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(Well, this RP certainly has been going on for a while. Even after the original original Forum it was on died out long ago, it still lives on. For those who are wondering what is going on, I already posted it in the chat thread, but I'll copy and paste it here as well.

Sonic was corrupted when he and Dashie tried to fight Nazo, transforming him into Dark Sonic and messing with Dash's element of Loyalty. RD feels guilty because it was her element that caused Sonic to transform into Dark Sonic in the first place (being overloaded with negative chaos energy from Nazo's attack), and as such she feels like she has to be the one to stop Dark Sonic and protect her friends, no matter the cost. (She hasn't told anyone else except Twilight that it was her element that caused this mess, again it being out of guilt.)

So, they eventually come up with the plan of using the elements to purify Sonic like they did with Luna/Nightmare Moon, with Tony (Mark, my old OC who I decided to rename) acting as the muscle to pin him down long enough to be hit with the attack. They used a Chaos Emerald to bait him over to the trap, but Trueblade already explained how well thatwent. Now, Twilight and co. are just in disbelief as to what happened, and Tony is trying to subdue Sonic, who is now has all seven Chaos Emeralds in his possession...

Meanwhile, the Tails Doll, having absorbed some of Kurama's chakra while in attempt to take Naruto's soul and transformed into the Kyubi Doll, Itachi and Naruto, in his Biju mode, chased him, but they were too late as the Kyubi Doll consumed said insane hive mind beings. As the two ninja tried to fight the monster, Sasuke interfered and tried to fight the Kyubi doll only to have his soul consumed by the monster. Now Itachi has taken Sasuke's souless body to Toko's ship, the S.S. Solar Ray, to protect it from Orochimaru while Naruto and Kurama are still fighting the Kyubi Doll.

Also meanwhile, Tails has had a massive intelligence boost, and he and a few others are a board a ship in a far off galaxy fighting Star Men, having just been attacked by Giygas.

For further info on the plot, I suggest checking our TV Tropes page: e )

An explosion rocked the battle field as Tony was sent flying a crossed the landscape and into a nearby mountain. Even with the anti-chaos suit on, Dark Sonic was too powerful now having already absorbed a massive amount of chaos energy for the Emeralds. Tony barely had time to gather his thoughts before he was hit with a spin dash in the gut, sending him plowing through the indent he made in the mountain and sliding a crossed the ground. Dark Sonic gave a sadistic smirk before he started to laugh maniacally.

"Is this the best you guys can do!? LAME!" He taunted as Tony struggled to pull himself up. All Dash could do was watch in horror, as Twi was having a near mental break down over what could have gone wrong. Before anyone had time to react though, Dark Sonic started to power up as all seven Chaos Emeralds appeared by his side.

"Finally!" He said with an ice-cold tone, as the sadistic grin on his face grew more and more. "I have all seven Chaos Emeralds! I have them all at last!" Dark Sonic exclaimed, as he crossed his arms.

All seven emeralds started dawn a pure black hue as the energy aura around Sonic started to kick up even more. The earth shook as dark clouds started to form over head, lightning bolts flashing over head as an intense energy could be felt from miles away. Dark Sonic laughed in an almost insane tone as his body started to change. His pure black color giving away to burning orange, as his eyes went from pure white to a piercing yellow. The energy kicked up even more to the point where everyone needed to grab on to something solid in order to keep from being blown away, when finally in a blinding flash of light, a loud explosion rocked the earth as a beam of pure orange filled the sky. While disoriented, slowly the group started to gain their site back from the blinding flash. What they saw shocked them to the core, as a feeling of utter dread and despair started to creep over them. Dark Sonic had changed, now with a burning aura an orange hue, the psychohog smirked as the Chaos Emeralds, now completely grey from having the negative energy drained out of them, fell to the ground.

"At last." 'Sonic' said, as he crossed his arms. "At last I am free... Now humanity will pay for abusing my power..." He stated, as he raised his hands to charge up an attack. Just before he could, he felt something almost like a pillow smacking him in the back of the head. He turned around to see Tony charging at him. With a scoff, he merely back-handed him out of the way, sending him flying into the ground and creating a massive crater.

