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Name: Age: Eyes: Hair: Skin: Personality: General Appearance: Color(If a ranger): Zord:
5/14/2012 #1
Name: Alice . Age: 3 . Eyes: blue . Hair: blonde . personality: sweet,kind,shy . General Apperance: pink t-shirt,light blue shorts,purple shoes
5/14/2012 #2
You are excepted I am playing Tommy right now you my start
5/14/2012 #3
The Major Kusanagi

Name: Bria (pronounced as Br-EE-eh) Wilson

Age: 17

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Black hair that is styled messily. She has navy blue streaks in it.

Skin: Caramel colored, a shade darker than tan.

Personality: She is an introvert that has extrovert tendencies. If Bria is left with a group of 7 strangers, she will end up talking with two or three people. She is technologically savvy and was raised learning free running and martial arts, so she can be serious one second and playful the next.

General Apperance: Bria stands at 5'6" and is muscled a a jungle cat. Her muscles are small in comparison to a male, but they are very solid and wiry. She wears jean shorts that extend to her knee and a white beater. Over that is an open-buttoned, buttom down blue shirt and blue and white colored tennis shoes.

Ranger form: she has a blue top and boots with black bottoms. Her helmet is blue with a black visor. She usually uses martial arts when fighting and so uses wrist mounted knives called "Panther Talons". When not in that form, the talons look like regular bracelets.

Color: Blue with no skirt.

Zord: A blue panther zord.

5/14/2012 #4
You are good to go I'll be back later
5/14/2012 #5
Name: Dawn Frost

age: 17

eyes: purple

hair: black and gold

skin: tan

personality: loving and vary determined

more later

5/14/2012 . Edited 5/15/2012 #6

Name: Zoon

Age: 22

Eyes: yellow

Hair: N/A

Skin: pitch black

Personality: calm, quiet, and brutally persistent.

General Appearance: A tall and skinny shadow-like creature, wearing a cracked white mask that has only one eye hole and no nose or mouth engraved into it. He has the general appearance of a human shadow.

Color(If a ranger): N/A

Zord: N/A

5/14/2012 #7

Name: Hayu

Age: unknown

Eyes: yellow

Personality: calm and watchful. He is quite protective of the rangers, but knows when to give them space. He also is a bit dense, and a bit too literal as well. He is also quite clumbsy and can prove to be naive at times as well.

General Appearance:

Color(If a ranger): N/A

Zord: N/A

Mind if he is the ranger's mentor?

5/14/2012 #8
You are excepted and yes if you play Tommy as well there other mentor
5/14/2012 #9

Name: Sky Genis

Age: 16

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light brown that goes to the small of her back.

Skin: Pale white

Personality: Quiet for the most part. Has a temper that is hard for her to lose. She is good at hand to hand combat, and can be manipulative if forced to.

Color: Sliver

Zord: Silver Fox


5/14/2012 #10
5/14/2012 #11

Name: Shik

General Appearance: A lage, bulking bull-like creature, standing on both legs. He has hooves for feet, but large and hard hands. His fur is blue and his eyes are jade green. His horns are golden and he wears a black, torn up jacket with the sleeves ripped out.

Zord: N/A

5/15/2012 #12


Age: 15

Eyes: emralded

Hair: long knee leghnth silver hair

Skin: slightly tanned

Personality: calm.relaxed, has a strange habit of popping from no where

General Appearance: Dark green T, jeans, and black combat boots

Color(If a ranger): silver ninja ranger

Zord:Silver owl

5/15/2012 . Edited 5/19/2012 #13
Name: Jamie Caligar Age: 16 Eyes: a bright emerald green color. Hair: Long honey blonde hair that reaches above the small of her back. Skin: she has slightly tanned skin and a small, ragged scar on her left cheek just below her eye. Color: Yellow Zord: Fox
5/15/2012 #14
All Exspted for now
5/15/2012 #15

Name: Sebastian ''Seb'' King

Age: 20

Eyes: blue

Hair: blond

Skin: caucasian

Personality: doen't speak much, focused, keeps his emotions in check

General Appearance: 5'11'', black pants, red t-shirt, black jacket

Color: red spec ops ranger

Zord: SO-1 red zord

5/18/2012 #16

Name: Arcee

Age: 6 months

Eyes: green

Hair: none

Skin: reinforced titanium colored red

Personality: easily excitable, never refuses a challenge

General Appearance: A female looking robot that can turn into a motorcycle

Color(If a ranger): not a ranger

Zord: SO-1 red zord

5/18/2012 #17

Both exspted

5/22/2012 #18
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Alexander (Alex) DeMarco

Age: 17

Eyes: green eyes

Hair: long silver hair

Skin: slightly pale

Personality: Alexander grew up with his father in a martial arts dojo where he learned various martial arts skills. He is a kind person and will help anyone who needs it

General Appearance: stands 6 foot 3, has an athletic build to him. wears a black zip hoodie, light blue shirt faded jeans with black boots.

