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7/1/2012 #1
Seeker Lyson

{Set in some random town in USA}

Montgomery was calmly walking down the streets, a coffee in his hand. It was hot as normal, meaning that his coffee really had no purpose except to wake him up. In his free hand he was playing around with his phone, weaving through people as he made his way to some rather run down buildings downtown. He actually had nothing in mind, he had a date later tonight with a rather lovely woman and he was anxious to get home and get ready.

He was actually pretty well off in terms of money, but chose not to expend it as such. He would much rather spend it on his ladies.

He came up to an old house and knocked three times before kicking it in and stepped inside. He shut it with his foot and set his coffee down and headed to his bedroom. However just as he opened his door he heard a beeping and cursed in German.

"What is it now?" he muttered and walked back. He turned on a small radio and switched between the channels as a police radio signal soon beeped into action.

"-Officers are needed on the corner of Brook and Main, bank robbery in progress."

Montgomery was fixing some of his bracelets around his wrists as he listened to the frequency and said nothing for a while. He wasn't actually worried until:

"The robbers, they aren't being killed by bullets alone! Something's up-"

The frequence fizzled out and Montgomery frowned as he looked up. He looked around and took another drink of coffee before pulling out his morpher.

"Business calls my beauty." he said quietly as he kissed the morpher before he took off running towards the bank.

7/1/2012 #2

Dawn was hidding she was the only one to exscape from what ever was robing the bank. Dawn had purple eyes and black hair she was not know for giving up and that was what was on her mind at that momint her brother had this moto that sort of grew on her he all ways said never give up. Dawn loved her bother Max (by the way Max is wild force blue ranger) "never give up, never give up" suddenly a ball of light landed on her wrist and turned into a morpher at the same time a sound came from the other side of the bank.

7/2/2012 #3
Seeker Lyson

Just then the bank started to shake, as a wall suddenly broke apart and two large Viking like creatures stepped out. Large bags of money within their gloved hands. They looked to each other and muttered something before turning around to face the police.

It seemed that damage was already done, one car had been turned over and several cops where knocked out. A third Viking was taking the shots from the guns without any damage coming to him. A large sword was resting on his shoulder and a smirk seemed to be etched across his face. With one powerful swing he sent another police car flying and smashing it into a building near by.

The police where loosing heart, but obviously had no intentions of giving up.


Montgomery was coming around a corner, activating his morpher by kissing it another time and two wings flew out before wrapping around his face. Suddenly his body disappeared into a suit and he holstered his morpher before he came around.

"Here we go, darling!" he exclaimed, two wings started to form in his hands before slowly shifting down to his wrists. Now two blades where protruding from his knuckles. He jumped off a car and landed in front of the Viking and stared towards him.

"Swan Ranger, stop right there!" Montgomery exclaimed pointing his blade towards the Viking who merely snorted amused.

7/2/2012 #4

Dawn turned and looked in aw at the swan ranger for about 15 secints then he hored the sound of a baby dawn turned and sow the mother and baby being backed agenst a wall dawn ran fored and with with out thinking yell "animal power" dawn began to glow when the glowing stoped dawn was waring red she was now the red liger ranger.

7/2/2012 #5
Seeker Lyson

The Viking glanced between them before he let out a fit of roaring laughter. His cohorts came over, the money from the bank safetly placed within their hollowed suits.

Montgomery frowned as he looked between them, and cracked his neck.

"Very well, if you're going to laugh at us," he glanced momentarily at the Liger Ranger and nodded; meaning they'd talk later. He turned back to the Viking and the blades on his hands started to heat up. "Then at lest give us a fair shot." he said.

He stretched his arms back and the blades suddenly broke apart and formed between his palms into a small ball that was steadily gaining power. Montgomery smirked as he threw his hands forward, the blazing ball shooting forward. The Viking snorted and swung his sword to bash it to the side but the ball slammed into his blade and held it there. He was shocked and Montgomery took this moment to rush forward and jumped off the ground before swinging his leg around and slammed his foot into the Viking's head and sent him crashing to the ground. Using the shoulder, Montgomery did a back flip, grabbing the ball and chucked it at the others.

One Viking looked up and turned to face the ball, while the second charged up towards Dawn.

