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Akita Maiya

"When he was dead," Ekanem replied, "I used to talk with him all of the time."

8/7/2012 #61
Dellius Kekius
"He never said anything to me! Did you tell him that your my mum?" Dell asked.
8/7/2012 #62
Akita Maiya

"No," Ekanem replied.

8/7/2012 #63
The Almighty Prophet - Jay

"Your Grin Looks so much like My Father, Vegeta's" Alex said Looking at Maiya.

8/7/2012 . Edited 8/7/2012 #64
Akita Maiya

Maiya winked at Alex.

8/7/2012 #65
The Almighty Prophet - Jay

"Is Vegeta Your Father?" Alex asked hoping to say yes.

8/7/2012 #66
Dellius Kekius
"Oh." He said. He was happy to talk to his mother. He wanted to know how it been.
8/7/2012 #67
Akita Maiya

"Yes, Vegeta is my Papa," Maiya said to her half sister.

"So, is Maiya human?" Ekanem asked.

"No, I'm full saiyan," Maiya replied.

8/7/2012 #68
Dellius Kekius
"And your a grandmother." Dell told his mother.
8/7/2012 #69
The Almighty Prophet - Jay

"I'm Sorry To Intrude But We Do Have A Evil Magician to Destroy" Ian Said Being Impatient

"NOW IAN!! YOU KNOW HOW RUDE THAT IS DELL IS TRYING TO REUNITE WITH HIS MOTHER, NOW SHUT UP!!! I'm Sorry, my brother can be such a pain in the butt!" Alex said to Dell and his Mother as he hit Ian on the Head.

8/7/2012 . Edited 8/7/2012 #70
Akita Maiya

"A grandmother?!" exclaimed Ekanem.

"Daddy and Papa haven't heard of Sora yet," chuckled Maiya.

8/7/2012 #71
Dellius Kekius
Dell grinned. "I'll tell ya about Sora in a bot Mum." he said before his faced hardened and his grin dissapeared. "It's time to avenge you.." He said quietly.
8/7/2012 #72
Akita Maiya

Ekanem smiled. "I'd like to come along to watch."

8/7/2012 #73
The Almighty Prophet - Jay

"Alright Let's Mess the Magician up" Jay said as he Powered up to super saiyan 4.

8/7/2012 #74
Dellius Kekius
"Aight." Dell replied. "Ian take us to the vermin." He said.
8/7/2012 #75
The Almighty Prophet - Jay

"Alrighty then, grab on Every one." Ian said.

8/7/2012 #76
Akita Maiya

Maiya and Ekanem were ready.

8/7/2012 #77
Dellius Kekius
Dell grabbed onto Ian.
8/7/2012 #78
The Almighty Prophet - Jay

"Ready Everyone"

8/7/2012 #79
Dellius Kekius
"Yes." Was Dell's answer.
8/7/2012 #80
The Almighty Prophet - Jay

Jay and Alex Grabbed on as Ian used Instant Transmission

"Alright we're here, Welcome to Hell" Ian said grimly.

8/7/2012 #81
Dellius Kekius
"Where is the damn Cockroach?" Dell asked
8/7/2012 #82
Akita Maiya


8/7/2012 #83
The Almighty Prophet - Jay

"Up on that hill" Ian said as he Pointed to as dark evil hill with a Cloud above it"

[I gotta get of the forum but i can pm you.]

8/7/2012 #84
Dellius Kekius
(Aight same here. I'm on all day tommorrow.)
8/7/2012 #85
Dellius Kekius

Dell snarled. He could sense his Ki.

8/8/2012 #86
Dellius Kekius

(Anybody online?)

8/8/2012 #87
Akita Maiya

[I am. Are you?]

8/8/2012 #88
Dellius Kekius
(That was a boring day.)
8/9/2012 #89
Dellius Kekius

(Anybody on?)

8/9/2012 #90
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