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While there are some good stories already posted on this site, I'm sure that there are plenty of writers out there that have some ideas they would like to share, or challenges to place. So, here is where you can do that! Place all ideas and/or challenges
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Reishin Amara
What if Minato winged Sekirei #7 Akitsu, the broken Sekirei? Best chance for this: After Minatos eviction but before Musubi propels them thru the sky into Maison Izumo.They should find her sitting on a bench down a few streets from his former apartment. Special: Minato is able to overwrite a weak or forced Wing bond. Example: Weak Bond=Abusive Relationship or a situation like Benitsubasa trying to convince herself through a poor arguement that her Ashikabe isnt gay...when it is undeniable he is as gay as a flamingo on a box of fruitloops next to a cutely dressed Chihuahua and a BABY BLUE prius.Trust me....he is undeniably gay as she is delusional.(This is only surpassed in anime by Leeron of Guren Lagaan.)
6/30/2012 #1

Personally I would like to see a chance meeting story with Minato meeting Uzume first and becoming his first sekirei.

Apart from one of the OVA's from the anime there's not much Minato/Uzume scenes but it really hit home in the manga before and slightly after she was terimated (Anyone else was serious depressed or raged at the fact that the anime fore shadowed her death before the manga? I mean at least the manga made it more dramatic but COME ON!) it may of been easy to tell that Chiho was check in that condition only for Higa to have control over Uzume.

I may even go to the length of saying she could of been used for bait beforehand to lure in a sekirei or kept ill on purpose because of it. Nothing wrong of the Uzume/Chiho of course *sweats at the glares* but the Uzume/Minato moments sure did outweight her moments. Specially with the past ashikabi chapter scene with the Minato look a like with all his current sekirei plus two more we all know and love.

9/17/2012 #2
Shirou Fujimura

I only accept this idea if he can only overwrite weak or forced bonds. None of the Disciplinary Squad unless its Haihane. She would be the only one of the Disciplinary Squad I'd want to see.....and you need to have a good reason. No 'cos Minato's the hero' crap.

1/19/2014 #3
Reishin Amara

Go for it long as it meets the main criteria.I was worried no one would see

If you use diverse sekirei,good on ya...i personally like the telepathic lance using one from the game.

1/19/2014 #4
Hey guys. I like to ask you something. Have you ever thought of a Sekirei and Infinite Stratos crossover as Minato Sahashi meet Ichika Orimura along with their respective harem? As you see, Team Sekirei and Team IS competing in the Olympic Winter Games located in Vancouver, Canada. The relationship between Minato and Ichika is that they will be great friends, and have a friendly rivalry similar to Mario and Sonic's relationship. The Olympic Winter Games will have the total of 17 days. The first day is the opening ceremony. The 6th and 14th days will be the day off. And the final day will be the closing ceremony. The rival characters that will be challenging Team IS and Team Sekirei for the certain events are... Infinite Stratos Rivals: Madoka,Autumn,Squall, and Tabane Shinonono. Sekirei Rivals: 3rd Generation of the Discipline Squad, Aktisu, Mutsu, and either Team Sanada or Team Higa. Like those rivals from Sonic series and Mario series. The Olympic Winter Games needs four harem teams in order to fulfill the festival. If you have any other two harem teams other than Sekirei and IS like Team DxD and Team RV (RosarioVampire) for example, then let me know.
9/21/2015 #5
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