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Madame Apathy



Status(Hero, Villain, Henchman, Sidekick, Civvie):





5/11/2012 #1

Name: Florence Beilschmidt, often called 'fire head' and 'American goth'

Age: 19

Status: Villain

Bio: Taken from parents when little and vowed to get revenge. Lived on streets for 11 years untill Jenny found her and took her to orphanage. And she is American. Not much of a background!

Apperince: Silver-ish hair, blood red eyes, pail, wairs only black, and Tall.

Persona: Cold-hearted, arrogant, unlady-like, Loud-mouth, and smart.

Other: She will take any alcoholic drink and not get drunk. She likes kicking people. And has no friends what-so-ever...

You may learn more about her!

5/31/2012 #2
Madame Apathy

She's okay as long as the girl who plays Jenny is all right with it. :)

6/1/2012 #3

Jenny was someone that worked with Penny so I guess I would have to play Jenny, Plus Jenny is usually only in flashbacks

6/2/2012 #4
Madame Apathy

Oh, I thought you meant the Jenny(pigtail groupie) in the rp. Yeah, that's fine. :)

6/3/2012 #5

YEP! I guess I'm all set than!

6/4/2012 #6
Alexandra Knight

Name- Erika Wilson, known as Frost, or Frostbite

Age 17

Status- ... Its complicated. For lack of a better word, Anti Hero

Bio- Johnny Snow's Little sister who wanted nothing to do with him. She was always a big fan of Dr. Horrible, so she hated her older brother. Unfortunately, wouldn't stop bothering her, trying to get her to be his side kick, and even went as far to shoot her with his death ray on the stun setting. Unfortunately, it didn't have a stun setting, and turned out even stranger than they bith would have expected. It gave her cryokenisis, the power to crontrol ice! She ran away from home though, atill hating him very much.

Appearance- Extremely pale skin, not from lack of sun, she just can not tanafter the accident. She has straight black hair, cut into a bob just above her shoulders. She has dark green eyes, unless she is using her powers, kr trying not to use them, then they are ice blue. She wears a black tunic, ripped at the sleeves, and black shorts that only reach a few inches down her legs. She looks frail, but has a lot of muscle mass.


- Once again... its complicated. She has a split personality. In a good mood she goes by Frost and tries to help people, no matter who they are. She likes to smile and laugh, even can burst into song. However, when something triggers her other personality, she goes by frostbite. She has no mercy, and is very serious. She plans to be a super villain, but Frost is the only thing stopping her.

O th er- Erika loooooooooves coffee! And Hates Johnny Snow!

6/22/2013 . Edited 6/22/2013 #7

Name: Danniel Grosten


Status: Hero

Biography: He used to look up to Captain Hammer but when he was defeated he decided to take destiny into his own hands. molding himself into a totally awesome hero. After months of working out he dcied to leap into action as The Protector.

Apperance: In uniform black body armor green mask. out of uniform blonde hair hazel eyes.

Personality: He's kind of arrogant but kind-hearted

Other: Spent months training in hand to hand combat

9/26/2013 #8
Dr. Anna Laufreyson

Name: Anna

Age: 16

Status: Villain

Biography: Anna is Dr. Horrible's little sister. When she was 14, she moved in with Billy, and eventually discovered his secret. She discovered her abilities, and became Insanity. She works with him a lot now.

Appearance: Long, curly brown hair, blue eyes, tan, freckles, 5'11

Personality: Kind, protective, can be a monster when she needs to be


Wears a mask that looks like a bunch of faces melded together

Is an evil genius

Villain Name: Insanity

1/6/2014 #9
Shadow follower

Name:Taylor Thomas

Villain name: random pedestrian



Status(Hero, Villain, Henchman, Sidekick, Civvie):villain

Biography: do I have to do this? Fine. He was born and raised in a good home. He was kicked out when he mugged some person. He was living on the streets. To get money, he let the government do tests on him. When one test went wrong, he got the ability to shapeshift to match a crowd. He can only shapeshift into other people though. And he can't turn into anyone specifically. So he can turn from a guy in a hoodie to a lawyer, but only if he is in a crowd of lawyers. It kind of bites.

Appearance:He wears a black hoodie, he has ink black hair, he is scrawny. He has indigo eyes. His eyes never change.

Personality:mischiovous, cleptomaniac.


7/3/2014 #10
Madame Apathy

Sounds good. He's accepted.

7/16/2014 #11
Shadow follower

Want to RP?

7/16/2014 #12
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