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Evangeline: (Just imagine her hair is a little more redish and curly)



6/9/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #31
JuliaOdom is Dauntless


6/9/2012 #32

damnnnn, jayden.

though he should really get that hair out of his eye :P xD


6/9/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #33

Bwahahaha Julia.


6/9/2012 #34
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

Im not even kidding I wanna marry him.

6/10/2012 #35


6/10/2012 #36
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

Hey look it's Alyssa :

I shall make Maura later! And Maybe Rose...

6/11/2012 #37
Spiders Cutlass

Name: Keina

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Mutation: Crow (12%), black wolf (15%), and Panther(15%)

Hair: Black with a purple tint, long(like down to her waist) Has her bangs cut shorter and hanging in her eyes

Eyes: Gold with a hint of silver

Height: 5'5"

Other physical features: Is skinny and weighs 108 lbs

Clothes: black hoddie with jeans and black boots.

Powers: Shape shifting and can read minds

History: (Can it be unknown?)

Love interest: None yet but is looking. XD

7/7/2012 #38
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

Accepted.... HI POPPET!

7/7/2012 #39
Spiders Cutlass


7/9/2012 #40
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

*huggles* you can rp if you want.

7/9/2012 #41
Spiders Cutlass


7/9/2012 #42
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

If you want one of my charries I have Rose (who's evil) or Maura who's seven.

They're in a hotel room by the way

7/9/2012 #43
Spiders Cutlass

Oh...I gtg!

7/9/2012 #44
Spiders Cutlass

Name: Kera

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Mutation: Dove(12%), white wolf(15%), and white bengal tiger(15%)

Hair: White with a grey tint, long(like Keinas) bangs cut like her sister Keina

Height: 5'5"

Other physical features: Same as Keina

Clothes: White hoddle with jeans and white boots

Powers: Same as Keina

History: Unkonwn other than the fact that Keina is her blood sister.

Love?: Not yet.

7/16/2012 #45
JuliaOdom is Dauntless


7/16/2012 #46
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

Name: Rick and Erica Rights

Age: Rick: 42 Erica: 39

Gender: Male and Female

Mutation: Human

Hair: Rick: Brown hair Erica: Blonde hair

Eyes: Rick: Gray Erica: Gray

Height: Rick: 6'0" Erica: 5'7"

Other physical features: N/A

Clothes: White lab coats, jeans and t-shirts

Powers: N/A

History: Work for school, met there, got married, had Alyssa and put her threw the experiments hoping she would be of use to the school they were disappointed when she ran away during the fire and took Maura with her. Also had Aaron a year before Alyssa.

Love interest: Rick: His wife Erica Erica: Her husband Rick

7/18/2012 . Edited 7/18/2012 #47
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

Name: Aaron

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Mutation: 3% avain

Hair: Brown hair

Eyes: Grey

Height: 5'11

Other physical features: Black wings

Clothes: jeans and t-shirts

Powers: TBA

History: Ran from the school asap, son of Rick and Erica, he knows he has a sister and wants to find her to make sure she's okay. He's never met her.

Love interest: N/A

7/18/2012 #48
Spiders Cutlass

I think someone needs to get together with Kera or Keina.

7/18/2012 #49
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

Aaron can eventually be with Kera maybe.

7/18/2012 #50
Spiders Cutlass

Okay! Should they meet after this?)

7/18/2012 #51
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

I want him to find his sister first maybe Maura can bring Kera up to the room and then Aaron shows up.

7/18/2012 #52
Spiders Cutlass


7/18/2012 #53

Name: Demetrius Romanos


Gender: Male

Mutation:(Animal, percentage) 2.5% Tasmanian Devil, 2.5% Raven, 95% Human

Hair:(Length, color, cut, style it's worn in) Black, short messy style

Eyes: Blue/Green

Height: 6'3"

Other physical features: Weight: 115 lbs. Wings: 16 ft. Pure black and glossy.

Clothes: Thin black zip up hoodie. Tight white t-shirt. Faded blue jeans. Black vans.

Powers: Adoptive muscle memory, meaning he can see an action done and repeat it perfectly. Intuitive aptitude, ability to analyze complex systems and intuitively understand how they work without special education or training

History: Demetri was born to a very wealthy couple who wanted to create a better world. His parents donated him to the school and allowed the people to conduct experiments, as long as they got to visit and watch. 18 years later Demetri finally executed the escape plan he had been forming for years. And now he is free in Washington D.C.

Love interest: Nada

7/19/2012 #54
JuliaOdom is Dauntless


7/19/2012 #55



Now I need to figure out how to put him in.

7/19/2012 #56
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

I gots to figure that out for Ally's brother.

7/19/2012 #57

Ooh. I know now. Gots it. :D

To the rp!

7/19/2012 #58
Spiders Cutlass
Name: Serena Goneselez Age: 34(Shes a kinda hard to have a 16 year old have a 18 year old daughter.) Gender: Female Mutation: None( 100% human) Hair: Dark brown, long, always in a bun. Eyes: Silver/Gold Height: 5'2" Other Physical Features: Weight; 108 lbs, Very skinny, pale. Clothes: An Itex lab coat, White high heel shoes, jeans, and a red shirt. Powers: None History: Put her two daughters up for adoption and Itex got them. She didnt name them but she knows what they look like. Both have white hair and silver eyes, as far as she knows. She was also hired by Itex and works as the assistant manager to the director. Other Keina and Kera are her daughters.
7/25/2012 #59
JuliaOdom is Dauntless


7/25/2012 #60
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