As Dash watched in utter disbelief, she felt tears starting to stream down her face.

"Oh sweet Celestia... What have I done..." She muttered, burying her face into the ground.

8/3/2013 #1
Hahli Nuva
A large portal of light tore into the dusty sky, allowing a glowing figure to pass through. When the portal closed, the figure hovered in front of Dark Sonic on glowing wings of light. "Hello. Sonic..." Elysium said with a smirk. In her hands she held Soul Calibur, along with a crystal shield. Her slim, curvaceous body was wrapped in white satin, while gold bracelets could be seen on her wrists and legs. Her face was then covered with a glass helmet, hiding her eyes.
8/4/2013 #2
Trueblade Hinata
"Who,are you?!" Rarity asked Elysium.She and AppleJack were getting over the confusion of their faillure but were shocked when seeing the strange figure.
8/4/2013 #3
Hahli Nuva
The Angel smirked under her helmet. "I can lead you to the truth..." Her blade remained in her hand, ready to cut Sonic down.
8/4/2013 #4

(Ulti gave me permission to use Pinkie in this RP.)

'Sonic' gave a sadistic smirk.

"Sonic's not here anymore."

He stated, crossing his arms. "I believe we met once before, back when you tried contacting Sonic through his mind." The being said, staring Elysium down with his piercing yellow eyes. "I don't believe we properly introduced each other though. I am Power, the representation of negative energy of the Chaos Emerald, and the one who will begin judgement day for the beings of this planet." Power explained coldly, giving off an aura that showed that any part of Sonic that was still in control was long gone.

As Power explained his goal, back at the ground where the group was hiding, Pinkie had noticed that RD seemed to be taking this the hardest out of any of them. Though understandable considering their plan had just backfired massively in their faces, she still felt like she needed to say something.

"Uh... Dashie...?" Pinkie asked, but was quickly interrupted when Dash turned her head back to them.

"It's my fault." She said flatly. "The planet is doomed... And it's all my fault." She hid her face in her hooves, though Twilight tried to comfort her.

"Rainbow Dash... We're all to blame here. If anything, I'm the one whose most at fault here. I should have waited li-"

"Don't try to pass the blame onto yourself!" Dash snapped, catching Twi off guard. "You know exactly what I mean!" Dash took a deep breath a few seconds after she ended her sentence, before she looked back the group.

"Girls..." Dash paused, as clearly this was very hard for her to explain. "It-... It's my fault all this is happening... It's my fault Sonic became Dark Sonic in the first place..."

8/26/2013 . Edited 8/26/2013 #5
Trueblade Hinata
"For Celestia's sake,PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER DARLING!!" cried Rarity."Weeing,crying and doing nothing won,t save Sonic!" "She's got a point R'n'bow." said AppleJack.
8/26/2013 #6
Hahli Nuva
"I made a promise to the mortal that I would not intervene unless Nazo returned. I will honor it. For now..." Elysium flew to the background of the fight, torn between her promise and her mission. Nevertheless, she told herself not to aid in the fight. No matter what.
8/27/2013 #7

"I've had enough of not being useful! I'm tired of waiting and worrying in my lake whether or not I'll ever see you again!" Lapras got very emotional as she replied to Mewtwo. "I don't care if it's dangerous! I just want to be able to DO something!" she expressed her frustrations powerfully, although she couldn't see a way to change the situation either. She was just too big, too weak and too dumb to be of any help to Mewtwo or this creature, or so she felt.


The blast from the Hyper Beam at point blank range sent Absol flying, despite his fangs' death grip in Gerald's now cracked armor. He slammed into a far wall and fell a couple feet to the floor on his side. Absol wasn't moving anymore, apparently knocked out by the massive blast and his rough collision with the wall. In fact, with how violent the attack had been, it could be entirely possible that Absol was more than just unconscious. One way or another, though, Gerald had succeeded in neutralizing the threat to the rest of the planet that the frenzied Absol had been.

