Infernal Devices RP :)
This is an RP For the Infernal Devices, OC and cannon characters welcome :) So please do join :)
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Just as the title suggests - but please include the following

- What you would like to be called.

- What character you will be rp'ing as.

- A few facts about yourself, hobbies, fanfics, views on Twilight, etc.

- Anything people on the roleplay might want to know.

Please do not post introducing yourself unless instructed to do so by a moderator taking you through the joining process. Thank you. (:A

5/14/2012 #1

My name is Lottie, short for Charlotte - I don't mind which you call me :)

I will be Roleplaying an oc Called Claire Carter, and subbing as Charlotte Branwell

I joined because its my forum ;)

Facts about me? hmm....I live in the Uk, am currently on my last year at school studying G.C.S.E's (English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths, Drama, Music and History) I will soon be studying my A-levels (Sociology, Physcology, Law, English Language and Literature) I love reading, playing the violin, taekwondo, and performing modern, ballet and tap dance. Oh, and I'm team Edward :3

Erm I'm 16 :) I don't know if thats what you want to know about me - but I didn't have a clue of what else to write ;3 xxxx

5/14/2012 #2

I'm Charlie, call me that and I'll kick somewhere. Call me Ghost, Clare, CP, Clazzy, TheGirlWho'sObsessedWithJace, Purshal, Peter Parker's wife (only for people who know me like a sibling) Las, Shion, Whiprash, Tinybean and *deep breath* Las Amanda Yvaine Yvox Lightchild Avaina Alana Theresa CP Parker Heronsten Herondale.

I roleplay as Tessa and probably a few others xD

I joined because Lottie is in the same city as me, even though she's on the DEMON football team... I'm disgraced.

Facts about me... My friend, Charlie C's greeting to me is a tug of my hair, and I return it. I'm in a school of hell. It's horrible, I hate it and I want out. I suck at math. I can play 4 brass instruments, a bit of the keyboard, glockenspeil, guitar and recorder. I fail in french, I'm a level 2c. I'm teaching myself Latin, and it's quite easy. I love drama, singing, music, etc. I'm team Jace :)

5/15/2012 #3

Haiiiiii! My name is Aline(pronounced I-leen) :)

My nicknames vary from: Rasf(my initials) crispy, vampire, moon, weenie, Alineie, Pikachu, and RP(since I RP do much around my friends they call me RP sometimes xD)

Hmmmm well I'm 17 years old. I love, absolutely LOVE the cold, rain, and night time xD I love to sing, write, and read! I'm beyond weird, random, and crazy and I get hyper incredibly easily. I prefer to be alone time when I am with people I can only Stan to be around my friends. In a sarcastic butt and I love it ;) lol rock/screamo/alt are my favorite music genres but depending on my mood is what I base my listenings off of. And that's kind of it for now :)

5/20/2012 #4

-Hey everyone. My name is Salma xD It's pronounced just like it's written xD but you can just call me "M" for short

-I'm RP'ing mainly as Will, and Jem, and subbing for the occasional Silent Brother

-I love TMI/TID and everything YA related. Reading is my number one hobby. I love writing as well, currently working on a novel too xD I don't really write fanfics but I will start in the summer. Twilight isn't high on my list but I did watch the movies and read all the books. And Of course Team Jace!! Also me and my friends just started a new team called Team Will and Jem Are Beautiful!! . I'm hyper most of the time, lazy (you can tell by my long naps) I like going to the gym but it doesn't happen as often as I like, I wanna study engineering in College and Music is my lifeline.

-Just that I love being here :D

5/20/2012 #5

Hi, there! My name's Michelle, but I respond to Chelly, Meep, or any other nickname you can think of, as long as I know it's directed at me.

I will be rp'ing Camille Belcourt (and hopefully get her character right).

Ummm, I am 16 and living in Canada. Hoping to get into teaching after I graduate. Writing's a hobby - and a passion of mine. I'm also an artist and I do calligraphy whenever bored. I will not be very active, unfortunately, since school's hectic and what-not. I am a HUGE Whovian, Sherlockian, I love A Song of Ice and Fire and Marvel. Cassie Clare's books are brilliant. I am team Jem And I ship Malec.

5/27/2012 . Edited 5/27/2012 #6
Epona's Chosen

My name is Rhiannon but on FF.N I'm more commonly known as Rhea.

My OCs

• Elen 'Ellie' Jones, werwolf.

• Lillian 'Lily' Alexandros, warlock.

• Lukas 'Lu', Fair Folk.

