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I'm writing a story about an Imperial fighter ace who eventually defects to the Alliance. But, what do you guys think the Imperial Academy is like? How do you train to be a TIE Pilot? Any thoughts will be welcome. Thanx!

12/3/2010 #1

I would imagine it's very unforgiving, flying a starfighter would be even more complex than flying a real-world fighter jet, and there's an even smaller margin of error than what's in a real-world fighter aircraft.

A starfighter pilot would need good math skills as well, because the fighters are moving at thousands of kilometers per hour (at least in space, in atmo there's still aerodynamic drag to slow you down) you have to be able to make quick calculations to intercept enemy targets, outmaneuver missiles, and making sure you don't accelerate or decelerate fast enough to kill yourself.

also space is a bit cold, and devoid of air so mistakes are even more deadly.

Also I don't know if you want to consider Newtonian physics of space flight, like in real world spacecraft or just stick to the way Lucas did it and just have them fly like an airplane. Accounting for Newtonian physics would add a whole other level of complexity to piloting.

Also Imperial military doctrine is intended to enforce absolute loyalty to the Emperor above all else, so an officer struggling to overcome that kind of indoctrination would be a potential plot element

2/15/2011 #2

Usually I consult the comics on this or the X- Wing novels, but I don't have the novel. XP

So Here's what I know about TIE pilot training. In Darklighter the cadets are put into extensive training both physically and mentally. In Rogue Squadron each Cadet's head must be shaved when entering the academy. The academy curriculum consist of mock training with a TIE simulator, Astronavigational charting, combat simulation, engineering and flying the actual TIE fighter. When graduated each pilot is assigned to a squadron serving inside a ship.

Hope that help

10/30/2013 #3
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