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Same as DX in the past - wacky sub-plots.

Cross-overs with other fandoms.

Aging Issues (Getting older/younger)

Gender Bending

Alternate Dimensions

'This Morning I woke up and I was ______' (eg - A superhero - they wake up in an alternate universe with super powers and it's their job to protect the earth from evil doers)

Any ideas?

5/16/2012 #1

DUDE! WE SHOULD DO SUPER POWER GENDER BENDS. Or just the super powers. Cuz that's cool. Even though half of my people have super powers already XD

5/16/2012 #2

Just super powers works because Lita in a skin tight spandex outfit = good times

they'll be like the teen titans.

5/16/2012 #3

Fricken awesome! YES. JUST YES! And Jessie will be alive until I decide I want her dead in this one.

5/16/2012 #4

Okay :D

Lita let out a low groan, slowly lifting up her head, looking and feeling exhausted. She stretched out her back and grimaced, pulling herself slowly out of her bed which felt... a little different. Wait, was this even her room? Eyes widening, Lita darted over to the window and pulled open her curtains. She seemed to be high about the ground, and didn't understand what on earth was going on. Frowning, Lita moved to her wardrobe to get dressed and find out where she was, and froze when she saw the only outfits in the closet.

"Oh you are kidding me."

5/17/2012 #5

Jessie grunted as she got up. She looked around and frowned as she found herself in a dark room she had never seen before. She got up and looked down at her floor length sleeping gown and rose a brow. She sighed, having dealt with the strangeness all her life. She moved to the Closet and rose a brow at the choice of clothing. "Joy." she said and grabbed one of the short terry romper styled outfit. The top was a line and hugged her minimal chest but showed the top of huge spiderweb like scar in the middle of her chest. It was skin tight and rainbow toned. She frowned but shrugged.

5/17/2012 #6

Brian woke up with a start and frowned. He hated waking up in strange places. He glanced around and sighed. He was not home.

5/17/2012 #7

(Guise can I join?)

5/17/2012 #8


5/17/2012 #9


Al woke up and, deciding it was not time for him to get up yet, kept his eyes shut and pulled his blankets up to his chin. After a moment, he opened his eyes, sensing that something was not right. Seeing that he was no longer in his room, Al sat up immediately, looking around curiously. What was going on?

"Mom? Dad?" he called, slowly hopping out of the bed. "Em?"

5/17/2012 #10

(Of course!)

Lita slowly pulled on the skin-tight latex leotard, pulling on the long purple gloves once she had done so. Her boots were thigh-high and slightly pointed at the top of her thighs, and were black, with purple trimmings. On her chest was a simple purple jewel embedded onto the leotard, and slowly, Lita pulled on the purple eye mask which settled comfortably on her face.

"This is ridiculous."

5/17/2012 #11

Jessie sighed and slipped her razor into one of the two almost invisible pockets before exiting her room where she promptly ran into Misty. Misty looked relatively the same in some leotard that looked like it was made of leave but was actually some sort of mail leaves. It clinked lightly when they bumped into each other. "Is this real?" Misty asked looking nervous.

"Yup." Jessie sighed. "It's real.


Brian snort ed as he pulled on the kevlar body suit before adding a utility belt and accessories. He hooked the mask to his belt and adjusted the long midnight blue cape. He yanked on the matching gloves and boots that went to his knee's before sucking in a breath and actually leaving his room.

5/17/2012 #12

Walking out of her room, Lita headed for the stairs, looking completely baffled as to what was even going on.


Borvo walked out of his room, looking annoyed. He was wearing a full unitard like outfit, it's colours in light grey, red and some shades of blue. He had short, fingerless gloves on, and light boots on. He had a bow and quiver attached to his back.

5/17/2012 #13

"Lita!" Misty shouted as she caght sight of her. She tried not to snort as she ran up. "What's going on?"

5/17/2012 #14

Confused and slightly nervous, Al began to search around the room in hope of finding out what was going on. Many different ideas were running through his mind, but they all disappeared as soon as he opened his closet to find a bunch of superhero-looking outfits hanging up.

"Oh. My. Dead. God," he said.

(So just to clarify, do they each have a different specific power or a whole lot of different ones, like Superman?)

5/17/2012 #15

(I'd say a couple of powers, like Borvo is an archer who can manipulat lightning, so he implements lightning onto his arrows.)

Lita shook her head, turning around to face her, frowning.

