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Something to do with circles and r words, I'm not entirely sure why, this is the roleplay set on a spherical world

5/15/2012 #1

(I am confused so I will just type this)

Sugar ate a radical doughnut

5/16/2012 . Edited 5/16/2012 #2

Spike rolled past and snatched the donut before rolling away laughing like a maniac

5/16/2012 #3
"why did we have to move to a different forum?" Shaar complained. "beats me....." Night said, shrugging a bit. "i wonder if i'll ever see Kathrine again......" Zen pondered.
5/16/2012 #4

"Because Neo's a little bitch." Pyra said.


5/16/2012 #5
Shaar smiled a bit. "hi Pyrra! hooray! gotta thank twizz for leading us here!"
5/16/2012 #6
(at home now...... anyone here?)
5/16/2012 #7

"Well at least he made the forum..." Pyrra shrugged.

"Thank you." Neo said.

5/16/2012 #8
"True enough" Shaar said, shrugging.
5/16/2012 #9
Diamond hedgechidna

Diamond, Flare, and the rest of their group appeared.

"Sigh...a new place to call home..."

"Won't be as good as the other though..." Flare thought aloud.

5/16/2012 #10

"Why are we here?" Iicanu wondered out loud bordly cleaning her claws.

"Cos our creaters to lazy to create more charicters?" Daku suggested yawning.

"at lessst you lot have been usssssed ressssently." Shinka hissed.

5/16/2012 #11
Night showed up. "yeah..... it's gonna take awhile to adjust......." she said. Analith and Dawn showed up as well and nodded.
5/16/2012 #12

"Oh hey the strangers that belong to the strangers who are friends with our creators friend, Hi." Daku waved.

5/16/2012 #13

"Especially since most of us are anthros..." Neo said. "Whil you're Bionicles." he said to Garnett's characters

5/16/2012 #14

"Hey I'm a anthro!" Shinka protested

"Like Daku said, Garnett is to lazy to make up any other charicters." Iicanu shrugged.

5/16/2012 #15

"Oh yeah, I remember you now." Neo laughed. "Well her other characters are Bionicle."

5/16/2012 #16
(hey Draco, i have a question, can i still use Shaar's guardian spirit? just have to ask before i start using her) Night sweatdropped.
5/16/2012 #17

"Thank you!"

Daku shrugged.

"Said it three times now, she's lazy." A rock dropped out of the sky onto his head. "Oh come on! It's bad enough that's a running gag in the Bioncle forum!" A second dropped and hit his head.

5/16/2012 #18

(sure why not)

"That's not the running joke," A voice came from nowhere. "This is." Shade appeared and whacked Daku in the head

5/16/2012 #19
Diamond hedgechidna

Diamond's eye twitched some. "B-bionicle...oh no..."

Flare looked at his father. "Err...what's wrong?"

Johnny appeared and looked at Daku. "Bionicle? SWEET!!!"

"That answers it..."

5/16/2012 #20

Daku sweatdropped. "Oh crud." The Ko-Matoran laughed at the scared looking Rakshi "Ok be quite Iicanu!"

5/16/2012 #21

"What's your poison, we got rahkshi, matoran, toa, dark hunters, rahkshi-toa, you name it."

5/16/2012 #22

"Garnett's got Human-Toa to though they haven't been used in a looooooooong time." Iicanu added.

5/16/2012 #23
Diamond hedgechidna

Johnny zoomed around Daku, looking at their features.

"Dear god, the great heavens of the Bionicle are true!"

5/16/2012 #24
Dawn sweatdropped. Night had a very confused look on her face. Shaar sweatdropped as well as a purple spirit rose from him. "this.... may be confusing....." the spirit said.
5/16/2012 #25

"Ok really this guy is creeping me out!" Daku said backing away from Johnny, Iicanu was almost pissing herself laughing.

5/16/2012 #26

"Alright veveryone, most of us know most of us, but just so everyone knows everyone, let's just get everyone to sya what exactly they are." Neo said

5/16/2012 #27
Diamond hedgechidna

Diamond sweatdropped. "Our creator is a huge fan of the Bionicle and Hero Factory series..."

Flare walked over to Shaar, hugging him. "Yup! But I don't want to ruin that piece of him."

Johnny stopped and took a step back. "M-my apoligies..."

5/16/2012 #28

"Aaaaaand now Garnett's chackling to herself planning to bring in her HF charicter..." Daku sweat dropped. Iicanu sighed.

"It's alright our creator is also a huge fan of both fandoms, she has a large collection of Hero Factory toys. Anyway I'm a Ko-Matoran, Daku is a talking Rakshi, and Shinka is a lizard anthro."

"Hey." Shinka waved.

5/16/2012 #29
"i'm an echidna" Night said. "i'm an echitsune" Dawn said. "i'm a catidna" Analith said. "we're cats" Shaar and Aelita said. "i'm a bandicoot" Agito said. "we're all from the Sonic series" they all said together. "i'm Valaxus Amaro, and i'm a reploid" Valaxus said, stepping forward.
5/16/2012 #30
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