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Who are your favorite characters? Who's more powerful: Sith or Jedi? How many times have you seen a show or movie copy Star Wars? What is the coolest Star Wars video game? Which Star Wars book is the coolest? Share your thoughts here.
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I love Starwars that much I remember. However I was in a car accident and have had alot of trouble with my memories so the details of starwars have been lost. I'm working on regaining all that and my writing skills I have some magnificent writings from when I had my memories but none of them are complete and it would seem weird to me if I had somebody else finish them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have two challenges that I want to post here... if you want to submit an entry or if you would like to notify me that your working on one please either private message or ask for the email. if you have questions also private message me and i'll get back to you (i'm online almost everyday after work) Reply to these stories! or write them :) *wink winK* hopeful glance 1 This is a Han/OC... this is sometime during the originals. A woman named Hailey whom Han was inlove with was captured just before meeting Luke and Ben. Leia does fall for Han however he does not return her feelings. For more info please ask... i will post it here in a few weeks or days depending on interest! 2 Leia looses her memory and Han tries to bring it back. For this one she can remember Han and being inlove with him however she doesnt remember if he is inlove with her too. This causes her to be stressed and she just claims she cant remember him.. However if you just want to do something with memory loss please just say so because this story has many ways it can go it does not have to go the way I asked. IF YOU DID HAVE INTEREST IN TEH STORYS PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN READ THEM!!! remember just ask me for more info on them and feel free to give your own ideas on teh storys you have free rein with them!!!
6/28/2007 #1
Agur bar Jace
Suggested title for a "Star Wars" ff: "Fett ChampĂȘtre".
11/29/2007 #2
Emperor Sunny

Well dude, I'm working on teh first one, if its 'aight...

I was hit with spontaneous inspiration, so I'll post when its done, letcha check it out.


10/1/2008 #3
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Hey there Star Wars fans. I've posted a mega crossover in the TV crossovers section that takes place in the Star Wars univers post "Return of the Jedi" with some twists. If you want to check it out, the title is "Inexplicable Circumstances 1: The Beginning" let me know what you think

10/20/2008 #4

i have a challenge for you:

please read my continuum stories

I love you Across the Stars : Han's sudden occurance of flashbacks after being frozen in carbonite, causes him to go on a galaxy quest for his mother, mostly EU, rare AU

Behind the Black Mask: what its like for Anakin as Darth Vader, his POV, so its distorted to fit Anakin's messed up mind, can be difficult to follow at times, don't worry, it's supposed to be like this.

neither of these are completely finished or engraved in concrete

if you have any genius ideas of how to add in plot twists (I already know how its going to end), please private message me and review.

10/21/2008 #5

I'm writing a rewrite and parody of Episode 3 using my pre-existing Original Characters and a few Family Guy characters that I like to call: THE FARCE UNLEASHED!!!

12/5/2008 #6

What about a story with Owen Lars

I think he is the most under used character in SW

Think about it he pretty much raised Luke as his own son, and he would have had more of an influence on the kind of man Luke became than Anakin ever did.

Yet you see all kinds of fics about what if Luke had been raised by his real parents, but nothing about Owen raising Luke.

Kind of struck me as odd.

I wonder how much Owen knew about what really happened to Anakin?

I was 10 the first time I saw star wars and I cried when Owen and Beru died

7/3/2010 #7
Comrade Claus

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