Color(If a ranger): Shadow

Zord: Shadow Dragon (recolored version of the Red Dragon Thunderzord from MMPR season 2, except its warrior mode has a sword instead of a staff)

5/24/2012 #19


5/25/2012 #20
Seeker Lyson

Name: Montgomery Fredricks

Age: 25

Eyes: Blue eyes

Hair: A brown color, the right side of his hair is shaved with the left side reaching down to his shoulders. Various beads hang from the left side.

Skin: Tannish-white

Personality: Montgomery is a ladies man, he enjoys pleasing the ladies and will often boast about himself in front of them. Despite this, he is actually a very humble man when he isn't trying to pick up a date. He isn't crude and is a gentleman, never going farther than a few dates and a kiss from the ladies that he impresses. He is a traveler and enjoys getting out and seeing the sights. He considers himself a connoisseur of fine foods and drinks. When in battle he turns off his previous personalities and comes off as a cocky egoistical man with a large ego.

General Appearance: Standing at 6'9, he gets compliments on his body and takes great pride in taking care of it. Has a few scars along his face from battles but nothing serious. He is fairly muscular (not a weakling, but not one of those massive bodybuilders) and has quiet the apatite. In terms of clothing; he wears a dress shirt that is un-buttoned slightly to show off the top of his chest, a thin gold necklace around his neck. A blazer (or long sleeved vest) that goes to his waist a pair of slacks with a pair of black shoes that are easily twice the size of his feet. Various bracelets around his wrists. A pair of red tinted sunglasses.

Color: A shade of grey. His jumpsuit lightly reflects a butler with a long tail coat and refined features. His helmet is smooth in the front but comes off in sharp points when it reaches the top of his head. He appears to have slightly raised boots. A neckline that comes up around his face and slightly hides the tips of his points. He has a tough almost metallic like chest place, and gloves that go to his elbows and end in points.

Zord: Shaped like a swan, however despite it's rather feministic appearance the wings are actually saw like contraptions and its beak can unleash a powerful lazer beam.


Name: Morgan Weiss

Age: 18

Eyes: A soft hazel

Hair: Raven black. Her hair is long, straight and trimmed to a nice point, reaches down to her butt. A few fringes that hang around her face and some bangs.

Skin: A rich almond color.

Personality: Despite the innocent look that she manages to pull off, Morgan can be quiet dangerous. She is hot headed and short tempered, getting upset at the smallest things (such as someone looking at her the wrong way). She is a great fighter and can pack a punch if the occasion calls for it. Despite her attitude she has a soft spot for dogs (pit bulls namely) and will often gush over them. In a fight she is very hard headed and stubborn she has a death or glory attitude and would rather die (or get knocked unconscious) than back out of a fight.

General Appearance: Reaching about 5'6 inches, she is average height. Both of her ears have piercings in them and are often adorned with silver earrings. She has a slim body but is actually a swimmer and her body is in great shape. As far as her clothing: she wears a short sleeved shirt that is purple in color and hangs down into a V-neck. A pair of skin tight pants, but she doesn't wear any shoes. On her right arm she wears a watch, her left hand has a few mass-media bracelets. She wears a scarf around her neck that hangs down in the front and back. Surprisingly enough, her left arm is prosthetic but thanks to medical engineering it looks like a normal arm and functions as such.

Color: N/A

Zord: N/A

6/22/2012 #21

Ok a fu questions.

1. Is montgomery a ranger from the start

2. Is morgan good or bad

3. And what topic do you want to join

6/30/2012 #22
Seeker Lyson

1) Depends if it'll fit in with what's going on. I want him to be a ranger from the start, but if it's not going to fit in then he can stumble across on it.

2) Morgan is good, just a bad temper.

3) What topics would my character(s) fit?

7/1/2012 #23

How about we start a new topic and your the only ranger so far that is fighting a great evil. We can make up a new team of rangers what do you think of that

7/1/2012 #24
Seeker Lyson

That is fine with me, if that's alright with you. :)

7/1/2012 #25

Can you go to the chat topic so that we can deside sometings for are topic

7/1/2012 #26

can I create a good ranger and an evil ranger?

7/29/2012 #27
Rinoa Knightinggale

Prin92cess is on hiatis for awile but if you want to you can do it in my forum

7/29/2012 #28

I asked the same question on your forum.

7/29/2012 #29

Im back for now

8/10/2013 #30
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