8/29/2013 #8

Mewtwo stopped a moment to think. He was smart, he knew he was smart. There had to be a way for them to have their cake and eat it, too. Sure enough, he did think of something that, while not perfect, might help.

There is an object Mewtwo means to procure. He will return shortly.

Mewtwo teleported away, and returned less than a minute later. He'd come back holding a surgical mask.

"What does it do?" The creature asked.

Professor Lapras may wear it around her mouth. It is meant to filter her breath, minimizing the risk of her becoming infected.

"But not to zero," The creature said.

Mewtwo is well-versed in theoretical physics. The probability of one of the creature's cells teleporting directly into Lapras's body is not exactly zero. Mewtwo does not know the exact probability of Lapras' infection if she wears the mask.

"So now it's pretty much the same as when you teleport away," The creature said, "Lapras, everyone will understand if you take the safe route. You should not think that you need to risk your own safety for this. But... if you wear that mask... I think I would like the company."


"...Absol?" Tsutarja said. She looked at the screen in the lab. She had no gods that would listen to her prayers, and yet still she prayed for Absol to get up. To at least start breathing.

Gerald panted as he waited for his suit to repower. It was just enough time for the red to clear from his eyes. He started to be able to think about what he'd done.

Once he could move again, Gerald got up, and walked over to Absol. He rolled his opponent on his back, and placed his hands on his chest.

"Gerald, stop," Kaen said, "Even if you were certified in CPR, we don't have a defibrillator on hand. You're not going to be able to save him like that."

"You..." Tsutarja said, looking at Kaen, "You can't really... you're not going to to just let him die!"

"Tell me, Tsutarja, in your six thousand years of being alive, have you ever cared about anyone other than your boyfriend dying?" Kaen asked, "Because 82 trillion of my subjects died just this year. 26 trillion of them infants! I can't build hospitals to save them. You don't have the right to talk to me about saving people!"


Even as powerful as Gerald's hyper beam had been, it certainly hadn't been enough to kill the cells Absol had been infected by, and they weren't done with their host. Every bit of manganese they could scavange was used to build oxygen evolving complexes from plant DNA. They began fortifying Absol's heart and diaphram. They did everything in their power to keep Absol's brain alive until he was fit to walk again.

8/29/2013 #9

"I will take the risk, but not just because I want to. I believe in the value of all life, even the life of a creature designed as a weapon. I won't abandon this creature just because it's dangerous," Lapras resolved.


Absol remained unconscious with no signs of breathing, but, thanks in good part to the infected cells he so hated, his body refused to truly die.With no emergency procedures such as CPR, however, it was touch-and-go on whether he would make a miraculous recovery on his own.It all came down to just how effective his mutated cells could be in keeping the rest of his body in a form of self-contained life support.

(Permission for Absol to have actually nicked Gerald through the crack in his armor?I'd like to play with the idea of Absol using parts of Gerald's DNA, but I know that by doing so I will force Gerald to be counted as exposed if not infected as well.)

8/29/2013 #10
Trueblade Hinata
(To TiR:You can take Tails back :)I had him registered as one of my characters but since we merged the forum and that you're back,I'll giv ehim back to you,so you can continue the plot in this RP.)
8/29/2013 #11

(TiR: Kaen is going to be absolutely flippin' furious.

I'm all for it.

And to Trueblade: I myself had started using Tony Stark in here. He's only appeared in a few scenes so far, so I think I can afford to be flexible in how we handle this. My preferred solution would be that you control Tony, while I keep control of JARVIS here (where he has been brainwashed against Tony)).

8/29/2013 #12
Trueblade Hinata
(To Thunder:Why not.What do you have in mind for Iron Man? Also,do you want some of my other characters to come to Tony's aid?)
8/29/2013 #13
Samta Clause

(is there an opening for me to join in?)

8/29/2013 #14
Samta Clause

(is there an opening for me to join in?)

