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This is for players to ask questions and get answers
5/15/2012 #1
If the forum is locked I won't be on for hours or I'm at dinner and stuff but if it is unlocked feel free to post
5/15/2012 #2
I had to go
5/15/2012 #3
Sorry my replies are slow. Im on mobile.
5/15/2012 #4
Npt to sound rude, but I quit this rp. And I give up all control over Tommy Oliver as well.
5/17/2012 #5


5/23/2012 #6

Hi silver how are you

5/23/2012 #7

Yeah I should have explained this earlier I go by Wind. Just like my character

And good and you?

5/23/2012 #8
The Major Kusanagi

Hi guys. Why'd that other dude quit?

5/23/2012 #9

Ok Wind you can call me princess. Im sick with a viris but other then that im good

5/23/2012 #10

He lost interst in power rangers and wanted to focuse on writing some story ideas he had he said he is sorry

5/23/2012 #11
The Major Kusanagi

Ah. Ok. So what now?

5/23/2012 #12

All in faver of starting a new topic say eye

5/23/2012 #13

Yes what now

5/23/2012 #14
The Major Kusanagi


5/23/2012 #15


5/23/2012 #16


5/23/2012 #17

Im still red ranger though

5/23/2012 #18

I can role play my charri

5/23/2012 #19


5/23/2012 #20
The Major Kusanagi

Ok my idea is this: the rangers are all fighting a monster when he pulls a trick. The rangers and their animal spirits are fused together emotionally and physically. So as they try to live with this spirit that was once obscure. Then once they fight themonster again and defeat it, some of the characteristics stay, but the spirits go back to being spirits.)

5/23/2012 #21

I dont realy like it because they dont all have animal spirits my one for instinse douse not but how a bout a bad guy that makes evil rangers out of there good enrge

5/23/2012 #22
The Major Kusanagi

Doesn't tht happen in almost every season?

5/23/2012 #23

Yes but what you said is olmost the same thing only animals

5/23/2012 #24
The Major Kusanagi

In what season?

5/23/2012 #25

I said almost in jungal fury rj as a tangale with his wolf spirit

5/23/2012 #26

That's true

5/23/2012 #27
The Major Kusanagi

Sorry, I didn't see the jungle fury part. But RJ was always fighting with it to take control. The spirits arent trying to take over, but actually embedded in the rangers. Ex: Wind's character ctually grows a tail and has an intense need to hunt mice and small animals. Then trying to live with it until they can reverse it. Then once they do, certain aspects stay behind, for comedic relief pr otherwise. But, i guess it wont fly So what do we do?

5/23/2012 . Edited 5/23/2012 #28

Well if anything he has the mere insticts of animals in general. He developed this software that makes him have powers of the animal's envioment

5/23/2012 #29
The Major Kusanagi

Ok. I get it, you'd both much rather do a story line they've done since Mighty Morphin'. Plot it out.

5/23/2012 #30
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