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P. S. Giovanni
Post your Star Wars theories here such as: Palpatine being Anakin’s father, Palpatine being not even human, etc… Please make sure to back up your theory!!!!!
3/4/2006 #1
x Rajah x
I have a theory, well, it's not really mine, but I agree with it. Darth Plagueis was behind Anakin's mysterious conception. Possible! What do you think?
3/17/2006 #2
x Rajah x
I mean, I love Ani, and I'd love to believe it was good old lightside midichlorians, but it is possible. Plagueis supposedly could influence midichlorians, so...
3/17/2006 #3
Psi Fi
That would be interesting, but what would Plageuis' motivation be? I mean, I can see him wanting the Sith back in charge of the galaxy, kinda, but wouldn't he see that it would be under his apprentice, not him? Also, wouldn't he see that one possible outcome of his tampering would be the destruction of the Sith, since I'm assuming he wouldn't want that? I guess I just don't see why he would want to sire The Chosen One...unless the prophecy was in two parts, one for the light side and one for the dark!
6/8/2006 #4
Well...there's a lot of theories and rumours behind Darth Plageuis (however you spell it. lol) and one of them is that he was behind Anakin's birth. In a way. It's said that since he had the ability to create life (no-one knows if it's true or not) so that he may have created "The Chosen One" using his rumoured power. It's possible, but no guarantees yet. And the Force works in mysterious ways... (Great. Now I sound like Yoda)
6/22/2006 #5
Psi Fi
LOL Yeah, Plagueis (?) was said to be able to influence midichlorians and the midichlorians created Anakin. I'm with you so far. I can see how Plagueis' rumored power could be used to create life and therefore create the Chosen One. I just don't see why he would want to. Do any of the rumors explain that? 'Cause, it does sound like a very interesting, not to mention ironic, idea. I'm just curious about what Plagueis was wanting to see happen and if he realized that he was courting the destruction of the Sith if he did create The Chosen One. I think a Dark Side version of the prophecy would be interesting, too, but that's speculation on my part.
6/22/2006 #6
I definately think that Plagueis or Palpatine created Anakin. After all, "There was no father." I think that either Plagueis created Anakin inside Shmi or Palpatine did. Even though he says he doesn't have the power, I think that Palpatine really did. I mean he's suppose to be wicked old isn't he? And it sounds like he was young when he killed his master so wouldn't that have been a long time ago, which means Palpatine created Anakin as part of his master plot.
3/9/2007 #7
Hermione Vader
According to my friend (who is a Star Wars buff to the max), Plagueis DID create Anakin within Shmi, but not to create the Chosen One. Anakin was created to fall to the Dark Side. That's the whole reason for his existence. Apparently, the real Chosen One was some bird-lady whose name I can't remember at the moment.
3/13/2007 #8
duh he didn't create him to be the chosen one and your friend has a theory, not a fact. The fact that Plagueis did create Anakin was never proven.......
3/13/2007 #9
Hermione Vader
Uh, who died and made you queen of the forum? FYI, the prophecy that fortells the coming of the Chosen One states that the Chosen One will be conceived by midichlorians, as Qui-Gon thought Anakin might have been. However, if Anakin was conceived by Plagueis manipulating midichlorians, Ani could not be the Chosen One because though he had no bodily father, he was not conceived by the Force alone; someone else brought him into being. I'm jsut clearing this up for the person who was confused.
3/14/2007 #10
This just shows that Plagueis probably didn't create Anakin because, most likely, Lucas meant Anakin to be the chosen one because he did bring peace to the galaxy. I originally thought Plagueis did create Anakin but know I'm not sure. Most likely he did and the prophecy was read wrong or something. Thanks, Brad395 P.S. I would be a king of the forum : ) jk!
3/14/2007 #11
Hermione Vader
Oh, dear. Most of the writers on this site seem to be women, so I usually assume that everyone is female (since this is a fangirl breeding ground). Sorry about that! I'm sorry I called you a fangirl in the "Anakin" thread. Anyway, Yoda did say that prophecies can be misread, so maybe the Jedi Council was wrong. But if Plagueis did manipulate midichlorians in order to create Anakin, that would probably explain why Ani's midichlorian count was so insanely high.
3/14/2007 #12
it's alright. Anyways i really don't like Anakin that much. I'm more of an Obi-Wan guy. true, all too true about the midichlorians. anyways it was nice chattin wid ya about this. if you'd like, check out my forums and my stories. the two star wars stories are: "Star Wars A Tale Of Two Jedi" and "Star Wars Warriors Of The Republic". plz check um out
3/14/2007 #13
Comrade Claus
My 1st impression of Shmi telling Qwi that there was no father was that since she was a slave & a woman, she was probably r*** & didn't want to discuss it. That would be more feasable.
11/5/2007 #14
Alex Mcpherson
Firstly, I'll deal with the name. Plagus. P***. 'Play, gus.' like Plague... 'play-g' and the ous sound is in gus, when gus is appended to the end of a word. now. Jonas could be right... or, shmi might have been a bit of a sl*t and didn't have access to the dna equipment that would have told who the father was... until AFTER anakin left, and she didn't get the chance to tell him that Cliegg was his daddy... (say, how old is Owen by then? i get the impression in Ep3, that he was like 26 atleast, so he would be a few years older... maybe Shmi and Cliegg had a history, and she left him or something, then Anakinw as born, she was still in a bit of a titzy with cliegg till anakin left, they rekindled after he bought her from Watto, only to free her, and she was like, "thanks... er... think we could get back together...?") or... Plagus was responsible. this is how i see that as having happened. Plagus, and his apprentice, Sidious, were planning to do all that stuff in eps 1-5 all along, but Plagus didn't expect Sidious to betray him etc. Plagus' "public face" was as senator of Naboo. Plagus influenced the Midichlorians to create Anakin within Shmi, perhaps he had met her at the time or something, or totally random choosing her. Sidious learned of this, but not who, after he killed his master (thereby becoming the master sith himself.) Now, Sidious needs an apprentice. Along comes Maul. He needs to do the things he and Plagus had been planning... so he suceeds Plagus as Naboo's senator. Now he begins moving the pieces around, pushing for the taxation of trade routes, then pushing the trade to dispute it but also pushing the other senators to keep the bill in effect... Maybe influencing things so that those advisors to Valorum get onto the payroll of the Trade Federation in the first place... eventually his role as sidious is taken upon by one trade federation viceroy and cue episode 1. meanwhile his training Maul progressed at a steady pace. The blockade happens... and then he gets a shocker. Anakin Skywalker. He hadn't exactly figured for him and stuff, so he adapts his plan and pushes for delays and stuff, He pushes Amidala to push for a vote of no-confidence, then amidala returns to Naboo to fight, as the suden shift for voting in new leadership brings more delays. He didn't figure on Jar Jar however, otherwise amidala might not have known about the gungans' being warriors and having da big grando army. thingy. hence his slight shock and that 'its too agressive even for her' line/scene. Then Anakin destroys the control ship. Confirmation, of what he suspected about the boy. And the rest, as we know, is history.
11/13/2007 #15
Dana Kathrine Scully
WHAT the hell is Palpatine, anyway? He's definately not human.
11/15/2007 #16
Alex Mcpherson
He was human,just the reflected lightning, while not harming him because he casted it, still deformed his features etc. speaking of, what happens when a pure dark-sider gets hit with lightning another dark sider er... lights, at him...? Palpatine is human, but his life has most likely been extended further than the usual human life span... Maybe he became senator while plagus was alive, allowing plagus to go around setting a lot more things up with the sudden shift in free time... Then he gets maul and kills ole' plaguey shortly after plaguey got it on with the midichlorians to produce anakin. ...
11/15/2007 #17
Dana Kathrine Scully
who is plagus anyway? I keep hearing his name mentioned in the prequals, but I have no idea who he is. Darth Tyrannus is Dooku, so it's not him.
11/18/2007 #18
Alex Mcpherson
Plagus was a Dark Lord of the Sith, who lived an unknown time before episode 1. Heh... it's Valorum. :P There's a twist. :D (joke)
11/18/2007 #19
Dana Kathrine Scully
okies. THAT'S why I don't know who he was, LOL
11/20/2007 #20
Hamfast Gamgee
Do you think it's safe to assume that Plaguies was Darth Sidieous Master?
3/25/2008 #21
Comrade Claus