8/29/2013 #15

(Thanks, Trueblade. I'll probably only use Tails here in this RP, though, so you can still control him everywhere else on the forum. I don't expect to get involved in any other RPs anytime soon. Also, we can get back to the fight between the Kyubi Doll and Naruto whenever you are ready to reply to my last post back on the other forum.

And I'll wait for your next post, Thunder, before implementing that plan. Also, as a reminder, I think Tails and everyone on the Nebula's bridge were waiting for the Ferenics to finish whatever they were doing to Bunnie.)

8/29/2013 #16

...Oh, that's right! The Ferenics poked Giygas with a stick, it's all they were planning on doing. They're currently waiting for him to respond to that.

To Samta: You can try joining the so-called 'B'-plot with Sonic. I want to say that's happening in more of an open area that could accommodate new characters. (You may want to wait for someone else to verify that, though - I haven't been following that arc really closely.) I think the Kyubi Doll arc would also be available.

8/29/2013 #17

(Not right now. Currently, it's at the climax where everyone is confronting a one-winged angel Dark Sonic. Once it's out-of-the-way though, we should be able to start a new B-Plot up.)

8/29/2013 #18
Trueblade Hinata
(I'm ready to continue with the Kyubi Doll battle.
8/29/2013 #19
Hahli Nuva

(Hey guys! I got a new laptop! I'm back in the game!)

8/29/2013 #20

(Note: If it seems like Power is a bit OP, please note that I'm just doing this to help build up some tension. I promise once the actual battle starts, things will be far more balanced. Also, I'm copy and pasting this from wordpad, so I apologize if the formats a bit messed up.)

"You don't understand!" Dash snapped, as she looked back at the group. "Back when Sonic and I first met and were in a race, we were attacked by a white hedgehog. That part is true, but..." Dash hung her head low, as she let out a sigh. "... There's one detail I left out..." Dash said, having a hard time looking her friends in the face.

While that was going on, Tony pulled himself out of the crater. A scowl on his face, he charged at Power from behind.

"Oh hell no! No one Worf's me and gets away with it!!" Tony proclaimed, as he went to throw a punch. Power just smirked, before he teleported behind Tony and kicked him into the ground below. Klonoa knew Tony was going to need some support if he even hoped of standing a chance. He noticed the Chaos Emeralds were nearby from where Power had discarded them. Though he wasn't sure if they would even work now that Power had drained a good amount of energy from them, he knew it was likely their only chance.

Not wasting a second, he pulled his hover board out of his Wind Ring and darted off towards them. Power noticed the cat charging towards them and merely scoffed.

"Fool. Without me, those gems are worthless."

He said, as he felt something aken to a pillow striking him in the back of his head. He shifted his eyes barely to notice Tony had gotten back up and was now repetedly punching him in the back of the head.

"Oh come on! How is this not hurting you!?" Tony exclaimed, becoming more and more frustrated. "I once went toe to toe with someone who nearly destroyed the Multiverse! How in the many-!!" Tony started to rant, but was quickly cut off when Power backhanded him into a mountain.

"I must admit, you're starting to annoy me."

Power stated, as he crossed his arms. Tony slowly picked himself out of the mountain, an even more determined look on his face.

As Tony tried in vain to put up a good fight, Rainbow Dash felt it was time to come clean.

"Girls... When that hedgehog attacked us... He fired a massive blast of energy at me." RD recalled the events, as she felt the guilt starting to pile on her even more.

"My element... My element managed to absorb it, but... It was was glowing intensely and I could feel a vaste amount of power in it. I should of realized trying to use it was a bad idea, that if I tried to fire it back at the hedgehog it would have ended badly... But..." RD sighed, her head hanging even lower. "I... I did it anyways. The real reason I was in the hospital was because of that, not the hedgehog, and the reason all this is happening... Why Sonic became Dark Sonic, and why we're now facing this monster..." RD felt a tear run down her eye, as she laid down on the ground. "... Is because of me. That blast of energy was what turned Sonic into what we're facing now... And is also probably why the elements don't work anymore..."

