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That's right people, I'd like to see a Person of Interest White Collar crossover! You choose who the 'person' is, ether Neal, Peter, or Elizabeth heck you could even give Jones or Diana a whirl! I wanna see how Reese and Finch deal with having there next person of interest be working for the FBI, how do they navigate around this? Can they?

My rules are as follows:

No slash please

Whumpage is suggested but not required ;)

Reese can get caught by the FBI but somehow he must escape and 'dissapear' however you see fit

and that's it just have at it and have fun, let me know if you're takin' this challenge on! :D

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11/17/2012 #2

I'd love to see stories that fill in some of the most suspenseful cliffhangers on the show, the "missing scenes," if you will. In "Point Blank," what happens between Neal getting escorted home from the Bureau and Alex showing up at his door? What happens immediately after the plane explodes in "Out of the Box"? Or how about a continuation of the ending scene of "Parting Shots"?

2/21/2013 #3
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