I'm 16, I live in Wales, UK, hmm... I read a lot, write a fair amount and have a deep and passionate relationship with music :) I love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Inheritance Cycle. Twilight... hmmm... I loved it, then everyone started reading it and R-Patz got cast, and Kristen Stewart... and well, everything went downhill and now I find it boring *yawn*. Oh, and about Jamie Campbell Bower being cast as Jace? I think he's perfect. That, and I hate that Alex Pettyfer is cast as every single teen guy in girls head. No. He's not even that hot. He's overused and Jamie will be a refreshing change :) Also, and I'm Team Gabriel, I don't particularly like Jem, I love Will because he's from Wales (like me!).

5/27/2012 . Edited 6/16/2012 #7

My name is Megan but I go by Meg. You can call me either one.

I will be RPing as Henry Branwell and Sophie Collins and probably a few OC's later on.

I'm a redhead with the temper of one ;) I'm random. I'm obsessed with books. I literally try to read at least two novels a week in my spare time. I'm about to start my last year of high school and I live in the US. Oh Twilight....the books were amazing and then came the movies. I was Team Edward in the books but I'm Team Jacob in the movies. He's just so much better than Edward in them. I can't wait for the Mortal Instruments movie, although I'm skeptical about Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace. Also I'm Team Jace and Team Will -

Uhm...I guess that I'm not sure about when I'd be able to get on because of my whacked up schedule but I'll try to when I can.

5/29/2012 #8

Hello guys, you should know by now I am Theah ;)

The main character I play as is called Yukalin Jurian, and sometimes I will bring more into it Alexander, another character I made.

I am OBSESSED with Sims, and JEM! I am just your average girl, I am calm, and love you all! ;)

6/2/2012 . Edited by Rasf, 6/2/2012 #9
Suburban Space Invader

Hola I'm GoddessofApocalypse or April Doll, you can call me either though they're both a bit of a mouthful....So you can just call me Mari or Ri (Ree).

I'll be RPing as Evangeline and Theo:D

Hrmmm, okay so I'm from Seattle, WA. And I've been to forks, in fact I've been to Edwards house and La push (It was cold. -__-;) Seattle is pretty bawss, though there's been some whack violence going on which is making me a bit paranoidO.o But I still love it here. I have a few fanfics, though they're all parodies *lawlz* and I play piano and clarinet, I love TMI and ID! And a few of my other fandoms include the Iron few, Max Ride, the Faeriewalker series and THE HUNGER GAMES....I love the band Panic! At the Disco (they're like my life) and Ryan Ross is my husband (No denying it! Unless he wants to marry Brendon Urie, in fact, I hope he does...)

And that's about it.

6/5/2012 #10

Hello, Im called Nicola but you can call me Nic. I will be rp'ing as April Blake, I like listening to music, creating stories and dancing. I have a bubbly personality and very kind and caring. Very new to this and dont really know that i'm doing.

6/12/2012 #11

Hi everyone, I'm Teagan but I don't mind being called Teagz, Tiggy or any other variations.

I'll be RPing as Cecily Herondale.

I joined because this looked like fun and I'm a big fan of Cassandra Clare's work.

Also I'm 14, love to read, in year 8 and can't wait to start interacting with all of your characters.

6/13/2012 #12

Hi, my name is Chelsee mainly called Chwls cause its easier. I am 13 years old and absoloutly adore fanfiction. I am writing my own story, well stories technically, since theres more than one and I obsess over RP of any sort. I have a wonderful Parabatai, who actually, is a member on this forum, I am a William Herondalw fanatic and love anything to do with him. I am afraid of ducks :)

6/15/2012 . Edited by Charlotte13245, 6/15/2012 #13

Hello, im Orlii (or-lee). I love to roleplay, i've been rp'ing on and off for about 10 years. I've written one fanfiction. I only recently started to read the Infernal Devices series, love it! I enjoy books like the Hunger Games series and the Divergent books. Random fact: my favorite word is doodle. I cannot think of much else to say, haha. Oh, other than that, I will be playing Willemina Willow-she's a 170 year old warlock.

8/21/2012 . Edited by Charlotte13245, 8/22/2012 #14
XxThe Vampire KingxX

Well I suppose I should introduce myself, heh

Anyways, I'm Vamp, or Vp, or VK, just call me whatever you want...:)

I'm way into roleplaying, and I'm very glad to have actually been invited here! I love anime and drawing, I worship music and can play guitar....and I'm just a pretty normalish type of boy:)

I guess I will be playing my Vampire OC Lyle, and as a little additional fact, I like the books Twilight, but I DESPISE the movie...

8/30/2012 #15

HIIII I'm that Charlie C!

Call me Cassie, short for Cassandra, long for Cass. Or Echo, Or Destiny, Or Sam :P

I Roleplay as Magnus Bane's Half Sister, OC, born on the same day to a different mother, brought up by the Silent Brothers of London, before murdering the adoptive parents who tried to murder her. Knows him and spent a hundred years helping him, now lives in Owatonna, high warlock.