"I'm not positive. If you guys are all here, then obviously there's been some kind of.. dimension switch-up, or something."

5/17/2012 #16

(My girls are just going to have the powers the have except magnified kind of. And Brian, who could sense minds, can now full out read them. And he's kind of like Robin.)

"I'm just glad we are together." she said with a cheer.

"I look like Nyan cat threw up on me." Jessie grumped and sighed as she slumped up to them.

"At least you don't have to wear thi-" Brian said as he walked up but stopped dead when he saw Lita.

5/17/2012 #17

Lita put a hand on her hip and sighed, shaking her head.

"This makes no sense, I mean, I don't even have POWERS. Why the heck am I a super heroine?"

Borvo walked in, grimacing slightly.

"I feel so exposed."

5/17/2012 #18

"Well, I'm pretty sure you just stopped time for a few minutes there. At least for me anyways." Brian commented and Jessie snickered.

"What?" Misty asked confused.

"Nothing kid." Jessie mumbled.

5/17/2012 #19

It was a ten-year old boy's dream. Al got changed into one of the outfits as quickly as he could, hardly able to contain his excitement. His choice of outfit was a light blue unitard, his favourite colour, white sneakers and a white mask. And what young boy's superhero outfit was complete without a pair of underpants over the top? There was no cape.

Satisfied with his outfit, Al peeked his head out of the bedroom door, seeing nobody.

"HELLO?" he yelled.

5/17/2012 #20

Lita rolled her eyes slightly, smiling.

"Very funny." she said dryly, and moved over to the super computer, tilting her head and frowning.

5/17/2012 #21

"Over here Al!" Misty called and waved.

"Do you need help with that? I'm good with computers." Brian said and inched closer.

"I'm going for food. Whose hungry?" Jessie asked.

5/17/2012 #22

Al looked around for a moment before spotting the others, and his face broke out into a huge smile.

"You guys are superheroes too!" he said excitedly, slowly beginning to make his way towards them.

5/17/2012 #23

"Sure we are Al! Check out my cape thingy!" she said and spun to show him the floor length thick green cloak attached to the metal leaves at her shoulders. (The big leaves.)

5/17/2012 #24

"That's so awesome," Al spoke in an awed tone as he reached the group. He suddenly gasped, looking at everyone in turn with wide eyes. "Guys! What if we have superpowers?"

5/17/2012 #25

"Not me.." Lita replied absently, typing a few things into the computer, and bringing up a database. "Hey! This has information on us, and our.. super identities. Maybe we can figure something out!"

Borvo waved at Al, and joined Lita at the computer.

"Okay, here's me.." Lita began. "Super alias.. Aeona. Abilities: Can create shifts within time and dimensions and open portals to other worlds and times. Extra proficient in weapons, has a specially charged knife-" she glanced down at her right thigh, which had a knife holster on it. "and when an enemy is touched with the knife, they are trapped within the void between time and space, a permanent prison." Lita blinked. "Wow. Who wants to go next?"

5/17/2012 #26

"Wow. I would not wish that on anyone." Jessie said and eye's it speculatively. "I'll go." she plopped down and looked at the screen wit ha frown "Super Alias Aurora Abilities: Able to bend and control light and heal. Like usual. Woah. Able to blast holes the size of craters and burn holes in steel. Yikes." she frowned.

5/17/2012 #27

"I'll go! Me!" Misty said cheerfully and plopped down. "Alias: SilverShroud Abilities: Able to control the elements as well as see the truth in ones soul." she blinked. "That's new." she giggled. "Able to speak to animals and plants and the spirits within creatures." she blinked. "That's weird."

5/17/2012 . Edited 5/17/2012 #28

"Me then." Brian sighed and took the mask from his hip, putting it on. The mask was the same blue as his gloves, boots, and cape. "Alias" he sighed, "NightShield. That doesn't even make sense." he grunted. "Abilities, Able to read minds..combat trained and able to fight off more than twenty men at once. Wow. Um....Proficient with tools of his trade." he shrugged and stood up.

5/17/2012 . Edited 5/17/2012 #29

Borvo read up on his quickly.

"Alias: Lightning Shot. Abilities: Extremely talented at archery, can fully control and manipulate lightning, and has the ability to force the lightning onto arrows, which only he can handle without injury. Is also stealthy, and light on his feet.' huh. that's cool."

5/17/2012 #30
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