypton to rule over and form a Kryptonian army that would help him also take over earth.

6/23/2013 #1
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Whoot :D

6/23/2013 #2

YAY!! so... alright, I suppose we'll start with Thor coming to earth and telling the Avengers that Loki escaped from Asgard?

then they'll all go to Metropolis to find Superman.

6/23/2013 #3
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Sure c:

6/23/2013 #4
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
Oh my god! Long time no see! I missed you guys!
6/23/2013 #5

(ASH!! hey dude!! :D)

okie dokie! I suppose I'll start. oh btw, I'd like for Bruce and Delinda to be a couple in this one. just cause I love Brulinda so dang much :D


Delinda entered the S.H,I,E.L.D. building, sighing. the last few days had been surprisingly uneventful. "never thought Avengers could have boring work days" she mumbled.

6/23/2013 . Edited 6/23/2013 #6
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior


"I wonder where the others are," she mumbled to herself as she saw the break room was empty.

6/23/2013 #7

"hmm..." she headed toward one of the conference rooms. "nope, empty" she then headed for the lounge, where they all hung out when they didn't have anything else to do. "they've got to be in here"

6/23/2013 #8
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
(It's been too long!) Ashley had arrived at SHIELD as she was bored. There was nothing to do and she had a bored look on her face. "Where is everyone?" Ashley asked herself. (Me: So excited! Ashley: And where is everyone? Me: Looking for Tony? Ashley: *pouts* Yeah.. missed him a lot.)
6/23/2013 #9
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Delinda boredly looked down the hallway. "Hello?" she called out.

6/23/2013 #10
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
Ash poked her head from around and she smiled sheepishly. "It's just me!" Ash called out.
6/23/2013 #11

(WAY too long! I swear this dang forum is covered in dust from age :P)


Delinda nudged open the door of the lounge. sure enough, the others were there. minus Thor, who was in Asgard.

6/23/2013 #12
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(Yeah o.e *blows away a cobweb* SPIDER! o3o)

"There you are!" Delinda sighed, entering the room.

6/23/2013 #13

(AUGH!!!! *grabs a flamethrower* DIE, SPIDER!!)

Tony smirked from his place by the window. "aww, did you miss us that much, Del?"

"oh hush" Delinda said, rolling her eyes as she entered the room.

6/23/2013 #14
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
Ash had entered the room and she laughed slightly. "Good to see you too Tony.." Ash said sarcastically as she smirked.
6/23/2013 #15
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(YESH o3o Blargh, sorry my replies are late. I'm having to constantly reply on forums, and it's stressing me out. It's stressing me so badly my OCD of tapping my fingernail on stuff is getting terrible.)

Dylan was in his dog form, curled up into a ball on the floor beside the table.

"Hey you," Delinda smiled, patting the guides head. Dylan just gave a low grunt.

6/23/2013 #16

(oh it's okay, dude. I totally get the same way sometimes if I get to doing a bunch of stuff at once)

"sourpuss" Delinda snickered as she walked over and flopped onto the couch beside Bruce. "so what's on the agenda today, guys?"

Clint shrugged. "nothing"

"oh" Delinda sighed. "dang, these last few days have been slow"

6/23/2013 #17
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(BLAAAHHHH *throws self onto bed* I NEED TO STAAHHP XD)

Steve nodded. "It seems people don't need our help as often."

6/23/2013 #18
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
Ash nodded as she walked over to the window. "I agree.. it's been too boring." Ash said as she pouted.
6/23/2013 #19

(just try and relax, Sara :D)

Delinda sighed.

"well hopefully something will happen today" Bruce said.

6/23/2013 #20
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
"Agreed.." Ash said as she sighed and she smiled weakly before looking at Tony and looked away, blushing.
6/23/2013 #21

Delinda sighed.

"who knew it could ever get boring around here?" Natasha said.

"I said the same thing as I was coming in!" Delinda said, nodding.

6/23/2013 #22
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Dylan's ears suddenly perked up, and he gave a low growl, looking at the door.

"What is it, D?" Delinda blinked.

Dylan stood up slowly, inching his way to the door. His back fur was standing on end, his ears flattened against his head. There was a sudden bright light, and the doors bursted open.

Thor stood in the doorway.

The dog whined a bit, and inched awya from the door.

6/23/2013 #23
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
Ash frowned slightly. "That.. can't be good." Ash said.
6/23/2013 #24

Tony blinked. "well... didn't see that coming"

"Thor!" Delinda smiled a bit.

"greetings, my comrades" Thor said, a grave expression on his face. "I come with troubling news from Asgard"

everyone frowned.

"what's wrong?" Bruce asked.

Thor sighed. "Loki has escaped his prison... he is returning to earth"

the other Avengers went O.O

6/23/2013 #25
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
Ash's face had turned pale, looking scared. "How did he escape?" Ash asked.
6/23/2013 #26
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Dylan gave a low growl.

"As a king of trickers he is," Thor said. "He had managed to fool the guards in the prison. He escaped only a sunrise ago."

6/23/2013 #27

"well do you have any idea where he's going?" Steve asked. "what he wants?"

"he is searching for the one you midgardians call Superman"

Delinda went O.O "what?! the heck does he want with Superman?!"

6/23/2013 #28
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior
"My information is limited," Thor said. "But I mightily suggest we search for this man of super." Dylan gave a low groan and curled back onto the floor. He sneezed a bit. "Yes, D!" Delinda snapped. "We're going! Even with your stupid cold!" Dylan growled at her.
6/24/2013 #29
Ashley 'Starlight' Black
Ash nodded. "We have to get to him before Loki does." Ash said as she crossed her arms over her chest.
6/24/2013 #30
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