I'm awesome, ok? But I prefer Saucesome.

I like to think or myself as a freewheeling bisexual. Only not really free wheeling I'll leve that to cp. JK. I am fourteen years of age and completely bonkers. When life gives you lemons...don't eat them, I hate lemons, they're disgusting, bananas FTW!

forget team Jacob and team team Edward, I'm team JASPAR!! He's soo fiit.

Secretly married to Magnus, but shhhh don't tell, he's trying to win Alec back. hushhhh,.

11/5/2012 #16

Hi! Im Cesca and btw, Cassisnotonfire, did you see Dan's last two vids, The Power Nap and The Panic Alarm? He seriously needs to stop exploiting little old ladies... anyway, I love reading (obvs) and I love listening to music. Also, Magnus is like my best friend, he is awesome. I think that if I had to choose one person from any series to be related to, I'd be Clary's cousin. Unsure why though. I often have random conversations with my best friends about Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Paramore and Pokèmon. I love watching Youtubers like Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Jacksgap, OFFICIALsampepper, PointlessBlog, MarcusButlerTV, smosh etc. Finally, I'm British and do my best writing whilst drinking a cup of tea. :D

4/1/2013 #17
Really Reilly
Bonjur. I'm Ryls. I am obessed with Will Herondale. ONE PROBLEM! My bestfriend HATES him. She was rooting for him to die in Clockwork Princess. I kicked her though! Also obsessed with Derek Souza and Simon Bae from Darkest Powers. Love making OC's but long and hard process. Live in Maryland, USA. LOVE TO WRITE! I do in all my free time. I REALLY LOVE WRITING WHILE THINKING OF WILL! And Lottie and Cesca can fill you in on anything else.
4/1/2013 #18
Hii you can call me kura, i am rping with emma hanley. i have been a fan of this series and mortal instruments for years now. i am a jem and Magnus bane fan. Besides reading I enjoy drawing, watching movies( fantasy and horror and sci-fi !) And anime/ manga. I hope Ican slide into the rp and have a alot of fun!
4/6/2013 #19

You can call me Drac or Rex. (I'l answer to anyone of them.)

I will be RPing as OC, Richard Williams.

I love to read, write, RPing, and hanging out with friends.

And I'm 16 turning 17 in two months. :)

7/12/2013 #20
Nowhere and Back Again


Fuck... I just realized I was on caps lock....

Okay, well, I'm a crazy person, and love to randomly freak out over shit that I imagine and charrie's and couples and OMG CASSANDRA CLAIRE IS A GENIUS FOR THE WAY SHE ENDED CLOCKWORK PRINCESS!

Okay, I'm done fangirling now.


I like to say oh bloody fuck a lot...don't ask, inside joke.

You should also know that I swear... a lot.Dat's about it soooo...


7/22/2013 . Edited 7/22/2013 #21
amy dunne

-You can call me either Nala or Asia -- I'm half-Thai, so a lot of my friends call me Asia.

-I may make more, but my primary character is now Cosette

-I live in Southern California, I love paddle boarding, and I'm crazy about singing, hence my penname.

-I love The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, Les Miserables (book and movie), How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries, Beautiful Creatures, Cinder, and music.

-I have weird plot ideas for characters, so please shoot me down when I get too weird XD

10/11/2013 #22

You can call me Morgan or Melanie or Melly, I don't care which one. (Though I like Melanie better)

I'll RP as Benedict Lightwood and I'll eventually be creating an OC.

I like to RP. I joined this because Lottie invited me and I luvs her. :3 Used to be on TOTRP with her. I run my own Twilight forum and an ID forum (under a second account). Um um um I hate my school because, borrowing a quote from above, it's a school of hell. The only thing I like is the band. Uuuum I live in the US (Kentucky to be specific)

4/15/2014 . Edited 4/15/2014 #23

Hi, everyone can call me Kya :) I will be roleplaying as Cora Lightwood and Charlie Blacckthorn, who are both shadowhunters. I am more obsessed with everything shadowhunter, than Maureen is obsessed with Simon. Also, I'm in love with Vampire Academy, everything Percy Jackson, Divergent and HG trilogies (all though they are too hyped right now), Matched, The Maze Runner series, and so many other books I can't think of right now. I help foster animals from the local shelter, and am hoping to travel the world saving endangered wild animal species.

There is no such thing as an OTP for me, but my main shadowhunter ships are:







I love trying new things (except vegetables, ick) and if you think I'll be interested in someother book inspired roleplays, let me know! c;

6/1/2014 #24
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