Probably. In my FF, Plaegeus, was experimenting on a way to achieve Godlike powers. Naturally, slaves are ideal test subjects. Remember, Dr. Mengele? However, Beza Dan, having ingratiated herself into the Jedi's trust, found that the REAL prophecy was the Chosen ONES. 1 male, 1 female. An example of this was Anakin Solo & Tahiri's incredible power when they unite in 'Edge of victory: Conquest'

Beza Dan complerted Plaegeus research on Alderaan (thus it's destruction) & Firrerre (quarantined by plague) and mastered a way to enhance the Midichlorian concentration to maximum levels. Anakin had 20,000+ per cell the maximum for a human...beyond which thesubject dies quickly is ~100,000. At 50,000, the body mutates horribly but the subject is rendered near invincible. The ruins of Firrerre are crawling w/ mutants. She did not enhance her own count which is around 6,000, because of her fears of side affects. Her mastery of the Force doesn't require her to boost her potential

A mystical monster I created, the cockatrice, in temporary physical form has a Midi count of over 1 million. in its energy form, it can't be measured!

Hello? Anyone still visit this Forum?

9/8/2008 #22
Emperor Sunny

Forum? Visit? This? What an absurd idea...

... I had a theory, but I lost it...

9/9/2008 #23
Comrade Claus

Sorry you lost it.

Absurd idea...?

9/10/2008 #24
Emperor Sunny

no, not really...

It was bloody brilliant though...

9/26/2008 #25
Emperor Sunny


10/1/2008 #26
Comrade Claus

what kind of emoticon is !!!11!!! ?

10/1/2008 #27
Emperor Sunny

uh, its... not. Watch master chief sucks at halo or something...

brush up on g@mr l1ng0...



10/1/2008 #28
Comrade Claus

I can't afford an Xbox, let alone the 360

'sides I'm a Nintendo Fanatic

10/2/2008 #29
Emperor Sunny

yeah, same here. I wish I had my old xbox, but it blew out...


10/3/2008 #30
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