"Dash..." Twi said, trying to think of something to say. Pinkie just stood silent, as for once, she was lost for words.

"... I... I can understand if you girls don't want to be friends with me anymore..." Dashie stated. Despite of the many mess ups she made in the past, she never felt as horrible as she did right now...

9/3/2013 #21
Hahli Nuva

Elysium hovered a few feet away, watching the battle. She began to scan Power with her mimic ability, listing all possible moves, attack combos, and counters to Tony's attacks.

Her spirit entered Tony's head again.

"I don't suppose you want help?"

9/3/2013 #22
Roger Man


9/3/2013 . Edited 9/4/2013 #23

((... I really have nothing. This merge... ugh, while everyone else has gotten along fine with it, I haven't, I really haven't.

Giygas... I don't know what Giygas does in response, okay?! I DON'T KNOW!!! I might as well have his, Bunnie's, and the heads of every character I ever played for this RP explode, which I can't anyway because some characters I played in the previous forum have different owners from this forum.))

9/3/2013 #24
Trueblade Hinata
Rarity was quiet as well,but AppleJack on the other end came closer to Dashie."Yeh wanna know teh honest truth from meh?" she said,looking serious."Sure,I rekon yeh were reckless,and yeh messed up,leading to yeh element being corupted and to teh end of the world but,that dosen't mean yeh not our friend anymore." Applejack replied."Yeh messed up,but yeh didn't betray us.We can fix this mess.No matter what the others think I'm still oh yeh side.That's the honnest truth." AJ added. (That's all I could think for her to replied.If you want me to change it,I'll do it.)
9/3/2013 #25

(Well, the Ferenics' plan was that, when Giygas attacked them, the Kyubi Doll would become able to feed on him. They hoped that Giygas would then retaliate on the Kyubi Doll, and if not kill it, at least slow it down.)

How about this: If Vulpine hasn't posted on the 6th, I'll have the Ferenics act as though Giygas hasn't attacked them. I know it borders on controlling someone else's character, but I do really want this plot to continue, and this seems like the cleanest way to do so.)

9/3/2013 #26

((Entry ex Machina!))

At that point, a figure with a bushy tail happened to land, from a jump, among the group of ponies, her ears having caught Rainbow Dash's words. "So," the voice of a woman spoke as it owner fully stood up, a good foot taller, at least, than the four-foot-average-at-shoulders ponies, "you blame yourself, eh?" The 'mysterious' uniformed brunette shook her head, the rodent ears atop her head twitching. "Geeze, I know that feeling... just like I know the feeling of seeing a friend turn into a super-powered destructor." She shook her head, rudely putting a hand on Rainbow Dash's head. "Look, if your friends hated you, they wouldn't be standing with you... So what if you screwed up... You know you did, right?" She sighed. "Just move forward."

Finally, the mysterious biped stepped forward, revealing herself to the gathered ponies, as a one those 'humans', yet with the tail of a squirrel, and garbed in a blue and white outfit with a skirt. "Sometimes, a good beat-down can do wonders for snapping a good friend out of their funk, y'know?" She turned to look over her shoulder at the gathered equines, smiling slightly as her bright red-brown eyes left her an open book. "Still, if you all are content to stand back... just let good ol' Makoto take of this for ya'! The hedgehog and I have a fight to finish anyway." With that, she turned back around... and dashed for the battlefield.

((One, Dashie can likely catch her before she really gets anywhere... two... Requesting permission for Unlimited. XD))


The Galactic Destroyer... did not seem to react to the "Tails Doll", as if, even in its Insanity, the thing was below it's notice.

((There you go. I didn't know what to do, so go ahead.))

9/3/2013 . Edited 9/3/2013 #27
Hahli Nuva

Elysium felt another spirit enter the battlefield, similar to Tony's. When she found out it was Makoto Nanaya, she smiled lightly.

"Can she make a difference?"