7/2/2012 #6

Dawn acted with out thinking and formed out of air a liger that atacked the vicking as dawn got the mother and baby to safy

7/2/2012 #7
Seeker Lyson

The Viking was quiet used to fighting animals and started to slash at the liger with furry. He had no intentions of loosing against an animal.

Montgomery landed on his feet just as the ball smacked into the Viking's chest causing a large dent.

Figuring that the two rangers had a hold of this situation, the police started to get the civilians to safety.

7/2/2012 #8

The air liger having sirved its purpus disapered and dawn atacted te vicking

7/2/2012 #9
Seeker Lyson

The Viking jumped back, using amazing agility despite its size, and landed several feet away. He pulled his axe backwards and then it flung it forward towards her.

7/2/2012 #10

Dawn ducked but was not nearly fastenuf she got a bad cut on her arm and chest and her back as the axe came back to the vicking before dawn fanted in pain she saw the swan ranger defeat the vicking and as dawn fanted she demorped

(she will wake up before she is healed ok)

7/2/2012 #11
Seeker Lyson

Montgomery saw the girl go down and jumped so that he was in front of her, blocking another attack from the Viking in front of her.

"Sorry, there won't be any killing today." he said and pushed back the Viking and resumed his pose from before, watching the warrior intently.

7/2/2012 #12

A boy in red ran to dawn yelling wild acsess and morphing in a red ranger

7/2/2012 #13
Seeker Lyson

Montgomery heard someone yelling, but didn't turn his attention away from the Viking warrior in front of him.

"If you would please, darling." he whispered as the blades on his hands grew in size. He shot forward running his blade along the ground before kicking it up with great furry. The Viking went to block but his arm was torn from his body and it went sailing in the air. Montgomery didn't stop there, he slammed his foot into the ground and forced the blade through the warrior's midsection sheering it in half.

All that was left of the Viking warriors where torn apart and the money was left on the ground.

7/2/2012 #14

By now the other red ranger had dawn in his arms and was caringing her out of the bank

7/2/2012 #15
Seeker Lyson

Montgomery scooped down and picked up the money before setting it back onto the counter. By the time he turned around, the Viking's disappeared into oblivion.

7/2/2012 #16

Out side a yellow ranger was waiting for the red one

7/2/2012 #17
Seeker Lyson

Montgomery was confused at first as to why the parts disappeared but decided to leave the bank as it where. He powered down his blades and then exited the building.

"The duty is yours officers!" he called and took a dramatic bow before swiftly leaving, the way he had saw the red ranger go. He wanted to make sure that the girl was alright, that and he was curious as to see two red rangers.

7/2/2012 #18

The red ranger handed dawn to a yellow ranger as montgomery came around the corner

7/2/2012 #19
Seeker Lyson

"Hail," Montgomery said as he stooped down into a low bow before standing back up. "I was wondering two things: Is the girl OK?" he asked, "and secondly, you three are rangers correct?" he asked.

7/2/2012 #20

Yes and i doint know come with me my name is cole and this is taler (at 12:00 i have to sleep i did not sleap last night)

7/2/2012 #21
Seeker Lyson

"Of course," Montgomery said, he still have a few hours before he would have to go for his date. He soon powered down and flung back his hair and waited for them to lead the way.

{Very well :)}

7/2/2012 #22

(sorry i fell asleep)

The red ranger nodded and led him to a floting iland

7/3/2012 #23
Seeker Lyson

Montgomery followed along after the red ranger, his eyes widening when he saw the floating island.

"What on earth?" he whispered staring up at it.

7/3/2012 #24

Princess shayla called the red ranger we need your help a ball of light turned in to a girl in white

7/3/2012 #25
Seeker Lyson

Montgomery glanced at the strange ball of light and watched as it transformed into a girl and he was a bit surprised to say the least.

7/3/2012 #26

Dawn started to sture as princess shayla said "taler go get Alyssa" when taler came back she had a girl in white with a first aid bag that looked a little odd

7/3/2012 #27
Seeker Lyson

Montgomery just decided to take it all in, he watched the events going on around him in a curious fashion.

7/3/2012 #28

As alyssa got ready to treat dawn. Dawn screamed as she saw the needle for the stiches

7/3/2012 #29
Seeker Lyson

Montgomery flinched as he held his ears as he heard the scream. Oh he hated needles and any kind of...medical instruments.

7/3/2012 #30
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