9/3/2013 #28

Mewtwo nodded. His own argument would have gone something along the lines of "This creature is steadfastly refusing to go along with the destructive purpose it was designed for. It is even willing to imprison itself to avoid harming others. It is clearly valuable, and I am willing to fight for it." Lapras' own reasoning was nevertheless quite sound in Mewtwo's eyes; he couldn't consider a counterargument.

Mewtwo walked up to Professor Lapras, stretching out the surgical mask in front of him. He waited for Lapras herself to move towards the mask, not wanting to invade her personal space.


"Gerald!" Richie shouted, his attention rapidly shifted away from Bunnie.

"What about him?" Captain Adams said. She looked up at the screen, checking out the feed from the lab, "It looks like that Absol fellow lost the fight."

"I think they both lost," Richie said, "Kaen, Gerald's been infected."

Gerald brushed his hand against his leg, where his suit had cracked, and looked at his fingers. He could see a red liquid on the grey plastic.

"Richie is correct," Gerald said, "My suit was damaged during the battle. Absol drew blood."

Kaen looked at the feed from the lab, eyes watering and mouth agape. He could see the blood shed by his friend.

"Alex, get in there," Kaen said. Alex had already begun the calculations needed to get suited and in the lab.


The Ferenics hadn't been sure how the entity possessing Bunnie might attack them. Their lost sister, they knew, had not faired well from his attack. But she was primitive compared to them. The Kyubi Doll had gotten a cheap shot; Giygas would have a much harder time harming them.

Giygas ended up doing what was probably the most damaging to the Ferenics: absolutely nothing. They were baffled. From what they could tell of the crew's memories, the entity would lash out at anything that tried to contact it. But as time passed, it became clear that it wasn't taking the bait.

"you may go back to considering the weaponization of repressed memories," The Ferenics said.

9/3/2013 #29

((Using Fluttershy with Krys permission. Also, yes, feel free to pull out the big guns with your characters when fighting Power.))

Though the sudden appearance of the new comer was a bit of shock, (though the fact that the ominous sky would likely attract a lot of the attention from the heroes) Dashie felt an odd comforting in the words AJ and the new comer had said. As Dash appeared deep in thought, Twilight knew she had to capitalize on this.

"AJ and that girl were right, Rainbow Dash. We're your friends, no matter what!" Twi said, as she walked over to Dash and gave her a confident smile. "So you made a mistake, and sure, it may be a bit more... Extreme than most mistakes..." Dashie almost sunk her head back down, but Twi quickly made her look at her again. "But! That doesn't mean we don't want to be friends with you anymore! Friends, understand that mistakes happen, whether they be something tiny like accidentally forgetting something or something big like dealing with a powerful foe!" Twilight explained with a smile, before looking back at the rest of the gang. "And we're always here to help our friends through it! Right girls!?" Twi exclaimed, as Pinkie was quick to chime in.

"Right! We'll show that big meanie what happens when he possess a friend of a friend!" Pinkie shouted, as she jumped up and bounced over to Rainbow. Though she was a bit reluctant due to just how powerful the foe they were facing was, Fluttershy was quick to follow.

"Rainbow... Never think for a second that a mistake would ever cause us to stop being friends... We're always here for you... And together we'll stop this person like we always do..." Fluttershy stated in her soft manner, as she looked back at Power chuckling as Tony was picking himself up from his attempt at attacking him. "... Maybe... Probably... Hopefully..." She stated, her voice devolving into a whisper after each word.

While this was going on, Tony finally picked himself out of the crater. Power was more than happy to send a blast of energy at him to make him stand down before Tony could reply to the sudden voice in his head, but took notice of the new fighter approaching them. Power smirked.

"Seems we have a new hero wannabe. I do hope she can put up a better fight than the last one."

Power stated, crossing his arms as he arrogantly left himself open for an attack to see what Makoto was capable of.

While he was distracted, Tony took notice of the voice in his head. Normally, Tony was one who liked to prove himself by taking down enemies with his own power, but sense it was clear that doing so with this being of pure chaos was going to get him killed, he was seriously considering taking the offer. (Though a part of his pride was wanting him not to.)

9/4/2013 #30
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